'Glee' casting exclusive: Meet Mike Chang's parents!


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Glee creator Ryan Murphy is staying true to his word to offer up more back stories about his supporting characters.

Exhibit A: We’re about to meet the parents of Mike Chang!

EW has learned exclusively that Tamlyn Tomita (The Joy Luck Club) and Keong Sim (The Last Airbender) will play mom and pop to Mike, played by Harry Shum Jr. The duo will appear in the third episode of the season, which airs Oct. 4.

Last month, Murphy told reporters that he wants to put the spotlight on other members of the cast this season. “I think one of the things that we’re doing for season three is servicing more of the kids,” Murphy said. “I don’t think there’s been enough Amber. I don’t think here’s been enough Jenna or Harry …It’s hard on me because I love all those actors and they’re so talented and I feel an obligation to showcase their talent, and this year I think we’re going to do that a little better.”

Glee returns Sept. 20 on Fox.

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  • Dan

    Whatever, all Asians look the same. Dosen’t matter who they got to play his parents.

    • Kevin

      don’t feed it people, ignore and move on

      • mprender


      • abadstroller

        Thanks, Kevin. The temptation was strong, but you helped me resist feeding the troll. Grazi!

    • choi


    • Linda K

      so why are they asian – can’t they bend the imagination and make it all white. I’m sure Mike Chang is a stand up kind of guy – with the only 2 asian in the cast dating. Wow what stereotypes. Guess no one wants to make that trip across the color lines at least for the “asians”

      • Alfonso Espina

        Actually Darren Criss is half Filipino. His dad is Irish and his mom is Filipino. On Glee Rachel even mentions that Blaine is Eurasian.

      • Ted

        Tina dated Artie before Mike, genius.

      • Lily

        Nice to see more Asian actors… there are already so many white actors in Glee…

      • Linda K

        So asian’s can only date impaired individuals b/c they’re not good enough whities without.

        Good show Ted -Gleek now is dork

      • Brian L

        Linda K – As a disabled adult myself, I find your comment to be very rude, insensitive and uneducated. First of all, the term “impaired” is offensive. And secondly, to suggest that there is something wrong with anyone of any race to date a disabled person just goes to show what a small, closed minded world you live in.

      • Sarah

        I want to know who Santana’s parents are.

    • BiteMe

      I cannot ignore this. Sound like I heard this one before. Because of this sort of behavior the world a never change. Simple because we’ve disrespectful people in this world. Let me tell you somthing, if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say nothing, now do that make any sense to you.

      • Stan

        I am with you BiteMe…..such an awful thing to say. Such an idiotic comment can’t be ignored, its hateful and disrespectful to not just people of Asian origin, but anyone with brain and clue. You should be ashamed of yourself Dan, I think you look exactly like every other dumba++ with little too braincells to spare.

      • Emily

        “Don’t say nothing?” *ouch…*

      • kate

        Emily – try looking at the message instead of the grammar. You are in danger of sounding snotty.

    • Lizzie

      This is the top post? EW needs to do a better job at moderating.

    • That!Girl

      How very racist of you. I’m sure you’ll take offense to me saying that all white people look the same?

    • Shane

      Wow did that comment really come out of your brain or your ass?? You must look like all the donkeys out there then.

    • Debbe

      love Asians, they are beautiful

      • rachelous

        think everybody has different colors and they are so beautiful. more beautiful to have more colors

    • Lisa

      Someone is obviously an ignorant dumbass.

    • Megan

      Wow. You think all Asians look the same? You’re just a prejudice person who obviously isn’t out much or didn’t get the right education. I feel bad for you.

    • Kate

      To ignorant people like you, maybe, but I was able to tell immediately that the guy is Korean.

      Here’s something that might blow your mind…white people don’t all look the same either!

  • Kevin

    let’s see more Jayma Mays too! Her scenes with her therapist(Kathleen Quinlan, perfect casting) were incredible.

    • Shaylee

      Even though it doesnt have anything to do with it, I totally agree with u! that was soo heartwarming and such

  • MWeyer

    Would love to see who they get for Brittany’s parents. My dream is that they’re a pair of MENSA geniuses who can’t accept they raised a total moron so tell themselves she’s just eccentric brilliance.

    • El

      I was hoping Lisa Kudrow would be cast as Britney’s mom. And maybe Taye Diggs as one of Rachel’s gay dads. Yes, I know. Wishful thinking.

      • Kevin

        that would be the best casting since Teri Garr was cast as Pheobe’s mom on ‘Friends!’

      • Ann

        I want Taye Diggs and Jason Alexander as Rachel’s parents. That would be awesome! Neither one is working on a tv show right now…so Ryan Murphy, you can make it happen!

      • Speech Teach

        I thought Taye Diggs was on Private Practice… Is there something I don’t know?

      • Psac

        Taye Diggs in real life is married to Idina Menzel, the woman who plays Rachel’s biological mom. They both starred in the original Rent cast together.

      • murley

        lisa kudrow would be a perfect pick for brittany’s mom. as for rachel’s dads i want it to be lem and phil from better off ted. they look enough like the locker photo and are hilarious on screen together. they are the best choice, i think.

    • Belinda C

      Blah to stunt casing. And lets cast the parent most people want Mr and Mr Berry . People have wanted them since the pilot.

      • Bobs Yeruncle

        Didn’t we get to see a photo of Rachel’s dads in the pilot? I’m certain of it.

      • googliezoo

        They did show it briefly, but they could still cast anyone they wanted, really. It’s not like continuity and consistency are strong suits on this show.

      • murley

        how is it stunt casting? the cast 2 actors to play a character’s parents. i don’t think you understand the concept of stunt casting.

  • Katina

    Excellent casting. Love Tamlyn! Dan get a life.

    • Jim

      Totally agree with you, Katina. Tamlyn is a fine actress and beautiful to boot. Can’t wait to see her on Glee.

  • john

    what about Rachel’s dad?

    • David

      For real they need her dads and soon. so silly they haven’t shown up yet. The lead character and we don’t see the men who raised this interesting person., shameful.

      • Lily

        Rachel is too much of a diva… she wont let her dads steal the spotlight from her. :-)

    • Anna

      Ryan Murpey said that they would have her dads on, but the two guys in the picture we saw back in season 1 were just members of the crew. Not actors, so we will probably never meet rachels dads unless they can find people who look just like them.

      • D

        What? One thing this show does NOT care about is continuity.

      • Suzanne

        Yeah, that shouldn’t matter. A completely different actor played Sarah’s ex-husband in the early eps of Parenthood and poof! John Corbett was cast when it came time for sweeps. Happens all the time on TV.

    • jt

      And where did Finn’s mom Carole Hudson disappear to? She’s not been seen since the wedding. The joke in fandom is that she’s dead and buried in the old Hummel house basement.

      • Jackie

        Actually, I think they showed her in the ‘Thriller’ episode in the stands at the football game, which would make sense since her son was playing.

  • Mary-Helen

    Why does Mike Chang have parents when we still haven’t met Rachel’s dads?

    • Zoe

      This is probably easier to cast. I think may be in a quandary with Rachel’s dads, because there is so much built-up expectation and anticipation, and they really want to get two awesome actors (but maybe haven’t decided on who the perfect people are).

      • Joe

        there are 1000 of decent character actors who would fit the bill. No stunt casting needed just good actors like Mike O’Malley or Romy Rosemount.

    • Lily

      The problem is that Rachel’s dads have already been showing on a picture in Rachel’s locker. I think Ryan Murphy likes to push the envelope but he does not dare to go that far yet as to meet Rachel’s parents…

  • Shiny

    Natch he has beautiful parents. Loved Tamlyn in Eureka.

    But what the frak; EW has like 4 non-white people on it’s main page? This must be a record. I keed, I know EW’s is blissfully unaware of anything to heavy as racial equality.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Any reason to give Harry Shum more screen time is OK with me!

    • Sue


  • Lete

    I’m curious as to how someone of Japanese descent and Korean descent gave birth to a Chinese American, but I’m still excited to find out more about Mike’s home life.

    • Ted

      You should talk to Edward James Olmos about how many ethnicities he’s played.

    • Monty

      Lament on that while a 28 year old is cast as a high school senior.

    • Lily

      Ask Meryl Streep…

    • Sue

      My first thought was did Tamlyn have Mike Chang when she was 7? She looks way to young to have a high school kid.

      • Valley Girl

        We should all be so lucky to have such genes. IMDB lists that she was born in 1966, which makes her 45.

      • Steve

        Hearing that news about Tamlyn Tomita being 45 just made me feel old again… that said, I like this casting.

    • Vighorois

      To Lete: Have you heard of a word called “acting”? Besides, is James Caviezel Jewish? Was Vivien Leigh American? Is Robert Downey Jr. African-American?

  • Puckleberry

    Okay, if getting more Mike Chang screentime means learning about his parents, I’m on board. I just hope they don’t overdo it and lose track of everyone else. Random thought: I’ve always wanted to look like Ms Tomita!

  • Matt

    “It’s hard on me because I love all those actors and they’re so talented and I feel an obligation to showcase their talent” – Ugh, just STOP adding more and more cast members! The show’s only a damn hour long.

    • Fatima

      Prepare for 3,000 Glee Project kids!

  • tommymommy

    Loving it. Can’t wait!

  • sam

    I love this. I think it’s awesome. But I still want to see Tina’s parents (and also please give her some solos! Jeez!).

    • Lily

      Naash, Tina’s parents are not interesting because they are not Asian… It will be more interesting to see how the conservative asian parents of Mike will handle Tina and Mike’s dance aspirations.. I know, stereotyping again…

  • frank

    Nice like Mike But where in the Hell are Mr and Mr Berry?????????????????

  • Kim

    Really the only parent I need is Rachel dads. Why did they even bring them up in the pilot never to show them. Wasted opportunity.

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