'NCIS: LA' exec producer spills on Kensi's trip to 'Hawaii Five-0,' possibility of another crossover


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NCIS: LA‘s Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) will soon be kicking ass a little west of Los Angeles when she heads to Hawaii Five-0 in an upcoming episode of the show’s second season. But what takes her all the way to the sandy shores of Hawaii? In real life, it didn’t take much, NCIS: LA executive producer Shane Brennan tells EW.

“Interestingly, Daniela has never been to Hawaii, so it took no convincing,” he jokes. He declined to give too many details of the case that finds Kensi working with the team on Five-0. But he┬ádid share this: “It’s an appearance on that show that’s important and has impact.” And while Kensi’s business trip to Hawaii is “not a big appearance,” Brennan added that NCIS: LA fans will want to tune in because there will be some references to it in the future.

And fans waiting for a little more inter-franchise crossover action will be happy to hear that even though there are “no current plans” for another NCIS crossover, Brennan is open to it. “There are possibilities,” he says. “The Hawaii Five-0 opportunity popped up and we said, ‘That’s great; let’s do it.’ Those things happen without a lot of planning. It’s not anything you plan and set before. It’s something that pops up in the writing…It has to be organic or else it feels bolted on. It has to be a natural extension of the story that’s going on. For Hawaii Five-0, that’s exactly what it is.”

But he does admit to having one reservation about lending a member of his team. “I’m a bit concerned they might not give her back,” he says with a laugh.

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  • Gilda

    I guess they’re trying to bring up H50’s ratings, which has been pretty steadily in second place to ABC’s “Castle” for awhile now.

    That said, I can’t wait for Castle to come back on September 19th.

    • Erin

      Ofcourse it’s a ratings grab, they’re simply hoping to grab some of new NCIS’ numbers.

      I like both but I actually prefer Hawaii 5-0. I hadn’t realised it had fallen behind Castle though. Last I looked it was making the top 10 shows.

      • erin

        It didn’t fall behind Castle. The final numbers for the season had H50 the timeslot winner.

    • Chi

      Castle does NOT beat Hawaii Five-0 when it doesn’t have a big ole ratings prop from DWTS LOL! It falls way behind H50 in ratings without that lead in. ;-)

      • Andjela

        Pour moi je maintiens qu’on en fait bcueaoup trop .Je pense que cette campagne na pris de l’importance surtout parce qu’ elle vise le public geek mais aussi car Simon Astier est tre8s ge9ne9reux avec son public mais aussi tre8s professionnel .Apre8s qu’on essaye de nous vendre la se9rie comme une se9rie qui a re9volutionner l’e9criture des se9ries frane7aises euh pour moi Fais pas si fais pas e7a e0 davantage change9 de choses dans la fiction frane7aise que Hero Corp .Sauf que demain si Fais pas si fais pas e7a s’arreate on ne fera pas de campagne ..Si on s’en tiens e0 la se9rie en elle meame je ne pense pas qu’ Hero corp ait une aussi grosse fan-base qu’on essaye de nous le faire croire .Et honneatement je ne pense pas qu’on peut comparer les tentatives de sauvetages des se9ries ame9ricaines avec nos se9ries frane7aises .Je ne vois pas en quoi dessiner le logo Hero Corp sur des bouts de carton e0 Nantes va changer quelquechose (bouhhhhh je dais vous pouvez me huer )Apre8s J’admire Simon Astier mais pour moi Hero Corp est seulement un brouillon , une e9tape , je suis sfbr qu’il peut faire 10 fois mieux .Bref que les fans de9fendent leur se9rie c’est normal mais je pense que l’importance donne9 e0 cette campagne est bcueaoup trop important .Bref on en fait trop Et mois en 15 jours , entre twitter , les sites de se9ries, facebook, le site du village que je consulte , etc j’ai l’impression d’en bouffer tous les jours de la campagne Pinage .

    • Jeff

      I don’t know – it sounds like Castle’s writers are starting down the “Bones” path of throwing too many obstacles in the way of the relationship to drag it out as long as possible. The hard a$$ new captain, for example sounds like a tired old plot device from some seventies TV show.

  • kevin

    Can’t imagine seeing sexy Kensi in a bikini during the crossover episode in November.

    • Kurt Russell

      That’s what its all about.

      • Cityheart

        I like a wide variety of musicMy aitorfve station is KROQbut I also like kiis fm, amp, jack etc.I like the killers weezer radiohead bon iver ellie goulding maroon 5 Adele but top 40s are good too

  • Michael

    just a FYI its their 3rd Season

    • Kate

      Actually, it’s Hawaii 5-0’s second season coming up. This is why we read closely before we make passive aggressive remarks.

      • Lil Jo

        Nice Kate!!!

  • marilyn

    Would love to see an episode with Kensi and Ziva from NCIS. Those two woman can do some fighting!

    • as

      that works…maybe ziva could just leave DC & join LA permanently

  • juli

    Already shipping Kensi/Steve!

  • Ryan

    I tuned out of NCIS LA after season one, which I watched sporadically. I enjoyed the original concept of a top secret basement office that did undercover work. When they moved into what looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch store, and stopped going undercover, I got bored. I prefer the original NCIS.

    That said, I do like 5-0 and she’s a stunning actress so this should be interesting.

    I just wish a Numb3rs/Criminal Minds crossover had happened a few years back.

    • kerri

      i think LA got better last season when they ditched nate and brought in deeks…funnier and the team gels better w/ the partnerships

  • Ace

    Sam Hanna and Steve McGarrett were both Navy SEALs. It’d be pretty easy to give them a backstory connection; I hope the shows take advantage of that.

  • Michael

    When I said 3rd season I meant NCIS LA

    • So

      Yeah but the story meant 5-0…

  • T

    NCIS is getting up there, maybe eventually, Dinozzo might make a move from chilly D.C. to sunny Hawaii to the NCIS branch there or join 5-0 ? He’ll get to live his “Magnum” fantasies.

    • Teresa

      Oh God I hope not. I can’t stand DiNizzo and his childish antics. He needs to grow up. It that were to happen, I’d stop watching 5.0. I don’t watch NCIS partly because of that (and partly because its boring). I do like NCIS: LA though.

    • Cruz

      Pardon Jonath mais concerant la cpmgaane Pinage, je te trouve un peu de mauvaise foi. Que tu n’aimes pas la se9rie, je le comprend parfaitement, c’est ton droit le plus strict. Mais tu nous as souvent rejoint pour de9plorer l’e9tat de la fiction en France pour reconnaeetre meame sans aimer la se9rie:- qu’il y a un vrai effort dde fait et les auteurs aiment les se9ries tv- que c’est bien que la se9rie draeene des fansPar ailleurs, la cpmgaane Pinage a de9marre il y a un peu de 15 jours, c’est quand meame pas la mer e0 boire Enfin, la comparaison avec Jericho ou autres est tout e0 fait le9gitime: ce n’est pas par le nombre qu’il y a ressemblance mais par le type d’action

  • Bob R

    I’d like to see and NCIS/Criminal Minds cross over, just to see Abby hang with Garcia

    • GoodieGoddess

      ^^^ THIS!!! ^^^

  • AT

    Is it really that hard to figure out why NCIS and H5O would have a crossover? McGarrett is Navy. NCIS is Navy investigations. Pearl Harbor is one of the biggest Navy bases. No hints needed.

    • KRM

      I’ve been a fan of NCIS for a long time and when I first started watching 5-0, I thought about how a potential crossover of the two shows could work. Like another poster said, it wouldn’t take much since NCIS is Navy and so is McGarrett. He would be bound to have some interaction with them at one point or another, but I was hoping for a crossover with the original NCIS, not the LA version. I really don’t like that one. I can just picture McGee going crazy over the gadgets that they use!

  • Nat

    Also want Callen on Hawaai Five-0

    Steve and Callen together


    • Daniela

      Me too

  • Amy

    Love NCSI and NCSI LA. But I hate Hawaii 50 , it is soo lame. Not interested in the crossover.
    But a crossover with Criminal Minds or The Mentalist would be pretty cool.

  • Linda

    I love the idea of any crossover with HF-0, especially
    with McGarrett involved. I love the lovely and talented
    Alex O’Loughlin. The crossover character should be Sam though, as he and McGarrett are both SEALS.

  • Big D

    NCIs and NCIS: LA are okay, H5O is awesome. Kensi is the best thing about NCIS: LA although Callen and Sam are cool too. There’s got to be a Kensi – Kono bikini-clad cat fight, right? Please!

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