'Sons of Anarchy' attracts record audience

Great return for Sons of Anarchy: The fourth season premiere on Tuesday attracted its largest audience ever.

Nearly 5 million total viewers and 3.22 million adults 18-49 tuned into the episode that began with the members of SAMCRO leaving prison. The 90-minute episode averaged 4.94 million, up 20 percent versus last season. It also posted a 15 percent gain in adults 18-49 versus its third-season premiere.

Together with its two encore runs last night, more than 7 million viewers watched the episode.

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  • FrenemyWatcher

    That proves the benefit of Netflix. I never would have gotten in to the show if it hadn’t popped up on my watch instantly page. Then once I was hooked, I even bought the third season off iTunes. This proves why the entertainment industry shouldn’t be trying to shove out Netflix.

    • Mike

      Same here with Netflix. Although we timed it well to be able to get the Netflix discs for season 3 right when they were released. Missed the premiere last night but we’ll be caught up for next week. So there will be at least 2 more viewers! lol

      • g

        Yes, Friday Night Lights, had it not been on Netflix, I don’t know if they would have gotten me as a viewer for the last seasons. Same with, don’t laugh, Spartacus on starz, guilty pleasure. I watched SOA from say 1 bc Jax and Hale were in the promo and they looked hot and girls love a bad boy on a bike. No other bike shows on tv. Sutter is so original, even with his cop show

    • arcaneadm

      This was the exact same scenario for my wife and I. Netflix recommended it to us, we watched seasons 1 & 2 in 2 weeks, then bought season 3 on itunes. I have never been as excited for tv show season premiere as I was last night. It’s all because of Netflix too.

    • Truther Forlife

      Same here, Netflixed season one and it went from there

    • Mike

      Ha! Same here.

    • Carlo

      I totally agree with you!

      If it wasn’t because of Netflix, I would not have discovered and became a fan of SOA, Dexter, and many others.

      • Chaz

        SAME HERE! Netflix had Season 1 & 2 LONG before iTunes and I think they SHOULD have first dibs on the show. HOWEVER, iTunes is posting Season 4 Episodes (@2.99 each) and Episode 1 was available Wednesday Am!!

    • mandy

      Same Here. :) Netflix is the best thing to ever happen for TV ratings. I also watched Leverage on Netflix instant and was instantly hooked!

    • jay

      i rented the first two season on blockbuster and then bought season 3 on Amazon. I’m hooked.

    • CML

      Same here!!

    • Conrad

      This is completely true! I just randomly found the series on netflix and became hooked! such a good show.

    • meg

      agreed with everyone and the netflix comments, then bought 3rd season on Amazon :) !

      • Morgen

        My boyfriend & I got hooked on it after watching it on Netflix. We watched a few episodes on tv, but decided to do a marathon now we are caught up in time to enjoy Season 4.

  • dgh

    Great numbers for a great episode.

  • martita628

    and it was well worth it!

  • CountryClub


  • dell

    I was a big fan of SOA and was looking forward to the return this season. However, last night something changed. I dont mind the adult content, but I do object to the language being used. It seems like every tough guy action movie has to over use God damn and Jesus Christ. These aren’t curse words or replacements there of. Can’t you find or use another name to disparage? In remembrance of 9/11 why not use the so called prophet mohammed name as a curse word? Seriously.

    • BlackLutefisk

      Poking the troll…*poke* *poke*

    • blah

      Hey man that is your hang up. Not everyone cares about taking the “lords” name in vane. Not trying to be a jerk just saying you shouldnt expect the world to bend to your views.

    • Qman

      For a Christian to say “Mohee Mohammad!” while cursing, well, that just doesn’t work. This isn’t Saudi Arabia.

    • TerryT

      I agree with you, dell. Why offend a lot of the audience?

    • claus

      Jesus christ, get a god damned life, Dell. Quit being so sensitive about your made up deities. It’s ok for you to believe in your fairytales, don’t expect others to be so gullible

      • Deadrebel

        Well said Claus, very eloquently put :)
        Let’s not get harpy on one misguided person though — this is a nationwide epidemic of overzealous believers believing there beliefs are more important because of…well, I don’t really know the why. Do they?

      • gazmo

        Amen Brother!!

    • Carlo

      Well, they could as well say Santa Damn! or Easter Bunny! It would all be the same…

      • gazmo

        Tooth Fairy Damn!!

    • PT

      ummm…they’re a BIKER GANG

      • Chaz

        Harley Damn!! Honda F..Ck

    • mike durecki

      So instead of using your imaginary gods name in vain you want to use some other religions imaginary gods name in vain. God damn grow up!

    • Jon

      Dell, you can either have realism or you can sanitize something. I, too, am a Christian, but the fact is this is how dudes like this talk in real life, and I’d much rather have that than a bunch of network TV “darnits!”.

  • SAMcro

    Who would have thought the undercover would be knocked off after the first episode…gonna be a great season

    • Joshua

      That was my exact thinking. Like they cant kill the UC until oh wait they just did.

  • Josh

    @FrenemyWatcher… We have the same story… Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix.. 3rd on Amazon instaplay. Now we are watching it each week on FX. Ugh.. commercials suck tho

    • Chris

      Was that a new actress playing Tara? I have bad eyes, but she looked different.

  • Anne

    That’s great to hear, I think it’s really underrated. In terms of characterization and consistently strong writing I think it’s one of the best shows on TV. I really enjoyed this first episode back.

  • A.Rae

    Perfect! It makes how tired I am from staying up until 1 AM worth it…

  • Jason

    yeah, a 90 minute episode with 45 mins of commercials. Reeeeeediculous

    • Hannah

      “Just” 30 mins of commercials, the episode is 59 minutes

    • Woot

      You shouldn’t complain that much. It’s just a bit more than any other TV program. A thirty minutes program has about 9 minutes of commercials, so a 90 minute program should have around 27 minutes. So thirty minutes is just a tad more. Though I do agree that all these numbers are too damn high!

  • twinnie

    I’ve often wondered where they get those figures. It’s BS that they know how many people watch a particular TV show. Am I the only one who isn’t naive to believe those bogus numbers???

    • Mike

      It’s all based on a dated system of nielsen viewers that statistically represent the entire country. It also just factors in the people that watch LIVE and previously recorded or watching delayed while recording to skip commercials. I do not know one person that has one of these boxes, but there’s plenty of information out on the internet on how they work. I know they add in the DVR numbers +7 days eventually (which also only counts if you don’t fast-forward through commercials) but I’d love to see how many people are watching these shows PERIOD regardless of Delay/DVR fast forwarding. I know that number doesn’t mean anything to potential advertisers but it would just be an interesting statistic!

      • Mike

        “that watch LIVE and previously recorded or watching delayed while recording to skip commercials. ”

        Really need to proofread before I post! Should have been NOT previously recorded or watching delayed

  • Mel k

    Any one know when hulu or Netflix will air this season? Got rid of cable because of the insane price hikes and this is one of the few show I actually watch.

    • Mike

      Well hulu and netflix really don’t “AIR” anything but that’s just me being nitpicky! :-) But Netflix just got Season 3 on disc when it was released to stores last Tuesday. It will probably eventually be streaming. Season 4 won’t be on Netflix (disc or streaming) until it is released on DVD/Blu probably next September. But, I think if you go to FX’s website, they do have the episodes online. I could be wrong about that. I’m sure iTunes and Amazon has them for a price too.

  • Ted

    Lately on that show, I am just waiting for the club to die a slow death. There are no good guys, just a bunch of murderous swine. Every time I think there is hope for Jackson to become a good person, he just reinforces that he’s scum like the others.

    • Mark

      I feel ya. I like the story lines and character development, but they are all scum like you said, and my biggest hope is that they will all die spectacularly. Of course, who of us are saints also, but these guys are guiltless and vile, and I will faithfully watch the show until the hopefully apocalyptic finale.

  • Cindy

    Got it at the library where I work – that was it – hooked!!

  • Rebecca

    I started with Netflix too. Watched the first 2 seasons quite fast, then had to wait for season 3 to come out.

    Thank goodness for Netflix or else I would’ve never watched the show.

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