'Survivor: South Pacific:' Will Ozzy get voted out...on purpose?

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Redemption Island is a scary place to be. One loss and your game is over. But for a challenge dominator like Ozzy Lusth, could going there be the best way to win the game? After all, there’s no better way to get in good with a jury then bonding over being blindsided and uniting against the common foe that voted you out. Is it worth the risk for Ozzy — who is rocking something of a Soundgarden-era Chris Cornell look these days — to be voted out on purpose in the hopes of winning over jury members and winning enough challenges to go back into the game right before the finals (and then collecting all those votes from your new friends)? That question was on the returning player’s mind when we spoke in Samoa the day before filming began on Survivor: South Pacific (premiering Sept. 14 on CBS). “It’s a scary way to play the game,” he acknowledged. But that doesn’t mean he won’t do it. Check out the video player below to see Ozzy’s thoughts behind this controversial strategy. And for more Survivor news and views all season long, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • Kyle

    Wow, Ozzie’s really into it. I’m looking forward to seeing how he operates this season. If he has a showmance again, I wonder if Amanda will throw her noodles at the TV screen.

    • wsugar

      I wish Boston Rob would come back.

      • Mia

        Please, no. Just… no.

      • Mel

        NO NO NO NO
        That’s not even funny

      • D

        WHY?? The bastard has had 4 chances…GET OVER IT!!

      • eli

        why?i mean he just won last season

    • Ian

      “worth the risk to be voted out on purpose” — How would someone be voted out on purpose? Aside from asking people to vote for you (which would sound like a con), you really can’t.

    • Yolanda

      The first season that Ozzy was on, the season where the teams were divided racially, was my all-time favorite. I was ready to hate it, but the players were so likable and relatable…and Yul, who was it all, was fabulous. That season ruined me for all later seasons of Survivor. Go Ozzy!

      • Marty

        Same, it has been my favorite. That little team of 4 was just amazing. Ozzy was just brilliant and the way Yul played socially…just wow!

    • c jones

      forget Boston rob, he won. bring back Russell again

    • Mark

      No doubt Ozzie is a physical challenge god, and he might indeed have gotten stronger since last time. But let’s not forget he wasn’t gifted with much brain, so if there’s a mental challenge – something more complicated than “Spell “Ozzy” – he’s doomed to defeat.
      Oh, who am I kidding? Redemption Island was designed for one reason only – to keep veterans in the game longer after they had been fairly voted out. Once Ozzy arrives, no more mental challenges! Take note, brains-over-brawn newbies!

      • JackRabbit4

        The very last challenge that ozzy involved a complicated 3d puzzle. It has been described as the most difficult puzzle ever on suvivor. Although he did have a bit of a head start on the other competitors, he solved the puzzle first and won the challenge. He isn’t really that dumb, he just seems like he smokes alot of pot.

  • Eric

    I hope he doesn’t do that for two reasons.

    A) I’d like to see him actually play; odds are he’ll eventually get unlucky and lose.

    B) Even if he wins, I hate to see people get lined up against him and just eliminated similar to how Matt was eliminating everyone.

    Neither seems appealing to me.

    • Ken

      The good news for Ozzy is that, unlike Matt, he won’t have a multi-person duel. I almost wonder if Matt got a little complacent when the duels became more of a “don’t lose” and then the last duel he lost focus. But Matt proved it could be done. What Ozzy would have to calculate, though, is that if he pulled it off and got back in, he’d need to win immunity each time there’s no Redemption Island vote, otherwise they’d do what I’m sure Rob intended had Matt made it back again…vote him right to the jury knowing there’s sympathy involved.

      • Meli

        Yes, but if Ozzy thinks he’s going to get sympathy votes from a jury, he’s wrong. It’s going to be pointed out that he’s already competed TWICE, and the first time he was a runner-up and already won $100K, not to mention the target on his back as being great at challenges. The only way he’s going to win is to do what Boston Rob did–dominate, dominate, dominate, and pray he has immunity every time a vote comes up on his tribe.

  • orville

    I like Ozzy, I really do, but he’s really not a good enough strategic player to make that work. And he’s assuming that he’s still a strong enough physical player to keep winning on Redemption Island as well.

    • wsugar

      Good point, he has gotten older. He may not be as strong as before. But then again the cast does not look to strong.

      • Icon

        He said at some point somewhere that he is stronger now.

    • Gwynneth

      I agree- I like him, but he’s not patient or balanced enough to strategize. He’s the typical player- nice to everyone when he’s in the bottom of the pack & then turns obnoxious once he’s got some hand. I loved the Cook island season, but I wonder if the cast was particularly un-athletic, which may be why he dominated so much. Seemed like that season they had other agendas in casting than the usual athleticism, looks & outrageous personalities. Will be good to see how he does, though, always fun to watch.

  • MP

    I don’t watch this show, I know nothing about this guy, but everytime his picture shows up, I think… “Grieco!!!”

    • AN

      I think he looks like Joey Lawerence from Blossom – WHOA!

      • Alb

        I get Joey Lawrence, too

  • PS

    Please take this stupid redundant show off already!!!

    • Meli

      Please don’t make us read your stupid redundant posts already!!!

  • Andy

    This is reason #489457349 why Redemption Island is the stupidest thing this show has ever done. Or at least a close second to the final three. Dalton, stop encouraging this stuff. Call out the producers for ruining the show.

    • Michael KM

      This is also why it’s bad to have veterans play with newbies. They have had time to think over their mistakes, get emotional distance from the game, and come back with a winning strategy. Plus, if they’re a fan favorite, that means they were already good to begin with. Everytime the veteran dominates- Steph in Guatemala, Rob in Redemption Island, and especially the Favs in Fans vs. Favs. The one exception, Russel in RI, almost proves the rule. His tribe over-reacted, threw a challenge, and as Ozzie rightly notes, never recovered. If Survivor are intent on bringing back old players, bring back some who never went the distance (i.e., didn’t make the jury) but had realy potential.

      • Joe

        I almost totally agree with you, but I think that people who made juries should also be potentials.

        Two of the best winners didn’t make it to the finals in their first season: Boston Rob (who lost pre-jury), and Parvati.

        The producers should definitely look deeper into the pool of past players. Great people to bring back would include: Kenny (Gabon), Betsy (Samoa), Marty (Nicaragua).

        I would also love to see Penner and Shambo play again, but they are a different story.

      • Joe

        Who do you guys think has potential to win, but didn’t make it to the finals in their season?

      • Meli

        Russell proves an even older rule on Survivor: DO NOT MESS WITH THE PURITY OF THE GAME. The game of Survivor has an uncanny ability to karmically mess with tribes who throw challenges. It has throughout its history.

  • Dana

    I know I am in the minority but I enjoy seeing returning players try again.I think Ozzy has a good chance if he can dominate again.

  • Corey

    Another reality show I’m boycotting this fall. It’s going to be real slim pickings when the new shows start.

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  • U R DUMB

    So now re tards write these articles ?

    • Pot Meet Kettle

      Hey Stephen Hawking. Retards is one word.

  • Cent

    I will say this much, I think the producers did a much better job this time around of picking former players who could use a Survivor “redemption”. Rob and Russell may have needed another chance to win, but neither needed redeeming. Coach and Ozzy have both proved to be capable, but deficient players in the past. Let’s see if they’ve learned anything from their previous seasons and in the years since.

  • Vago

    Survivor is over

  • kelli

    the concept of letting old players back in the game SUCKS. I hate it. They had their shot.
    Redemption Island also SUCKS. It takes the sting out of the jury vote. Tribal Council is the best part of Survivor and it’s totally lost its impact because the voted off player isn’t really going anywhere…

  • Jack

    stupid idea. The longer he can stay in the game without going to redemption island, the fewer challenges he has to leave once he gets there

  • atiqah

    i love ozzy !! watch back all his season !! and my prayers are for him !!!!! no one has ever played like him. he is born to be a survivor !!! hopefully he will dominate in challenges, OZZY IS STILL OZZY !

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