Charlie Sheen celebrity roast adds Shatner, Walsh, Lovitz


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Charlie Sheen’s roast on Comedy Central has added a few more celebrity names: Icon William Shatner, Private Practice star Kate Walsh and onetime Saturday Night Live performer Jon Lovitz will take the stage. Comedians Patrice O’Neal and Amy Schumer have also been added to the bill, along with a guest appearance by guitarist Slash.

The motley assortment of performers are added to the previous batch of names, which include Steve-O and Mike Tyson, along with roast master Seth MacFarlane. The special airs on Comedy Central the same night as CBS’ Two and a Half Men premiere, Sept. 19.

UPDATE (9/9): Charlie Sheen roast roster adds more names

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  • Amanda

    I cannot wait for for this!

  • Just saying

    Don’t roasts typically include one’s peers, who gather to mock you mercilessly? I don’t see how most of these “names” are really peers of Charlie Sheen. Who the hell are Patrice O’Neal and Amy Schumer? It seems as though people are participating mostly as a ratings ploy.

    • ray

      Amy Schumer is hillarious. Also the article failed to mention Anthony Jeselinik who was the funniest person at the Trump roast.

    • amadeline

      Roasts are only for those who are so desperate to be famous that they’ll do anything to be on TV still. Poor Charlie is now scraping the bottom, so they have to actually pay people to do this. I guess his friends and others who know him don’t want any part of this. Personally, I don’t understand why anyone would watch. I know I won’t.

      • amadeline : au revoir

        but lot’s of us will watch and think Charlie Sheen is just awesome to do bue will not be missed don’t worry.
        p.s: by the way Lovitz, Shatner, Tyson know him and Slash is one of his best buddy.

      • Jay

        BEST…. ROAST… EVER!!!

        Cant wait! :)

      • @amadeline

        It is shocking that a fan of Charlie Sheen has such terrible writing and grammar skills.

      • justin

        charlie sheen desperate? hes got a new movie going to come out within next year..a new tv show anger management…dude get your facts straight

      • Robin

        First of all, Charlie Sheen is NOTscraping the bottom and NO, roasts are not for those desperate to be famous because they are already famous! Wow, what are you, 12??? You can only dream to be that famous! Gee how much money do you have in your bank acct? LOL! I think the roast will be GREAT and I hope it out rates Two and a half men by a long shot that night! Two and a half Men will never be the same. My favorite show ever and I will miss him dearly.

      • cles

        how would you know who his friends are?

      • gator

        you are an idiot! Bottom of the barrel…LOL to funny!

      • gator

        It is a shock someone with the name Amadeline has the time to get away from shoving corn cobs up her ass!

      • Basha

        My response to your comment is: EXACTLY. If CBS really wanted to continue to rock our world with Charlie they could have had a lineup that we actually KNEW. Especially to compete against the show airing opposite it. I for one will be watching Ashton on 2 1/2 Men in order to forego the roast. Oh yes. DVR! Silly CBS. Tricks are for kids.

      • bj

        Two and a Half Men will fail without him. You know it and so do I. Amandaline ….if you don’t like him, why are you so on his page? How do you know his close and personal friends. Just because they aren’t celebrities to you, and they don’t really have to be, they may be closer to him than his family. So shut up already. You can see how many people already think you’re kinda “not there” so why add more of us to the list. I DON’T CARE IF HE’S DRUNK AS 5 SKUNKS>>HE’S FUNNY and you cannot deny it. Who do you think people really watch the show to see?

      • Joe Paris

        I disagree whole-heartedly you ignoramous! I do recall a message from the nerds. “We have a message for the beautiful people.. There are more of us than there is of you.”.LOL speak for yourself jack! Charlie just flipped you f**ckers a much deserved bird. You glass house dwellers should stop tossing your kidney stones and let the poor fella party. Im watching the roast!

    • 19jeff55

      where have you been,on in the progress iinsurans commercial come on out it’s been a while>

      • abra cadabra

        Justin You have NO idea what his pay will be He probably came dirt cheap after his shenanigans on 2 1/2 men plus NOT many people are going to pay to see any movie he is in…So basically everyone is going to watch him crash and burn BELEIVE the day he left his lucrative job he had he BLEW IT…

    • Barbara

      If CBS really wanted to continue to rock our world with Charlie they could have had a lineup that we actually KNEW. Especially to compete against the show airing opposite it. I for one will be watching Ashton on 2 1/2 Men in order to forego the roast. Oh yes. DVR! Silly CBS. Tricks are for kids.

    • vja

      Why Patrice O’Neal? Because he is extremely funny … be more concerned with the window dressing of Laura Vandervoort and Kristin Cavallari .. Hot chicks, yes … Roasters? I smell comedy armegedon.

  • Two Headed Sex Beast

    No Marc Maron? WTF!

    • lulu

      Yeah he should be there : he is funny, talented and a friend of Charlie.
      Anyway seems quite good but some movie actors friends of Charlie should be there also..maybe the entire list is not revealed to the press..i hope so..and Kate Wash presence is random..this girl is not funny (and i like some Addison but please she is not a riot..)

      • Shelby

        I haven’t seen Kate Walsh cross that way, but she might surprise us. Maybe she’s got talent in comedy that we didn’t know. Give her a chance :)

    • abra cadabra

      Robin first of all you are not entertainment tonight AND YES usually those that participate in the low budget roasts are there for a reason, most do it for charity but most do it to get their name back out there..That’s what Pamela Anderson said (OUT of her own mouth) she did it for her charity for animals…

  • Kristina Kardashian

    Now they just need to include Chuck Lorre, Denise Richards, Brooke Mueller, Kelly Preston, Donna Peele, Paula Profit, Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly and this event will have all the roasters it needs.

    • Kardashian = funny..NOT

      You are not funny Kardashian (you name suits you really well by the way..) and the people you name are not funny enjoy your little boring fantasm..ENJOY !!!

    • ray

      I’m sure there will be lots of jokes ABOUT those people.

  • Huh?

    Were is Lisa Lampinelli???

    • Jerry

      Lisa Lampinelli has too much class to participate in this. :)

      • Wengal

        Actually Lisa Lampanelli said she wished she could be there. She had a show already on this day and said if she could postpone it she would LOVE to be there to Roast Charlie…so get your story straight before you open and say something you have no clue about

      • abra cadabra

        Wengall your full of BS you have been nowhere to have heard lisa make this comment…Nor has anyone other than yourself said that…Nice try…

      • matutina

        I like Charlie. He’s a good actor in his movies. Say what
        you think of Charlie because no matter what, he’s
        good in acting. I’m over 60 years old & I find him funny.
        I know he’s got drug problem but that’s his business.
        I don’t understand why he’s being singled out by most
        people. I don’t use illegal drugs only what’s prescribed
        for me. I would rather watch Charlie over Ashton

      • Pedro

        @abra cadabra like Jerry you should know what you’re talking about before talking trash. Lisa was contracted to a show in Biloxi that she had already had to postpone once before and didn’t feel right to postpone again. The story is on laughspin.

    • crispy

      Alleyway behind The Apollo?

      • Cris

        Nice!!! ^

      • gator

        No with your girl friend at Motel sex with 2 black guys!

  • Jen

    Chuck Lorre is such a douchebag – he would never allow any of the Two and a Half Men co-stars to be a part of this. It would be good if some of his old Spin City castmates could be there and Jane Lynch played his shrink on Two and a Half Men and could have fun with that!

    • IMO

      Unless there is a “No Charlie-Roast” clause in their contracts, Lorre cannot stop them from appearing .It’s doubtful any of the Two and Half Men or Spin City cast members want to appear on this.

      • bhm1304

        Michael Boatman and Richard Kind are both going to be involved so about Spin City – you are incorrect.

  • Judith

    Shatner and Lovitz : good but Kate Walsh ? Seriously ? Since when does she know Charlie Sheen (well maybe she is an ex-girlfriend after all..with the Masheen you never know..haha..lothario he is..ha) but more importantly since when she is funny ? And it lacks some movie stars who are Charlie childhood best-friends..but maybe this is not all the list..i hope..and Jane Lynch would have been awesome but the same night she host the Emmys…too bad..anyway i am looking to watch this..this is the show to watch this night..Two and a Hald Men premiere seems quite dull next to that imo..

  • aaron

    Horrible choices! No Lisa, really?

  • Clete

    Give this to Charlie. It is his last, desperate grasp at some sort of celebrity. It appears that his movie and television career is at an end. He is going to be “roasted” by un-knowns and has beens, more interested in getting their fifteen minutes on the tube that in him. That is sad. It is interesting to note that neither his father or brother seem to want to have anything to do with this.

    • Wengal

      Again his brother and father are VERY proud of Charlie and what he has accomplished…they are not doing this because of previous commitments with Emilio’s move The Way hitting theaters this month. Learn your facts 1st!

    • gator

      Clete – What have you been smoking you fkn moron. He has a new movie coming out. Cracks me up when stupid jealous people open their pie hole to comment when they have no clue what they are talking about!

  • john

    We need Emilio Estevez!!
    like he is doing anything

  • Jeff C.

    The fact that Lisa Lampinelli isn’t doing this is such a shame…

  • H.Felton

    They’d better get Jeffrey Ross and Gilbert Gottfried, Roasters Supreme to add some depth to the dais.

  • Wengal

    Some of you have no clue in life…Emilio and Martin are touring for their new movie called The Way and Emilio is in fact VERY busy. And Charlie is NOT desperate moron..he is also working on his new series as well as the Roast. WTF is wrong with you idiots. Look in your own life before you put down someone else. Charlie has been drug free for months now and is tested randomly twice a month. Chuck Lorre is a douche and will NOT allow anyone from 2.5 to participate in the again learn your facts before you make bigger fools out of yourselves!!!!

  • bhm1304

    Is Laura Vandervoort a substitution for former goddess Bree Olsen? They could be twins.

  • Odion

    This is going to be funny! At any rate it will be good use of the DVR if you have one.

    Charlie will not have problems getting jobs.

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