Official photo from 'Home Improvement' cast reunion -- EXCLUSIVE



Look who showed up for the mother of all family reunions!

We were hoping to save our exclusive photo shoot of the Home Improvement cast for our Reunions Issue on newsstands Oct. 7, but somebody let the cat out of the bag via Twitter (we’re lookin’ at you, Patricia Richardson!), so we decided to give fans a sneak peek of the reunion held last month in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Though most of the stars had already seen each other two years ago at the TV Land Awards, the shoot was still a big thrill for cast members like Tim Allen (Tim Taylor) and Patricia Richardson (Jill Taylor) because it involved seeing Jonathan Taylor Thomas — a.k.a. Randy Taylor — for the first time since 1998. You read that right: No one had seen hide nor hair of the cherub-faced actor, who turned 30 today, since he left the show. “It was awesome,” said Richardson, who invited her on-screen sons Taylor, Taran Noah Smith, and Zachery Ty Bryan back to her house after the shoot. “You know where you can pick up and it feels like no time has passed at all? And at the same time you look at them and say, ‘How can you possibly be that age because that makes me way old!'”

Check out a preview of our Home Improvement reunion photo shoot below:

alt text

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  • Henry Warnimont

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……huh, what was that?

    • Butterfly

      The mom and dad look the same. Who the heck are those other people?

      • Duggler4

        are you kidding me? why would you post a comment on a reunion photo of a show you probably have never seen?? stupid. They are “the parents” kids and Tim’s co workers, Heidi and Al

      • Matt

        Butterfly were being facetious. They have aged and are near unrecognizable compared to their former selves, was the message. Settle down.

      • duggler4

        oh I’m sorry Matt, i didn’t know you had an alter ego named Butterfly. you must be the same person cause apparently you know what her very vague comment meant. my mistake.

      • @duggler4

        Anyone with half a brain should know what that comment meant. Read it again – it’ll probably make more sense the next time. Don’t be so hateful, geez.

      • phillygirl

        Matt’s right duggler, you just didn’t get it.

      • LOL


      • Ry

        Yep, sorry Duggler4…it was pretty obvious what he/she was getting at.

      • Don

        Richard Karn doesn’t look that much different. As for the others, didn’t they all used to be blondes? (The last I saw Zack Bryan on TV (on ESPN’s TV-movie about the Army football cheating scandal of 1950), I recall him still being blonde.)

      • Dictionary

        @Don: The term is “towhead” — look it up. Lots of young men have light hair when they are younger, but grow up darker.

      • Rob

        They ALL look the same, ret-ard

      • elizabeth

        anybody who watched the show, can tell who is in the pic. they look the same to me just add some facial hair. man i loved that show

      • Mac

        matt is totally right

      • Josh

        I agree.

        I have no idea who the two, standing to the left and to the right of Tim, are? They certainly don’t look like any of the actors who started in “Home Improvement”.

    • IG

      Are you serious @duggler4? That wasn’t vague at all. If you’re going to call people out for their comments its really helps if you aren’t far stupider than the person you’re calling out.

      • Twelve


      • elizabeth

        stupider is not a word its more stupid or most stupid depending on how you use it in a sentence so lets not call ppl dumb unless you really know how to speak.

    • POES

      Butterfly asked who the other people were? That’s f’ing retarded because as a joke or a sarcastic comment it doesn’t make sense at all. Heidi and Al look exactly the same (just fatter) and two of the kids look the same as they did in the last few seasons of the show. The oldest one, though seems to have morphed into Bam Margera for some reason.

  • mndd

    Heidi got some plastic surgery, I see.

    • Shannon

      Didn’t she have that to begin with? She just got more.

      • What?

        Patricia Richardson clearly had some work done, she looks better now than she ever did on the show. The boys all aged horribly. Why is Heidi on the shoot and not others like WILSON??

      • Michael

        @ “What?” : Wilson died in ’03.

      • Eric O

        What? Jonathan Taylor-Thomas looks great!!

      • Ashlyn

        @what there was nothing wrong with how P. Rich looked on the show she just looks good for her age. I see why older women don’t like to reveal ages because of judgmental ppl putting too much emphasis on their looks.

      • bri

        @ what
        what are you talking about jonathan taylor thomas is the best looking one out the boys. i barely recongized the youngest boy.
        heidi looks alittle off. overall jill, tim, al, and jtt all look good.
        btw wilson died a few years ago thats why he’s not there

    • Aunt Sassy

      Where is Pamela Anderson? She was the original Tool Time Girl.

      • Emma

        Pamela Anderson was only on there for the first 2 seasons and Heidi’s character was on there for the last 6 so most people know of her more than Pamela Anderson….thats my guess.

      • Dede

        Wilson dies some years ago

    • Anne

      And something strange with her lips. She looks terrible!

    • Ron

      So did Patricia Richardson!

      • Tess

        Yeah, but Patricia looks better, not worse…

      • jodie

        i think she look.s awesome now im a fan of her.s and tim allen..s and the boy.s i got atleast the autografty pictures of them they actully singed them

    • Sara

      Noticed that…not the best job. Glad to see Jonathan Taylor Thomas aged alright, had the biggest crust on him back in the day. The other two…a bit creepy. Patricia Richardson looks great!

      • Sina

        Yeah JTT aged alright. He looks exactly like Anderson Cooper!

      • J-MAC

        Can’t believe you had a CRUST on JJT. lol

      • Krusty

        I hope you mean when you say you had the biggest “crust” on JTT, you actually meant “crush”. Otherwise, it would be a little creepy.

      • @Sina

        I think he looks more like a male version of Nancy McKeon when she played Jo.

      • Buff

        ha ha….you said “crust”, hee.

      • lexicondevil


        I totally see that…

      • James

        Haha the other guy said JJT! It’s quite funny watching how people comment each other on these blogs. I could only laugh at everyone making fun of the other, rather than taking things a little more serious. Just as regular people age, so do us actors, the only problem is that we are seen on screen in front of millions, and regular people just age in secret. O wait, we actors are regular people, which is the other problem, you don’t consider us regular people. No I will not tell u my full name, or anything else, I will just continue reading and replying in secrecy. But lighten up, and let us age as we shall. It is not we who decide how we age, but God, who has decided before the world began. And yes, everyone looks the same except the facial hair on Taran and Zachary.

    • Dede

      Hate her lips! Yuk! Guppy comes to mind..

    • alisha

      She ruins the picture! Get your boobies off Jonathan!

      • JB

        LOL – I love you comment as I was thinking the same thing!!

      • Buzz


      • JS

        Definitely! She is totally resting them on his back, and he looks uncomfortable with it.

      • Janet T.

        Probably because he is gay.

    • melissa

      Yeah, I think she got man arms as part of her plastic surgery. JTT better watch out.

      • candacetx

        ^ yes!! who photoshopped that giant man arm and hand onto her?

      • jodie

        he.s not gay

    • John

      yea and it looks like most it was in her lips put anymore colagen in her lips and they’ll be bigger then her breast

    • mark

      heidi has man hands!

      • Nae

        That was what I thought too. Man hands…yuck!

    • Twelve

      BAD plastic surgery at that.

  • Dennis

    Holy fountain of youth, JTT!

    • Shannon

      Well, he can’t be more than 30. True, he looks like he’s 17 or so, but he ain’t old. Now, Zachary Tye Bryan, on the other hand…. Oh dear.

      • Liv

        JTT is actually 30 today. EW just posted a Happy Birthday story about it. He looks exactly the same as he did 15 years ago.

      • Shannon

        Ah, just in time. And I was right on the money, I see. Go, me.
        Yeah, I was one of the adolescent girls that had a raging crush on him back in the day. Then he left the cast just ‘cuz he could and disappeared into the academic myst.
        Is he, like, a scholar now or something?

      • Scott

        which is funny. Despite playing the eldest, he’s a month and a day YOUNGER than JTT yet they look a few years apart, Zach taking the lead

      • Catherine

        JTT looks great. Zach? Yikes.

    • JackJackMcMack

      he looks awesome! why has he been hiding from his tv fam for 13 years?


      • Lisa

        The actor who played Wilson passed away a few years ago. :(

      • Tom

        he’s dead

      • chellibean

        Sadly, the actor died back in 2003 from lung cancer.

      • Josh

        Since we never saw Wilson’s face, they could simply have anyone stand-in, and stand behind a mini-fence for the group picture.

    • dee123

      Yep. Lucky bastard.

  • hehe

    JTT is lookin goood

    • Jack

      So is mama Jill! She looks amazing! So much better than that short “mom” haircut she sported for awhile. (And not judging because my mom had it too!)

    • Liz

      Yes he is. This is why he was my crush when I was 9. Man on man I was in love with him.

      • Butterfly

        That should be a catch phrase b/c typo or not it has a ring to it.

  • amy

    That’s great that all of them got back together! Except the actor who played the neighbor, Wilson Wilson, he passed away.

  • Vee

    Whoa, Patricia Richardson looks exactly the same

    • Me

      That’s what I thought. Lots of sleep, little booze, exercise — who needs plastic surgery? Especially, painfully obvious plastic surgery???

    • Dominic

      She looks fantastic! Give this woman another show, she is awesome funny.

      • Porthos

        She’s got one, it’s called “The Middle”

      • Chris S.

        @Porthos….that’s Patricia Heaton. Different actress.

      • Andrew

        Um that is Patricia Heaton from Everyone Loves Raymond… she was last on that Strong Medicine Show on Lifetime…then guest starred on the west wing

      • Liz

        @Porthos, wrong Patricia. The one on The Middle is Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond.

      • Art

        Porthos, that is Patricia Heaton. I know three other people have told you already, but why not four?

      • jp

        You’re thinking of Patricia Heaton. Just in case you missed the previous 4 corrections.

      • Devon

        I think you’ve mistaken Patrician Heaton and Patricia Richardson. Let me be the first to correct you.

      • Zach

        LOL at DEVON

      • J-MAC

        I swear I have laughed out loud more at this thread than any other thread ever on ew. Between, “having a crust on JTT” to “man on man” to now “let me be the first to correct you”… I may get in trouble!

      • Jane

        Well I don’t know about anybody else but I’m gonna need some confirmation that Porthos has seen these corrections.

      • lexicondevil

        Does anybody know if that’s the same actress from Everybody loves Raymond?

  • Jessie

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • PL

    Where the hell is Wilson?

    • Lauren


    • @PL

      The actor that played him passed away.

      • Josh

        Since we never saw this face, just about any actor could substitute for him in the group photo. Just have the substitute actor stand behind a mini-fence or even a mini-tombstone.

    • Will

      you’re kidding right

      • @Will

        No, Earl Hindman died Dec 29th 2003, from lung cancer.

      • Eric

        Yes, because we would totally kid about something like that.

    • Scott

      Earl Hindman (Wilson) passed away around 2005.

      • @Scott

        Wikepedia says he died Dec. 29 2003

    • T

      Read the above comments before posting!!! We’ve been over this about 4 times now.

  • Danielle

    If you don’t have a ‘California Dreams’ reunion photo include I will be seriously sad.

    • MK

      You know Jimmy Fallon did a CD reunion a year or two ago, right? It should be on YouTube.

  • Kat

    JTT looks the best of the boys for sure, but even he isnt as cute as he was back in the day. *Sigh* i hate that we all age.

    • Erin

      I disagree! He’s still hot.

      • Jen

        um, YES.

      • Casey

        I would not use the word “hot” to describe him, cute perhaps.

      • Buff

        Perhaps “lukewarm” is the correct word.

    • Andy

      I think he’s still the same height as he was on the show.

    • jennifer

      Jonathan looks a lot better now then he did when he was a kid he was fine then but now wow breathless

  • Lauren

    Patricia Richardson looks beautiful! JTT is still like OMG CUTE! Seriously, he looks the same.
    Heidi, unfortunately, looks like a Real Housewife. Holy collagen injections Batman!

  • sarah

    wow. JTT looks like zac hanson!

  • Shannon

    Uh, is Zachary Bryan or whatever his name is a trucker now?

    • Montira

      Somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is.

    • Little comment

      Zachery Ty Bryan & Richard Karn look like father & son.

      • Ambee

        I thought the same thing, Little comment.

  • Chris

    Patricia and the woman who plays Heidi look really great! wow!

    • jp

      Heidi looks like a blow-up doll. “Plastic surgery: I haz it.”

    • Flip

      Debbe Dunning looks awesome!!

      • Brian

        …for a tranny.

      • megan

        Like an ad for plastic surgery—

  • Lori M.

    The boy to the right of Tim looks like Greg Evegan with the beard. LOL

    • Montira

      Greg Evigan. . .That is a name I haven’t heard for awhile, at least not since the “My Two Dads” series ended. By the way, the guy with the beard is Richard Karn.

      • @ Montira

        She’s referring to Zachery Ty Bryan.

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