'The Talk' season 2 ratings steady after panel shakeup


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New panel, no problem: CBS’ The Talk ratings are pretty steady after the network shook up the show’s panel this summer.

With Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete off the show, and Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Molly Shannon, Julie Chen and Sheryl Underwood leading the chat fest, here’s where we’re at after the first two days of the show’s second season: The Talk delivered a 1.8 household rating on Tuesday and a 1.9 on Wednesday.

That’s right in line with the last full month of The Talk ratings in July (1.9 average) and up slightly from the last in-season month in May (1.7 average). So no big audience surge for the new Talk panel, but no drop off either.

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  • Casey”The condor” Prosise

    Easily the best show ever to hit american television since Blossom.

    • msacras

      Will not be watching without Leah!

      • jennifer

        The Talk is not the same. They lost a viewer by letting go over the 2 host that made it funny and real. Will miss seeing you Leah and Holly. Time to find a new show.

      • Andrea

        The best 2 people are gone. Show not as good I agree with all the comments. I will no longer watch. I tried but nothing there. Leah was the funniest and so entertaining. And I love they way they all got along. Sorry CBS you made a big mistake.

      • Christine

        I feel the same way. I hate both replacement women….yuck why did they do this?

      • F

        Missing Leah :<

      • Sherry Dennison

        You need to get Leah and holly back!! Why in the world would you mess up a really good thing. New panel sucks.

      • Bea Golden

        I totally agree. At first I just thought Holly and Leah were off doing something else and would be back. Today I found out they won’t be back and so neither will I . Holly and Leah made the show and CBS ruined it!

      • jamie

        I totally agree. At first I just thought Holly and Leah were off doing something else and would be back. Today I found out they won’t be back and so neither will I . Holly and Leah made the show and CBS ruined it!

      • Betsy McGee

        I have not watched since they let my 2 favorites go because this is now a boring show. Mrs O get out while you can!

      • marie


    • New Panel Sux

      Fans of The Talk tuned in the watch the aftermath of the train wreck. Last seasons loyal fans are going to get bored with watching the aftermath. The new panel obviously sux. The heart and soul of the soul are gone. Even if by some miracle they brought Leah and Holly back, CBS and Julie Chen destroyed the integrity of the show. I cannot believe how CBS betrayed their loyal viewers by not even acknowledging our complaints. Les Moonves, CBS, Julie Chen sent a giant F You message to the fans by their silence. Well, F You right back to you Chen Bot, Moonves and CBS. I’m done.

      F You CBS

      • merritt

        Chen/Gilbert who do you think you are? Leah& Holly were the best. You 2 duds should’ve been let go not the 2 best. What goes around comes around hope you both get the shaft and no one watches yur dribble!!!

      • Amanda

        this comment says it all……I totally agree. So done with the talk can’t wait til they go down in flames.

    • Chen’s Free Ride at CBS

      Hiring and Firing should be decided in the BOARDROOM and not the BEDROOM. I’m sick of CBS, I’m sick of the free pass Julie Chen has always received for whatever nasty stuff she’s doing in the bedroom. If Holly and Leah lowered themselves to Chen’s level, they’d be employed at CBS forever. I hate The Talk now. I hate CBS period.

      • F

        Julie Chen is sleeping with the “right” guy…she’s already got one show, “Big Brother”…which sucks.

    • FanNoMore

      The show is not as entertaining as before. The lost of Leah and Holly is definitely noticeable. Julie tell your husband he messed up.

      • It’s the other way around

        Don’t kid yourself FanNoMore, Julie Chen is the reason Holly and Leah were fired. CBS, or even Les Moonves would not have fired them without that evil witches blessing. The home wrecker who sleeps with married men for sweet jobs at CBS has always thought she was better than everyone else. It is CLASSLESS and disrespectful to the viewers, not to even acknowledge the complaints of the loyal fans. That witch is not just ignoring Leah and Holly, she’s ignoring us, the viewers as if we don’t matter to the show. Don’t just blame Les Moonves, blame the person responsible – Julie Chen. It just pisses me off that Julie Chen has all the money in the world because she was manipulative enough to snag a married, rich billionaire, her boss at CBS. She is only on this show and CBS because of her husband. Holly and Leah who earned their seat on The Talk, needed the money from this job to support their families. They worked their butts off getting the show up and running and the viewers loved Holly and Leah. They did nothing to deserve being fired. I despise Julie Chen and couldn’t stomach The Talk anymore if I had to listen to her phony, entitled, bullsh-t. No matter how classy she fancies herself, she’ll always be a home wrecking, social-climbing, disloyal to her friends, tramp.

      • donna

        I too am disapointed that Leah and Holly are gone. I think something should of been said about their absence. I kept waiting for an explination but none came. I also miss seeing Leah and Holly’s mothers in the audience. Know they will not be brought back, but think a mistake was made in letting them go.

      • Cathy


    • ella

      Everyone I know has stopped watchiong …no chemistry with the new group..its a shame

      • marais morris

        it is true that julie chen is not a very nice person, but the problem seems to be her jealousy; notice that she replaced both fired ladies with people that she is not in competition with. think about it. also, has anyone ever googled julie chen’s real face on the internet under “celebrity plastic surgery – before and after”. these pictures are ASTOUNDING!!!!!! her surgery pictures will show why she is so jealous of all women who look better, speak better and are smarter than she.

    • tracy

      thye are lying. i know several people who did watch this show but soon stopped when leah and holly was let go. there rating are down. they are just not amittimg it. they are at shame. watch no season 3.


      The “TALK” is now HORRIBLE!
      Except for Mrs. O and Sheryl Underwood, I love them both.
      Molly Shannon…….ugh not easy on the eyes or ears.
      Sara suffering from the break up of Ally and it shows.
      Julie okay………………………..no comment needed!

    • Mary Schoonover

      Nice to see that everyone is in agreement that “The Talk”
      SUCKS now.

      • Christine

        So why don’t we take it to another level and send cbs our feelings mon-fri at 2:00, it may not help but it would be annoying as hell…maybe even shut down their site.

      • frances vickers

        I agree and I did send cbs an email stating that I did not like the current line up. Bring back Leah, Holly and Sharon

    • erica

      I run a nails salon. My clients and I always looked foward to The Talk. Not anymore. It is now so boring. Leah and Holly made the show!!! We are looking for a new 2:00 show to watch!

      • F

        Go back to watching The View. I didn’t really care for Holly R P but I LOVED Leah!

    • F


    • Buscha

      I organized my day around “The Talk”. It was fun to watch the diversity in all five “hosts” and I envied the relationship they all had with each other – different but got along. Has become just another talk show.

    • Wanda Morris

      You have lost my daughter and I as viewers by getting rid of Leah and Holly. They were the best on the show and brought through a real family show with their stories of their home life.

    • Daniel

      It’s not the same, if it not broke dont fix it !!!!!

    • nancy

      I think the girls were awful talking about Seecrest getting the stuff all over this new suit. The idiot did such a dumb thing. How would the girls like it it that idiot spilled that stuff all over there nice dress. They showed no class what so ever.

    • tricia

      It would be better if Sarah and Julie got off their cotton pony’s and brought back Holly and Leah !

      • tricia

        do you ever comment back

  • Sherry

    Those five ladies .were so funny and complimented each other –there no way,”The Talk” will be the same without Leah and Holly….
    Why ruin a good thing ….

    • Tami

      This show has lost a number of viewers with their bad decision (and the poor way they did it)

    • Jaye F

      New cast has no chemistry – and they really insulted their viewers by not addressing why Leah and Holly were gone. What were viewers who don’t read the internet supposed to think? Why is sheryl there if she’s not a mom? And why didn’t they at least introduce who she was.

      • Susan – Canada

        “Why is sheryl there if she’s not a mom?”….because I don’t think this show is the same as it was last year. I remember Sara last year saying their show was not going to address scandals, rumors, etc., regarding celebrities, etc., that they would let that “other show”, we all know they meant the View, handle that. Well guess what….this year, they are talking about Hollywood scandal, etc. That’s because they know that viewers will get bored only talking about moms and kids, etc. Now, it seems like View #2….

    • gb728@optonline.net

      You are so right. Leah and Holly were fantastic. I never laughed so much watch a talk show. They all had good chemistry. I watched the show the first day with the new ladies and I will not be watching it anymore. It’s nothing without Leah and Holly.

      • Barb

        I agree with you. I was not going to watch this show because it is on the same time as my soap was. But I watched one day and I was hooked. I liked all the ladies but I really loved Leah. She was so funny. I liked Holly too. I watched one show of the new ladies
        and I will not watch again. It was sooooo boring. I liked them better than The View because they didn’t talk over each other like they do on The View. I am sorry but without Leah I am not interested. Maybe it is because I didn’t find the new ladies interesting or funny. I have no interest in watching any more.

    • Michael

      After I was feeling good about the CBS season,YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. The 5 of you were on my TIVO. Without them good bye the talk, and good bye big brother. Who cares who wins? You had a great 5, and I just don’t care any more. Thanks Julie

    • Sherry j

      I agree. I loved the chemistry between all 5. Leah and Holly and MrsO made the show. I will no longer watch. It is not the same. Not sure what happened but what seemed like genuing friendship obviously wasn’t!!
      Stopped watching!!

  • Former Fan

    Review those numbers again in a week and I think you will see a big drop. Many people tuned in either not knowing about the cast change or to see if Leah and Holly not being there would be mentioned/explained. The show used to be truly wonderful but without the chemistry of the original five that is no longer true.

    • Denise

      I hope u are right, I want them to suffer for ruining one of my favorite shows. #stillbitter

      • Tess

        Even if their numbers do stay the same, it proves that their decision didn’t work. I am sure the point was to make the numbers improve. Fail, CBS.

    • Kim R

      It won’t last. It is just curious viewers checking to see how horrible the show is becoming without our girls. As you said, check back in a few weeks….the numbers will tell the tale of how we all really feel. :)

    • Rosie E.

      I patiently waited until Thursday to see if I could get use to a new cast… ABSOLUTELY NOT! Boring and no chemistry, just BRING LEAH AND HOLLY BACK!
      CBS thinks the ratings are the same but wait until next week and the following week the deep dip in ratings will be there.

      • Jan

        I was stunned to see strangers, what made the show was the humour, Mrs. O, Leah and Holly, I could watch easily without Julie Chen. Anyway, it kept me home at 1:00 pm daily, not anymore though, I watched 10 mins on Tuesday and Wednesday, I did not like the dynamics, will not bother to watch again. I hope Sharon finds better things to do with her time now Ozzy is off his world tour. That show should hit the dumpster in a couple of months. Feel really sorry for the two funny ladies that were fired to amuse Julie Chen. Or boost her ego, seems she can not be out shined by colleagues.

    • Donetta

      Yes check back in a couple of weeks I watched it thinking that they would be on this wek sometime. Now that I know they wont I wont be watching. I couldn’t wait till the new season two started. What a surprise I got NO HOLLY AND LEAH!!! I love you Mrs O but I have tried all week to watch The Talk and it has become such a boring show. It was always my best time of the day to set back and laugh at Mrs O, Holly and Leah. Why would LEAH & HOLLY be taken off? Such a poor decision to make. My favorite tv program has become the worse talk show. I have decided to stop watching after week. If the managers of The Talk can take off Holly and Leah without a word even about why they are not there and replace them with two such terrible replacements then that is it for me I will no longer be watching THE TALK. Mrs. O I can’t believe you stayed after what they did to not just one but two of your friends. My advice to you is get out while the getting is good before you loose fans that adore you.

      • virginia

        I totally agree with all the comments about the show. I have been watching because I thought as many others that Holly and Leah were just on leave. Even though they and Sharon made the show, even if CBS should see the error of their mistake, it would serve them right if Holly and Leah refused to come back. Unless of course part of their agreement would be that Julie was fired! Sorry Ms O that you are left with such a boring crew. Chris Jenner? Come on what are you thinking?

    • Donna

      I think regular viewers who knew about the shakeup tuned in to see if Leah & Holly’s firings would be mentioned and check out the new format. I am betting that most of the regular viewers didn’t even know, and thought Holly & Leah were on vacation. Talk about back-stabbing! Guess ol’ Charlie Sheen had some valid points about CBS. I am so disappointed – I loved the original format and show and the ladies really found their footing the last few months of the first season. I hope this show gets canceled. There is no heart and soul to The Talk anymore.

      • lee

        If news outlets are correct, Mrs. O signed on before knowing that Leah and Holly hadn’t been given a contract extension. Disclaimer: CBS knew that the show would completely tank if Mrs. O wasn’t there, so that got her to sign first — knowing that she probably wouldn’t if the L/H didn’t return. SMH …

    • Kellie

      What a mess CBS (Julie Chen) has made of a once good talk show! I gave it three days and realized it was not for me anymore! The two that carried the show are gone and so am I!

      • emalisha

        bring my girls back . what have you done cbs

    • Tricia

      Yup the only reason I watched was to see if there was an explanation…I deleted it from my dvr. I really hope their ratings suffer!

      • Cathy

        ME too

      • Paula

        Me toooo . I hate the show now……….

    • tmw

      I too used to plan my day around The Talk, but have not watched it since Leah and Holly are not there anymore. Why mess up a good thing??? It doesn’t make sense to me. I agree there will not be a season 3. Anyway, I hope not – CBS you BLEW ait!

  • Matt

    I saw this show exactly once, and Remini and Robinson-Peete were the only watchable ones. (In her defense, Chen wasn’t on the show that day.) Gilbert is so whiney and annoying, and I can’t believe anyone ever wants to see or hear that opinionated, full-of-herself Osbourne. I have no clue who Sheryl Underwood is, and have no idea why Molly Shannon would ever want to be on a show like this.

    • Colleen

      I totally agree….I don’t know who Sheryl Underwood is either. You’ve made the show more like THE VIEW…I hate that show.

      • k88

        I’m with you 2, Matt & Colleen

  • jfms777

    The show is still dreadful. Sheryl is their version of “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd. It is bad enough we have 1 Sherri Shepherd. Now we have 2. I am looking forward to Sharon taking a leave of absence and Kris Jenner joining. The saddest thing is that Julie Chen is really good, and deserves something better than this.

    • Kayte

      I agree with everything you said except for Julie Chen. I think she is the most annoying panel member. She’s fake and pretentious. She sucks all of the fun out of the room. Leah and Holly brought the best out of the other panelists. Without them the show is boring and a waste of time. The Talk was my guilty pleasure, but I won’t watch it anymore.

    • c

      wow I thought I was the onlyone that felt that way about Shei Shepard, she is the most annoying, racist, hypocritical, grating person currently on television.

      • Pen

        You really nailed Sherry Shepard. She’s everything you said and drives me crazy. Talking about her son, you’d think she’s the only person in the world who ever had a child. As for THE TALK, they have lost 2 viewers at my house too. Leah and Holly were the ones people could identify with. They were funny and kept the show interesting. I have never heard of the 2 new ladies, one must be the token black ,she offers nothing else and the other one offered nothing as well.I thought the first panel was a well balanced group, why mess with something we all liked. Ratings will go down with this new group.

    • c

      wow I thought I was the only one that felt that way about Sherri Shepard, she is the most annoying, racist, hypocritical, grating person currently on television, .I wish they would fire her over at The View so I could watch that again!

      • Jackie

        You are all wrong about Sherri Shepard, it is that old hag Joy Baher that needs to get fired over at the view. She is nothing but politics and she thinks she is so funny she makes me sick! Nobady can get a word in. She is why I quit watching.

    • Kia

      Why is Sherri Shephard racist? Is it because she addresses issues that are about Black people too? She discusses her son, just like Elizabeth talks about her children too. Contrary to popular belief there are more than just white people who live in this country. There are other races that exist and they want to be able to relate to people on television as well. Your comments (everyone above this) show just how ignorant you all are.

      • Lucrecia

        Do you have a sister named Mercedes, or maybe Lexus?

      • Blessed

        Lucrecia, are you STUPID?

    • Marie

      Are you Julie’s sister?? She has nothing! She is so phony and epects everyone to agree with her…

  • Debbi anderson

    Stupid choice to get rid of Leah and Holly. You were such a refreshing change from the View but I won’t watch anymore. Really a shame how u didn’t even mention it. Do u think your audience is stupid and insensitive??

    • Linda Palmer

      I totally agree! The new panel is “BORING”! Julie, YOU screwed the show! Holly and Leah made “The Talk” a fun hour and w/o them the show SUCKS! What fools you are to ruin such a good panel! Julie, I think you were jealous of Holly and Leah’s popularity with the viewers. I will not be watching! Holly and Leah were funny, classy and interesting hosts. Julie and Sarah you are “BORING”! Linda in OHIO

  • kym


    • k88

      I agree, I totally enjoyed getting to know her personally. She was absolutely hysterical, her facial expressions, her and Leah wresting, and joining each other watching other tv shows. I really hope Holly gets something else where we can see her personality again. She’s seems to be the real deal. I no longer watch The Talk as of 9/6/11. Did not even watch that show once I found out Holly and Leah were fired. Completely screwy deal. Still annoyed they kept Sharon over Leah and Holly. I still say there’s something fishy about Sharon saying she’s taking time to spend with her husband. Time will tell. GOOD LUCK HOLLY & Leah also!

  • Virginia

    This really is not right. Holly and Leah made that show. You had a good thing going and we loved the show, but now that Holly and Leah are not there, we will NO LONGER watch the show. I like Julie, Sarah and Sharon, but the two that really made the shoe you got rid of. Well no more Talk for us. Bring them back and I we will watch again. You had a chance to put the View off the air, but now you made a BIG MISTAKE taking Holly and Leah off

  • Barb

    Sorry, but I hate the new panel!! Love Sharon, & Julie! If anyone should of gone, it is Sarah; Sorry, but she’s boring & blah!! Miss Leah & Holly so much! You had a perfect panel, Julie! How could you dump so much after 1 season!?? After watching one day of your new Season; I quit watching! It’s not the same…it just doesn’t gel! And, you’re even talking about leaving as well? What did you even start the show for… You had a perfect thing going, & you & your husband ruined it!!

  • Cynthia Thomas

    i have had a major operation back in may they removed my whole large intestine whole colon and part of my small intestine and a piece of my rectum..i was bed ridden for four months and speaking from the heart if it wasnt for the dynamics of those 5 ladies i would not of manage to get threw such a tramatic ordeal..i now have to go back in for more surgery as of oct 18th..and im dredding not the surgery this time but my recovery time..explain to me what i am supposed to watch to take my mind and emotions off what im going threw..cuz it sure the hell wont be “THE TALK”..thanks guys hope ur happy..cuz i know im NOT…

  • Eric-Kelly

    My house will be filled with music at 2:00 in the afternoon now. The T.V. will be off, as will the DVR. I enjoyed the chemestry of all five. Remini & Gilbert are the reason I started to watch it, then ended up liking all five together. It doesn’t work anymore.

  • tee

    does les n mrs.cbs own you too

    • Marlene

      Amen…feel like I’m in the Twilight zone with this situation…

  • Cat

    So who checked these numbers because I haven’t watched since the shake down! Julie is only tolerable with Leah and Holly. And barely then. I agree with previous posts, people tuned in to see if they’d have the courage to acknowlede the shake up. Since they don’t, it will be interesting to see what the numbers are next week!

    • rita montano

      Have you seen the boycott of the TAlk on facebook
      and other sites? It will NEVER be as good as when
      Leah and Holly were on. We so enjoyed them. They
      made the show. We have no use for Julie anymore.
      What a sneaky person. What a Friend?????????
      Watch the numbers on the show next week.

  • Kathy

    How can you tell after two days what the results of losing Leah and Holly will be. I for one will not be watching it – have removed it from my DVR. The original five complimented each other – I find it boring now. It is just the Julie Chen show now and a way for her husband to promote her. I miss Leah and Holly – look forward to following them to their next step.

    • Rosie E.

      I gave it a try but today Thursday, I deleted “The Talk” from my DVR. There is a lot of talent out there but they don’t have what they had. When you put a group of women that had the dynamics these gals had with each other, it sparkles. Hope its not too late to put them back together again. I will switch my viewing time to watch “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” on OWN TV starting in Oct.

      • melody

        like most that have responded, i am sick by holly and leah’s absence. the skank julie was too jealous of them because they made the audience laugh and were more likeable. i hope this show flops for sure now, and big brother also. shame on you julie for ignoring their fans like you did by not explaning their absence. you to can go to hell. and take BIG BROTHER with you. all should stop watching both shows hosted by Julie the b—- Chen!!

    • meloney

      I loved the Talk and DVR’d it everyday. Now it is the Julie Chen show and after 2 days thought it was a waste of my time. You messed up a good thing trying to promote Julie’s big ego.

  • Catherine Elwell

    I will not watch Kris Jenner. She is a glorified pimp.

    • k88

      Absolutely 100% agree with you about Kris Jenner, and I turn off any show that has her or her family on it, which obviously happens alot, since they are “spread” everywhere.

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