ABC tunes up Reba McEntire pilot, 'Malibu Country'

ABC has purchased Malibu Country, a multi-camera comedy starring Reba McEntire, as a put pilot from ABC Studios. The country-western legend will executive produce, while also playing a woman whose rock-star husband cheats on her and leaves her broke. She divorces him and moves her three children from Nashville to Malibu, where she attempts to resurrect her own singing career. Kevin Abbott, who produced Reba for The CW, is attached to write.

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  • Kyle

    WOW that sounds almost exactly like the tv show “Reba” without moving to Malibu

    • Yetta

      Wow this plot line is sooooo original. Let me guess, she’s gonna be best friends with her ex-hubby’s paramour right? Right??

  • Clete

    There are really few orginal ideas in television. The ideas and plots are re-cycled over…and over…and over. The characters may change slightly, but that is about all. After all, you must realize what is important on television….the commercials.

  • Amanda Kisnhug

    She’s broke, so she moves to one of the most expensive places in the country – lol.
    I can’t imagine why anyone would watch a show with Reba – she’s a terrible actress with an annoying voice. I predict this will go the way of Tim Allen’s new show – won’t last entire season.

    • Marcie

      That’s not true! She was surprisingly good on Reba. I’d like to see her in another show, but this one sounds too derivative of Reba.

      • Sue1

        I agree, Marcie. She was pretty good on Reba, and I surprisingly found the show very funny. This does sound very familiar, though.

    • emma

      I think that you are a narrow minded person. reba is a great actress and a wanderful singer. I have grown up on listenng to her songs and they have been an insperation to me. Beause of the arually real life songs that she has out there I have been able to trealize a great many of the dreams I have had, I have raised my fmly and moved on to going to college and making a life for myself after I lost my husband. It doesnt really matter what you think as long there are people out there that believe this will make a great hit it wil.

      • Missy

        Glad somebody said something! Reba is awesome! I am a huge fan, have been for almost 30 years! I honesty was not impressed when she first started acting but I watched because I was a fan. Then suddenly she became an even bigger star in my eyes! She’s hilarious! The voice is what pulled me in originally but she is over all an amazing person and entertainer!

    • Al

      Amanda, she has more money than most of us. And that voice got it for her.

      • Crystal

        I love you Reba. You are an inspiration to all of us. Your voice is awsome,and she is one of the few actor/singers that works with the less fortunate on many levels. This will be just as good a venture as anything Reba has done. You are the best!!!

    • Alicia

      Wow, I have never heard anyone say crap like that about Reba. I think she is awesome in TV and singing. She puts on an awesome show… I grew up with her and so are my kids. Even though they don’t listen to country, they like her.

    • terri

      I think it ‘s great can’t wait to watch it , love reba and i think she is a very good actress. and funny , she cracks me up. ,saw her in concert and worth every penny I spent. she is awsome.. loyal fan

    • dhunter

      you are crazy she is great and funny,She can act.

    • ashleigh

      you have no idea how talented Reba is and her talent is wasted on critical people like you.

    • david terrill

      how dare u insult such a talented woman. she has been a sucess for years. she shines in anything She Is a part of.

    • John

      Reba is the best there is, in fact her show REBA was the hottest TV shows according to the ratings and is still in syndication on two networks but you would know more than producers right?

    • shirl

      Sorry you are a moron. Reba has worked hard to get to where she is and is a good actress. we need more comedies and less stupid reality shows filled with sex.

    • diannekot

      You are crazy whoever you are!!! Reba is a fabulous actress. You must not have ever seen her in anything. Especially the old show “Reba” that was her at her best. Iam shocked that anyone would say that.

    • becky

      Hey Amanda, You are the idiot!! Reba IS a great actress, person and IS talented…..

    • SHERRY


    • rosal

      get your facts straight. Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing was picked up for a second season. And Reba is a wonderfully talented comedic actress.

    • T Evans

      Amanda, I dont know what to say other than you are an IDIOT. I predeict you will go the way of all fools and just fade away as if anyone would care. enjoy your life as a wanna be filled with jealousy

    • Micah

      How can u say that about Reba Mcentire she is country singer / actress

    • ann

      I love Reba and I can’t wait to watch it she is a great actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are jealous because they aren’t an actress and singer!!!!!

  • RebaFan

    Sounds awesome!!!! If it has Reba it will be great….even sounds like she may sing in it! Can’t wait…thanks ABC for finally finding someone with talent!!!

  • Ash

    Reba’s a bit too old for this type of role. Three underage kids, really?

    • emma

      AAge doesnt matter in this day and age. I hae friends that are older then Reba and they are raiseing chldren that are as young and my grandhildren. I am 46 years old and I am raising a 2 year old and a 1 year old. What does age really have to do with anything? Why are you so narrow minded? Do you think that just because you reach a certain your arent allowed or able to raise a child? My grad mother was 50 years old when she had her last child and raised him just as well as she did the older ones. I can believe some of the comments that people make really.

  • Jamie

    “Reba” was a great show – one of the most consistently funny shows on TV at that time, with a great cast. It’s a shame that it was cancelled prematurely (Les Moonves, who oversaw CBS/CW, didn’t “like” it, despite it being one of the highest-rated shows on the network). The new show sounds like a cross between “Reba” and ‘Delta” (Delta Burke’s sitcom where she played a country singer). With decent writing, Reba could pull this off – she’s made good decisions in her career; I hope it succeeds, and I’m glad multi-camera sitcoms are coming back. I would change the title though – “Malibu Country” sounds too limiting.

  • Mike

    The description is probably wrong — I’m guessing that she moves FROM Malibu TO Nashville, not the other way around. That would make more sense.

    • Andrea

      I agree tv is all about reality shows anymore. Cant wait for Reba’s new show I loved the seris Reba I have all 6 seasons and my kids also enjoy watching and listening to her.

      • jessica

        I know I am far behind but i just got into the show reba and i love it…..cant wait for this show really looking forward to it.

    • sara martini

      No Mike the show is about them moving to Malibu

  • Lee Ann

    I love Reba. She is the best comic actress out there. We sooo need a good sitcom again. So sick of these trashy reality pieces of crap they kept producing over and over and over. Reba will be great. Just hope she has some talented writers……

  • Jake

    Best news of the day for sure! While the plot does sound similar to the “Reba” show, it’s not entirely the same. As for the Malibu destination, the home is apparently all that’s left after her estranged husband squanders their riches. So you’ll have the fish-out-of-water element and a layer of humor about someone accustomed to the good life getting used to no longer living having excessive means.

    I think Reba is charming and funny, and with a little luck this will be a cute, quality program.

  • Katherine

    I love Reba and the “Reba” sitcom. Anything she is in will be a hit.

  • Emma

    Reba has to most loyal fan of country music, and if anyone has anything bad to say about her i think you should not waste your time coming on here saying stuff. Reba’s fans will always back her up and will always have her back. I am one of Reba’s biggest fans and I am here to say if you dont like Reba go on someone’s webpage that you like and dont waste your time. I dont wanna hear what you have to say and neither does any other of Reba’s fans. So please be respectful and stop…

  • Tyler

    OMG YES! Make this a series now! Hire Melissa Peterman as the best friend in this show too please! They are comedy matchs made in heaven!

    • SHERRY


  • Ron Coker

    who will be playing Reba’s mom on Malibu Country?

  • Erika

    I’m excited for this! Reba was a very popular show until it’s end season, and the only reason it was cancelled was because of network issues. Reba is very beautiful and talented in everything she does, and she’s spent the last 30 years proving that. Sure, it isn’t the most original idea considering it seems A LOT like her sitcom from before, but I’m giving it a chance. Everything Reba has accomplished I’ve been a fan of, and I’m almost certain this will be no different!

  • Jan

    I can’t wait to see Reba’s new show, I still watch the rerun’s of the “Reba Show”. I would LOVE to be a part of this new TV show! Any part would be GOOD, doesn’t matter. Love Reba in everything she does!

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