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“I’d chat more, but no time Roomies. I’m on my way to Austin for a mini vacation before I begin hibernation for the Fall TV season.

Speaking of which, got questions or reactions to what you’ve seen so far about your fave shows? Rumors you need addressed? Austin food suggestions? Email me! Spoilerroom@EW.com!”

A less-mature person might rub it in your face that the season premiere of Castle was recently made available to media folk. (RUB RUB RUB!) Ehem. But a less-mature person hoping to grow would also answer your questions about it with as much detail as possible without totally ruining the surprises you’ll see on Sept. 19. So here we go! (If you didn’t get to ask any, you probably don’t follow me on Twitter. Tisk.)

Hi Sandra, How would you describe the tone of this season compared to previous seasons? Thanks for all you do! I enjoy your column each week. — Cheryl
If I didn’t know that a very fun Halloween episode and a superhero-themed episode were coming up, I’d probably be thinking we were in for the darkest season yet based on the premiere. But since I do know those are on the way, I feel a little better saying perhaps the deep issues that will be dealt with will be scattered throughout the season as they have been in the past. That said, prepare for some not-necessarily-love-related issues to make your heart ache. Particularly one scene that shows a side of someone we’ve never seen before.

I don’t really have a question, just anything your “willing” to share that doesn’t “spoil” anything. — @BecaGreenfield
You’re going to get a lot for a non-question: The park scene everyone has been all excited about? It’s as deep and as good as we all imagined…but not for the reason you might be thinking.

When will we find out what Montgomery put in that envelope during the s3 finale and who he mailed it to? — @lkanoczzz
First episode. But it definitely opens up some more questions in the process.

More next week! Meanwhile, a sneak peek:

Last season of The Big Bang Theory definitely ended with a bang. (Pun intended) But the complicated relationship entanglements won’t overshadow the core nerdiness of the series this season, according to Kunal Nayyar. In fact, we might see less romantic mess and more…science.

“We get away from the relationship stuff a little bit and get back to the guys doing these scientific experiments,” he says. “We put the relationship stuff on hold and let the guys have a little more fun scientifically. It’s great because you really see the girls get together, too. You have two different things going on, and it’s fun because the guys get to go back to what they are really geeky about, and that’s been really fun the first few episodes.”

But before they get to that, the team has to deal with the issue of Penny and Raj’s sleepover. And while everyone has been mum on the exact resolution (are we entirely sure they slept together at all?), Nayyer maintains, “The resolution happens fairly quickly in the season and no one is left with a bad taste in their mouth.” Not even morning breath?

NEXT: “SIDE DISHES! Scoop on ‘90210,’ ‘Criminal Minds,’ and more!”

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  • Cara

    I love It’s Always Sunny! I’m glad to see the gang is going to the Jersey Shore. I guess this means Charlie got over his irrational fear of leaving Philadelphia.

    • Chrissy

      I was thinking the same thing when I read it! Charlie gets out of Philly! I cannot wait until next week!

    • Nik E

      I love IASIP! I hope the Jerser Shore ep is as amazing as it sounds!

  • Jackie

    So happy to see scoops on all my favorite shows! With regard to ‘Supernatural’, didn’t one of the gods escape in ‘Hammer of the Gods’? Didn’t Kali make it out alive?

    • Christine

      I liked Kali. I hope she returns.

      And Gabriel, but whatever. Still mad about that.

  • Adele

    you know, Jensen looks pretty good shirtless too!!!

    • jen

      i agree i think we should have seen equal opportunity for both Winchesters

    • Jackie

      Mmmm, definitely the hottest brothers on TV!

    • Ferniesfreckles

      If there were any pictures of Jensen shirtless I’m sure Sandra would have posted those.

      When was the last time he was shirtless in an episode?
      Was it back in season 1’s Skin?

      • Jackie

        Don’t know if this was the last one, but it’s the last one I remember – season four, Dean and Anna in the back of the Impala.

  • Jason

    A superhero themed episode, hmmm sounds familiar!

  • Cass

    I’m rather upset that when I click on next for the next page it says page not found.

    • SMidnite

      Me too.

  • callie

    Jackie yes she made it out alive so maybe they will bring her back.

  • jen

    Just about the only resolution on TBBT for Raj & Penny would be to find out they both passed out before the actual deed. I don’t think it can be resolved in a good way if they really did sleep together. Just sayin

    • Sue1

      I agree, that is certainly the best resolution.

  • Sammy

    Link to Psych ticket contest doesn’t work!

  • MiaS

    I wish I lived ANYWHERE near NY. Dang it! I hope the people that go to the Psych show appreciate Appreciation Day!
    That HIMYM photo is so hot. I can’t wait for it to start again.

  • Tia Gaga

    Re Castle “park scene”… What happens in the “park scene”?

  • Pan

    Sandra are you ever gonna cover TVD? Please have mercy on a deprived fan’s heart.

  • Ele

    Thanks for all the news from Criminal Minds, I love the show and all the cast!!! They seem to have fun doing the show….just watch the music video they did Hotch’s song: Wheels Up!!!!

  • Steve

    There’s no doubt that the reason for the drop in quality of “Big Bang” last season was the focus on relationships. It’s like they were turning BBT into “Cheers”. The article makes it sound like they’re trying to go back to their roots, why they were funny in the first place. Let’s hope.

    • @ Steve

      When did Cheers turn into a show focused on relationships?

  • Paul

    I don’t like the news regarding JJ’s character and I may start disliking the character.

    They’re changing everything, attempting to make it better, and likely it will get worse.

    Kicking down doors? I could have sworn that was Derek Morgan’s job. Are they going to make JJ the super passionate one too? Are they going to darken her skin, give her a p3nis, give her a low fade and give her abs and pecs? Because that’s EXACTLY what they’re doing. They’re taking away Derek’s traits and giving them to JJ, and I don’t like it.

    • Sue1

      Paul, it was the LW who asked for JJ to kick down doors. Cook basically said JJ will be more mature and confident, but still be the heart of the group. This sounds perfect to me.

  • fugly

    My question for Castle is: How on earth is this show still on the air????

    • Lauren

      @fugly, have you ever seen their chemistry?
      That’s the reason (and a valid one :) )

    • LOL

      It’s still on the air because you are the only person in the world.

      • LOL

        I meant NOT the only person, of course.

    • Squirella

      “Castle” can’t answer your question – it’s a TV show. Rick Castle can’t answer your question – he’s fictional. Next?

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