'Big Brother': Jordan says 'Rachel deserves to win'


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Alas, poor Jordan Lloyd: The 24-year-old winner of Big Brother 11 couldn’t pull off another triumph for her beloved Jeff Schroeder. That’s the only reason the North Carolina belle agreed to do the 13th season; otherwise she would have stayed home and watched other people spar and self-destruct on national TV.

“It’s really hard. It’s mentally draining in there,” Lloyd admitted to EW. “I did this for Jeff. I had already done it! I wanted to go to school! I really did think Jeff would go far and that maybe I would go out before him. But I could help him try to win the money.”

It didn’t help that Lloyd was pretty weak in the challenges. She only won one Head of Household competition, mostly because her boyfriend Schroeder made it happen. (She also won the luxury competition with David Hasselhoff. Yey?) Lloyd can’t figure out why she didn’t triumph in more. “I don’t know. I’m not a competitor. I’m really not. The only reason why I made it so far was because I’m a great social player. That’s why me and Rachel [Reilly] work so well together. She’s a great competitor. They didn’t trust her so I did all the talking.”

As for her latest partner-in-crime, Reilly may have rubbed other players the wrong way but Lloyd admitted that she bonded with the fiery redhead. “I know she said when she came back this time she wanted to change the way she looked from her season. I know she was a little feisty in the beginning, but after Brendon left, I think [viewers] began to love her. I think she wasn’t being so outspoken. She was kind of being herself, a great game player. People should like her.”

That’s why she thinks Reilly — not Porsche Briggs — should win if the two make it to the finals. “Rachel told me her goodbye messages were kind of mean, so I hope people don’t use that against her,” Lloyd said. “I hope people look at how she played the game. She really did a great job. For 50 days, all Porsche did was bake cookies and lay out in the sun. She never talked game. She was very hard to talk to, just different. I could not read that girl for anything. She doesn’t show any emotions.”

Lloyd, in contrast, showed a whole spectrum of feelings when she realized that Shelly Moore flipped on the veterans’ alliance and pushed to save Daniele Donato. In a rare display of rage, Lloyd let her have it. “I don’t regret it,” she admitted. “I was so mad because she was somebody I felt like I trusted 100 percent. Afterwards, though, I was kind of embarrassed. I didn’t want my mom to be embarrassed.  I didn’t want to look like this crazy person. I don’t go off on people. But that was the worst day ever and I flipped out.”

But hey — Lloyd has one thing to be proud about: She maintained her weight! “During my season I gained 15, 17 pounds. When I got out, none of my clothes fit!” Lloyd recalled. “All I did was eat. It’s easy to eat. This time, Rachel and I worked out every single day. A couple of times after working out hard, I did eat some chocolate. But I tried to stay away from the cookie dough.”

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  • Becca

    I love Jeff and Jordan. Jordan is such a sweetheart. I know I’ll get chewed out for saying this, but I wish they had some sort of reality show together. They’re dynamic is really entertaining and funny.

    • Hilary

      Totally agree they are so funny and cute! Love Jordan. :)

    • countrycows

      Becca I have to agree with you there. I enjoyed both seasons with Jeff and Jordan and would watch their reality show. It would be way better then some of the ones already out there.

      • jay

        I’m not crazy about Jordan, but I have to take exception to saying that Jeff made her HOH win happen. She made a very impressive and hard to beat golf shot, no one else came even close. Yes, Jeff threw it on his turn, but that was kind of a jerk move if you ask me. Like he wanted to be able to say he handed it to her, but in reality, her score was very difficult to beat, and we’ll very conveniently never know if he could have beaten it.

      • forrest

        For all those who wonder why Jeff & Jordan were brought back, Becca and countrycows above are the target audience. With this built in audience, the chance of a full season of ‘newbies’ is unlikely. Also following the example of Survivor, it’ll be mixed groups of Vets and Novices. The trend will continue. Not a complaint, but an observation. And an example for those wanting ‘back to the basics’ with all new contestants.

    • Never watching

      I agree I want to see more of both of them

      • SaraS

        No way. They were cute at first, but Jordan is so brainless and Jeff so bored with her it’s hard to watch.

      • Brenda

        NO,NO,NO,NO MORE OF THEM!!!!!

    • mmp1

      I would love to see them in a reality show. They were great their season, then on amazing race, and now this season. Would love to see them on my tube every week.

    • Silverbb

      Agreed! Jeff and Jordan are sweet without being nauseating. They don’t feel the need to mack all over each other for the cameras, which is refreshing. I’d watch any show with them on it!

      • Flip

        I hate Jordan. I actually loved her on her original season, but this year she was a bitch (same with Rachel). My fave moment was Jeff’s eviction and Jordan’s breakdown, and my second fave has got to be Jordan’s eviction just because now she can’t win twice! Gooooooooooo Porsche! I want you to win, baby girl!!!

    • Kelly

      Oh good lord, there is nothing sweet about this girl. She is an entitled spoiled princess who thinks the world completely revolves around her. Like how dare anyone else in that house NOT be playing for her and Jeff?? She considered herself too good to talk to Porshe all season and it kicked her in the butt big time. Of course, Jordan couldn’t resist delivering some cheap catty remarks Porshe’s way on live TV. Why people are idolizing this lazy girl is beyond me. And as for Jeff the control freak bully, anyone who idolizes him has some serious issues!

      • jojo

        Yes, Kelly! Jordan’s comments about Porsche show that she isn’t as sweet as she’s cracked up to be.

      • frankI

        And her boyfriend Jeff is an ignorant bullying bigot. He wouldn’t be so popular if CBS showed what he’s really like. They both benefit from a golden edit.

      • Andrew

        I agree with Kelly. I’ve seen enough of Jeff and Jordan for one lifetime, thanks!

      • Lily

        You must not have been watching the show or the live feeds, because Jordan have been nice to everyone. I agree with Jojo that she’s not as sweet as she’s cracked up to be, but there is still something sweet about the girl. And how did Jordan show that she’s too good to talk to Porshe??? WTF you must be hallucinating, because Jordan never said that or any kind of remarks that she’s too good to talk to Porshe. She just said that Porshe was hard to read and that she’s a poker face. So next time try to get your facts straight before you even make a comment.

      • Bonnie

        Brendon is the bully. C’mon people grow up

      • More JeJO Please

        Brendon was and is a bully in real life Jeff was playing hard because he had to because the whole house wanted him out because of Dan

      • Mia

        Preach it Kelly!! you telling the truth!!

      • JLloyd

        I have a feeling from Jordans’ comments about Porsche – (she uses her feminine wiles to get her way) and her unnecessary catty comments, Jealousy is a big factor in how Jordan feels about Porsche. Its funny how J the Queen of doing nothing and winning BB, looks down on P who actually won all her competitions all on her own!

      • penny

        Kelly is jealous of girls that are pretty. Jordan is a sweetheart, not much of a competitor, she is just well liked and that is what gets her so far in the game. Porsche has no personality, Adam is the ultimate floater, Rachel played the game harder than anyone and should win!

      • Corndogger

        Kelly you are right on the mark. Anyone who objectively watched the feeds knows Jordan was a mean-spirited bitch and she and Jeff obsessed over hating Porsche. Porsche’s been playing the game all along but Jordan wouldn’t know that because she isolated herself most of the time. Great social game my butt.

      • Deborah

        Porche was the b*tch, not Jordan. Porche was the one who tampered with Jordan’s protein drinks and made her sick (which is a crime)! Porche is the one who EVERY SINGLE WEEK on the live feeds talked about how “hot” she thinks she is. Porche is the lazy slut who NEVER cleaned, showered or changed her clothes. Exactly what Big Brother were you watching?

      • HOH

        Kelly for president!

      • tako

        actually, no. jordan tried talking to porsche, but porsche thought SHE was too good to talk to. i’ve seen the live feeds, i know the truth. porsche is a flat out bi!!h…

      • Domanion

        Are you serious? Jeff and Jordan’s game? You can’t tell the difference between Danielle’s defection and Shelly’s? Both lied. But it’s a game. Danielle made a decision and stuck with it. Shelly played all sides, not as a strategy, but because she wanted everyone to like her. She built up this trust. And it was real while it lasted. She wasn’t pretending to be on their side…she really was. But she’s flaky. That created a more painful betrayal. And so what if Jordan didn’t talke to Porche? They didn’t connect. I don’t detect any venom there. Not from Porche to Jordan either. They just didn’t click. And Porchie did lay on the sidelines until late in the game. Basically, she waited until strong players were voted out. Then decided to play. I do agree with you about Jeff, though. His bullying of Kahlia and others disappointed me.

      • Ann

        I agree with you Jeannie. Porche is a dirty mean bitch. I pray that Rachel wins and Jordon gets the 25k.

      • Dani

        really? Porche is a dollar away from being a high priced call girl, but jordan is the one with the screwed up morals?

      • Jolie

        Jeff is a Tool. Full of himself and a d*ckhead. CBS makes him look good, but he’s not. I also think he has a multi-project contract with CBS.

    • Bonnie

      Portia and Adam have floated through this whole season. Was so sorry to see Jordan go. Rachel annoys me with all her whining but out of the 3 Rachel should win.

      • Dorimifah Solatido

        She spells it like the car company, not Merchant of Venice.

      • SaraS

        How can you say Porche and Adam were floaters? Porche has been very social and winning comps when she needs to… Adam is the worst player ever on BB, and even he has won a competition or two. Jordan hasn’t won jack sh*t and only followed Jeff around. I’m glad she didn’t win, we don’t need to reward half a million dollars to anymore uneducated salon workers.

      • NC MAN

        That slam on Jordan was crap.. I guess a northerner.. I am from Indiana, live in CHARLOTTE N.C. for 24 years now and I have to say.. I wish more people were like the “southerns” Gotta love the hospitatily here

      • Ann

        I agree Bonnie

      • Mike

        She spells it that way cause men want to ride her.

    • Angel

      I like how they complement each other. He seems to be a “guy’s guy” and can be a little rough around the edges, and she’s seems to be the kind of girl that could handle that and not get all crazy and paranoid about things. (please notice I said “seems” because of course I do not know these people IRL). :)

    • A

      You know Jordan is gonna get Americas Player based on a popularity contest rather than actually playing. If Jordan thought for the slighest reason she was going to win she was wrong! Why she sucks at comps and sometimes comps actually save you for later on but she didn’t so who really cares!

      • da

        Actually, I think that Danielle is gonna get it because people will divide their votes between Jeff and Jordan!

      • Brenda

        I hope Danielle gets it, thats who I voted for. She actually played the game. And I think it is hilarious that because of her, Jeff was voted out. Bullies should never win anything.

    • Jenn

      I totally love Jeff and Jordan! Yeah Jeff can be a bit of a hot head but that doesn’t change how much I adore him and her! They are a couple I hope makes it! The way Jordan was last night when she got voted out, so classy! That just endeared me to her even more. She’s just too darn cute! I wish her and Jeff nothing but happiness!

      • Judy

        Julie tried to get Jeff to say he and Jordan would get married. He wouldn’t do it. I think he likes to hang around with her because she is cute, but doesn’t want to commit to someone who doesn’t have the brains that he does.

    • Haley

      Oy. We could not be on more opposite planets.

    • Ronnie

      I totally agree! I would watch a Jeff and Jordan reality show for sure! I love them together! They make my heart melt. I’m hoping that he’ll propose to her on finale night; it would be so awesome if he did!!!

    • Susan

      I’d watch it!

    • Lillian

      I agree they are so precious and she is sooo funny. It would be nice to see Rachel and Brendon on a reality show too because she is so outrageous and Brendon is so calm. I love Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brendon.

    • sherrieo

      Really Jeff undermines her, if you watch on the show..he may have feelings for her, but he doesn’t treat her right. He is not a nice person..Jordan is my fav and will always be:)

  • Leah

    Love Jordan. She is a class act. She might not of won many comps but she came in second in 5 times so she isn’t as bad as some want to think. Hope Porsche doesn’t win if for nothing else she puts stuff in Jordan’s food for days that made her sick. Finally BB stepped in and made her stop after many live feed watchers complained. Jordan is also right that Rachel was a better player once she and Jordan teamed up. The two of them were really a good duo if ya watched the live feed you truly know how much Jordan helped Rachel this season. It was definitely a partnership.

    • HMac

      Wow- I can’t believe she put stuff in Jordans food. I wish they would have shown that on tv…I really hope Porsche doesn’t win!!

      • Lisa

        She put Benefiber in the protein shakes. She did this once, and BB made her throw it out. Completely wrong to do it, but nobody got sick. Jordan was sick from slop a couple of days before this, not after.

      • frankI

        Benefiber’s not even a laxative. All it is is extra fiber. It’s like putting extra raisins in somebody’s cereal, but some people act like she tried to give them anthrax.

      • Joe

        Benefiber is a LOT more dangerous than ‘extra raisins’ from their OWN safety concerns section of the label: “Abruptly adding elevated amounts of fibre to the diet too quickly can lead to intestinal gas, diarrhoea, abdominal bloating, cramping and constipation. It is therefore better to regulate and moderate daily fibre intake. If increased fibre intake is desired, gradually increasing the amount over a few days allows the natural bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract to adjust to the change. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday can prevent some uncomfortable symptoms by making the stool soft and bulky.
        Excessive fibre intake not only contributes to all of the abovementioned symptoms, but may also lead to toxicity. The risk of Intestinal obstruction in susceptible individuals,[22] fluid imbalance leading to dehydration and mineral deficiencies may increase if we ingest more than 50g of fibre per day. For this reason, individuals who decide to suddenly double or triple their fibre intake are often advised to double or triple their water intake. In addition, excessive intake of non-fermentable fibre, (typically in supplemental form) may lead to mineral deficiencies by reducing the absorption or increasing the excretion of minerals, especially when mineral intake is too low or when mineral needs are increased such as during pregnancy, lactation, or adolescence.”

        Especially when someone doesn’t know they’re getting the ‘extra fiber’ then they wouldn’t up their water intake and can have serious side-effects. That was more than just a harmless prank, that could have had VERY serious consequences.

    • More JeJo please

      Yes BB should show more of the mean stuff P did in that house and all the hate P has 4 Jordan was sad to watch on the feeds

      • Mattie

        Actually I’d say this is reversed. Jordan spent WAY more time bashing Porsche than Porsche ever did to Jordan. In fact, I don’t think Jordan was even a blip on Porsche’s radar in that house. She didn’t give her a second thought. Yes, the Benefiber thing was stupid and Porsche shouldn’t have done it. I’m not excusing her for that. But the idea that Porsche has this inexplicable hate for Jordan is just not true. In fact, it’s the other way around.

      • Melissa

        I disagree Mattie – Porsche was definitely part of the mean girl crowd and had a lot of terrible things to say about everyone along with doing a bunch of stuff to the other house guests. She even continued to bash Jordan last night after Jordan was evicted to which Rachel and even Adam defended Jordan. So to paint Porsche as the victim is completely wrong. About the worst thing I heard Jordan say about Porsche was the truth i.e. she slept all day, made cookies, wore bikini’s and hosted competitions. Porsche was a span of Dani’s and it was very clear…

      • Sean

        What about the mean stuff Jordan did or Jeff? They were both given the golden boy and girl edit. None of Jeff’s homophobic (the second one by the way) made it to air. None of his bullying really made it to air or the fact he was lying to a lot of people. Jordan was bashing Porsche so much and Porsche never said anything about Jordan. Jordan has no room to speak on morality miss, “I ran to coke when I was a kid.” Jeff has given her this entitled attitude that made me for the first time dislike her and she WAS the sweetest thing on earth.

      • Jeannie

        I also disagree with Mattie. Porsche is a mean, selfish, greedy girl through and through. She is a self-admitted “Sugar Baby”…if you’re not familiar with the term, it means she gets older men (Sugar Daddies) to pay her bills in exchange for a sexual relationship. She also made a comment a couple of weeks ago, which I feel is about the meanest, cruelest thing I’ve ever heard, and I think it sums up her personality perfectly. If you’re not a feed watcher, you may not know that a while back Rachel had a pregnancy scare (turns out she was just late.) While everyone except Rachel (DR maybe?) was in the backyard discussing possibilities for an upcoming comp, Adam made an innocent comment, hoping it would be geared toward guys…something along the lines of ,”I hope we get to throw medicine balls around.” Porsche, without missing a beat, said, “Maybe you could throw one at Rachel’s stomach and save her $400.” Now I know that some amount of lying, backstabbing, and conniving is absolutely essential to playing this game successfully, but actual cruelty is never necessary, and if it occurs, it is simply because the person making the cruel comment is a cruel person. Just my opinion! ;)

      • Elhu

        Porsche is the meanest and the biggest “joke” in the BB house this season. She not only said nasty things about Jordan, and most everyone else in the house, but she is STILL speaking ill of Jordan and she is out of the house now. IMO, she is jealous of Jordan, especially the fact that she has Jeff, as earlier in the season, Porsche said she thought Jeff was good looking. Porsche has no class, and simply prances around in her bathing suits with dreams of “hosting” gigs in her future – GIVE ME A BREAK, and has admitted that. I do feel slightly sorry for her, because of her Mommy issues, and that could be a huge factor in how she acts, BUT that is no excuse. If she wasn’t sleeping, she was either making up stories or prancing around in her swimsuit. If she wins this season of BB, that will be quite sad!!!!!

    • general

      Kalia was in on that also, they did it to the have nots in their slop…all on the Orders of their Queen Danielle!

    • Corndogger

      Leah, you are not telling the truth about Porsche putting stuff in Jordan’s food. It never happened. Also, no one used any of the Muscle Milk that Porsche added some Benefiber to. The DR made her throw it out before that happened.

      • Gma

        The fact is that she did add the benefibre with the intent of causing harm. That is the point.

    • cookie

      Second place is first place loser.

  • vanessa


  • alan

    Aww… Rachel FTW!!

  • Monica242

    Jordan is a wonderful person, and BB is lucky to have had her during these two seasons.

    • Kelly

      wow, that is one idiotic statement!

      • Smarter Kelly

        wow, that is one idiotic statement!

      • Lily

        I’m pretty sure your statement is more idiotic. First of all if you don’t like Jordan, why the hell would you read an article about her…. hmm obsessive much?

    • More JeJO Please

      yes BB is Very lucky reality shows need more people like Jordan

      • Carole

        It’s good to support the mentally disabled.

  • jt

    Love Her!

  • Jane Hedges

    i hope that Rachael does not win!!!! Adam has coasted thru this whole season, and shouldn’t win. what an outcome…..Rachel said get over the crying….what did she do the entire time? Tears and more Tears!!!!

    • Sarah

      What did she do the entire time? Won 3 HOHs and 2 POVs? Won part 1 of the last hoh?

      She was a target for weeks and is still there?

      All the females cried in that house. You’re saying she shouldn’t win because of her tears?

      • Deanna

        HIGH FIVE!

      • m

        Did Rachel really win Part 1? I hope so.

      • Angel

        haha Gotta hand that one to ya Sarah. Whatever I’ve thought of Rachel during certain times this season and last, she IS a competitor.

    • hateshelly

      You must have only watched the beginning – Rachel never acted badly after Brendon got back in the house and even after he left, she was fine. Tears? Cried through the whole show? Not Rachel, except the one time she and Jordan cried together due to knowing that they were about to be evicted one by one. (That is until fat-reared Porsche got greedy and things turned around again … it backfired on her.) Porsche only ate & slept the whole season until recently … she does NOT deserve to win. Go Rachel!

      • JB

        I think she’s referring to Rachel’s “fake tears”, such as in her goodbye messages, which are so gross and cringe-worthy.

      • Ann

        I’m with you hateshelly.

  • Julia

    I would love a Jeff and Jordan show! I think they are both really good!

    • More JeJo please

      Agreed hope CBS or some other channel wake up and see what these two have together

      • cookie

        What would be the premise of the show?Jordan working in a salon,or Jeff bullying everyone that doesn’t agree with him?They are not Romber.Rob knows what he is,and doesn’t try to pretend he’s mister nice guy.They’ve traveled on TAR,Jeff went around the world for free,what could they possibly do to make people watch?I hope CBS has had enough,and give someone else a chance.Didn’t you love when Jeff was so pissed when he was voted out?hahaha

  • Dorothy

    Still can’t belive BB waited so long to stop Porche from hurting Jordan should of removed her from game unfair hope she falls into the gunk they are spinning in.

  • Blech

    I can’t believe there are SO many Jordan lovers out there!

  • Mattie

    Hey Jordo? What did you do all season except sit around, play with your hair, and mope, letting Jeff and Rachel carry you the entire season? How about stepping up and actually winning a competition (like Porsche has done) before lecturing everyone about who “deserves” it? And maybe Porsche didn’t talk game to you because you treated her like crap the entire season. Ever thing of that? Get over yourself honey. America’s sweetheart? Whatevs.

    • More JeJo please

      Jordan did way better than most people think if u had the live feeds u would see that

      • Mattie

        I do have the live feeds. Thanks. What did Jordan do this season? Be specific.

      • Marissa

        Yeah, I’ve been following the feeds too and I have no idea what Jordan did in the game.

      • Melissa

        Mattie just because you have a hardon for Porsche doesn’t mean she did anything. All she did was bash people. Aside from your skewed view…the main difference between Jordan and Porsche is she owns it. Jordan knows she’s not a fierce competitor but she tries and came in 2nd a bunch of times (which is more than I can say for some) and she was definitely the best social player this season – she had a read on everyone’s game, which people didn’t give her credit for as a live feeder you should know that. She also talked Adam back to the Vets side and so on. Porsche on the other hand is so clueless as to what has gone on this entire season along with Kalia – they are spawns of Dani’s – don’t have an original thought and just repeat what Dani has told them. So maybe she wins some comps, but her social play was terrible. Makes her no better than what you say about Jordan because Big Brother, after all isn’t just about winning comps just as Dr. Will, Dan, Janelle, Dani, Rachel, Jeff, Brendon and so on….

        People really need to get off their high horse in thinking Big Brother is just about winning competitions because it’s not. The way Rachel played Porsche last night after the HOH comp…she definitely deserves to win this game.

      • Sean

        Yeah, Jordan didn’t do anything. She basically sat there like a lump! Porsche has won more competitions than Rachel did this year and has a much better social game play. This game is more than about competitions and Jordan out of every one should know that since she was the accidental winner her year.

      • frankI

        Please. All Porsche did this season was a) figure out Jordo’s bff Shelly was a snake and a liar week’s before J/J figured it out; b) win a veto and evict Jeff; c) win a second veto and evict Jordon. Porsche also won an HOH, but it was nullified by production because they wanted to help Jordan stay in the game without Jordan having to put forth any effort at all.

        Jordan acted like a lazy entitled bitch the whole season. If anyone didn’t deserve to be there, it was her, not Porsche.

      • Chris

        Just because Porsche didn’t suck up to Jeff and Jordan doesn’t mean that she played a bad social game. She had her alliance and she stuck by it. I’ve been rooting for her since Shelly got eliminated. I think Jordan is adorabble……and Jeff is a handsome guy…..but she’s no smarter than a bag of rocks and Jeff has really shown his true colors ever since he was eliminated from the house. I HATED Shelly…….she was Jeff and Jordans spy and was going to usher them into the final two…..no question. When she flipped she gained my respect and her reasoning was sound. Unlike Adam that has flipped everytime there’s a new HOH, He’s by far the worst player BB has ever seen. But back to my point, Porsche chose a side with Danni and stuck by it to the end…..she’s won challenges when she needed to and pulled herself off the block. Her biggest mistake was going after the 5k when she opened Pandora’s Box…..but at least she made a play……Jordan has done nothing! If I had to rank players this season from top to bottom I would rank them:
        Danni (I don’t even like her……but her dd was wrong about her….she’s more savvy than he gave her credit).
        Adam (I don’t care that he’s in the final 3…..he’s a horrible player that has ZERO chance at the 500k.

      • HOH

        @melissa umm I think anyone looks like a “great” social player compared to Rachel. Jordo was not that great at anything, except riding coattails – oh and losing competitions. She and Jeff were so full of themselves.

    • Cal

      Jordan was one of, if not the main reason why Kalia and Shelly flipped to the vets week 1. Huge turning point in the game.

      How about forming that bond with Kalia that was so strong that Kalia didnt want to put her up and instead put up Lawon and imploded her HOH and paved the way for Brendon to come back in.

      How about locking Adam into the f3 deal with her and Rachel, even though Adam hadnt trusted Rachel the entire season?
      the entire season?

    • Melissa

      Jeff and Jordan are gone and Porsche continues to bash them…how does that work for your scenario Mattie…Hmmmmm…not so well does it. Porsche is clueless as to what has gone on all season!

      • sara

        you mean like Jeff and Jordan continued to bash Dani after she left?? Like that?

      • AB

        Oh snap.

      • sdm

        Thank you, thank you, thank you Chris. My thoughts exactly.. The Jeff/Jordan fans are so vapid. I watched the feeds, just not through rose colored lenses. JJ seemed to be of the opinion that no one else dared to play the game for themselves. That money was THEIRS.

      • sue guardia

        Porchse did nothing but sleep and eat all season….yeah she won a few things finally!!!! but she’s gross and lazy and has fat jggling from her belly……yuck…Jordan might not win alot but her heart is pure and she has strenghts in other areas

  • Carol

    Would love to see more of Jeff and Jordo!!!! They’ve just got that “spark”… Love, love love them!

    • HOH

      Eww Carol, go to sleep.

      • SS

        hahahaha!! “Go to SLEEEEP!” – Bethenny Frankel, RHONY season 3.

  • Carol

    I would love to see more of Jeff and Jordan! Just something about the two of them together…. there’s just a spark! And when they look at each other, you can see the real in both of them.. Love love love them!!!

    • ger

      That special mix of complete stupidity and over the top anger.

      • sdm

        lol ger. You nailed it.

      • anonymous

        LOL !

  • Maya

    Omg I Loveeee Jordan! I was so rooting for her too make it to final 2. Only if she had won the Hoh she would have been safe. She only missed it by one question DAMN! I will vote for her for AC because jeff got money all ready. And Yes they need there own show. Hear That CBS!

  • Marissa

    Ugh, Jordan The Martyr. Please. So glad she’s gone.

    • Sean

      THIS! She is in an emotionally abusive relationship like Rachel is…that’s why they got along.

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