Dr. House rocking the orange jumpsuit -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO


With Dr. House starting off season 8 in prison, Fox’s new key art for the show has Hugh Laurie rockin’ the orange jumpsuit while his fellow inmates get busy busting desert rocks. House returns to Monday nights starting Oct. 3. Here’s your first-look at Fox’s latest art:

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  • Booyah

    Nice artwork, but the show will need some rejuvenation to keep me watching this season.

    • @Booyah

      I agree. I looked at this poster and I felt – blah. The spoilers for this season have made me feel that way too. House just doesn’t amuse me anymore, I guess. It had a good run though.

      • Cassandra

        Absolutely. I just feel like there’s really no more intrigue. House is done.

      • Victor

        House will never die… best tv show ever

      • house M.D

        good thing thats just your opinion. cause house is amusing making fun of people and doing drugs. doesnt get any better then that!

      • Liz

        That’s what Huddy did to me. Now it’s over and I cannot wait to see the show again :D

      • @house M.D.

        It can get better. His making fun of people will probably get him shanked. :) lol

      • nate

        Your guys are such downers! Live a little! Jeez! :)

      • prodigal

        Obviously everything here is someone’s opinion. Personally, I don’t think doing drugs is awesome and, honestly, House isn’t what he used to be. He used to be more layered and better written. He used to have some good in him. In the finale he finally became a total degenerate–violent, cruel and showed no remorse. This conversation reminds me of one I got into last week with a good friend who feels the show has grown uninteresting. Something reminded us of the finale and we were discussing whether House was a psychopath or a sociopath by the end. Both show the lack of remorse, no feelings for others, etc., that House showed in the finale, but sociopaths don’t have the strength, the self-control, that psychopaths do. House went off uncontrollably on Cuddy just because he saw her touch another man’s arm. We decided on sociopath. That beach scene with him smiling calmly, freely at the end truly was the end of my rooting for that character.

      • Cheery

        @Prodigal, very interesting points and ITA with your assessment. Though, I’ll add, House is definitely a sociopath because psychopaths have the ability to mimic normal human behavior/feign emotions etc while sociopaths don’t hide their irritability, callousness etc. House is not “sophisticated” (for lack of a better word) enough to be a psychopath.
        Sociopath it is.

      • @Cheery

        House has poor impulse control, is massively self-absorbed, he treats his patients like lab rats and his fellows the same, he is extremely manipulative and constantly cons people for his amusement with a complete disregard for anyone’s feelings, his emotions are almost purely negative-anger, hate, is self-entitled, has no problem lying and does so consistently, has a constant need for stimulation, is coldly callous and has a total lack of empathy, he’s irresponsible and unreliable, exploitative with everyone, authoritarian, extremely narcissistic, he has no problem doing whatever it takes to achieve his goals, even forcing patients to do stuff and violating their patient and personal rights (and sometimes rights not even related to their illness) that he wants them to do because he believes he is almost always right. He has a history of losing jobs and being expelled from many schools, drug problems, and many times fails to consider how his actions could harm himself or other people. The no remorse beach scene after his violent burst of outrage last season is just more thing in common with the sociopath. People celebrating this character remind me of those people who are fans of serial killers. Some people will glorify anything.

      • Lisa

        This is @Prodigal and Cheery. I’d just like to point out, that the term Psychopath is no longer a clinically or medically recognized term. People are no longer classified or diagnosed as “Psycopaths.” Additionally, a Sociopath is actually a well functioning, normally well adjusted person. A Sociopath knows right from wrong, they just choose to ignore those social norms. Lastly, Sociopaths have great control of their emotions, and are normally quite intelligent citizens who do a great job of maintaining “real” lives.

      • Serman

        I feel the same: bored. I guess i´ll watch because it´s the last season. But the lack of brilliant ideas and the lack of Cuddy is def a turn off.

      • dereck

        hahahahahahahahahha ur funny cas

    • filmmaker

      I agree. Fantastic writing will give House one more season but that’s all. To make it a great season they need to attack and destabilize practically every single character and relationship. Then give House the disease equivalent of Moriarty that will require him to make the ultimate sacrifice to solve.

      • Nancy

        I think all that would take at least 2 seasons. :)

      • Sam

        “Fantastic writing”


        Surely you jest…

      • The Hypnotoad

        The old grey mare she ain’t what she used to be.

    • Terra Silvasy

      I couldn’t agree more. I was barely able to stick with House through season 7, and now with no Cuddy I just don’t see the point. You can only get rid of so many characters before it is no longer the same show. It had a good run, but I hope this is the last season, for the sake of the show. Better off to quit while you aren’t that far behind rather than go down in flames.

      • Joan

        Some of the best and longest running shows have had multiple character changes. MASH is a great example. The same characters get tiring on a long running show – even a hit show. New characters mean new story lines.

      • EV

        The novelty that was House ended after season 3. I could look the other way when shown all the impossibilities, e.g., a self-medicated doctor who had been in a mental institution treating patients. In the real world, he would never be a doctor. But now, the show has really jumped the shark: attempted murder. It is over.

      • Patsy Crock

        I love the show.Can’t wait to see his next series.

    • Dylan

      So crashing into Cuddy’s house and then running away to a tropical island after finding out that he’ll have to kill 13 someday, and then getting arrested wasn’t enough? :P

    • This show

      Just really needs to stop.

  • Jill

    I love House!

    • Sammy

      I agree. Can’t wait.

    • isolde

      i have always loved House and continue watching re-runs, when our cable gets turned back on. sure beats watching all the other trash that is available in our area. Besides,he has a great sense of humor,and yes,he is a compassionate man:)

    • kelly

      This is by far the best show ever. You get to live in a world where anything is possible specially because in this complex life sometimes we need to stop and think that there is more than one way of living and start thinking outside the box. House is just that a human being tired of all the tabu and all the rules of a social society that in it all, still has not finish figuring out what works.

  • Jenna

    I kind of like the new direction of the show, but I wonder if every season will change the scenario. I hope Dr. Crankypants returns to Twinbrook soon.

    • Amanda

      Well considering this is the final season I would assume that no, every season will not change the scenario.

      • Chad

        Amanda, there is still no confirmation that this is the last season. That is simply a rumor that got started based on Laurie mentioning this was his last season under his current contract. There is nothing that says he won’t renew that contract. If this season turns out well, there’s no reason not to believe that Fox won’t negotiate a new contract or extend his current one.

  • Meh

    Kinda makes me think of “Ernest Goes to Jail”. Could be a bad sign.

  • Erika

    love it!! :D

  • Fan of House season 1-4

    I am a huge House fan, but I really expected so much more from season 7…here’s to wildly hoping that they bring some of the old zing back to the show I once loved. Love the poster though !

  • Dicazi

    Love House, love the artwork…….but where is there a desert in New Jersey?

  • Dani

    Good God Mr Laurie has long legs. I shall mostly be watching for his legs this season. If the writers are going to go shallow I’ll be the same…

  • HL

    amazing poster ..Hugh Laurie is so adorable heheh love his brown hair looks so modern hehe… It’s gonna be a great season hope writers ll do good job better than last season..Hugh Laurie is always great ,,One of the best actors on TV

    • Joan

      Yeah noticed in the spoiler video that’s circulating that he’s let the hair fill in more. Like it better that way.

  • Cheery

    Look at that, House is so “edgy” and “cool.” Can’t keep a violent offender down, and surely prison hi-jinks will ensue? It’ll be like Mayfield all over again!

  • jaded

    This poster is so blah..same ole same ole.. zzzzzz

    • stillHere?

      This post is so blah..same ole ..zzzzzz

      Lol, really jaded how many times you’re going to say you don’t like the show anymore and you’re not going to watch because your huddy/Cuddy is finally over?

      • jaded

        I am going to say it as many times as I want! and?? why do you care what I say? also if they did something interesting like a House’s bio dad story line I might be interested but this whole jail crap is boring and recycled..

  • Kayla

    He needs an ice drink in his hand, lol

  • shanlle

    That it so freakin funny he is in jail because he would practically love that he is jail it would keep him from doing bad or seeing stuff because everyone sees stuff their.

  • Alanna

    I don’t have particularly high expectations for this season. The show’s been going downhill the past few years, and I’m just kind of hoping that the changes in casting, etc. this year will help rejuvenate it enough that the show doesn’t limp over, or completely break down before, the (hopefully mercifully close) finish line.

  • Ken

    I think it’s time for House to go to Narcotics Anonymous that would be interesting.

    • steener

      Nothing could make the change the channel quicker. I guess they could make it fun, but as a person whos personally been to NA, the people in the meetings around me at least are the most judgemental boring people. It could be fun if house started fighting with the mean judgemental ones, or got a really tough sponsor

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