Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Timberlake, 'Boardwalk Empire' win Emmys


Image Credit: HBO

The Creative Arts Emmy Awards — you know, that other Emmy ceremony — handed out dozens of awards Saturday night in Los Angeles before the upcoming primetime ceremony, airing live on Fox Sept. 18.

The night’s biggest recipients were Gwyneth Paltrow, who won an Emmy for her guest starring role on Glee, as well as Justin Timberlake, who took a statue for his most recent hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. Deadliest Catch was the most sentimental winner: The reality show (which submitted Capt. Phil Harris’ final episode) won an award for outstanding non-competition reality show. It also won the gold in categories like best cinematography and picture editing.

Survivor‘s Jeff Probst took home another statue for best reality show host. The night’s other notable recipients included Loretta Devine (outstanding guest star, Grey’s Anatomy), Paul McCrane (oustanding guest star, Harry’s Law) American Masters (outstanding nonfiction series) and Futurama (outstanding animated program). And hey, The Walking Dead earned some gold for its great work with prosthetics.

Overall, HBO won the most awards with 15, followed by PBS (10) and Fox (9). Among shows, Boardwalk Empire took the most, followed by Deadliest Catch (4) and Gettysburg (4). The awards will air on Reelz Channel Saturday, Sept. 17.

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  • Kathy

    Justin Timberlake and Gwyneth Paltrow only won because they were the most hyped out of all the nominees. Either that or they want them to go to the Emmys

    • DMR

      Or Justin won because people really enjoy watching him on SNL and tends to get good reviews for doing so.

      • Captain

        And Gwyneth won because she was actually really good on Glee. Say what you will about Glee writing but they know how to cast.

      • Dave

        Justin is good on SNL, but Matt Damon should have won that award for his guest role on 30 Rock.
        And Jeremy Davies should have won Guest Actor in a a Drama for his role on Justified.

      • Tom

        Justin, but no Cat Deeley? :/

      • Job

        Glee also won for casting/comedy series

      • Eric


      • KC

        I really wish one of these investigative reporters would delve into the payola scandal that is the Emmys.

      • @Dave

        Agreed. Would’ve loved to see Jeremy Davis win, though I didn’t expect he had a real chance. My favorite of Matt Damon’s 30 Rock episodes was his first one, but he was still great, and as much as I like Justin Timberlake, SNL hosts shouldn’t be put in the same category as regular comedy guest stars.

        As for Gwyneth Paltrow, I think she deserves it. Her first episode was pretty much the only episode that I really liked from season 2. It’s not her fault that the writers pretty much ruined her character in subsequent episodes. She was funny, charming and has a good voice.

      • Tom

        Wow, these people can’t act worth a damn.

      • lilgtogirl

        Who the hell likes Justin Timberlake? Are you a 12 year old girl with no taste? He was not funny.

    • user

      i agree re Justin. Unfortunately Gwyneth was really the best in her category.

      SNL can’t be nominated in Best Comedy and i think SNL hosts shouldn’t be nominated in guest actor categories

      • kim in kentucky

        good point!

      • Tom

        They are both over-rated.

    • Nathan

      Ugh! They hand out Emmys like they were candy. Totally inconsequential and frivolous fluff. What a stupid waste.

      • UGH

        That’s just Hollywood shoving mediocrity down our throats.
        Really, an Emmy for hosting SNL?
        That sounds like de$peration on the acount of Timberlake’s management since his film career is not taking off like they thought.
        It shouldn’t take off. He’s a one-trick pony that somebody is dreaming up to be some sort of half-@$$ed “triple-threat”.

      • Retro

        Is it the hosting SNL you have a problem with? So you don’t think Betty White deserved her Emmy in the guest female a couple years ago for hosting SNL?

    • Sara

      Kathy, I agree with you.

    • mcfly

      Justin Timberlake deserves the emmy for his SNL appearances. He’s multi talented, seems game for anything and does comedy extremely well.

      • Buff


      • Amy

        I think he does a good job on SNL, and his episodes are definitely among the best, but hosting SNL is really different from being in an actual comedy series. I don’t think they should be in the same category.

      • Tom

        He should stick to comedy because his music sucks ___.

      • AltDave

        Yes, hosting SNL IS different than appearing in an actual comedy series. The show is broadcast LIVE (you know, the L in SNL) and there is only one chance to get it right. On a regular comedy show the actors have as many chances as they need to nail it. And Timberlake nails it every time!

    • Sandy

      I agree. I wouldn’t have chosen either one of them. And especially after that Paltrow made those snide remarks about the United States. Why didn’t she just stay over in England then? Who needs her?

  • ben

    I understand Justin winning. I’ve seen the others and while I enjoyed Damon, Lane, Arnett, and sperts of Galifianakis’, they weren’t as good as his. And Elba’s performance wasn’t even comedic or memorable.

  • Peter

    Boardwalk Empire is quite arguably one of the best dramas on tv.

    • Voodoo

      I hope it wins best drama next week.

  • Alex

    Go Gwyneth! Very much deserved I think.

    • Tom

      She hasn’t done anything good in almost a decade.

  • David

    The awards were NOT aired on the Reelz Channel as reported. A consolidated version of the show will be shown on Reelz next Saturday.

    • Steph

      it says sept 17, next week

  • Grace

    GRRR!! I was rooting for Cat Deeley!

    • BJohnson

      She was totally robbed!

      • Jeri

        ROBBED, I tell ya!

      • kat

        Amen to that!

    • Nancy

      There’s not a host more genuine!

      • Captain

        I dont watch SYTYCD so I can’t speak for that but there’s not a host that immerses himself more in the show than Jeff Probst. He does everything and you can tell he genuinely loves the show.

      • Lola

        I agree! You can tell that she really cares for the contestants. She keeps the show rolling along smoothly and handles whatever is thrown at her with humor and grace. Definitely robbed!!!

      • Zee


      • Annia

        You forgot Phil Kheogan. Now, THAT a really good host. No putting on airs, no pretense. Just really good all around. I also adore Cat Deely. She’s awesome!

    • Tglily

      Cat was totally robbed. She hosts live, while Probst has the benefit of editing. It’s in no way a fair competition.

      • John R,

        If ability to host Live is your criteria, nobody is better on their feet than Bergeron.

      • Bull

        No, Probst just actually uproots his life and LIVES Survivor for the entire time the game is going on.

    • dancerindc

      Completely robbed. Jeff Probst is so last decade. Get real, Emmy voters.

      • Tom

        I know, what a bunch of B S

    • Daryl

      Cat should have won. Seacrest and Probst are so smug and unlikeable….Deely really is charming and does a great job hosting SYTYD. The Emmys are a joke.

  • Matt

    AHHHHH Julia Stiles should’ve won!!!

    • Sara

      Julia Stiles doesn’t deserve any award. She’s a terrible actress!

      • ML

        Did you evern see her in Dexter? She was fantastic!

      • Sara

        Julia Stiles ruined “Dexter”! She’s awful!

      • bruno

        RUINED that season of dexter. agreed.

      • Angela

        I don’t watch Dexter, but I like her a lot in the Bourne movies. I’m not going to say anything her in Dexter, though from what I’ve heard, it seems like there were other things that didn’t click with this past season either.

      • Tom

        Dexter was ruined because of her

  • Woot

    So glad Futurama won the emmy for animation. The episode they submitted was a really great episode. So glad they decided to bring the show back.

    • Marshall1

      Futurama is the best animated series on TV right now! So happy for them…

  • RIley

    Deadliest Catch deserved the wins. They did an honest, touching job covering Captain Phil’s death. There is such mutual respect between the men being portrayed and the crew portraying them. Well deserved – a great testament to the potential of reality television.

  • ChaCha

    Why can’t the categories for actors in special guest star roles and the reality shows be mashed up with the regular Emmys, and those borrrring behind-the-scenes categories that we have to sit thru on the big Emmy broadcast be mashed up with the other boring behind-the-scenes categories from tonight? Viewers want to see stars during the big broadcast, not someone they’ve never heard of thanking his agent and telling his kids to go to bed. Is it just me, or do others feel this way too?

    • daisy

      nah its not just you. I never understood it either

    • Amy

      Actually, the only behind-the-scenes categories they present at the actual ceremony are the writing ones, which, as an aspiring writer, I think deserve to be presented on live TV. I actually think it’s weird that they don’t televise Best Director, which is considered one of the most important categories at the Oscars. And, even though the general public mostly cares about stars, the awards aren’t just for them; the people behind-the-scenes deserve recognition as well. But I would kind of like to see the guest star categories presented during the main ceremony.

  • Esther

    The Cleveland Show should have won for best animated show. The Christmas episode with Carl Reiner was a classic example of excellent writing!

  • Richard

    giving paltrow an emmy was ridiculous. she damaged a once decent show. it just shows how rigged the emmys are. its about who you know and your hollywood connections…that trumps quality and fairness every time.

    • Dave

      She didn’t damage the show. Ryan Murphy did.

      • ann p

        i agree. murphy ruined a cute show about outsiders by turning it into a venue to try and relive his life as a teen. anyone who doesnt think the kurt character is the person ryan murphy wishes he had been, doesnt get why the show sucks now.

      • Morrie

        @Dave & anna p: No, bad writing & guest stars ruined Glee. Ryan Murphy isn’t the only writer on this show. Brad and Ian also wrote some stinkers. Also, Kurt was sent away to Dalton for a good part of the season & the show still sucked when he wasn’t there. They need to stop with the cheating storylines and Sue trying to destory Glee. But guess what? We’re getting more of the same next season. *sigh*

      • Amy

        I agree. Her first episode was actually one of my favorites of the second season (granted, that’s not saying much, but still). It’s not her fault they ruined her character and story.

      • Tom

        Murphy ruined that too!

    • Liv

      Paltrow always seems so wooden in every role. She always seems to be straining to “act”. It’s painful watching her.

      • ann p

        i dunno..i think her holly holliday character suits her very well. she deserved an emmy for it imo, at least she can passably sing pop music too, leighton meester made gwyneth look like a bad karaoke singer in country strong

      • Honuka

        Painful is right. I saw her singing Do You Wanna Touch Me and it was awful. Glee is just like Fame- seemed OK at the time but will age badly and look so dated.

      • Chelsea

        She was great in the first “Forget You” episode, everything after that was overkill.

      • @Chelsea

        Agree. I blame the writers more than her, though, which I guess goes for the show as a whole. They have some really talented cast members, but the writing is just awful and, perhaps worse, lazy now.

      • Tom

        Paltrow is overrated.

    • Sara

      Richard, I totally agree with you. Most awards are rigged.

  • tom

    i agree

  • Peg

    Why do they show Steve Buscemi when he is not even mentioned in the article?

    • Flyer

      The photo with Buscemi is a scene from “Boardwalk Empire,” which, as the article mentions, won several Emmys.

  • Mark

    Loretta Devine is so so very deserving of this accolade. She has been at it in this business for years without any real deserved recognition. I am so happy to see this very talented actress finally getting it. That said, I am OVER Justin Timberf**k winning and no Cat Deeley???!!! Really???

    • jen

      I am also happy for the underrated Ms. Devine. She has a wonderful gift for comedy & drama- without drawing too much attention to herself ( that is a rarity ) . Loretta is always a joy to watch, plus I have never seen her give a bad performance.

      P.S. Proof of her incredible skills, she even made her scenes highly entertaining in the atrocious , ” Urban Legend ” .

      • Deiko

        I’m really happy for Loretta Devine also. This shows me that the Emmys are recognizing true talent. She continues to steal the show in anything she is in. I haven’t seen Paltrow in Glee, but I saw Timberlake’s SNL episode with Lady Gaga and personally it wasn’t a favorite The only skit that was funny was his digital short with Lady Gaga

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