'Entourage' team committed to doing a movie


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An Entourage movie seems even more inevitable now: The series finale on HBO Sunday featured an end-of-episode scene in which Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold is offered the chance to assume the chairmanship of a major Hollywood studio. Will Ari renege on the deal he made with his wife to spend a year Italy and, instead, return to the fast line?

That’s definitely a question that can be answered on the big screen, and the team behind the series indicated this summer that it’s their next priority. “We’re going to do a movie,” said creator Doug Ellin at the TV critics press tour. “We’re going to do it. It’s a question of when and how quick. We’ll sit down and come up with an idea.”

Exec producer Mark Wahlberg was also bullish on the prospect: “Well, I said if I had to finance myself, I’d do it. I certainly hope it has a chance to become a feature film,¬†everybody always says the episodes are too short. [Viewers] want to go on a journey. The Hangover to me is like Entourage.”

Agreed Jeremy Piven: “I think [the final season] is a gratifying way to finish, yet I also feel we could transition into a movie.”

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  • Jimmer


    • Luke Skywalker


      • jb


      • Juke Early

        kate3 — I think you’ll get better results here, if you include a phone number & home address. . ..

  • Brett

    Was “Entourage” ever as popular as “Sex and the City”? I realize “Entourage” is syndicated everywhere now, but does that mean it’s really got more than a cult audience? And more importantly – why do a feature film? There’s nothing about these rather one-dimensional characters that warrants more than 30 minute segments of time each week. Why create an hour and twenty minute movie about them?

    • Mike

      Not that I disagree, but when was the last movie you saw that was only an hour and twenty minutes? lol

    • Emgee

      One thing “Entourage” has over “SATC” though is, well, “Entourage” is actually GOOD. Which “SATC” never was.

      The boys of “Entourage were NEVER one dimensional. Each character was unique and while characters had their self-interests at heart, they also had the interest of all their friends at heart too. I can name several times for each character where they acted nearly 100% in the interest of one of the others. If that’s what you consider one dimensional, then you need an adjustment in your depth perception.

      Or you need to go back to watching SpongeBob.

      • @Emgee

        They were definitely one dimensional. Vince was barely even one dimensional except when they tried to make him an addict and then all of a sudden he wanted to get married. Both plot lines were severely under developed and literally came out of nowhere. What was the reasoning behind those plotlines? What in all the other episodes that preceded those plot lines pointed that either of these could actually happen (and please don’t point out that he smoked pot throughout and that lead to his coke habit…not plausbile)? Turtle was always Turtle, just being the guy who tried to make money on his own without Vince (although Vince always helped him anyways). That was it for Turtle. Drama was Drama. The loyal to his brother trying to salvage his career. I’ll give E and Ari as some semblance of depth.

    • Dan

      Only someone whose never seen Entourage would call the characters “One dimensional”.

  • Melissa in CA

    I wouldn’t pay to see an Entourage movie. I’ll wait a year for it to be on HBO.

  • Fran

    So many similarities to the series finale of Sex and the City… (Sorry) Everything from Mrs. Ari’s first name being revealed (Mr. Big!), the set-up for a coast-to-coast plot (Samantha) and everyone ending up happy. I’m all for happy though.. and very excited for a movie.

    • jay

      Actually her name was revealed a few episodes ago when Ari and Bobby Flay were going at it at the house. He said “I’ll handle this Melissa”

  • KC

    I’d much rather see The Wire on the big screen.

    • Tony

      I second that.

      • wino

        oh hellz no! as much as i love the wire, a movie wouldnt work. the best thing about that show is it allowed its storylines to flourish over the course of a season (heck, throughout the entire series!). But Entourage is silly and full of one note characters, which could translate well in a two hour movie.

  • Matt

    Because the fans of the series will come out to watch it. The whole idea of the show is lets us normal people live vicariously through them. One dimensional or not, Johnny Drama is one of my favorite characters from any TV show.

  • Paula Hatton

    Unfortunately none of them are movie stars so they will have to recast Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle if they want to maximise box office gross.
    This is a problem that the Star Trek films had except for the last one because they kept using television actors in movies.
    Jeremy Piven can remain but they should cast four of the following rising, hip young actors as Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle:
    Shia LaBeouf, Anton Yelchin, Zac Efron, Michael Cera

    • Fran

      There’s NO way Ellin and Wahlberg will make the Entourage movie without the original cast!

      • JeremyB

        I totally agree with you Fran and they should not even try.

    • Mike

      Yeah, considering the Star Trek Franchise has had 12 films in all, that’s not really a solid argument. lol Yes the latter movies weren’t successful enough to continue with that cast. But the last Star Trek movie was a BIGGER BUDGET REVISIONING. But that doesn’t mean the original Star Trek movies weren’t profitable. I can’t imagine making an entourage movie would be very expensive to produce, therefore even if it doesn’t make HUGE numbers at the box office, it could still be profitable.

      • Moshe

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    • Damian

      Because Chris Pine was a household name before the Star Trek movie and yeah, that what’s his name who played Capt Kirk on tv and movies for 40 years, thank god they got rid of that no name.

      Your opinions and thoughts make no sense. Keep em to yourself.

    • joecamel

      Star Trek III had, at the time, the biggest opening weekend in cinema history.

    • chris

      Seriously? You’re kidding, right? Re-cast the Entourage ensemble?

    • gavin

      Paula, do you not realize the main character of the show, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is a movie star. He has been on the big screen many times and even starred in a smash hit. He easily has a big enough name to draw in outsiders. Also, Johnny Drama (kevin dillion) has had his fair shair of roles, and is quite a big name. Not to mention the blonde girl vince marries has been in movies.

      Oh dont forget about the seemingly endless cast of giant stars that have had cameos on the show that would gladly do a cameo for a movie.

      • Sandhya

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    • Holly

      Adrian Grenier – 23 films including Hart’s War and The Devil Wears Prada, Kevin Connolly – 18 films including The Notebook and He’s Just Not That Into You, Jeremy Piven – 45 films including Smokin Aces and Black Hawk Down, Kevin Dillon – 22 films including Platoon and Poseidon, Jerry Ferrara – 6 films including Eagle Eye and Seven Days In Utopia. Now I don’t know about anyone else but I’d certainly say that makes them ‘movie stars’.

    • HMiller

      Paula H – You’re joking, right?

    • moh

      you’ve obviously never even actually watched the show. it would be ruined without the original cast!

    • Eric Sutton

      really? maybe that is why you don’t cast

    • Zach

      This girl is higher than Vince in season 7. I know films are all about the money anymore, but I don’t think anyone involved in making this film would expect anyone to attend but die hard Entourage fans and possibly their dates. What would you gain by changing the cast? You would be losing all of the potential customers you already have that can relate to the original cast and gaining a few star struck teenagers who know absolutely nothing about the show.

  • Billy

    I think it is a great idea. The episodes were always fun and a movie would be a great transition. I think there is a lot of story to tell with the gang.

  • JeremyB

    I for one would love to see an Entourage feature film. I am a huge fan of the show and I would definitely go see it if it indeed went to movie theatres. I do have an idea though, make the movie and do not put it in movie theatres. Instead do a made for HBO movie. Just a thought….

  • Nikola

    Comparing entourage with sex and city is just crazy. And changing the cast is also crazy, because of them I like the show.
    Go and make as much movies as you want!

  • MikeJ

    The cast is awesome (I happened to love poor Turtle)and the storyline was always a journey that allowed some voyeur-like fun. I say … MOVIE come forth my ticket awaits and so does my popcorn!

  • chris


  • Bob

    Yeah, HBO will produce an Entourage movie right after they wrap filming on The Sopranos movie.

    • Bob

      Oh, that’s right, they have to finish the Deadwood movie before they can shoot The Sopranos. THEN they can start on Entourage. I won’t hold my breath.

    • Mike

      For the record, if David Chase was willing to do a Sopranos movie, I think HBO would make that happen ASAP. But Chase thinks the show speaks for itself and it’s over. I’d tend to agree with him, but I’d be right in line for a movie if it happened! As for Deadwood, yeah I have no idea what happened there. Everyone seemed to want to do it and then it just didn’t happen. Now, the cast is too busy doing everything under the sun.

      • Juke Early

        Yeah — that DEADWOOD movie. AND Rome too… I want them. Now.

  • kevin

    *fart noise*

  • Jay

    Entourage movie FTW

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