'Kate Plus 8' series finale sneak peek -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It is an end of an era, indeed. After seven years, Kate Plus 8, formerly called Jon & Kate Plus 8, finally signs off with its series finale tonight. Last month, TLC announced the cancellation of the series, which stars Kate Gosselin and her eight children with ex-husband Jon Gosselin, with this statement: “TLC has decided not to renew another season of Kate Plus 8. By the end of this season Kate Plus 8 will have hit the 150 episode mark (including Jon & Kate Plus 8); an exceptional milestone. TLC hopes to check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future.”

The show concludes its run by looking back at some of the family’s favorite memories from birthday parties to family outings. Kate also discusses her very public divorce. “You can say the show did it, which I’ll always say it didn’t. I mean, all the signs were always there. If you turned on a camera and caught it, great. If not, it would have happened anyway.”

The series finale airs tonight on TLC at 9 p.m. Will you be watching? Are you sad to see the show go? Or do you think its exit is long overdue? Sound off in the comments.

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  • yay!

    It’s over!!! Maybe now she’ll finally go away! Good riddance.

    • cindy

      thank goodness it’s over. now please go away kate. the 13 people you call your devastated fans will just go be crazy with some other tabloid fodder. they will be ok.

  • ICK


  • Kate Gosselin

    How will I ever afford my manicures, pedicures, tanning-bed sessions, fitness-trainers, teeth-whitenings, breast-inhancements, hair-extensions, high-dollar fashions, body-guards, and extravagant vacations?

    • Jon Gosselin

      You know I can’t pay for all that, my career is so over too!

      • Linda

        Why don’t you go back with Kate and raise your family as you should have done from the beginning. Kate is a great mother trying to survive. Both have done and said things. Forgive each other and go back home with those beautiful kids Who need you. You loved each other once, you can fo it again.

    • Maddie Gosselin

      And how will you pay for the therapy that my 7 siblings and I will need from the years of terrible parenting and mental abuse we’ve endured?

      • Mady Gosselin

        how can you speak for me when you can’t even spell my name right?

        PS: Get a life

    • Cara Gosselin

      Mommy, can I go live with Daddy now?

      • Cara Gosselin

        Boo you loser

    • jennine

      Kate can go back to nursing. We work 3 12 hour shifts a week and 4 days off, not the 12 hour shift every day like she says. That will give her more time with her kids if she wants to be with them

      • Barb

        I feel for the kids. Kate has done a great job as a single mom with 8 kids. She works hard and wants what is best for the kids. I am one of the 13 who hates to see them go.

  • jackson

    I feel so sorry for the poor kids. I mean any child who seems their family break up ( not to mention seeing it on national telivision ) is so sad to me. God bless them.

    • Stacie

      Those poor kids never had a chance. Even without the TV show, Mom and Dad had some issues.

    • Sherron Teal

      Better to come from a broken home than to live in one!!

  • The Gorn

    Kate Gosselin’s a national treasure. America will be diminished without her and her eight. She will be back once she and TLC find an appropriate reality tv show venue.

    • ICK

      The next reality show she will be in will be The Eight That Ate Kate because she will have run through all of her money on herself and the kids will morph into zombies.

      • Romero

        LOVE THIS.

  • Dee Jones

    I have no doubt she`ll be on another reality show, probably the next `Bachelorette`. She won`t be going back to her former 9 to 5 job, the fame has gone to her head.

    • ERNIE

      I wouldn’t mind seeing her in something more “adult”.
      She whipped herself into awesome shape and she should really show off that hot body in a swimsuit or soemthing. Just put the TV on mute.

      • UGH

        If it’s not already been done, she could be in a show called The MILF.

      • CPW

        MILF Island!!!

      • Lisa

        She didnt whip herself into shape. She got plastic surgery (and Jon got plugs) at TLC’s expense.

  • Eric

    I like how delusional she is in the new People that she has a huge fanbase that’s eager for her to return to television in some shape or form.
    Get a real job, you dumb broad!

  • Cara

    Why does TLC allow Kate to portray herself as the victim?! For every time Jon yelled at her there are probably 50 where she yelled at demeaning him in public. Ugh thank goodness this is over.

    • jj

      She may not be the “primary” victim, that would be the children, but she was and is the victim of a man who just couldn’t grow up. Jon’s Peter Pan complex, his need to be “free”, to find the youth he missed in his 20’s while he was “doing kids”, left Kate with 9 children and eventually with 8. Someone had to be the adult. She did what she had to do.
      I do not believe for one minute there is a single one of us out here that given the opportunity to do what she did (support her family by going on TV) wouldn’t snap it up in a heartbeat. She was offered a way to support her kids, support them well, and she took it.
      Yes, she’s bossy, yes she has a need to be in control, yes she can be bitchy, and sometimes downright mean, but so can any one of us. We all have our ‘days’.
      I admire her for making the best of a difficult situation. I wish her nothing but good things ahead.
      Go get em Kate!

      • Sally

        Oh please, Kate is only suffering from “victimitis”! She can get a job like the rest of us. She keeps saying this tv show was her job–it was her life and she $ucked it all out of TLC. PLEASE bring a show called “Jon Plus Eight”!

      • Sally

        After reading this comment over again, I think it was written by Kate herself!

      • Nicole

        I would hope nobody else would “snap it up” after seeing the mess Kate made of her life and her children’s psyches.

      • GOLDIE

        OMG…GMAB….Jon did not want kids so early in the marriage….but then he was blessed with two daughters..he was very happy to stop there..but no…mother hen Kate, who was older than he…saw an opportunity she had been planning for along time to have a litter and go on TV….She started out loving with two…by the time she got 8…she became a mean old hag unable to show her kids any true love… for the camera yeah…but really…her wanna be famous attitude got the best of her….she was controlling and talked and treated Jon like a child…and was a drill sargent to her kids! Talk about poor trash wanting to be famous. I stopped watching that show a long time ago…it should have been called KATE PLUS 8 ON HOLIDAY…because it rarely showed a mother at home taking care of raising her kids. If she really did what she needed to do, she would have scheduled her nursing career to be able to bring home money and raise her kids like a REAL MOTHER…then she could be proud….there is no way she can be proud of that show…no one cares anymore….get a real life and stay from in front of a CAMERA….PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Little comment

    Get ready to give Octomom a show TLC!

  • Mel


  • ayala

    Go away indeed! And take those Housewives shows and the Kardashians with you!

    • jj

      I agree with the Housewives (every single one of them, not a one of which is a genuine “housewife”) and the Kardashians. Good riddance.
      However I don’t think they or Kate are going to go away. They all have fans ( I don’t know why but even I am a fan of Kate), who will watch whatever they come up with next. Geesh we’re a sick society. *smile*

      • As LOL would say…

        “America loves crap!”

  • Miss M.

    Hopefully that shameless fame-hag will finally crawl back under her rock.

  • Peggy Anderson

    This woman is a narcisstic, self-centered witch on a broom. . It’s always been all about Kate. She has leveraged those children to meet her own needs: money, new house, new kitchen, fabulous trips, white teeth,body guard, flat belly. Contrast her with Michelle Duggar. Sweet, patient, loving, generous, giving. Can you say any of that about Kate? If she had not had all those kids she would not be on television. And shame on TLC. There was no “reality” about this show. All scripted, all rehearsed, all planned. Good riddance, and find a child shrink for those kids. You know they’re going to need one.

    • Sherron Teal

      YEAH the Duggars are a really good example of normalcy all right! Michelle Duggar acts like a Stepford wife with that permanent smile on her face. She is not a mother her oldest girls are raising these children not her!!!

      with a perfect smile on her

      • Pan

        I like her much more then jim bob…sorry but I don’t like him

      • casey

        Duggar should stop hav ing children. You know the older ones are taking care of the younger. How many will be enough for the Duggars, 20 and counting?

    • Witch

      HEY! Stop insulting us!

  • Barack Palin

    Hopefully the last scene will be Kate getting her tubes tied.

  • Denise

    I was hoping she would eventually learn not to whine and accept responsibility for her own actions, but after all these years I can see that will never happen. The kids have grown to beyond the adorable toddler ages, and need to get on with a ‘normal’ life. They have been blessed with all the traveling and experiences most kids never see. Kate needs to seek help, and get back to living the life non-celebrity.

    • Sue1

      Oh, you mean the “mediocre” life she says Jon wants then to have? I hope to God they get before it’s too late.

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