'True Blood': Rutina Wesley talks last night's shocking finale and the future of Tara


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True Blood fans are still reeling from last night’s epic and bloody season finale. SPOILER ALERT! We saw the returns of Grands (Lois Smith) and Rene (Michael Raymond-James), as well as possibly the resurrection of Russell (Denis O’Hare). But the most disturbing twists were Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) stabbing Jesus (Kevin Alejandro), and Tara (Rutina Wesley) getting shot in the head by Debbie Pelt (Britt Morgan). EW talked to Wesley about the finale and whether or not Tara survived the gunshot wound.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What did you think when you read the season finale script?
RUTINA WESLEY: Well I mean, I knew ahead of time that it was coming. It’s always a scary place as an actor to go there. I don’t know what their plans are for next season. I know that Alan has said there are “big plans,” but I don’t know what that really means, and things can always change. I’m not for sure, but I trust him completely. At the end of the day, it’s hard to see how I’m coming back, seeing as half of my head was just blown off. I don’t know. They may figure something out. I mean it’s True Blood. There’s always flashbacks. There’s phantasms. There’s all this crazy stuff. It’s very possible. But I’m excited either way. If it does all end, I’ve had the most amazing time of my life. It’s really great.

In your mind, is Tara dead?
Well I mean half my head is missing. I’m just gonna keep saying that. You know, it’s True Blood. I feel like anything is possible. If anything, it is the golden hour though. If she is able to be saved, it’s like she’s got 20 seconds. It’s not a lot of time. I’m curious to see what they’re going to do with all of it. I hope I’m back. But again half my head is missing [laughs].

Maybe Tara will just wear a lot of hats?
Yeah I mean yeah she can wear a lot of hats. Put some gauze on it. But people are going crazy! [Laughs]

It was crazy! Are people approaching you?
Well my phone has been blowing up. I talked to Nelsan and his phone was blowing up. He was like, “People are about to start a riot over you.” I think that’s so sweet to know that people out there are really upset and some people are like, “I’m not watching the show anymore!” I’m like, C’mon guys. But it’s not over. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings. I’m just gonna take it one day at a time. As I said, I haven’t seen any scripts from next season, but I know that I’m involved — I just don’t know in what way.

Are you signed on for a season 5?
Yeah. It’s out there that Alan has already said that he has big plans for Tara. But things change. I don’t know exactly what they have in store for me and how long that will be. It’s tricky. And if I did know, I’m just not going to say. [Laughs] But again — half the head is missing. The cool part is people are talking. And that’s the question is: Is she dead or is she not? Because people can survive head wounds. But we have people on the show that can make things happen — you know what I mean? I don’t know what’s going to happen the first episode of next season. I’m just as excited and curious you are. I hope it’s good. I hope I stick around for a while. That would be nice. [Laughs]

Was it emotional shooting that scene on the kitchen floor?
It was emotional. I think we all went out afterwards — me, Britt and Anna — just to sort of have a little celebration. But it was very very emotional. I don’t think there was a dry eye when we shot that scene. It’s very clear the relationship when Tara goes, “I would die for you.” Basically, I would take a bullet for you. That’s not necessarily a best friend — she’s like my sister. I think it was so amazing to see that. To see her walk in and go, “Oh, uh-uh.” That goes to show you how much love Tara has. Anna in that moment I think played it so beautifully, and it was hard for me because I was like, “Okay, play dead. Play dead.”

For more on True Blood‘s finale as well as a preview of what’s in store for season 5, pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday, Sept. 16.

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  • The Commentator

    So…what percentage of her head is missing?

    • renee

      I know , right? It did not look like half. I just saw a good curve of it was missing. Bill can rush in, blood transfusion and BAM, Vamire Tara.

      • Maggie

        Eric seems to need a new prodige as he threatened to kill his last one …

      • Just Jules

        I say no WAY Sookie let’s Eric form a bond with Tara, but while Bill goes and disposes of Debbie Pelt’s body, Eirc commands Pam to turn Tara (giving us great dreamgasms) and showing Pam what it is like to be responsible for progeny.. plus it will make Tara completely Bada$$ as a Vamp.. and it helps to heal Pam and Erics relationship. Then everytime Pam complains about Tara.. Eric reminds her of their early days (hence the focus on Pam/Eric history that AB talked about). :)

      • Bradley

        I would love to see a new Tara as a vampire! You can’t kill Tara, she’s the best character! She’s always hatin on vamps, I’d love to see her be one.

      • johnr3

        you cant kill tara really im gonna be so pissed if they kill her she was an original character and that would completely shut down the friendship of tara and sookie which is a major component of the show. hopefully they return her as a vampire i would absolutely love that.

      • lizarddd

        i hope sookie can heal her or something. shes a faerie i feel like she can do that, she can use powers in dire circumstances, right? o please tara dont die.

      • Ap

        You realize that she was talking hyperbole?

      • Renee

        It would definately be more interesting if Eric were to turn Tara (instead of Bill). They both can since when something is wrong with Sookie so I think they will arrive right away. But just imagine Pam and Tara’s personalities as Eric’s prodigee’s…that’s just good entertainment!

      • alexa

        That’s exactly what I was thinking.

      • Brian

        It’s protege, geniuses.

      • Erica

        Actually Brian, it’s protegee for a female ;)

      • MJ

        Actually, if you want to be specific, Pam is Eric’s progeny, not protege…

      • John

        I thought Tyra drank blood last season, so she will come back as a vampire

      • Stephanie

        I was thinking the same thing to Renee first comment…Lol but I told my friend that since sookie still doesnt know her true powers and what she is capable of maybe she will save her somehow. IDK…I just want Tara BACK…? But I know they have to have plans for her return…!

    • tim05

      tara’s the funniest character on the show… the show would be as good without her. but if they turned her into a vampire i would love that… lots of good plotlines with that.

      • Emilio

        I’m quite bored with Tara two seasons ago. Loved her in season one, had mixed feelings in season 2 but now i’m decided: I dislike her.

        Hmmm… How would she work as a vampire? I’d like to see how it would work.

      • Cassidy

        WRONG! Pam is the funniest character on the show. Especially when talking about Sookie’s fairy vagina.

      • Olive

        Yeah Pam’s hilarious. It would be hilarious if Pam turns Tara.

      • kate middleton

        Tara is the worst character on the show. I bet she will be back though – as a vamp. That might actually make her slightly interesting.

        Can’t wait for Russell to be back!

      • selina

        maybe eric will make pam turn tara as punishment for attempting to kill sookie with that launcher!

      • Aimee

        Wrong Bill is the worst character in the show. He acts like a stick is up his ass the whole time. Tara, Pam, Jessica, Eric, and Jason are my favorites =]
        ohh and alcede he is yummy lol the way he growled at Debbie was great!!!

    • Brenda

      I’d love to see Tara back, and as a vampire. That would be such an interesting twist. The vampire hater becoming a vampire. I just want Tara to stick around in any fashion and get back together with Sam and be there for Sookie and Lafayette. Viva Tara!

      • Ryan


        We actually have the vampire hater, turned vampire in Rev Newlin for next season. Granted he’s a villian, but still…..

      • Nik E

        Ryan-What if Newlin was dressed as a vamp for Halloween and not a real vampire?

      • G-MONEY

        U gotta keep tara around, she keeps everyone grounded whether it be vamps, humans,fairies,shifters,or werewolves…she keeps it real. I would love to c her as a vampire…let eric change her and she becomes his new robin…which ofcourse will cause conflict between him and pam whos been there for over 100yrs.

      • Lauri

        Ryan, you took the words right out of my mouth. I HOPE his story arc will be a short one. I didn’t like him when he was human, and making him a vamp would just intensify how annoying he is. Tara, on the other hand, her becoming a vamp would bring an incredibly intense dynamic to the show. After all, she’s been raped, fed on, imprisoned and tortured by a vamp. She would become more interesting for sure. Imagine what that would do to her, becoming the very thing that she fears and despises the most? I haven’t liked her since season 1, but if they make her a vamp it would definitely make me think again. And have Pam turn her. Holy Hell! Can you IMAGINE! The one vamp she still actively fears becoming her maker?

      • margerit

        no way

      • margerit

        i dont no that sond a little bit too happy

    • Strepsi

      Tara and Lafayette swore a lot less than usual — they’re the most foul-mouthed people on the show, let’s keep that, I love it!

      ALso will miss Jesus’ sweet face. Ghost boyfriend?

      • Daniel $%^%$^&#$

        sorry Louis CK) that do hurt and should never be used buyt F or S or MF – man when will people just let them go!!!

    • Dr. Chim Richalds

      Her head seemed more bloody than tore up to me, and even smaller head wounds bleed like a mofo. The scene wasn’t well lit, so they have leeway, I guess.

    • Rashad

      Part of me feels like Tara isn’t dead, but then again it is True Blood and that show takes NO PRISONERS.

  • nodnarb

    The return of “Grands”?! Please tell me that’s a typo and you don’t really think Sookie calls her grandmother Grands.

    • deedee

      if I ever read an article on this site without a typo/error, I will pass out

      • PK

        I completely agree. And what is up with the cross out editing. Talk about passive/aggressive behavior. Either type it or don’t type it. Don’t type it and then cross it out. Lame.

        As for Gran, it was good to see her back even if it was for a little bit.

    • Anya

      That was bugging me too. It’s GRAN, not Grands.

    • Some Guy

      Maybe one of those annoying biscuit commercials came on while the article was being written.

      • Just Jules

        LMAO.. I was thinking of those biscuits too.. too funny.

      • Tom

        Hmm-Hmm!!! (Doughboy noise)

    • Lauri

      I saw that and went “wtf? Grands are biscuits, for christ’s sake!”


    So if she is signed for Season 5 and Alan Ball has big plans for her that could mean she becomes a vampire. I cannot think of anything else that would be new and different from her screaming and whining all the time.

    • Fanta

      Yeah if you got raped and tortured by vampires you would not whine. sure.

      • Wolf Blitzer

        I’d beg for more, cuz I’m kinky like that.

      • Ryan


        Tara was whining and complaining about vamps before that happened.

    • FrankA

      I think it’s zombies next season. They hinted it a bit in the ep. “Didnt you know zombie is the new vampire?” I’m guessing we get zombie Tara with a big vengeance.

      • Brenda

        That’s a good point FrankA! I’d love to see a zombie Tara to.

      • DUH

        i think that line was a playful wink at Walking Dead, when the media kept saying “zombies are the new vampires”

      • Nik E

        I thought about the zombie thing too!

      • joehandy

        I heard Demons. That would be WAY cooler than zombies, they’ve been SO overdone already.

  • E-Hustle

    I hope she is dead. I love the show, but always found her to be one of those most annoying as well as most unattractive. Now the shifter Merlott is dating w/ the daughter is the hottest chick the show has ever had by far! Jessica would have to come in 2nd place IMO.

    • Melissa in CA

      I completely agree! Well, about being annoying anyway. I actually cheered in my living room when half of her head was blown off. I respect Rutina Wesley for playing Tara so well that I hated her, but I really hope Tara is and stays DEAD.

      • cm

        Well said. I hate Tara, but don’t hate Rutina Wesley. However, I don’t think we’ll get so lucky with Tara staying gone.

      • Jen TX

        I completely DISagree. taras one of the best characters and the show would definitely not be as good without her. they just need to make her a vampire. that would be terrific.

      • Lo

        I completely disagree. Tara adds a much-needed dose of genuine human reaction to all of the craziness, and this season she’s been a survivor and ended the season on a high not (letting go of her anger toward vampires, saving sookie’s life, fighting back against Marnie w/Holly after realizing that she went too far down the anger path). Plus, there’s really no reason for Laffayette to interact with the rest of the characters w/out Tara. She’s his connection to all of them. It’s not like he’s going to hang out with the vampires. He’s made it pretty clear that he hates Eric. Then there’s Pam’s hilarious obsession w/Tara, and that could go cool places.

    • QJ201

      It would be a great mind f*ck for Tara to become a vamp…and we have yet to see a character we know well be “made”

      • deedee

        she will be made by Pam

      • Patricia

        No, I think that Russell is already on his way to Sookie’s and he’ll “make” her — and then she’ll have to do whatever he says…

      • Robyn

        I think Russell will turn her. Rmember Tara killed Franklin…what better way to “get back at her” than to turn her.

      • sarah

        you forget, russell can’t get into sookie’s house. (on that note, jason is safe from vamp newlin as well).

        it seems obvious to me that bill and eric will feel sookie’s distress and haul ass to her place. if rutina wesley has been contracted for season 5, then vamp it is. if they try to pull healing her with v, it would be too much. burns, i can believe. chunks of missing skull healed… not so much.

      • Christine

        @Sarah. But isn’t the house technically Eric’s now. So an invitation won’t be necessary, right?

      • @Robyn

        While it would be interesting for Russell to turn her, Robyn, Franklin and Russell weren’t especially close, so I doubt he would care enough to turn her to “get back at her.” He was upset about Talbot dying, not Franklin.

      • Aimee

        Russel can go into sookies house because eric is an idiot and wont give her the house back and seems how it isnt owned by a human anyone can enter it.

    • Scobes

      I think Rutina is beautiful, so disagree with you there. But the writers never quite knew what to do with her.

      • Ryan

        She’s gorgeous.

      • olivertww

        drop dead. no pun intended. -_- but I love tara please dont kill her shes honestly like the best character. vampire or zombie or something please!

    • Roy

      I hate her SO much. I want her to be dead so so badly.

      I don’t think anybody predicted there to be high-fives all across America on the anniversary of Sept. 11th, but there were!

      • ALEXIS


      • @Alexis

        Lots of viewers hate Tara and are glad that they killed her off. Deal with it.

      • miss k

        No, that was kind of disrespectful.

      • ftp

        uh…there weren’t that many high fives, and true blood has nothing to do with 9/11. if not disrespectful, it certainly was tastelessly insensitive.

    • Melissa

      I love Tara! She was the cynical realism the story needed. I LOVED her friendship with Sookie. Girlfriends are an important thing in a woman’s life.

      • andreavif

        agreed. please stay tara please please

    • Cam

      I’ve nearly given up on this show BECAUSE of Tara. Her dying would be the best thing to happen to this show!

      • Ryan

        Tara has barely been in the show in Season 4.I doubt that is the reason.

      • Cam


        ANY Tara is too much. That said, last season was my breaking point.

      • mrs.rich

        I LOVE TARA, she make the show interesting. All girls need a good friend that is what wrong with the above idiot saying she should die, even if it is a show never wish harm to no one, so sad how people hide behind a computer and vent there own issues. And she is a wonderful actress, her family has been around awhile . acting is in her blood and believe me people will stop watching if they take her off. what u should do is sign off on the petition to get ride of the kutkashian klan those blood sucking GYPSIes.

    • ALEXIS


      • President Boo


      • Rick Perry

        I signed an executive order in Texas requiring black people to stop having more black people.

      • mrs.rich


    • ALEXIS

      YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!

      • Tom

        Did you just call yourself an idiot?

    • Sue

      I also think Rutina is beautiful and it isn’t really nice to put down the actress because you don’t like the character. I haven’t liked Tara since season 1 with her attitude, after that it was all down hill but it might be fun if Pam turns her. She would be a hilarious maker!

    • SMH

      @E-Hustle. What a loser! “I don’t like her cause she’s not pretty enough for me.” And you call yourself a hustle! SMH and LOL. How big of a douche bag can you be!! First of all she is gorgeous, absolutely stunning, and the best actress on the show. That shifter Sam is dating sucks big time and I hope they kill her off the same way they did her dead ex. Tara is coming back and I for one can’t wait. She’s awesome, strong, and definitely the most interesting character, next to Lafayette.

  • E-Hustle

    @nodnarb, you must not watch this show because that is exactly what she calls her grandmother. lol

    • Scobes

      What? She calls her Gran.

    • Riley

      No, he was right. she calls her Gran.. No “d” in there. That’s her name in the book.

  • Swtndl81

    She’s will be a vamp.

  • meathome473

    Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone,…..
    She has never brought anything to the table except whining and swearing. She has never been more than “person in the background” with a few F-bombs thrown in later.
    Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, Please let her stay dead and gone, ……………….

    • EL

      This x1000

      Worst. Character. Ever.

      • frailrer

        Taras the best. she just wasnt given good enough material. tara was the funniest in season one, they just need to start writing for her better. her storyline with eggs was boring but they can turn it around with a vamp storyline.

      • Fairy Godmother

        F–k Tara and her whiny vagina.

      • Angie

        EVER!!!!! agreed

    • ALEXIS


      • ej

        cap locks stuck much? ask questions much? shove it

    • Tom

      I know… I also have something I want to share with you guys. I met this hot vampire chick who dressed like red riding hood. She’s into doggy, missionary and her on top. Check it out at little red riding vamp . com

      • nacho mama

        Ugh, it’s just a fangbanger website. Go peddle your vamp porn elsewhere. Mmm, vamp porn…

    • Fridge

      I highly doubt she’s going to be dead and gone. She’s signed on for season 5 and AB said he has “big plans” for Tara. Not really sure how her dying at the end of season 4 would work into big plans for her character. Pretty sure she’ll either be saved by Bill or Eric, turned to a vamp, or somehow come back as a zombie. Who knows, maybe Tara will be a ghost and haunt Lafayette.

    • Blue123

      I love Tara…she is a great and most interesting character. She always brings more “ZING” to any scene she is in. I know Sookie will not let her die…and neither had Allan Ball.

  • nonabgo

    Tara is one of the most annoying characters on True Blood. She hasn’t really evolved since season 1 and what else can Alan Ball do with her? Make her the disciple of yet another villain? She’s immature, whiny and lacks basic common sense, I’ve wanted her dead since season 2 and Debbie shooting her was one of the few good moments of the finale.
    I want her gone already, she’s just wasting air time. If she somehow manages to survive having half her head blown off, then something is seriously wrong with this show. I love True Blood, but at the rate things are going lately, I’m afraid not even Alex Skargard’s gorgeousness will be able to save this show.

    • Joe

      She was supposed to have “evolved” over the year Sookie was missing – Left town, new identity, new sexuality, and worked out her rage issues to be a softer person (see: NOT going off on the guy harassing her & her GF making out in the alley). Unfortunately for the character (and the actress) as soon as they brought her back to Bon Temps, it was the same ol’ annoying Tara for the rest of the season :(

    • Suze

      The show was pretty bad this season. Tara being dead would be a *huge* step in the right direction. She was such a pointless, annoying character.
      Too bad she couldn’t be like the Tara from the books, seldom seen, never in the way of the plotlines and actually likeable.

      • Angie

        Yes I agree with removing her ! I think Alan did alright ! atleast hes sticking with the bones of the books! and YAY shes out of the way of annoying me anylonger

  • mm

    Oh, god, I hope she isn’t dead! Tara is one of my favorites!

    • ALEXIS


  • Bex

    Sookie calls her grandmother “Gran,” not “Grands.” Might want to fix that.

  • Alyssa

    Please, please, please save Tara! We love her.

  • Betty b

    I really hope Tara survives… I would love to see her as a vampire with the temper she has… Priceless

    • ej

      i was saying this all day..would be great!!

  • tma6469

    How bout Pam shows up at Sookie’s looking for Eric and she becomes Tara’s maker. I would LOVE to see that happen.

    • Mia

      I can really see this, because Pam’s been wanting revenge on Tara all season. Turning her into the thing she hates the most would be the ultimate revenge. And Tara becoming Pam’s progeny and devolping feelings for her maker would be amazing. The show already set all this up during Pam and Tara’s scenes together this season.

  • truebloodfanluve95

    They introduced us to the ideal of Zombies last night. So I could truly see her coming back as one.

    • Laura

      I think that was more a jab at The Walking Dead and zombie mania than an actual upcoming plot line. lol.

      • Flip

        She will be back as a zombie, mark my words.

  • Maria

    I think either Bill saves her or turns her. Still can’t decide wether I want her dead or alive

    • Fairy Vagina

      Every doorknob deserves a good turn.

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