'Glee' scoop: Time to add a new hottie?


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It’s not enough that Glee fans are dying to know how Ryan Murphy will incorporate the victor(s) from The Glee Project into the show this season. Now comes word that the uber-writer-producer wants to add another looker to the already attractive cast!

EW just got a peek at the latest casting call for the drama, which will return Sept. 20: “Young man 18 and over to play 17. He is extremely handsome. Must be an excellent singer. HUGE guest star, MAJOR recurring role.” Is Murphy about to top last season’s addition of Darren Criss? Stay tuned!

That’s not all: Looks like someone’s about to get a recruitment letter to play ball. (Hmm, wonder who THAT could be?) Murphy also wants a 30-something man to play Johnny, a “tall big dude who is an Ohio State football recruiter.” This, too, will be a major recurring role.

Glee already plans to introduce lots of new faces this year, including new parents for Mike Chang and a boyfriend for Mercedes. Don Most (Happy Days) and Valerie Mahaffey (United States of Tara) also signed on as Emma Pillsbury’s ma and pa.

What do you think of the latest additions?

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  • Swtndl81

    Finn is getting a football scholarship and they’re looking for a new hottie to replace him in the glee club.

    • jt

      Finn is probably going to get recruited to OSU but I think the hottie is for the rival glee club. They’ve already filled the quota for hotties in New Directions with Puck, Finn, Mike, and now Blaine who’s going to join too.

      • Daren

        The directors trailer is parked next to the commissary. Make sure wear something tight fitting, flattering to that wonderful acting ability, and travel wipes.

  • samantha

    this sucks. i want more storylines focused on kurt, blaine, santana, mercedes and brittany. NOT new people that i don’t care about. THINK about what you’re doing, RIB! ugh.

    • Elle

      I agree. There are too many new characters, and if this is the last season with Kurt, Blaine, Santana, etc I’d like to see it focused on them. Like, a lot.

    • Ryan

      MORE storylines for kurt? Cause an entire season about his whiny ass Mary Sue character wasn’t enough? His story ruined season 2, season 3 needs to be about other characters.

      • Emily

        Kurt is a wonderful character. Any faults in S2 are due to the other story lines not being as interesting and the other characters not being able to pop out. Kurt is still a side character and although he had a lot more screen time he still had just as about as much screen time as many of the secondary characters (I’m not talking about guest stars like Lauren or Karofsky).

      • matt

        Finally! Someone who also hated Kurt’s storyline. It did ruin season 2.

      • tina

        Kurt is a good character but last season was OVERKILL. They really need to tone it down a bit.

      • M

        Kurt is a good character, but RMurphy obviously had an agenda to jam the Kurt storylines at the expense of all others to make his statement… but enough is enough. I appreciate the pledge to focus on the other characters, let’s just see if he stay’s true to his word….

      • Daren

        It’s good to the king!

    • LOL

      More Blaine? Are you serious? Did you miss the fact that for most of last season, he was on the screen and singing.

      I’d like more focus on the original characters, please. Not this Gary Stu cardboard cutout character.

      • Emily

        Blaine is one of the main cast members now so I’m hoping to see more of him too.

      • Rain

        Agreed. The less of Blaine the better if you ask me!

      • Ceece

        Blaine is a great addition to the cast, but hopefully they’ll focus more on a storyline and less on a “let me sing and dance for the camera”. We know he can sing. But we know nothing about HIM.

  • Brad

    Glee is beginig it’s third season, EW not fourth.

  • LC

    I thought they were gonna focus on the main characters this season. Glee, you can’t be True Blood and have 10 different storylines at the same time. God knows sometimes even they can’t manage that very well, and they’ve got 50-55 minutes. Glee has more episodes, but I personally don’t like it when they shift the focus between plots too much from one episode to the next.

  • Brittany

    Cue Joey Richter and Joe Walker on Glee

    • how about no

      um how about no? i love darren but wouldn’t that be a little much?

      • Brittany

        It might be but its exactly what Ryan Murphy would do. Go for the fangirls.

        Either that or he is going to get like Taylor Lautner or Zefron or something, just to show everyone up.

    • kate

      Maybe it was the mention of Darren Criss that did it but my first thought was either Joey Richter or Joe Walker as well.

      • Jane D’oh

        I’d love one of the Brians, too, though maybe I’m a bit biased (because they’re my favourite <3)

  • LC

    What’s up with all these new characters? I hope they don’t play big roles. I’d actually like to see the main cast members and characters before they all leave.

  • WTF

    They had a perfectly good “hottie” in Sam/Chord and they let him go.

    I know they have to line up replacements for the students graduating at the end of the season but this is taking the pee.

    So much for the show being about misfits and underdogs especially as they are also cutting back on Ashley’s part which just sends a message that if you aren’t conventionally attractive then you aren’t worth keeping.

    • Emily

      Chord left of his own will. They wanted him back, even if it wasn’t as a full-time member of the cast.

      • WTF

        I know that – it’s why I said “let him go” not axed him! Can’t help thinking that if they were really keen to have him back for S3 that they would have offered him a better deal.

    • Ceece

      I think the right term is he quit. You can’t force someone to stay on a show if they don’t want to. He wanted to pursue his own musical career.

  • Jamie

    Looks like the Murphy and co. did not learn their lesson from season 2. There are already too many people on the show, why, for heaven’s sake, are they adding more? The story lines will suffer once again. The only good addition was Darren Criss was Coach Beiste.

  • Rebecca

    So much for the whole ‘we’re gonna focus on our core cast’ thing…. Good thing I decided to quit watching this season. Looks like w/ all these new characters they have to introduce & the fact that they got rid of Sam, I won’t be seeing any of my fave characters much anyway. Nice knowing you for the one good season you had Glee. (Season 1)

  • Josh

    So we have at least six recurring characters coming in, plus this guy and a HUGE cast. I just feel it’s too much. I thought they were finally going to focus on the kids and Shue again, not just Kurt, Blaine and the other dude(with appearances by Fink or w.e her name is).

  • Woot

    I think it’s strange that the casting call is looking for actors 18 and up to play 17… is there something wrong with a 17 year old playing 17?

    • Evelyn

      Shooting can go on for a long time, even sixteen hours of the day. Actors under 18 aren’t legally allowed to work for that long.

  • tracy

    they already have, like, eight extremely handsome excellent singers. can’t we just see more of them?

  • cody

    How do you apply?

  • shawn

    maybe the new young singer is lead of rival glee club at nationals and regionals

  • HT

    If they were going to need a character like this why not just hold onto Chord? He fits the description perfectly. I have no doubt he would have stayed if they’d offered him a decent deal. These people make no sense.

    • c

      my thoughts exactly, I was irritated that he was not even mentioned in the article, but EW is always so much in a hurry to kiss the feet of Darren Criss, and they always seemed to have a bias against Chord in their coverage!

    • dj

      It sounds to me less like they’re looking for a new glee club member, and more like a rival glee club member, someone who will distract the girls or something. Just to carry part of a plotline.

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