'True Blood' scoop: Who's coming to Bon Temps in season 5?

Since the citizens of Bon Temps dropped like flies (RIP Jesus, Marnie, Nan, and possibly Tara) on True Blood‘s surprising finale, season 5 will introduce fresh meat and showcase some familiar faces. “There will be a very significant, strong, mysterious woman at the center of one of our main stories next year,” says co-executive producer Raelle Tucker. “That will be a very familiar and compelling character. It may be someone you’ve heard of before.” We will also once again visit the fairy world touched upon at the beginning of season 4. Says Tucker, “Season 5 will explore more fairies, new fairies, fairies in a way you haven’t really seen fairies. We will all, as well as Sookie, come to understand fairies more than in previous seasons.”

Scott Foley’s Patrick, who we met in the finale, will bring trouble to Terry (Todd Lowe) and Arlene (Carrie Preston). Says Tucker, “His arc has to do with Terry’s past coming back to haunt Bon Temps and Arlene and their life they’re trying to set up together.” The identity of the wolf seen growling at Sam (Sam Trammell) in the final moments will be revealed — and, according to Tucker, is “someone you have never met before.” Tucker, who wrote the season finale, won’t confirm, though, if said werewolf is Alcide’s (Joe Manganiello) father, Jackson, who is featured in book 5 of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels. The unearthed King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare), will be back. “Russell is not dead,” says Tucker. “It’s safe to assume the king of Mississippi is not gone for good.” Also look for former Fellowship of the Sun leader — and now vampire — Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian).  Teases Tucker, “I will say that Steve’s reason for returning to Jason is not at all what you expect.”

Then there’s Sookie, who blew off three supernatural hunks to be alone. Fans of Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Sookie’s romance will be sad to know that her independent streak will continue next year. “While there will always be romance in Sookie’s life, Sookie at the moment is choosing herself over all of them,” reveals Tucker. “I think that will continue to play into season 5.“ At least there’s the potential for a new bromance — or a Thelma & Louise-style fugitive friendship — between Eric and Bill (Stephen Moyer) now that they’ve killed Nan Flanagan (Jessica Tuck). Teases Tucker, “The consequences of their actions in the finale are going to chase them for a while next year.”

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  • tigger851

    BRING JESUS BACK!!!! He was really good and completed Lafayette!!

    • betsy

      i luv all the seasons i could not believe that about jesus and tara please bring both back some how. i do agree that jesus did complete lafayette, even if it is as a spirt. tara is a good friend and sister to sookie i do hope she is there in season 5 for a while i cant wait for the new season i count the days down. i am a fan i may not follow the actors but i do follow the show and what as been going on.

      • Martavius lake

        I agree i follow the heck out this show cant wait to next season Erics my favorite one on the show he has a swagger like no other vam he’s chill until he turns you into dinner lol . By all means plz hurry back with the next season nothing else gd is on lol

    • bfd

      Ok so I take it we’re not getting any Quinn/Weretiger action next season. Damn.

      • MLJ

        I agree… I was really hoping he would show up this next season!

      • Nikki

        I was hoping for Quinn, too :( I love the character but was unhappy with his development in the books. I was hoping the show would give him a better story line.

      • vayo

        I am still hoping that Quinn will appear on the series soon, he does on book 5 and I completely agree that in the series could be more than in the book, i sure can hear more from him

      • roy

        I think Quinn can still turn up, he may be at the very end of Season 5 though, and be more of a feature in S6 if that happens. Similar to the books (I hope).

    • Ben

      I’m kind of glad to see them go. I’m hoping that means more screen time for characters I like more, like Sam and Pam.

      • kristi

        I love Pam

      • kacy

        i, too, love pam. and i’m happy to see them go as well. mostly i liked that tommy is gone, as well as tara (hopefully).

    • Strepsi

      I’ll settle for some GHOST JESUS, Kevin Alejandro is a good actor and all kinds of adorable.

  • miss k

    Here’s hoping for a Bill and Eric bromance!

    • Erin

      Yes for the first time in ages I thought both Bill & Eric were quite awesome – when without Sookie. The end with them tearing apart Nan and her gay stormtroopers – great stuff. Whenever Sookie appears it’s like she drains the goodness from them and they become simpering wimpy idiots. They’re much better without her!

      • Lady Bean

        “We’re not F @* #ing puppy dogs!!!!!!!!!”
        True, as long as Sookie isn’t around.
        Though Eric still brings it in a fight regardless whether Sookie is present or not.

      • Amber

        I guess I interpreted their actions completely differently than you did. I sort of understood that they acted so violently because she threatened Sookie, so it didn’t seem to me like their actions were “without Sookie”. Technically, yes, she’d left them, but she was still the catalyst for their behavior.

      • hooch

        Totally agree! I loved the whole scene with the two of them teaming up together and acting like partners. I think Sookie makes both guys weaker characters — Eric more so than Bill. He got a lot less awesome when the romance with Sookie started.
        I like Alcide for Sookie — even in the books I always wanted them to hook up.

      • lame

        Why is Eric making fun of the ‘gay stormtroopers’ when he’s had gay experiences before? that was lame!

      • Lauri

        @Amber – You weren’t the only one. I also saw that they acted as they did to protect Sookie. Just because she left them both, doesn’t change the fact that they both love her. I think they kind of understood why she did what she did. I think fans forget that though Bill and Eric are vampires, they are still capable of very human emotions, the strongest of them being love. It was great to see Bill and Eric working together instead of against each other for a change, though Bill saying he liked Eric better when he was brain damaged was very funny!

    • Strepsi

      Here’s hoping to see Eric c*m on Bill’s chest. And if it wasn’t in the books, it should be.

      • AphroditeMF

        BAHAHAHA! That is the best comment I’ve read on a True Blood article ever.

      • Hunter40m

        Thats completely gross Strepsi lol

  • Matt W.

    Man just freakin put Sookie & Eric together. I really really liked this season until they made Sookie single again. I hate when they do that.

    • Flip

      Sookie belongs with BILL and only BILL.

      • tbloodfan

        Agree Sookie belongs with Bill!

      • pixie

        Honestly Bill and Sookie relationship was boring and it is yesterday news. Sookie and Eric have great chemistry, plus Eric is a million times more interesting and a much greater vampire than BIll. Sookie belongs to Eric!

      • Ikena

        I totally agree with you pixie.Bill and Sookie were so boring.But Eric and sookie are great!! I really want to see Eric and Sookie together

      • Rien

        Did anyone actually bother to read the books? She marries Eric.

      • kattykat246

        Thats true Rien….. but we all know how Alan Ball is up Bill’s a**. Therefore, I wouldn’t expect a Sookie/ Eric marriage in the show? It would be nice to see though?

      • To Rien

        NO!! Not all of us have read the damn books!!! If you’re gonna give info from the books at least please put up a Spoiler Alert!!! Some of us don’t want to know what to expect!! That being said I know that Alan Ball hasn’t completely followed the books so we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully that will be a long long way down the road because I wanna see this show last awhile.

      • JavyC89

        Umm.. In tho book series Sookie goes with Eric! I want that on the TV Show :P

      • Becky

        Whoever spoiled the Sookie marries Eric thing is obnoxious, but the good news is unspoiled viewers/readers should take comfort in it doesn’t mean at all what it may first sound like. It’s not the end of the story by a long shot, and how and why Sookie “marries” Eric (and “marries” is deliberately in quotation marks as it’s again not a romantic will-you-marry-me marriage or probably anything you’re likely to guess– let’s just say that Sookie is as surprised as anyone that she’s suddenly “married”). Charlaine Harris isn’t even finished with the series– there’s at least two books to come, and rest assured, Sookie’s ultimate romantic choice (between at least four people, including Bill and Eric) is still very much up for grabs.

      • iza

        i agree!.i love seein them together.:)

      • iza

        @ Flip i agree with you.sookie’s belong to bill..they’ve shared a great chemistry in the series.

      • bill sookie forever

        Bill and Sookie FOREVER!

      • sammy

        Anybody knmow when season 5 of true blood comes out? I keep finding June 2012 and i dont want to believe it. They kept us waiuting too long last time and im gonna freakin die if i have to wait almost a hole other year ! thanks (: **Sookie should so be with Alcide ** #JustSaying

      • irene

        it should be bill and only bill

      • cheless

        Bill betrayed Sookie, and in the books she ends up with Eric and feels nothing but pity for Bill in the end.

    • Eoren

      agree..eric with sookie!!

      • cryssy

        omg i so wld love me some eric hahahaha but yeah so agree wit the whole eric and sook thing and jess and jason too the make awsome couple like power house couple better the sun and moon couple but screw bill he is no good

    • Savannah

      I agree with Pixie, Eric and Sookie are way more exciting! Bill is an a-hole for lying to her, and kind of cheating when he went with his maker. Sookie keeps on going back to him, But she belongs with Eric! Sookie&Eric FOREVERRR!<33

  • winston1960

    I love love love Eric and I really liked him and Sookie together. The first half of the final show I thought was slow and I really wanted to see some action with the witch showdown that never happended, but the last part of the show was really jamed packed. I understand we need to have loose story ends, but I wish we would have seen more of the Jason werepanter story. I love Jason and Jessica. My real perfect match would be Eric and Jason..LOL

    • Patrick

      Eric and Jason…..dream come true!!!!

  • Kevin7

    As mixed up as this season was at times I’m happy about how it ended. I hope Tara is gone because she became worthless this year but I suspect Bill or Eric will save her in the 1st episode. And I hope Jess and Jason are featured more in season 5 but I’m most excited about the return of Russell…

    • Michael

      Please let Tara be gone. #annoying

      • @Michael

        Using hashtags when you aren’t on Twitter is even MORE annoying.

      • BIGDADDY

        I hope she is gone also. She is so uninteresting. I didn’t read the books, but Tara would only be worth watching if she was turned (imo).

      • Muffin

        Tara is Awesome!!! She don’t take no crap, nor is she scared of anyone/anything…..for what shes been through and seen her bestfriends & family go through, she deserves to hate….in the end, she has been there for the ones who need her no matter what! I so want her to be in Season 5!

      • amoore

        tara actually isn’t a huge part of the books and I’m surprised they let a crappy character take over so much of the show.

  • lucky vamp

    I thought that the season finale was great, but I agree sookie has all these guys falling for her, what is wrong with her pick one and enjoy it.

    • amelia in portland

      Sookie is half alien (fairy) and they love to give and receive love. I suspect that Andy was turned into a fairy and suspect that Tara will be one also or a vampire.

      • Lauri

        Andy can’t be “turned into a fairy”. It’s passed down in the blood, so unless he had a fairy relative (like Sookie’s Grandpa Earl) he’s just a plain old human. Now, he may have a fairy baby next season, thanks to him sleeping with Maurella in ep. 11. So, he will still be linked to the fairies but not because he is one.

      • Hunter40m

        you can’t be turned into a fairy you have to be born that way, with a mother, father, or grandparent with fairy blood silly

    • hey

      I would pick all four and enjoy it!

  • Rick

    Sookie needs some time off from Vampire love. I hope Eric and Bill are so damn busy they hardly ever see her

  • Emma Mist

    I hated wimpy Eric and was glad to see him come back to his dangerous self. I wouldn’t mind seeing an Alcid/Sookie romance bloom. I was sorry to see Jesus go. I think Tara is gone. It’s going to take a whole lot of magic to repair the back of her head.

  • DJ

    We need a necromancer to bring Tara back. Who could do it? The witches are disbanded. They have to find a way. She can’t be dead.

    • mbb

      i agree. and lets not talk about that little incident with gun anymore, OK? after all, Jessica supposedly has the worlds only spontaneously regenerating hymen, but does anyone even mention that unpleasantness anymore? nah.

      • Lauri

        LMAO! I think of that every time Jess has sex with someone. Is she moaning cause it hurts? wth?

        About Tara – either Bill or Eric will save her, either by healing her with their blood or turning her. They’ll do it out of their love for Sookie. Enough with the necromancer crap. And give poor Lafayette a break. First he gets possessed by the spirit of a baby-snatching crazy black woman, then a white homicidal witch. The man is gay, but damn, enough already!

  • Jill

    Bring Debbie Pelt back! She was a great crazy menace to Sookie. Would love to see her take over Lafayette and go after Sookie.

    • mbb

      aaaaaand I’m sick of seeing Lafayette play a woman! what is this? Flip Wilson and Geraldine? Enough already. It’s degrading.

    • Lauri

      She was a were, not a witch. She can’t “take over” anyone. That being said, enough with the crazy already. Isn’t there enough of that in Bon Temps already?

  • Nick

    You have the people who die in PARENTHESES on the HOME PAGE. The show only aired TWO days ago. Some of us have it DVR’d.

    COME ON!

    • Idiot

      Then don’t click on a story that says season 5 scoop. If you haven’t watched the finale then it’s your problem for reading anything to do with true blood.

    • Laura

      Nick, you’re a nincompoop and I hope Eric eats your face off.

      • Lauri

        LMAO! Thank you!!

    • Jess

      LMAO!! That is so funny Laura. But I agree! If you start reading comments 2 days after the finale, then DUH.

      • Captain

        I dont thnk you understand Nick’s point. It says that people die in the headline. You don’t have to even click on the story to be spoiled. DUH!

      • kim in kentucky

        @ Captain – its True Blood – its the season finale – of course people are gonna die ! DUH !! LOL

      • Lauri

        @Captain – What show are you watching? Of COURSE people die! It’s the season finale of True Blood for christ’s sake! I’d be shocked if someone DIDN’T die!! The headline doesn’t say WHO died, and if he didn’t want to know, why the hell was he reading about what will happen in season 5 if he hasn’t finished watching season 4?! Wow – common sense must be over rated where you people live!

  • Dana

    Hated Sookie and Eric together. They had no chemistry and watching them be awkward was just painful. She needs time to reflect and realize what’s what and how she has hurt those around her. I’ll miss Jesus. Can’t wait to see more and more of Bill. Mr. Moyer has made his role as Bill grow and is more and more interesting. Didn’t like Eric in the books and don’t like him here.

    • Millie

      So what you are saying is that you are one of the nit wits who can’t just love the vamp you love without bitchin about the other in order to make the one you like best look good….right??? …..Right.

    • georgialei

      Usually an Eric fan, but did notice that when the boys were chained back to back on the pyre that Bill definitely won the “chest-off”. Stephen’s been working out!

      • Rien

        You’re delusional. Watch it again. And watch the love scenes. Bill is so out of proportion and barrel chested. Yuck.

    • am

      Eric could have chemistry with a bag of rocks. Sookie and Eric didn’t because whoever wrote their scenes together sucked.

  • znachki

    What?!? You mean Steve Newlin’s *not* coming back bcause he wants to fu@k Jason senseless?

    • Erin

      Maybe we’re supposed expect that he ‘s returning due to revenge – since Jason screwed his wife and helped ruin his marriage but the surprise is he does want Jason as his boytoy – which isn’t really a surprise :/

    • Patrick

      I could see that. The way he looked at him looked like he could do him right then and there. And who would blame him? I mean really…

  • Amanda

    If they plan to follow Book 5 even a little bit – Sookie needs some Quinn!!!! PLEASE!!!

    • Laura

      Gross. I hope he goes the way of Bubba and is kept off the show.

      Goddamnit Sookie, pick Alcide. He makes your vamp boys look like wussy babies.

      • Jess

        And I agree with you again, what’s wrong with that girl. Alcide is the hottest most obvious choice.

      • tbloodfan

        Adding Quinn would be really dumb at this point TB does not need any more men after Sookie! She needs to be with Alcide! And I would of actually liked to have seen Bubba if not just for one episode!

      • Deb

        I so agree- Alcide is smokin’ hot. He needs a story line that necessitates clothing removal every week,

    • abc123

      QUINN! QUINN! QUINN! QUINN! I really hope they write him into the show… what else does Sookie need if not another sexy suitor!

    • Naeb

      There’s not going to be another love interest introduced. Alcide will sub in for Sookie’s Shifter romance

      • pixie

        Oh my god Alcide and Sookie would be so boring!!! The only interesting thing about it would be Eric’s reaction.

      • Lauri

        @Pixie – totally agree! And while I like to look at Alcide, I would much rather see Sookie with Eric. Put Alcide with Sookie and you pretty much guarantee Alcide won’t be back for a season 6 once Eric finds out, LOL.

      • tbfan

        noway if they do that they will demoralize sookie. how can she go with alcide when she put debbie six feet under. Debbie’s family is going to be looking for her and she will not be able to go around with him after that. SHe wont even have the guts to tell him that it was her who shot her dead.

    • Hunter40m

      who the hell is Quinn

      • Savannah

        Quinn is Alcide.

  • Pogi

    Since (I think) Russell made Steve Newlin into a vampire, he want to see Jason because he’s now gay..

    • Erin

      Maybe. He’s always seemed to have a man crush on Jason. Though I doubt it’s as simple as saying he’s now Gay. Maybe being a vampire has brought out some urges he used to supress. Its seems like a Vampire’s sexuality is rather fluid.

      • Logan

        I think Steve Newlin is going to Jason because he is the only person that Steve feels may actually be friendly to him. Steve can’t return to any member of his former church since they would attempt to kill him, and he is likely shunned by all the other vampires as well. Jason may be the only person that would even give Steve a chance to talk.

    • Olivia

      Steve Newlin is so gay for Jason, he was totally checking him out when he answered the door naked, and Michael McMillian said in an interview that Steve had a “man-crush” on Jason that went deeper. Steve/Jason for S5 of True Blood!

    • Kelsey

      It couldn’t have been Russell who made Newlin. Newlin’s been missing for the entire season and probably some time before that. Russell didn’t escape until the very end.

    • Devon

      noo russel couldn’t have made steve into a vampire because russel just got out of the cement block they put him in and if you were paying attention to when they show the news on TB then it says at the beggining of season four I can’t remember wich episode it was though it clearly says that steve newlin was pronounced missing

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