'Big Brother' renewed for next summer

Music to our ears: Big Brother has been renewed for another season! CBS made the announcement of a 14th year pickup in light of tonight’s finale — which will feature Rachel, Porsche and Adam battling it out for the $500,000 prize. The¬†season ender¬†will last 90 minutes following the premiere of Survivor: South Pacific.

This summer, BB posted its largest audience and highest adults 18-49 rating since 2004. It averaged 8.1 million viewers and a 3.1 rating/9 share in the key demo.

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  • Melody

    A mindless show that encourages bullying. Society is being dumbed down by these reality shows and they are too stupid to realize it

    • Dan

      I hope you’re enjoying this season of Antique’s Roadshow, Melody!

      • Erin27

        I guess I’m screwed because I like Big Brother and Antiques Roadshow… LOL

    • Dear Melody

      You don’t have to watch. Your opinion is worthless.

      • Barry

        So is yours.

      • BarryismyBiotch

        So is yours, Barry.

    • REALLY

      Oh Melody, I think you having that name is enough to dumb us all down. Don’t watch it then and continue your edumication while the rest of us slobs watch BB.
      VIVA LA CHENBOT!!!! And Rachel for the WIN!!!!

      • Zach


      • Barry

        You REALLY are a slob.

      • BarryismyBiotch

        So are you, Barry.

    • Andy

      Shes right, its sad that just about all the TV shows on are reality shows that to win you have as big of an a@@hole as possible and treat every as horrible as possible to win.

      Yes, and people wonder why nobody can get along and every is rude and nasty to everyone else. These shows are destroying this country.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Andy, last year’s winner, Hayden was nice and well like by all. Jordan and Dan, previous winners, were also nice. And Rachel really is nice. Sure she’s annoying and polarizing, but she was playing to win. AND SHE DID!!!!!!!! I think a lot of us are capable of watching this sort of human-reality-competition without becoming socially nasty and unacceptable.

  • Dan

    Anyone who wasn’t expecting this doesn’t know the first rule of Big Brother.

    • Al

      “You can expect to expect the unexpected”
      -Chicken George

  • Rock Golf

    Gosh! Maybe NEXT year the producers won’t rig it so their favorites make it to the final. Now THAT would be unexpected!

    • Ally

      LAME. Obviously Jeff and Jordan are Allison Grodner’s favs and they didnt make it so…?

    • Dan

      I don’t think Porsche and Adam were anyone’s favorites, so explain that one, Einstein.

    • Gregory

      I still don’t believe Brendon was America’s Choice to return. I want to see that tally!

      • I hate Rachael


      • Brad

        I think everyone voted for Brendan because they thought Rachel would be evicted, and wanted to see what would happen if they had to compete against each other. Instead, the idiots evicted Lawon.

      • TN

        I saw a tally somewhere that said Cassie, Dominick, and Brendon all received somewhere in the ball park of 30% of the vote….with Brendon’s being slightly higher than the other two. So about 70% of America voted for someone other than Brendon. Unfortunately, America was mostly split between Cassie and Dom, so Brendon was able to slip through. Honestly, I’d rather Brendon over Dom, but Cassie was my top choice. Who knows maybe it was a fix for Brendon, but after reading about the vote percentage , it kinda made sense.

    • I hate Rachael

      Rock might have a point. Just when it looked bleak for Rachael and Jordan, the recreated the very first challenge that they knew Rachael had already won.

  • Ally

    I just hope they pick a better group of newbies next season!!

  • JimmyH

    Ugh! The only Reality/Competition show worth watching is The Amazing Race. All others pale in comparison.

    • Heather

      I will say the Amazing Race is fun to watch, but it mostly ends up being about luck. When Big Brother is a mixture of so much. A true strategist would see Big Brother as t he ultimate game or Survivor.

  • gato

    ALL STARS PLEASE! Or all new people, one or the other.

    • aliceshanley

      I like this but I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use BidsFresh

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • Jay

      you know what… in this case, i agree with you. The fact that this show airs 3 nights a week and has hours and hours of additional footage on Showtime confirms that you are correct, sir.

      Americans DO love crap

  • T2

    “Big Brother has been renewed for another season” is only good news IF there are no returning players this time.
    However – because the giant Fail that was Samoa, Redemption Island, and two returning players (used to be known as must-see Survivor) is duplicating that non-winning mess again tonight, look for CBS to do the same to BB next summer. RUIN it, I mean.

    • Barry

      It’s already ruined because it is TRASH.

  • mike perry

    People can whine about the season but the ratings tell the story so most people loved the season

    • T2

      Er, not true. Watchers do not equal ‘lovers’ of the season. There’s nothing else on, in case you haven’t noticed…

  • S

    Either All Stars or all noobs, none of this duos crap. I actually stopped watching this season, something I’ve never done (I even watched ALL of S9)

  • Can’t wait

    “America loves crap” what?! This show is based on a still running version of the UK big brother! There are over 50 versions of it from country to country! Anyways, I can’t wait for next summer! I’m applying this time! If not for this show I wouldn’t turn on my tv during summer.

    • Kate Gosselin

      I’m trying out too! See ya next summer America!

  • Jay

    In related news, Americans decide they would rather watch nobodies acting fake on a reality/contest show than to experience actual reality.

    • Carrie

      In other news, some Americans decide they would rather comment on shows they dislike than shows they actually like and watch. Go Figure.

    • Carrie

      In other news, some Americans would rather comment on shows they dislike than shows they actually watch and like. Go Figure.

  • Bryce

    They need to change the “House” a complete re-build and not just the wallpaper.

  • Travelocity Gnome

    Come on all you haters out there… It’s a TV SHOW. I can work on curing cancer and achieving world peace all day. Let me sit down and relax with a guilty pleasure show in the evenings. (Especially while all my fav shows are on summer hiatus.)

  • JJ

    My favorite summer guilty pleasure. I love it!

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