Jonathan Taylor Thomas on 'Home Improvement' reunion: 'Like old times' -- EXCLUSIVE



Welcome back to the spotlight, Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

He laid pretty low after Home Improvement ended its run in 1999 (save some appearances on Smallville and Veronica Mars), but EW managed to lure the former teen idol back in front of the camera for a reunion shot in Pacific Palisades, CA. Afterward, Thomas talked to the magazine about his beloved run on the ABC comedy, what he’s been up to, and whether we’ll ever see him again on the small screen. (That’s your cue, Tim Allen: Time to book your TV son for a cameo on ABC’s Last Man Standing!).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was it like seeing the cast at the reunion shoot?
JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS: It was great, it obviously had been a number of years and it was really remarkable how easily everyone slipped back into our old banter and behavior with each other. It was though as nothing had changed, and we had literally stepped back onto the set. It really felt comfortable, the way we were joking with each other. It was like a family reunion, like old times.

You fell off the radar after the show ended and many of the castmembers haven’t seen you since then. What have you been up to?
I’ve been going to school, and traveling quite a bit, getting to read a lot of books I’ve wanted to for quite some time. I think at this point, I’d eventually like to work behind the camera. That’s not to say I would never act again, I’m not quite sure to be honest. I still have a passion for TV and film could see myself working in it.

Fans were thrilled to see the cast back together again and to especially see you.
That actually sort of surprises me. I didn’t know there would be that kind of response.

You single-handedly gave the teen fan magazines a reason to stay in business back in the 90s. Were you on the cover every week?
I guess so, yeah.

Did the cast tease you about your idol status?
Oh yeah, every once in a while, it was always in good humor. It was too tempting not to be brought up on occasion. There are too many things you could make fun of.

What do you think about Tim Allen doing another family comedy?
One of the things Tim does very well — besides being downright hilarious — is how he is able to present the complexities of relationships with children and spouses in a deeply humane way. Your instinct is to root for this guy and connect with him.

Has he asked you to guest star on Last Man Standing?
[Laughs] That has not come up yet. We’ll see about that. I’m sure they have a lot of stories they want to get to.

For more from Thomas and the rest of the Home Improvement cast, pick up EW’s Reunions Issue on newsstands Oct. 7.

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  • Bea

    Nice to see not all child stars have difficulty when they grow up. JTT was a staple in my household when Home Improvement was on. It’s great that he’s grown up stable and grounded.

    • Dum Dum Didday

      I wish they would have showed what happened to the girl who played Brad’s girlfriend on the show, the blonde one who always called him Bradley.

      • SM

        Jessica Wesson, her character name was Jennifer. Stopped acting in 2001 but was in a few movies and other tv shows before that.

      • Tanjim eusufzai

        I also want to know what happened to jessica watson??can anyone please let me know her where abouts and what she is doing now??

    • lisa g.

      He looks like a plump version of Anderson cooper!

      • sunny

        wow you’re right!

      • Zee

        Plump? You, maybe…JTT, not so much.

      • lisa g.

        I’m not saying he’s fat just that he has a larger frame than Anderson u pr ick.


        OMG, I totally see it!

      • Zee

        @ Lisa – then learn to use your words, you t wat.

      • Love it

        @Zee – Crazed fan alert. I love how fast your claws came out over the word plump. Like John ole’ boy would care what you or Lisa had to say about his thickness.

        Either way you both give off the impression that you were both those lonely teens drooling over the newest issue of tiger or teen beat magazine.

  • Josh

    It hasn’t been THAT long, really. He was in an episode (the best episode) of Veronica Mars in 2005, back in it’s first season.

    • Jess

      Glad I’m not the only one who remembers that episode!

    • Ann

      Wow, after reading your comments that he was on Veronica Mars, which is a show I absolutely l loved, I went to see which episode he appeared in. I cannot believe I didn’t recognize him!

    • A

      That episode always will be the turning point for me for when I realized I didn’t hate Logan anymore.

      • ST

        Ditto! And it reminded me how much I miss JTT. Now hopefully Jason Dohring won’t stay out of the spotlight as long as Jonathan has…

      • Kate

        Jason Dohring is one of the stars of Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar

    • JenJen

      I think we can thank JTT for bringing Veronica and Logan together. Their epic first kiss was literally seconds after JTT was onscreen.

      • Annie

        Loved it when Logan called JTT’s character “Jump Street”!!!

    • finnyd420

      Theo Rossi who plays Juice on SOA was in the same ep. I tend to start rewatching VM from that ep when I pop in a DVD.

    • Lisap

      “Weapons of Class Destruction” as the undercover FBI agent. One of the best episodes of the season. The show that also featured Zachery Ty Bryan a couple times in the first season.

      JTT also guest starred on 8 Simple Rules a few times.

    • BG

      That was my absolute fave episode of VM…

    • Saracen Riggins

      YES! One of, if not THE best. Logan + Veronica :)

  • Jackie

    He was in a couple episodes of ‘Smallville’ too. He made a great villain!

  • Johnny Depp is Hot!

    What a doll!! He looks like he could use a hug, from me!

    • tasmaniamaree

      hahahahaha, I like your style!

  • Rebecca

    He was my first celebrity crush when I was like 5 years old!! The Lion King, every week on Home Improvement, Man of the House and so many more!! Goodness I was so in love with him and I still love to watch his older movies/tv show appearances!! Smallville and 8 Simple Rules!!!

    • C

      Duh! & me to!! :o)

  • whatevs

    This picture definitely shows his age a little better. It wouldn’t have been fair if he actually still looked 17.

    • Liv

      He still looks a lot younger than he actually is though. But aging has made him more attractive I think. He’s lost the androgynous look of his youth I’m gonna call it, grow a beard JTT and I think that will make you uber sexy.

      • hellothere

        Yeah, I agree. He looks like he did 10 years ago, only ~slightly~older. He still looks damn young, definitely not 30. But I think he looks great! He’s aged well. Wayyyyyyyy better than Taran and Zachary, that’s for sure.

        I hate his hair though.

    • Sina

      Yeah it shows his age. He looks like a 25 year old Anderson Cooper!!!!!!

  • nodnarb

    You gotta be some kind of crazy shut-in cat lady if you care about this.

  • CrazyShutInLady

    How dare you, Brandon.

    • @Brandon

      Crazy people talk to themselves! lol

      • Aissam

        Posted on TY a ton for posting, it was very ioirnmatfve and helped tons.. Great articles & Nice a site. Additional A lot more : ).

  • Julie Cooper-Nichol

    Is he living the life of a trustafarian? Maybe he does not need to work.

    • Come on, julie

      julie- a trustafarian is a hippie party kid with a trust fund, it’s not a term for anyone who live’s off daddy’s money..

      also- he probably made a considerable pile of money during his heyday, and the comments above yours point out many jobs that he’s had since then, although they all sound like small bit parts…’

      he said he went to school. he’s worked since then. this is not what a trust fund baby does. sounds like someone head a new word and thought they’d spit it out! cute.

      • Ha

        Your argument would ring a bit more true if your pesky finger fat didn’t mash the other keys. “…” isn’t the proper way of breaking a paragraph. I doubt this aged tween idol douche bag would care what someone says about him on the EW website. That works both ways, so running on defense for your post soiled pantie heart throb doesn’t really make a difference.

  • Come on, julie



    we’re both idiots.

  • GG

    When he was a kid he was super cute, and now he’s handsome. Nice to see he grew up and did something with his life.

  • Amy

    Oh how I loved JTT as a middle-schooler! Good to know he is still a cutie.

  • schooner

    Anyone think he looks like a young Jimmy Kimmel???

    • Tongyo

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  • Phoenix Justice

    Another right up of JTT without any mention of his role in Nickolas Perry & 1999’s “Speedway Junky”. Is he embarrassed that he played a male escort and that it tarnishes his squeaky clean Disneyfied image?

  • dee123

    Lucky bastard, hasn’t really aged a day.

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