'Ringer' premiere gets solid CW rating


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The return of Sarah Michelle Geller to series TV delivered a solid, if unexciting, number for The CW.

The good news: Ringer greatly improved upon its 90210 lead-in and performed far better (up 66 percent) than Life Unexpected‘s debut in the slot last year. But Ringer was originally developed for CBS and has generated plenty of headlines for The CW this summer, and it would have been nice to see the drama’s debut break out of network’s standard ratings zone.

Ringer was seen by 2.7 million viewers and earned a 1.2 rating among adults 18-49. That’s the largest total audience — though not the highest rating — that the network has had in that slot since 90210 premiered there a few years ago (both SMG and 90210 draw an older audience than, say, Vampire Diaries, which is why the total viewers number is relatively high compared to the more important number — the rating).  The return of 90210 (1.6 million, 0.8) dipped 11 percent from its premiere last fall.

Like The CW, NBC is getting some premieres off the ground this week in hopes of likewise avoiding next week’s crush of new shows flooding the marketplace. NBC aired the return of Parenthood (6.8 million, 2.3) at 10 p.m. last night. That’s a pretty typical number for the show and won its hour, but it was down 15 percent from last year’s opener. The America’s Got Talent finale (13.2 million, 3.6) served up a strong lead-in. Also on last night: ABC News’ Jacqueline Kennedy special delivered a modest rating (1.5).

So SMG fans, what did you think of Ringer? And if you missed it, CW is giving you two more chances to see the premiere (Friday at 8 p.m. and next Monday at 9 p.m.).

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  • dfasdfa

    Only 2.7 million viewers? Wow not a great start!

    • lisa g

      It was ok. The scene on the boat made me LOL because it looked so fake…..kinda corny. I give it a C+ which isn’t bad for the W B !

      • kate middleton

        Oh gosh, I know. The effects with the twins were TERRIBLE. The boat scene was just insanely bad. But, it got a lot better and more interesting in the second half. I will watch next week.

      • Mike

        Well, 2.7 would be a bad start on any other of the major networks. For CW, that’s pretty good.

      • Mr. Effing Tea Party

        Lets talk about the soon to be infamous boat scene! I don’t like it!

      • lisa g

        The boat scene will end up on The Soup!

      • Ann

        Guys. The boat scene looked like that for a reason. It was meant to look like 40s/50s film noir. Think of all the old black and white movies you’ve seen. They are always over the top and cheesy (to our modern eyes). This show is a love letter to that genre. It’s fun and campy. That’s the point.

      • lisa g

        Ann, did u speak with the producers?

      • Ann

        Why yes I did. And then, you know, I used my eyeballs and even noticed the commercial they air wherein the cast members are looking up the term “film noir.” And then I used my brain and put the three together.

      • lisa g

        Good for u….some of us missed said commercial but oh how uv impressed us!

      • Ann

        I suppose, silly me, that I thought this was the exact forum for discussing such things. I suppose, though, that sometimes when people bring new perspectives to something there will always be those who deride that person for being a “know it all.” I’d rather be that than the alternative. But that’s just me.

      • lisa g

        Comma comma comma chameleon……love that song! Lol. *sarcasm*

      • Ann

        Yep, “lisa g.” You’ve got my number. I use commas. Unlike “u.” *not being sarcastic*

      • KwadGuy

        I actually turned the show off when they got to the boat scene. I just couldn’t take that “$Here’s $5; film the scene and buy me something at McDonald’s with what you have left” look. Up to that point, it was OK, but kind of plastic-y and predictable. Not sure I’m in for the duration, but maybe I’ll go back and at least finish out the episode.

      • wino

        ha, it was more “college student movie on a budget” rather than “film noir”. lets get real, the boat scene was embarrassing.

      • Darrin

        The ‘film noir’ films of the 40s and 50s didn’t use crappy visual effects because of some conscious choice, they simply didn’t have the technology to make it look any better. If Ringer was actually making the show look laughably cheap as some homage to the good ol’ days, I doubt that will serve the series well in the long run.

      • Mike

        I think Ann’s point can be taken into consideration. Never thought about it being an homage to noir. I’m not sure if that’s true, cause lets be honest, I’m sure this show was not given a great budget.

        But if it is supposed to be an homage, it has to be more consistant. This was all over the place and was a near daytime soap opera.

      • lisa g.

        @Mike…..I agree! Sure anything is possible but how random for just that one scene to be intended as an homage.

    • gazmo

      Of COURSE it got decent numbers – it was the FIRST new show of the season on any of the Networks.

      I don’t know what the fuss is about SMG – she’s a barely decent actress who’s starting to look like she was rode hard and put away wet.

      I give this show a full season before it sinks into oblivion.

      • Rebecca

        Obviously you haven’t seen the Buffy series owns her contrast in “cruel intentions”. She’s an amazing actress

      • Rebecca

        Owns was typo… Buffy series and her character compared to her contrast

      • T

        I strongly disagree. She is a great actress

      • TROY

        She’s an awesome actress and her looks have not changed at all in the past 10 years.

    • Sherry

      I SWEAR that timeslot is cursed

      • tifstar

        ringer is. a great show so was melrose place and it went too

  • AN

    For the CW, yeah it is.

  • Tina

    Both shows were great to watch, especially 90210 which surprised me. CW doesn’t advertise enough, I just found out 6 mins. before 90210 came on that it was the start of the fall season on CW, Ringer is good, keeps you at the edge of your seat.

  • J

    So I guess all of the non-stop pimping that EW did for this show failed to help it become the next Buffy sized hit.

    • Raj

      They pimp out what they think will get web hits. Cult stuff like BTVS gets web hits. But cult success isn’t the same as mainstream success, and no amount of page-hit-fluffing coverage on EW.com can change that.

    • AliciaJo

      Actually Buffy wasn’t a hit by any means in it’s time. The first season got about 3.7 million viewers and season three (highest rated season) got 5.3. This was back when shows got higher ratings to compare FRIENDS had about 20 million views during it’s 6th year which was Buffy’s first. – The CW and WB have never been known for their ratings.

    • T

      I’m hoping it grows into a hit!

  • nunnya

    I enjoyed the show and I’ll keep watching. Didn’t realize Parenthood was back last night. Drat.

    • Cara

      I didn’t realize either until I was browsing the premiere schedule at TVline. I wish NBC would sink some advertising into that show. They have ag reat cast and it’s all being wasted because nobody is watching!

  • IreneNJ

    I liked the show and will keep watching it.

  • Nick

    It was very good…I like SMG

  • Carrie

    part of the problem could be that tv guide is listing the pilot for this friday! i know my TiVo didn’t pick up last night’s airing :(

  • Jaymes

    It was really entertaining and suspenseful. Will definitely stay tuned, and hope we can see the entire story unfold.

    lisag, the entire series has a B-movie feel, and that fake boat scene felt completely in place.

    • lisa g

      I agree jaymes….

  • jfms777

    “Ringer” is a winner. But “Parenthood”? Jacqueline Kennedy beat this loser, and she has been dead for many years.

  • ®ustymustdie

    Such a chick show…. Also had the absolute WORST GREEN SCREEN/COMPUTER GENERATED BACKGROUND I have seen in a show since Hart to Hart in the 80’s. CBS/CW should be ashamed of the crap quality production. This show is only for those blessed with a vagina.

    • Mr. Effing Tea Party

      Yeah I’m a little afraid the boat *puts on sunglasses* might sink the show!


      I don’t like it!

    • lisa g

      Lol….hart to hart. The effects were shameful!

  • Michelle

    A couple of things: Buffy wasn’t a huge hit when it started either. It took time to germinate into a big hit, and even at it’s height it wasn’t a ratings darling. It was just really, really good.

    It was good. SMG looks like she hasn’t aged a day from S7 of Buffy. I rarely judge a TV show by it’s pilot alone, because the pilot is just this tiny little window into each character, and there’s so much setup and often “big” reveals that seem contrived and overwrought that are necessary in order to move forward. Ringer was no exception, so all the, “OMG, I’m replacing my sister!!” and “OMG, the mob is after me!!” was a pretty yawn for me. BUT, I recognize that all these things are necessary to lay the groundwork for a great show.

    Will it be great? I don’t know. Probably not. But I’ll keep watching until it proves itself one way or the other.

    Oh, and I too did not know Parenthood was back last night, and drat my luck, my TiVo is broken. I’m headed for Hulu when I get home.

  • JPD

    I thought the episodes of both 90210 and the Ringer were good. Although I agree the boat scene on the Ringer looked pretty bad. But I love SMG so will keep watching.

    • Mr. Effing Tea Party

      Back in the day I used to call 90210, 902 Bimbo!
      I don’t like it!

  • sunoverla

    For a Pilot…B-! Looking forward to seeing where they go with the characters!! Boat scene was hilarious!! had to be intentional!!? ;-))

  • Mico

    The show was great and can definitely grow into an amazing story line, but that green screen scene in the lake was HORRIBLE. I was laughing so hard with the fake splashing of the water. It was like high school kids filming and editing that scene.

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