Scoop: 'All My Children' stars 'heat up' CBS Daytime


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Debbi Morgan’s not the only one leaving All My Children for a stint in CBS Daytime. Michael E. Knight (Tad Martin), Ricky Paull Goldin (Dr. Jake Martin), and Jacob Young (JR Chandler) will also make a showing on the Eye network — though not in ways you might expect (or desperately want as a soap fan).

Allow EW to explain: The All My Children hunks have agreed to participate in an “All My Meals” week (get it?) on The Talk. The actors will prepare their favorite recipes while joining Julie Chen and Co. at the table to reflect on AMC, which ends its run on Sept. 23. Revel in the irony: The men have cooked up this special appearance on The Talk while ABC readies their old AMC time slot for the new foodie show, The Chew.

Anyhoo, Young’s appearance on The Talk Sept. 26 won’t be his last  in the CBS day part: he is reuniting with his buds on Bold and the Beautiful to reprise his role of Rick Forrester. As for fellow AMC vet Morgan — who played Angie Hubbard/Baxter — she was recruited by CBS’ Young and the Restless. (Meanwhile, Knight will show up on The Talk Sept. 28 and Goldin on Sept. 29.)


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  • amy

    It’s not Michael C. Knight, it’s Michael E. Knight! Can’t they get anything right on here? I will watch Michael on the talk, he’s one of my favs!

    • cg

      Yech. He needs to go to General Hospital for a blood transfusion.

      • @cg

        The pic is Jacob Young, not Michael. And yes, he is YECH! lol

  • Denise

    Won’t be watching, still bitter about Leah and Holly.

    • jeanne

      I still refuse to watch the TALK AS WELL! Without HOLLY And LEAH I feel The TALK , WALKED!

      • marcie

        i completely agree ,its not nearly as entertaining or REAL without them…

  • DramainMotown

    Also ironic is that “The Talk” Ko’d another soap last year, ATWT. Amazing how many soap stars have appeared on the show that was one of the first to start eroding the genre. But then again, NBC has been the biggest offender since canceling AW over 10 years ago.

    • Annie

      I still have not forgiven NBC for that one!!!

      • kim comeau

        NBC? you mean ABC

      • Bhim

        NO, they mean NBC. NBC canned ANOTHER WORLD in favor of PASSIONS. SUNSET BEACH died six months later.

  • Pete

    I still can’t believe someone thought “The Chew” was a good name for a TV show. It’s appalling.

    • barbara benson

      ABC is Crazy to cancell “All my Children” for another food show, especially when we have food netwoeks.
      GoodBye ABC.

      • Kim

        Yeah BIG mistake!!!!! We have toooo many cooking shows. I am sooo not happy about this BLUNDER. They really are crazy! Sltill not sure of where to watch it online.

      • toni

        you would think with all the over weight people in america, we would not have another food show. all my children and the other soaps are for the people who are now all at home. abc said the ratings for the soaps are down, they consulted nelson ratings.. well nelson ratings are in the homes of people who work during the day. and the reason I know this is because my sister has one in her home and no one is ever their. need to know where to watch online

  • Maureen

    Interesting how CBS daytime is trying to appeal to soap viewers for ratings for The Talk. Especially since Julie Chen’s hubby dissed the whole genre so badly on the heels of the cancellation of Guiding Light. Add to that The Talk replaced ATWT. So stir liberally…pre-heat the oven to 425…and you have a talk show I will never ever watch. Love the AMC cast…but a dumb, old soap viewer like me…I am sure CBS daytime doesn’t need me and my consumer dollars anyway.

    • ger

      Well at least you know you’re dumb and old.

    • Miffy

      The Talk is pulling in better ratings than the cancelled soap it replaced, and it’s cheaper to produce, to boot. It’s a win-win. So, yes, CBS doesn’t need you.

      Now, go lose some weight.

      • Paul

        Hey, miffy, I love watching morons show their ignorance. Here’s the LA TImes: “”The Talk” averages 2.2 million total viewers, according to the Nielsen Co., which is off 15% compared with “As the World Turns,” the soap that last year occupied its spot. ”

        I’ll repeat it, since you’re probably too stupid to understand. More people watched ATWT then The Talk.

      • shoz

        AND miffyboo the Squawk’s demos are in the toilet and fell to an average of 0.4-abysmal by any standard. The only reason Chenbot’s floater is floating is cuz she’s married to CBS CEO Moonbats. Otherwise it would’ve been canned (or flushed) after 3 months. Happy wife, happy life.

      • toni

        the only reason it is pulling in more ratings now is because there is more people not working. so yes. and who wants another talk show. people are really bored to watch talk show. get a life

    • sue ruggere

      I guess I am done with regular network daytime. Enough with the talk shows already. At least with the soaps it was somewhat of a story to follow, and I started with the grandparents somewhere around 1950.

  • Dee Jones

    The only thing good about the Talk now is Sheryl Underwood, but that won`t be too long because she too much for daytime TV talk. I really want to know what happen with Leah and Holly. Julie Chen is a B&^%$ and Sarah is so dry and boring! Sharon is on her way out after this season I`m sure.

  • Suzee

    I still can’t believe “All My Children” is just about over. I will miss everyone except JR (the jerk) and Ryan (too good to be true). To be fair, JR and Ryan are probably excellent actors playing their parts. I wish ABC would change their mind.

    • Melissa

      I am furious that we are going to get yet another food show and reality show. I have little to watch as it is and All My Children was one of my very favorites.

      • sharon

        I agree with you. All My Children was the best! Sad to see it go. Who needs another realty show!

      • Nancy

        I agree totally!!

      • sheila

        My daughter & I are sad to see AMC go. Been watching from the beginning. My daughter has since about 1990. Sad to see it go. Won’t watch the Chew either. There are enough of those shows.

    • Mary

      it’s funny you get to look at them as friends and when you watch them it takes your mind off your problems. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. The Chew is a dime a dozen and I won’t bother to watch it. I can go to food netword and get more. So there ABC!!

      • Nancy

        I Agee. ABC execs. must idiots. Did they not realize how many people are All My Children fans? A lot more than the Chew is going to have.

    • Joan

      I agree. Another cooking show? Tune me out! What is it with ABC? They just end shows on a whim. The network is getting a bad name.

    • Carol

      I still can’t believe All My Children is over. I have been watching it for over 30 years. I am home today and found myself watching Young and the Restless because I refuse to watch The Chew. I guess if every soap fan began watching Young and the Restless we will prove to ABC that they made a hugh mistake in taking off All My Children and reconsider keeping One Life to Live.

  • Paul

    Leaha & Holly weren’t right on the “The Talk”. Neither is Gilbert. I prefer Rosie Odonnel but she is investing her time on the dead end Oprah “OWN” cable station. Rosie would have been way better suited for “The Talk” with Chen. Maybe it still could happen? One can hope.

    • cg

      Holly and Leah were best ones on that show. It’s boring without them.

  • k

    Oprah still needs to buy AMC, OLTL and GH away from ABC. It might save her network…

    • V

      nope.. I will never watch oprah… cant stand her never have never will

    • Diana P

      Yes I would like to see that also. I have been watching AMC most of my life off and on, but have been an avid watcher over the last 13 yrs. Taping it while I’m at work. But stopped watching for a while when David was killed off, still recorded it but didnt really watch it. Am goin to miss watching it and all the characters, except Ryan, (never could stand him). Dont think I’ll be watching anything during the daytime anymore. Thanks alot ABC!!

    • Lee

      I think it was meant to tie in with the View..The view The Chew..a psychological mind control to get us to slip into watching it. . I agree really stupid but it is only stupid to people who are aware they are trying to play the public. Also has anyone considered that this is a POLITICAL move??? Examine… All My Children pushed the liberal envelope on real human experience The first to explore lesbian issues and boy was that refreshing and it took guts and threatened those living in ignorance. They did it again with the Iraq hero who was burned over 50% of his body. It showed us how tangled in a web holding us back socially we are as a society that pretty on the outside always has more value to society. He sacrificed his life for us whether you agree with war or not… I believe if we all keep exploring we will find something worthy of exposing. I wish Oprah would buy AMC. Lets shower her with our desire for AMC to live many more years. It was the best written, acted , lighted…it was like watching a movie AND Does anyone get that Alicia Minshew made an academy award winning performance when she thought Zak was dead. I mean really. I will not watch anything on ABC I will miss modern family and Dancing with the stars and Whoopie and Joy Behar on the view. But I’ll find something better to do. Someone said soap operas have no value anymore. Are you kidding? They reflect our society our love to overcome obstacles and come out clean on the other side.

    • toni

      If she do I’ll watch her network. for now I do not watch her at all. abc has lost everyone I know. They cancelled the wrong soaps.

  • L Griffin

    I am HATING the fact that AMC is over!! I loved that show. Won’t someone consider picking it p????

  • Mary Parkes

    What is ABC thinking?? Do they think The Chew is going to be on the air 41 years??? Sept 23rd will be a sad day>

  • Samantha

    Seems like so many people have tried so hard to keep our All My Children and One Life To Live from closing amd nothing seems to be workimg as it looks like they don;t care what the public want so with that said and saying whatever programs take their place I WILL not be interesting in watching but want to thank all the people starring in these shows all these years for their wonderful attempt at keeping us entertained and more less becomimg our family. You will be missed so very much.

    • sue ruggere


  • robin

    I’m still mad at CBS for firing Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez from the Early Show. The new crew is just BORING and I’d rather watch the weather channel.

    As for the cast of AMC, I’d love to see Jacob Young reprise his role as Lucky Spencer on General Hospital though. He’s so much easier on the eyes than the current actor playing Lucky.

  • Maria

    I was really upset when ATWT was cancelled and I do not watch “The Talk”, refuse to, rather watch The View.
    I took AMC wth a grain o salt, was never a “La Lucci” fan.
    But it is ridiculous that AMC is being replaced with “The Chew” like we need another talk show and “The Revolution” to replace OLTL.Who cares?
    OK here it is, first there will be “The Chew” which as we know is food and then “The Revolution” to loose weight. Hmm, now let’s see, stupid? There is the Food Network. I sure am doing fine getting groceries for the past thirty-six years and am able to cook quite well learning from the best and not from a t v show. How about The Regurgitation? Too many talk shows. too many cook shows (at least it is an option to watch from the food channel), there are other shows about loosing weight and talk shows? Forget it! There are way too many talk shows,past, present and future. We are over stuffed with all these shows of the same topics, therefore………………….and what happens when people eat way too much or what do people who have bulemia do?
    Yep………………..Daytime will never be the same without the Soaps. I hope there aren’t any other bright ideas about cancelling GH. That is the best Soap on ABC. I am going to miss OLTL as I followed ever since ATWT was over. AMC, once in awhile on Soapnet. Definitley Young and Restless. Bold and Beautiful, just to pass the half hour but I take this show in very small doses.
    I know things change in life but daytime shows, the Soaps, is generational.
    ABC, lot’s of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peggy

      You nailed it righ on the head – Soaps have endured many generations – their families and our own personal families.

      Many people laugh when I say this, but as a soap lover I know you will agree, these people on all of the soaps (I was a CBS lover but grew to love OLTL and AMC) have been part of my life.

      Yes, its just a tv show . I am 43 and have watched CBS soaps since I was 8 years old. My mother, 70 years of age watched soaps devotingly and even listened to them through radio when they were first created. I always looked forward to summer vacations. From then on people like Lily, Holden, Mrs. Schneider from ATWT and Reva, Josh, Phillip, of the GL “grew up” with me. Never meeting – they were part of my life – probably more so than most of my friends. (go figure)

      I love to cook, but as everyone has repeated, there are many cooking channels availble if someone wants to watch.

      Reality shows are either loved or hated. I personally do not understand the whole hype. What happened to good old fashioned sitcoms, movies and series?

      Realty shows are being crammed down our throats…I think I will be turning off the tv and finding another pastime since I don’t feel there is anything left to watch …

      What gets me the most upset is …cable has made it so much easier to watch all the network soaps by allowing us to record our favorite shows. I personally have not missed an episode since using this service and I am very surprised the polls of people watching these soaps didn’t sky rocket when this service became available. If I was able to watch all the episodes, I am sure thousands of others have too.

      I think shows that have been on the air as long as these soaps have should be grandfathered to the end of time.

      I feel sorry for the many senior ctizens who look forward to their soaps. Has it ever occured this may be the only highlight they look forward to.

      Ok im done ranting..but what a sad shame.

  • Laney

    I’m so depressed AMC is leaving the air, and is it true they are going online and keeping it going? I would follow them online, after all I’ve been watcing AMC for 31 yrs! It’s my saving grace after a long day at work, I used to tape it everyday. I will NEVER tape nor watch The Chew..PUKE! That’s what they should name it, The Puke! And just because Michael E Knight is going on there, doesn’t make it ok for them to take AMC place.

    • Marianne

      it is true they will be online???? plz give more info to us about how to get in touch ….I can’t go on living without All My Children! That is the best show ever and I love all the actors!

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