'Nine Lives of Chloe King' cancelled at ABC Family -- EXCLUSIVE

ABC Family is cancelling freshman series Nine Lives of Chloe King, sources say.

The show was based on the book series by Liz Braswell about a girl who discovers that she is a descendant of an ancient race with cat-like powers.

The news comes as ABC Family is expected to order a pilot from Gilmore Girls writer Amy Sherman-Palladino called Strut, about a Las Vegas showgirl (take that Pat Robertson!) who marries a Texan and becomes a instructor for a misfit high school drill team. Network also expected to order an action-drama pilot Intercept about college crime fighters.

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  • tvaddict

    It wasn’t that great but had potential. As long as they keep Pretty Little Liars & The Lying Game I will be happy but please cancel the horrible secret life of the knocked up teenagers who say sex every other word

    • amy

      no dont cancel any shows i like all of those

      • i dont know

        It was a HORRIBLE SHOW. The only good shows on ABC family is the improving Melissa and Joey (they need to include more of the kids’ lives on the show and have the Lawrence brothers on more, AND get some of the Sabrina alumni like Harvey and Mr. Poole to come by) and the amazing Switched at Birth

      • Regan

        Okay, the nine lives of chloe king is awesome. I love pretty little liars. Its my favorite show on TV. The mystery is great. And trust me, the secret life is over. they had the finale. I think its a bad influence on teens. It shows that teens should be having sex all the time. Thats wrong. They shouldn’t

      • me

        hey i don’t know shutup it was a great show it had the worst endin and i know you are suppost to put your oppinon but you could have just said you didnt like it and for all of you who said something mean about this goes for you to and i just dont want to say it all to i don’t know

      • Ivette

        Right those are all gud shows that girl is stupid their just tellin the world what really happens in life!!!!!!!!!!!

      • kacey

        You shouldnt cancel those chloe king it was great and dont put secret life back on they already had a finale its over its a bad influence on teens I love pretty little liars its amazing!!!!!!!!!!

      • Taylor

        Put Chloe King back on its better than secret life of the american teenager please put it back on tv!!!!!!!!!!

      • natalie

        I love chloe king they need to put it back on tv they said it had low ratings but if all of us really want the show back on tv then they might put it back on

      • anneya

        suck for cancelling it i don’t cancel it i lov itt is so awsome

    • hmm

      it was like lost girl for teenagers, i mean carbon copy. the same way the lying game is carbon copy of ringer and nina dobrev :)

      • Jules

        Lying game is carbon copy of ringer, how is that posible since it is based on a book by the same name (unless the author has a cristal ball ¬¬)

      • terry

        Ringer came out after the lying game so it’s the other way around.

      • me

        i thought the lying game was suppost to be a copy of pretty little liars but i haven’t watched the show yet

      • coco

        pretty little liars an the lying game are both series’ of books from the amazing writer Sara Shepard. they are not carbon copies. (:

      • alicia

        the lying game is based off pretty little liars. if you’ve read the books you’ll know what im talking about with the twins. but they came up with the rest of it

      • kelly

        I don’t like abc family because I was whatching th nine lives of chloe king and it onley has one season because abc family closed the show it had a bad ending there 7 main charictors and only 4 staed alive this cute boys anut and cuz died and the person who killed them was the boy Alecs brother and he was inlove with this girl he protected and kissed a boy but she is a mi so she killed him awnd the two main words of the last episoids were (he’s died) and (I’m going to kill u) the he’s died part was the last word and mi is a human cat that lived long ago I’m so mad that abc family took it off air:-(

      • hannah

        i miss the show im gonna kill my self if 9 lives of chloe king dont come back on i love alec , that guy benjemin stone so hhhhhhhhhooooooooooottttttttttt cccccccccooooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee ooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn pppppppppppllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee

    • mandy

      I heard somewhere that people use Secret Life as a drinking game where everytime someone says sex you have to drink….. OMG I bet they get wasted doing that!

      • alicia

        ya think omg wat r u some old lady this has been around for forever! and i hate tht show and i know that and its called never have i ever and if u have then u drink duh

    • N-92

      I’m sorry, but there are worse shows on MTV, there is hardly any good teenager show that have heart to it, sure its say sex a lot, but a whole lot of people love it, dont get so steam because you dont like Secret life, I didnt thought I would like it either when it first came out, but I got hooked on it. So give it another chance.

      • ick

        no. secret life really is schlocky crap. i gave it a chance, too, even knowing that it wasn’t that good. but it’s gone from sub par to complete crap. none of the characters are likeable or (what’s worse) believable in any realm of thought.

      • Cami

        I agree with the person above me. Secret Life went from bad to worse and they keep putting it. The characters are all stupid and unrealistic. It makes teenagers look like all they talk about is sleeping with each other. There’s no depth AT ALL.

      • bla bla

        i agree i got hooked but i didnt know i would


        u got that right

    • Jasmine

      Oh no they should not cancel Secret Life. I was upset when they cancelled Nine Lives, especially ending with a cliff hanger. But not as mad when they cancelled 10 Things.

      • Mbalu (The M is silent)

        OMG! I SO agree! I was so upset when they cancelled 10 Things I Hate About You and now they are canceling Chloe King too! It’s not my favorite (switched at birth, pretty little liars and the lying game is) but it can’t just end like that we don’t even know if she like looses her lives or she ends up goin out with Alec or her mum finds out she is a cat thingy (I think it’s called My or Miy)! This is so annoying! Stop doing this ABC!

      • terry

        they should cancel Switch at birth. Its boring and predictable

      • Anon

        They should cancel The Secret Life of the American Teenager, It’s so boring and they say sex all time, the show sucks, the actors suck, and the writers suck. And they should cancel Switched at Birth, its boring and non interesting But not The Nine Lives of Chloe King! I love that show! It was interesting, maybe not the BEST but certainly better than these other shows they are keeping, it was interesting and had better actors and writers. If they cancel it I swear I am never watching ABC family EVER again! EVER!

      • Cheyanne Blaize

        I <3 nine lives and they are deffinetly cancelling it,, they should at least do a second season and advertise more–like they do with every other show! i know for a fact i can get a crap load of people from my school to watch it because of how gorgeous benjamin stone is!! they didnt even really give it a chance :(

      • Cindy

        I agree

      • Aly

        I loved the 9 lives of chloe king… i have no idea why they would cancel it….. I miss it…

      • Monica

        ok, I was sooo pissed off watching chloe king. i mean, did they READ the books at all? i was watching and i was like, ok, Xavier never died, we never met his brother, i’m sorry, i love jasmine, but where the heck is Kim, why has she not made out with Alec yet, and most importantly what in the name of Chuck was Brian doing? in the books, there was no search for his mom, and he was already in on the anti-Mai conspiracy so HE KNEW NOT TO KISS HER. he was just sent to spy on her. seriously, people, the books are way better.

      • KP

        Alright. Though I loved the Nine Lives of Chloe King and am upset that it was cancelled, don’t take your frustrations out on Switched at Birth. There is practically no room for unpredictability in tv now-a-days. But between the two, Nine Lives is WAAAY more predictable AND corny (majorly corny) than Switched. I mean, Alek could barely act at all, give me a break. I’m upset that the show is ending and on such a cliff-hanger. Now, I’ll have to read the books which isn’t gonna happen anytime soon because my reading list is beyond capacity right now.

      • natalie

        I agree with jasmine i mean like if their gonna cancel it then dont end it with a cliff hanger really it makes no scence

    • ick

      seriously. secret life has the WORST writers. and the actors aren’t that great either. so take mediocre actors with bad scripts and you have the dreck that is secret life. and noone talks like that. sex, sex, sex. it’s not that teens don’t talk about sex, it’s that they don’t talk that way. and adults don’t talk that way, either. strangely, josie bisset manages to make her lines seem realistic, but she’s the only one. chloe king wasn’t that great either, but the dialogue was definitely an improvement on secret life and the source material more interesting (even if it didn’t seem well thought out)

      • MAB

        I’ve hate watching Secret Life..I gave it a couple chances but it just seems soooo unrealisitc…no teenager talks that way!!

      • ???

        I agree. yeah, it can be a good show, but i feel gross after watching it. And they do say sex sooo much that the show is literally revolving around sex. its messing up teens

      • Cara

        This was literally the BEST show ABC has EVER HAD! and soooo much potential. Comon people, 7 lives left! ABC, you are making a HUGE mistake. Please, please, PLEASE bring it back!!!

      • Monica

        yeah, about Secret Life, you’re watching and they’re all going around, having sex, making babies, and then about halfway through, if you’re watching the commercials, one of the actors pop up and is like ‘Hey, i know you’re watching this show where we all go around and have sex abd we make it look like its a good thind and it’s fun, but it’s really not! talk to parents about sex! teenage pregnancy is 100% preventable!’ and then the commercials end, and what are they doing? that’s right having more sex, making more babies.

    • Smart girl

      I LOVE the nine lives of chloe king! it is a amazing show, full of drama, romance, comedy, and lots of action! im not the only one, millions of people LOVE the show!

      • Kay

        I love this show so much!!! I won’t know the ending after the cliff hanger of the season 1 finale :(. Loved it so much and so depressed! ABC you are making a mistake. I agree with you :)

      • diana lozano

        i totaly agree with you!!! :)

      • terry

        I hate that they-re canceling it after only one season. why not wait until after season 2 and decide whether or not to cancel the show

      • dee

        me too!!!!! I hate that they are cancelling. I loved it.

      • Vi

        They’ve committed creative blasphemy by canceling the show! It was AMAZING! ABC made a serious mistake, and I doubt I’ll seriously watch anything else that they make.

      • Anon

        I literally cried when I found out my favorite show is being canceled! ABC family is making a HUGE mistake!

      • Melissa

        I really liked the show, I got sooo hooked and to end it this way??? At least finish the season!!!!

      • lala

        meh to… i wished it came back i loved dat show

      • Please please please bring nine lives back! With all the crap they have on about sex and.. well just sex these days its so hard to find a show that doesn’t revolve around it!
        ….. it has soooo so soooo many fans, please BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Katleen

        In my opinion, I also think the same. The show is supah-good!!I hope they bring it back!!

      • Natasha

        Please just don’t cancel it. I fell in love with the show and I’ll be depressed if you cancel it!! Its the best show ABC family ever made! Just please don’t. Its great! You are really making a big mistaje and lots of people are going to be upset. I can’t believe you guys are doing this!

      • Melly

        please bring back chloe king because its the best show ever! Abc fanily has never had a shoow as good as this and then they go seslete it? that is soooooo low! there hardly advertised the show and then they cancel the dang thing. i cant believe it! your making a big mistake! please bring it back.

      • HIppe 123

        I seriously aggre! I mean come on Brian died in her arms for crying out loud! And seriously is jasmine dead or what? Also is the assin pulling alec’s leg or are they actuly brothers? I need answers abc!

      • TabbyC

        I adored this show. I thought it was cute, imaginative, fun, interesting, and clean enough for the whole family to sit and enjoy. I recommended it to my mother and sister and was really looking forward to the second season. ABC had once again disappointed its viewers – they should just stop trying to put on actual shows with storylines because they don’t have enough loyalty to stick with it and always, ALWAYS leave us hanging and frustrated. If they want to put out something with actual meat to it, they should only do minis and made-for-tv movies with definite beginnings and endings so they stop angering and alienating their audiences. Until they do, it would take something really amazing for me to give them another chance and watch another one of their series shows… and so far, I haven’t seen anything advertised that even temps me. Now if they brought back Chloe King… I would tune in because I’m already hooked.

      • Monica

        hey Smart Girl, u should read the books, because honestly, they are way better. the t’v show didn’t even really follow the plotline that well, besides what i said in my earlier comment. in the books, she wasn’t the ‘Uniter’ she was the ‘One’ and she was destined to rule the pride, but the current leader (who was not valentina, but an evil guy named Sergei) didn’t want that to happen, so he was working with the anti-mai conspiracy and assassin to kill Chloe, cuz he’d already worked with them to kill her brother and sister. my point is, the books were better. read them.

      • alicia

        Completely agree

      • Evan

        The thing is ITS NOT SUPPOSED to be EXACTLY like the damn books if it was it would be totally retarded since youd already know what was going to happen this was everything is more interesting! Like come on use your head before you say something retarded wise -.-

      • lalay



        u got that right me so sad they ended the movie me just don’t feel like watching any more movies that is produced by abc :'(

      • Ashley

        I recently had a dream that the new season of Nine lives was coming on and i got soooo Excited, then i woke up): I litterally could not wait for the next episode to come on every week. And all this talk about the secret life, PLL’s and the lying game has nothing to do with Nine Lives sooooooo STOP talking about it! PLEASE Nine Lives come Back and Rescue me from all these BAD shows!!!

      • cheyenne

        i love this show so much we always watch when ever it comes on and abc family you guys left a very good eciting part at he end abc family you guys have to finsh it oe else we wony know what happen between these chacter every body wants to happpen SO PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I REALLY LOVE THAT SHOW SO DOES EVERYBOBY ELSE

      • Kenzie

        I love this show so much !!!!!! it was amazing !! the actors were great ,the backround story was interesting ,and i was just overall a fun show. it had romance, drama and of course alec was HOT !! i tottally agree That they should bring it back !! PLEAS ABC FAMILY BRING BACK THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING!!!!!!

      • mimi

        i agreee with the people that loved “9 lives chloe king”
        that and pretty lil liars were the only shows i actually liked on ABC and im F`n pissed that they re canceling it, like the wtf is your problemABC and why would you end it like that , that was the worst ending i want to see more now i dont know wtf happend to her!!!!!!!!!! Stupid ass mistake!!!

      • natalie

        we have an online petition to get The Nine Lives Of Chloe King back on tv

    • kylie

      it should still be able to play because alot of people liked it expecially me my sister and my aunts and other family members and because it ended really bad for it never to come on ever again

    • kacee

      i loved nine lives of chloe king i think it was one of the best shows i have ever seen and that u have ever had on abc so you should still play it on t.v.

      • cassssy

        i totally agree, chloe king is the only show that i watch on ABC,,, I personally have given secret life so many chances and have been so disappointed, being a teenager i know that no ones life can even be prepared to how much everything is about sex and getting pregnant. They should cancel any other show but chlow king, its so exciting and there is a love story behind it! i really wanna know what happens next.

      • shipp


    • terry

      only someone silly would think that a series based on teenage pregnancy which is something that occurs alot, here in America, would say something like that. The show protrays how a teenage mom’s life is most likely to go if the parents are willing to help her. It is also not so serious that is boring. But I also like The nine lives… I mean if they don’t have the book series to follow just create their own storyline. What I hate that they’re continuing is Make it or break it.

    • rebecca

      I agree 100 percent. Secret life sucks.

    • mis.

      I so agree. Get rid of that crap. What kind of influence to you think that has on the teens that watch it??!!?!

    • shan

      I loved this show it was great. Great actors to skyler samuels and benjiman stone espessaly. I was- and am- really dissapointent it was over. I like preaty little lairs and lieing game but by far this was my favorite.

      • lori

        K That’s it……I am done with ABC Family. Chloe King never got the chance it deserved. Maybe someone should contact the CW. At least they understand our love of supernatural. And they feed it to us. So I guess I’m going with the CW and the better programing. You shoulda kept Chloe.

      • bla bla

        ur totaly rite nine lives of chloe king is the best

    • sassygirl1062003@yahoo.com

      they should not cancel that show it is supper good and they just left us hanging

      • bla bla




    • blue

      I think that nine lives of Chloe king was awesome n they should put it bac on, I really wanna know wat happens next

      • bla bla

        ya i do 2 i dont want to read the whole book some people say there just starting the next seson but thay cant handle the truth

    • Cindy!

      They can’t! Now all I have is the lying game and Switched at Birth! I love that show!

    • Joanna

      I really did ENJOY ” The nine lives of Chloe King” I wanna see what happen to her, everyone started dying on the last episode and the love of her life kisses her and dies? Hows sad…=/
      I knew she should just stuck it out with Alek =)
      anyways I want a season 2 already !!!!

    • apple

      what secret life is amazing i dont know what your talking about

    • apple


    • whateveryouwant

      I completely agree, The Secret Life was long overdue to be cancelled. I thought I was the only one who heard sex every other word too! But it’s a shame for “Chloe” to be getting cancelled, I absolutely loved that show. Bummer bummer :/

    • hayhay

      i agree i love the 9 lives of chloe king i officialy hate ABC family

    • Lauren

      SO TURE I HATE SECRET LIFE OF KNOCKED UP TEENAGERS!!! They HAVE to keep Pretty little liars and the lying game though! THEY ARE THE BEST SHOWS ON THERE!!!

    • Max

      Oh I agree with you the show could have grown into a good storyline but not enough viewers. The Secret life of the American teenager is horriable with bad/annoying actors & actress. No teen talks the way they do about sex. Teens are way to awkward thats all.

    • Madison

      They shouldn’t cancel it it’s my favorite show and it had the worst ending I wanna know what happens its so stupid there canceling it I’m so mad it’s a great show

    • Madison

      They shouldn’t cancel it it’s my favorite show and it had the worst ending I wanna know what happens its so stupid there canceling it I’m so mad it’s a great show and I will kill myself if it’s off u suck if it goes off

  • Michael

    im sorry bit that whole network has become a joke

    • Eric P

      It is. I gave Chloe a chance but i found it de-clawed. Personally if i watch a show i prefer there be something at stake but the show just felt too safe. Same with the lying game. So ill stick with PLL.

      • Rosie

        what are you talking about Eric P your crazy the lying game is not that safe it just keeps you curious have you even seen the whole episode i guess not cause if you did you would love it as much as i do!!!!!

    • dharma swan

      Totally agree. The ABC Family channel’s programming is horrid.

      • Rosie

        i am going to stop watching any show on abcfamily- even pll. the show cant evene hold up a candle to the books not to mention the producers made the plot rather shabby. all of the new shows sound awful and so do the other shows especially secret life and switched at birth.

    • Whitney

      It has hasn’t…I will miss Chloe King though, I think it could of gone somewhere. :)

    • Mbalu (The M is silent)

      Thank You! I 100% support that. Except The Liars shows! Lol…

  • Amanda

    Wow, they will cancel a wonderful show with a great original storyline with a fantastic cast but Secret Life is still on air? Come on, ABCfamily.

    • Captain

      It’s not rocket science. No one watched Chloe King, so they cancelled it. People watch Secret Life, so they keep it on the air. Don’t blame networks, blame America. Do you honestly think any television network cares about the quality of their programming as long as it’s being seen?

      • Steph

        While I agree with the ratings thing that’s almost a non issue on the basic cable channels and them keeping a show on the air.

        So, 1 million people watch Secret Life and 800,000 watch Chloe that’s a reson to take it off the air?

        If they are cancelling a show then at least have the courtesy to do a 2 hour movie to wrap up the finale for the people who did give the network and the show a chance.

      • Humbugged

        Steph .

        Secret Life ,Switched and Liars were all getting around 2.5 to 3 million an episode this summer and 9 lives was getting 800,000 .

      • 9lives4ever

        @Humbugged @Steph
        the 9 lives got around 2 million views when it first started but at the season finale it came just above 1 million and i know why because it aired at 9:00 on a school night and most parents make thier kids sleep at 9

      • brittany

        no people couldn’t watch it @ that time so people started watching it on their computers….tons of people would have loved to watch it if it was on a different time duh

      • tina

        Totoly agree I’ve learned not to get to emotionally involved in a new show on any of the networks cuz most likely they will get cancelled.I wasn’t part of the target audience for the show I’m in my thirties but I thought it was a good show. It sad not enough people watched well theres always the books to read guess ill be looking for those

      • Nadia

        @Tina – Me too! In my 30’s but I thought it was pretty decent.

    • luckyducky

      Thank you finally someone who understands

      • dee

        People are sheep & wouldn’t know a good series if they tripped over it. That’s what i understand.

      • PLL

        @dee you dont know a good series and YEY IT CANCELED i usally leave the tv on and miss the show then i heard about watch the finale to keep it up so im like NOOO IMMA TURN IT OFF!

    • Bobbi

      I liked this show, it was orginal and differnt. Dont really care for the Lying Game. I hope they plan on keeping Switched at Birth. ABC has disappointed me for the last few years and now the are starting to do it on ABCFAMILY!!!!!!!

      • Mbalu (The M is silent)

        Hey… I know that ABC has dissapointed you and they have dissapointed me too…. But don’t take it out on The Lying Game.It’s an amazing show with realistic characters and a different perspective, because they have shown the popular mean chicks side of the story, so please respect the show. It is a piece of moving art!

  • slstevens

    Well, I guess a show about teenagers who aren’t bed-hopping and obsessing about sex (YES, I mean Secret Life) was too much to ask for. Thanks a lot ABC Family! And to promote in its place a show about a former showgirl teaching a high school drill team? Hasn’t this been done with a gymnastics team? At least I know what channel to totally skip now when I’m surfing.

    • Terri

      I totally agree. A slew of us were talking about Secret Life the other day and how we don’t think kids should watch it. But we absolutely LOVE “Pretty Little Liars,” “Switched at Birth” (if THAT one doesn’t garner EMMY nominations next year, I’ll be shocked) and even THE LYING GAME. The first couple episodes of THE LYING GAME made me kind a’ iffy about watching it–but the rest of the episodes have been FANTASTIC. It’s now becoming as good as PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Until a year ago, ABC FAMILY shows and programming sucked. The quality as improved dramatically. I was disappointed and somewhat shocked that THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING was given the boot. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad, either. I enjoyed watching it ON DEMAND. Now its mysteries and secrets will go on in our heads–never to be revealed or solved.

      • Michelle

        I agree with the two comments above, so many shows today are so full of sex and I thought this one was interesting for more than just that. I’m sad it’s cancelled.

      • terry

        please do not compare the lying game and pretty little liars. pretty little liars doesn’t hold a candle to the lying game. and whats to be iffy about the lying game?

  • maggie

    i love thjis show! it doesn NOT need to be canceled, and FYI the secret life is a good show. but the nine lives of chloe king was original and intersting and stuff like that never lasts because people are so closed minded and dumb, all they want is some hih school drama show instead of something new, well FYI some people arent stuck up preps and like ORIGINAL. KEEP THE NINE LIVS OF CHLOE KING, a lot of people LOVE this show!

    • @maggie

      I’m not sure how original it was, because it was based off of books.

      • Lorenzo

        Just because it was based off the books doesn’t mean it’s not original . Or have u seen any other tv shows like this one?

      • Staci

        I read the book and was excited they made a movie out of it. Now they cancelled it? They suck and i wont watch ABC FAMILY again unless they put that back on. Other shows suck except PLL and i love that show, but please bring back chloe.

    • sammy

      It had the potential to be like Buffy. I just can’t believe ABC is taking this amazing show off the air. I’m never watching ABC again..

      • AJ

        I agree it did have potential . That.s what happened with Buffy nd another network picked them up.
        Hopefully another network will see that and pick up Chloe King.

    • ray

      please ABC put THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING back on for SEASON 2!!! EVERYBODY loves this show. ABC is stupid to not realize that.!!! :(

  • Steph

    Are you f***ing kidding me?

    This is why people don’t get into new shows. Last year it was Huge and now its Chloe King.

    This was the best show the network has had on in a long time.

    They have the nerve to keep the mundane and ridiculous Secret Life on and the just plain dumb Pretty Little Gossip Girl wanna be’s and the now I’m even more shallow than Pretty Little Liars Lying Game but take off Chloe.

    This network has no shame.

    I will never watch another show on the network.

    • Kelly

      Obviously you haven’t seen PLL or The Lying Game. They aren’t “shallow.” I agree, Secret Life is just… atrocious… but its SO atrocious you can’t help but watch at least a few episodes. Not to mention, the lead actress… Some Shailene girl or something, is the worst of them all. But, seriously, The Lying Game and PLL are pretty darn amazing and filled with suspense. Chloe had that, but not as much. I can see why they’re canceling it.

      • MMJ

        I didn’t like Secret Life from the beginning. I didn’t find it very true to life and the characters (except the younger sister) were pretty creepy. I forced myself to make it through the first season, but when it didn’t get better, I stopped.

        As for PPL… I love that at first, but I’m getting tired of the unending search for A. I vowed if they didn’t find out who s/he was this season, I was giving it up. We didn’t find out, but there was a clue at the end so I will give it a couple of episodes next season. After a while, it just gets old.

        LG is not great, but is okay (and I love Adrian Pasdar!). As long as they don’t drag out the mother-finding tooooooooooooo long, I’ll keep watching.

      • Cara

        MMJ, I loved the younger sister. My niece watches Secret Life and we always do family dinners on Monday and end up watching Secret Life. The sister was the only character i could stand and they wrote her out!

      • Steph

        Anything with a bunch of ridiculous teenagers doing adult things is shallow.

    • Terri

      I used to watch GOSSIP GIRL religiously the first Season. I slowly began to lose interest. What I never understood is how these 15 & 16-year-olds could be sitting in bars drinking martinis. HELLO! And they were all having S-E-X. Again, many of us were talking the other day about SEX on ABC Family Shows. No one really knows if the teenagers on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and SWITCHED AT BIRTH or having sex or not. Let’s keep it that way. Just keeping the storylines as romantic suspense is fine. And, I admit, I also heard about the alcohol shots taken every time someone on SECRET LIFE says the word SEX. When they showed a clip on CHELSEA LATELY, it seemed as if every other word was SEX or had to do with SEX. The dialogue was absolutely TERRIBLE! Never had and never will have any interest in watching it (and my boyfriend and I enjoy watching porn every once in a while so don’t call me a prude).

      • ick

        seriously, i have been watching tv a long time. i watch all kinds of shows- critically acclaimed and panned and i cannot think of a show with worse dialogue than Secret Life.

    • alexa

      i agree chloe was amazing abc family please keep nine lives of chloe king it was way better than all ur other shows and it was actually interesting ..and different compared to all the other shows.

  • Beauty

    I tried watching this and it sucked so bad! They need to cancel Secret Life as well.

  • Cher

    Come on! Can’t someone stop this??!!! It’s one of the best most original shows i’ve seen in a while… ABC just really SUCKS at advertising I fell in love with this show cuz i was bored one wkend… i had no idea it was this great especially from commercials!

  • tati

    Strut??? Sounds a lot like Hellcats, to me….and how are college crime fighters that different from Chloe and the gang?? UGH.

    • Steph

      You are so right. It will last a season too!

  • sabrina

    Well, this is unwelcomed news. The finale was brilliant and to have no resolution a smack in the face to all those who tuned into ABC Fam network every week. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, this is fairly typical of ABC.

  • Lizzy

    This is the worst news ever. They left it on such a cliffhanger. I am in mourning. I am so upset.

    • Megs_122

      I feel your pain Lizzy. I’m reading the books now and though their different and little more adult than the show is/was, I still wanted it to continue since the finale left so much open and up in the air. Plus…I felt like a lot of the actors had great potential, (i.e. Chloe, Amy, Bryan). I am devestated…

    • Jenna

      I know i luved the nine lives, wish they would bring it back, the actual books r really different ABC messed up im sooo sad. I luv Ben stone!!!<3

  • deedeedragons

    Ooh… i still hate you for what you did to Kyle XY ABC Family.

    • Steph

      I still hate them for what they did to Lincoln Heights too.

      Why do I even bother???????

      • Mel

        Agree with deedee and Steph, both of those were my shows! Add Greek to that lists *cries*

    • Rebekah

      @deedeedragons. Agreed. Kyle XY deserved to have an actual finale with a true ending. I never understood why they canceled it; it was well-reviewed and got decent ratings.

      • deedeedragons

        Well the urban legend is THAT rumour about Matt Dallas was true & you know…. (if you believe all that, i still don’t know) the lead of a ABC Family show…… they weren’t going to have that! So after the ratings dropped at little bit, they gave it the axe.

      • Michael

        ABC and ABC Family are two of the most gay-inclusive channels on TV. Rumor or not, the ratings floundered in the last season AND it was more expensive than other shows. There are many leading men on tv that have been rumored gay but their shows nor their characters haven’t been cancelled.

      • Upset

        Which rumour about Matt Dallas and which one is he? Is he suspected of being gay? I know nothing about this. All I know is that I really enjoyed the show, and with the cliffhanger, I was waiting to see what happened to them at the end. Now we’ll never know. This is not right. I think shows should be mandated to a a closure ep for fans, when the show gets cancelled, especially on a cliffhanger.

    • MWeyer

      And the Middleman.

      • Dub Dub

        Art Crawl!

    • Jose

      Thanks for opening an old old wound.
      Now I’m missing Kyle XY

      • Joseph

        me too… Chloe and Kyle should get together and kick some Secret Life butt. I can’t stand that ABC keeps that trash on, but cancels the good shows. There are many shows that went on to be hits that didn’t hit their stride until the second season. They should have given it more time.

      • Someone

        Yeah, the other day I had realized how long it’s been on. They need to cancel it!

      • ceira bueno

        So true. Now there are two series that we’ll never see again. :'(

    • MAria

      I have vowed to NEVER watch any ABC affiliated TV again. First they cancel, Kyle XY and then 10 Things I hate about You, and now Chloe King,.
      I am done with these networks., They wouldn’t know good TV if they fell over it.

      • Ashley

        I totally agree

  • Suave

    I loved chloe very pretty

  • Annie

    My favorite show :(

  • Trey

    Good. Chloe King overall was a horrible show, thanks alot to bad writing (“I just wanna kiss you right now”? Seriously?) and bad acting (the australian dude whose accent and bad acting made me wanna punch him in the face).

    • Keely

      Umm. What Australian dude? Ben Stone is British and the only reason people watched in the first place.

      • Mariah

        Actually, he’d be the reason I didn’t watch. Just seeing/hearing him the previews made me cringe.

      • Javabooknut

        Actually he’s south African

      • Eli

        Sorry, but I’m with Trey on this one, both the australian/british/southafrican dude and the asian sidekick dude were just horrible actors.

    • Lilah

      Ah-ha Fuuuk you.

      • Valerie

        Nine Lives is probably the only show I’ve watched the whole series straight through, in under a day. It’s so captivating and it sucks that it would be cancelled at a cliff hanger. This has been the only decent show on ABC. The rest are just trash. I didn’t find out about the show until it came on Netflix.. And I fell in love with it. If only I even knew ABC was showing it.. They could’ve dine better advertising. I really hope the show comes back.

      • Christine Peary

        You finally put a show on that is intriguing , The Nine Lives of Chloe King and you dump it. I’m so disgusted with TV programming-nothing but to many same scenario cop shows and way to much crappy talk shows and reality shows. No one has any imagination any more. We just rewatched the series in hopes we’d see it this season and nothing. I’m completely disgusted with your programming-don’t know if I’ll bother to watch any more of your stuff. You and all the other big networks always do this with any show I like. Sci Fi shows generally do better and have more of a run but not always. I’m so sick of talk shows and reality shows. Hardly anyone puts out an intriguing show anymore and when they do it’s cancelled. I guess it’s a good reason to give up TV.

    • Sandy

      you are just jealous of hhis looks!

      • rose

        soo true!!!!! benjamin stone is sooo cute and one of the main reasons why i watched the show was to see if he could win over chloe.he may have the chance vut i will never find out PLEESE BRING BACK NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING I HAVE TO FIND OUT HOW IT ENDS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHO WATCHES THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!(plus alek is super hot i ‹3 team alek!!!!!!!!!)

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