Charlie Sheen says he'd guest star on 'Men': Wait, what?

Charlie Sheen’s seemingly cold-sober, warlock-free round of humble media interviews continues this morning with his appearance on NBC’s Today show, where he told Matt Lauer he’d be up for a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men.

Wait. What? You mean the show in which his character dies in the upcoming season premiere?

Prompted by Lauer that he should do an “amazing guest appearance” on the comedy hit, Sheen said:

“Absolutely. If they wanted or needed it or thought that was a good idea, I’d be completely on board for that. There’s your closer. I’ll be in the final episode.”

Sheen then added: “Unless I’m really dead. There’s no body at the funeral. There’s no urn … I’m really curious about what happened to me. I’m not just looking at it just as what they’re doing forward but I’m looking at it as what I left behind and how they’re going to figure it out.”

The idea of Charlie Harper returning after being declared dead seems silly. But Men is a sitcom, after all, and stranger things have happened on TV.

Sheen also said that he was a bit taken aback at his Comedy Central roast by how mean the jokes were.

“It was raunchy. They said to prepare yourself. I said ‘It’s just words.’ It wasn’t just words. They were very biting. If you’re going to roast a guy like me there can’t be any boundaries. I was sitting there like, ‘I volunteered for this? … Who would do that?’ But then I thought about it and it’s not an attack. It’s a celebration.”

Commented host Savannah Guthrie: “It’s so interesting to see how much he’s changed this past year. He seems to be a more thoughtful, and — for lack of a better term — sober-minded individual.”

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  • amy

    I don’t know what kind of meds Charlie’s on but, I’d like some please! Wow! I wish him the best, really!

    • anonymous

      Oh Charlie, did you not get the news that your character dies in the first episode !!!

      • Ooops!

        Or, it is just like you forgiving Denise Richards, and taking her back. Highly unlikely.

      • @Ooops!

        Die u not read the article?

      • hob

        They could pull a Dallas and make the episodes without him just a dream Alan is having. That would be funny, Alan hears the shower running, goes in to check, and Charlie steps out and asks him to hand him a towel.

      • Ryan

        His character doesn’t have to be alive for him to make an appearance.


        “It’s so interesting to see how much he’s changed this past year. He seems to be a more thoughtful, and — for lack of a better term — sober-minded individual.” Umm… do you not recall that almost all of this shipwreck happened in 2011?? There is no “this past year.” There’s “this past month or two.” MY GOD—how people love to forget the facts.

      • petite fleur

        did you get the news that he just answered a question from Matt Lauer anonymous ? Buy you a brain next time.

      • Carl


      • Terry falcon

        No one saw the body!!! Bring him back

    • A smart girl

      how about you get a life Lisa S and stop trolling Ew boards ? You are boring, go away. Thanks in advance.

    • gazmo

      Bring him back for a “Weekend at Bernie’s” themed episode!!

    • Acaseofgeo

      Ouch Lisa S, I think I need to be on your side or at least pretend I am. lolololol

    • tiikaran

      Um, “dragging the brand down”…. yeah, ’cause entertainment news is so posh and upmarket to begin with lmao ;)

  • ewwwww

    Yeah. That’s not gonna happen.

    • Michael Sacal

      Charlie could come back in a dream sequence Alan has. It’s not impossible for it to happen.

    • lulu

      yeah and it is a good thing, Sheen is so much better than this show.

  • Pslightly Psycho

    Oh I’m just suuuurrrre CBS would want him back. No bitterness there, right?

    • Trey

      Totally none whatsoever :D

    • dgh

      In Hollywood money overrules bitterness so never say never.

    • audrey

      actually CBS always wanted him it was lorre who didn’t but they couldn’t convince Lorre to change his mind

    • Ryan

      Wait until their ratings tank about 4-5 weeks in. They’ll be begging him to come back. Lorne will be out on his @$$. The writing sucked on that show. The reason it is still on the air was because Sheen carried it.

      • Lisa

        Lorre wouldn’t be out on his a$$. He has two other shows on CBS….both which are better than ‘Men’.

  • Clete

    Don’t believe, if I was him, I would wait for that call.

    • Ams

      HELLO he just answered Lauer question, HE HAS MOVED ON unlike you, he will have another show and is working on an indie movie with a prestigious director, he is doing good for himself, don’t worry.

      • Lisa

        but we can’t have that.. that would mean that he is still WINNING

  • marty

    Aren’t they killing his character off the show anyway?

    • Ryan

      Charlie will become the new version of Kenny. He’ll just show up one day without any explanation. Or he’ll come back and they’ll call it a prequel to the Kutcher episodes.

  • .

    “The idea of Charlie Harper returning after being declared dead seems silly…”

    Maybe it could be a flashback episode.

    • Laundry

      Or he could appear as someone’s conscience, like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

      Or he could do Hot Shots Part Trois.

      Or he could move to Fiji and count his money.

  • mrdavis

    who cares?????????????????

    • mrdavisisnotclever

      you it seems since you post DUMB.ASS.

  • ryq

    cbs would take him back only if the new two and a half men fail.

    • audrey

      it will no doubt

    • Terry falcon

      It will fail. I hope you ate right.

  • Tico

    That photo makes him look like some serial killer on Criminal Minds.

    • Ryan

      LOL. I was thinking the same thing.

    • Nadiacomanetchi

      no looks alright to me, now show your picture, we will laugh a little..

  • Alice Adams

    If the ratings drop, CBS would be on the phone to Sheen in an instant. The entertainment industry is about money. Ratings drop, ad rates drop, etc.

    It’s about money. They’d have him back if it made financial sense.


    • chris

      I don’t think so. CBS/Lorre would let the show fail before having him back. Big shot decisions aren’t like sorry couples’ off-on relationships.

      • tiikaran

        That doesn’t seem like good business sense, to let a show fail rather than swallow a little humble pie and invite an actor back, even if it’s just for guest appearances. I doubt Lorre got to be that successful by being so petty. Then again, there would be other, less drastic options if the ratings do go down, than rehiring Charlie Sheen…

  • Mark

    The countdown to this loser’s next relapse/meltdown has already begun.The sad sacks who cheered his insanity must feel like such tools right now. I hope the next woman he beats is packing heat and finishes the job the 7 gram rocks couldn’t.

    • D@mn Mark!

      Anger issues??? Ever hear of forgiveness???


        There’s “forgiveness” and there’s “stupidity.” Charlie Sheen is nothing but an accident waiting to happen. Yes, he’s talented. Yes, he’s appealing. Yes, he’s an unstable, abusive drug addict with delusions of grandeur and a profound, pathological need for attention. There are other people who can do his job. Charlie needs to get professional, long-term help and disappear for a while. Several months isn’t going to do it.

    • Julia

      wow Mark you are pathetic..yeah buddy you will never get laid, c’est la vie..

  • David

    I don’t know why everyone keeps reporting that he appears stone cold sober when he looks/sounds like to me that he’s coked out of his mind. I guess I’ve just been around more drug addicts in my life..but he’s def on some coke from what I saw of the interview. I think you are being fooled by comparing this Charlie to the “Charlie that is on a 4 day bender”. He clearly hasn’t hit bottom, and probably won’t ever hit it. You can tell that he’s changed a bit, maybe more humble, but still not a guy that’s thinking clearly. It’s sad that he can’t seem to get that demon off his back..I’m worried that it’s going to take him to his grave.

    • Jude

      Yeah David because you are some ‘expert’ bouahahaha..Charlie is doing alright so now go live YOUR life, well at least try to have one..haha.

    • I Know One Thing

      It takes a full year for a brain to change back from how the cocaine affected it. So Charlie has got some time left on that. I live near Hazelden and darn if those people don’t just love to educate us dumb Center City, MN dwellers.

  • lana

    Wow, he’s begging for his job back already? Didn’t he brag on his roast about telling his bosses to go ‘f’ themselves?

    He’s still insane people. Don’t believe a word he says.

    • Amanda Kisnhug

      He’s probably low on $ so needs to do some grovelling and a$$ kissing.

      • nodnarb

        No kidding. Hookers and blow ain’t cheap!

      • @ brandon who spells his name backward! lol

        Go watch Nickelodeon dear!

    • penny

      Did you read the article or just bash in order to have fun-bashing (your life is boring and dull..i know) ? He answered the interviewer question, that’s all, he is working on another tv show..if you had a brain, if only..

  • chris

    Charlie looks a LOT better now. But he burned bridges and that can’t be undone. He could make a guest appearance in someone’s (Alan’s?) dream, but I don’t think Lorre will do it. Best for Charlie to move on. I’m pretty neutral on my feelings about him, but glad he didn’t party himself to death.

    • lana


    • Truthhurts

      he has moved on but it seems lot’s of haters don’t ..sad for them..sad..and pathetic..

  • Gucci

    Oh the pain of not getting one million a week because you can’t control yourself. Very sad!

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