'Glee': New Directions perform a cafeteria-set version of The Go-Go's 'We Got the Beat' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Gleefanatics, you’re gonna piddle your pants. As a self-confessed Gleek, I feel I can be honest with you… plus I try to use the word “piddle” as often as possible. With only days until the Sept. 20 season 3 premiere of Glee, here’s a fabulous treat to kick off your weekend: EW is exclusively premiering one of the biggest musical numbers from the premiere, a cafeteria-set cover of The Go-Go’s “We Got the Beat.” I saw the premiere yesterday with co-creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy in attendance, and I can promise you the premiere delivers the goods. (Check out my colleague Lynette Rice’s account of the Glee fun.) But don’t just take my word for it! Watch below and try not to tap your feet. 

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  • Tom Bergeron

    Please, please, please, EW, don’t put upcoming songs in your article titles. I know it’s crazy, but I am trying to be suprised by the songs when the show comes back on.

    • Michael

      I totally like being surprised too, but you can also just choose not to watch the clips… (I’m not trying to be snarky, I’m just sayin’).

      • John

        It was in the title, which was their point. You could learn to read too (trying to be snarky).

      • Captain

        I think the problem was more the headline than the clip. That said, it’s been in all the promos. It’s hardly a surprise.

      • Lisa

        Like OMG I’m so sure. Like totally. I don’t know if I can handle this, yknow

      • Tom

        No cheerleaders give upskirts like that in high school. Give me a break.

    • T

      It’s about time they pair Mercedes up with a guy that would realistically be with her.

      • @T

        So the only person who would date an overweight black woman is an overweight black man?

        This generation….

      • Captain

        That’s not fair. Mercesdes is beautiful even if she does have curves. It’s realistic any man would find her attractive. Just because someone’s overweight doesn’t mean they’d have to date other overweight people.

      • Jessa

        I actually found that really disappointing! What I liked about Mercedes and Sam (or what could have been until he left the show) was that they were polar opposites.

      • Ty

        I was literally at a restaurant listening to this song and thinking, “Glee should sing this song.” Around three days later, I heard that they were gonna be singing it in the promo.

      • brit

        This comment here is ignorange at its finest. Mercedes could absolutely date BOTH jocks she’s been paired with and leave them by the way side if she wanted

      • amber

        Yeah, pretty much. I realize that Murphy wants to present a fantasy world for teens where your every dream comes true if you just “believe”. but the rest of us who actually went to real high school know that the chances of one of the hot boys in school dating someone who is seriously overweight ( race doesn’t matter) and not a member of the cool kids table is probably less than zero. I say that as someone who was once the actresses size. Even as teenages grow increasingly fat and therefore not as unusual as they once were, there is still very little crossing of the bounries.

      • Strepsi

        “realistically be with her” ? Man, your comment is everything Glee is against, including cliquism and ignorance.

      • High Schooler

        As a current high schooler, my complaint about this show is that it is extremely unrealistic when compared to the real thing. The Mercedes relationships have been the most unrealistic things in this show. As sad is it is, a girl like her wouldn’t be dated by any popular jock. Her boyfriend wouldn’t have to be fat, but the truth is that at her weight, if a jock dated her, he would be ridiculed. Some other things like the bullying are seem extremely exaggerated, but maybe only because physical bullying is unheard of at my school.

      • Teresa

        Can we just be happy that Mercedes is happy? Is that really too much to ask an audience to be?

      • KC

        How sanitized. Whenever you think you’re gonna glimpse some cheerleader’s undies, the camera pans away.

      • Erin

        I woul just like to reply to this quick. Its BS for some one to say that just because she’s heavy set, that she would never date the popular jock. Im heavy set have been since 7th grade. Through high school I had several boy friends, One being the Varsity qb for 2 years. His friends made a few jokes but that was the end of. It happens more often than you think and it seems very ignorant that you would say it couldnt cause shes heavy

    • LOL

      Harry Shum looked sexy is folk when he was slapping dat @ss.

      • CIK

        More like “We Got The Beak”…

    • Martina

      I agree I really want to be surprised! and Glee is in 3 days we can wait!

  • Julius

    LOVE IT!

    • Katie

      ’80s. Yawn. Could they do some ’90s r&b? Now THAAT would be interesting and new. The songs of my youth.. Boyz II Men, Jon B, SWV, Babyface, 112.. kids today still love these songs.

      • Lisa

        ok katie, you tell yourself that if you like

      • Captain

        I don’t know if I’m still a kid at 20 but I still love 90s hip-hop. Vanilla Ice, Will Smith, Young MC, MC Hammer, Marky Mark…those are the songs of my youth. Glee has attempted quite a bit old school R&B so I don’t think there’s any need to complain.

      • Jack

        @Captain: there’s a difference between ’90s cheesy rap (what you call “hip hop”) and R&B.

      • Stephanie

        Huh? I hope this was a troll. Because the 90s pop scene was hysterically, notably *bad*.

        (there was absolutely good and influential music in the 90s. but the last time I heard some Boyz II Men I was at Burger King, and it was on the easy listening radio station they played to keep people from staying too long).

      • Timbo

        Was there music in the 90s?

      • Jana

        Not trying to be rude but kids today definitely do not listen to 90’s music. Im 15….

      • benny

        I am sooo sick of R&B. I would LOVE to see Mercedes do something that ISN’T hip-hop or R&B. To me, that’s the reason she never gets any solos or headlines; it’s all she does.

      • @Jana

        Not to be rude, but kids your age have absolutely no taste in music or know what real even music is. Half of the stuff out today either makes no sense, sounds like a bunch of whiney little brats (Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus..), or is sampled from from a song that was made waaay before your time.

        @Stephanie, I’m guessing the only music you listen to is from the list I just stated previously up above.

      • Tom

        I know, right? Listen to your average song form the 90s like a good old classic Nirvana song about armadillos and mosquitoes, or boyz to men songs about getting laid for the very first time.. At least I know that the heck those things are, unlike some of the music being written today. (that was actually entirely satire for the mentally challenged among EW readership)

      • to “@Jana”

        that is a completely unfair generalisation. Not all young people are like that. Many of us listen to good music. The Kooks, Foster The People, All Time Low, there is plenty of good music out there. Also, just because you don’t like taylor swift or miley cyrus, does not mean they are any less valid as music.

      • @ Jana 2

        All Time Low? Foster the People?

      • tom

        I agree….loved it when they did some R & B…Jill Scott’s Hate On Me one of my faves.

    • Jmilano

      This is rough….next to no choreography and hardly a discernible voice in this Kidz Bop flashback….


      • @Jmilano

        YES. i totally agree. all of these singers suck every ounce of emotion out of songs, churning out one empty, generic kidzbop-py cover after another. this show is so tired.

      • Katie

        Hey guys…..how about instead of complaining about what songs they select and how they run things on the show, you either shut your mouth or stop watching the show!!! It’s that simple! No one is forcing you to watch it, so seriously….I love the show and coming here and seeing all of your dumb nasty comments is just ridiculous!!!

      • Liz

        I agree with Katie first too much choreography now not enough. GOD!!

  • Felina

    Where did Chris table dancing sequence go? Hahaha that’s so mean – he injuried himself in the process and now they cut it from scene? Anyway great perfomance. The ladys are hot!

    • M

      I was wondering about Chris’s table dancing also! I would have liked to see that.

    • Lauren Hater

      I’m just glad fat Lauren isn’t in the scene. She’s disgusting, especially when watching her try to dance.

      • marti1013

        I’d rather see Lauren. She’s a true representation (like ALL the Glee kids) of high school life. Not everyone is as perfect and perky and pert like Brittany and Satan–I mean Santana. She totally has the cojones to lay into any one of the Glee kids and back up what she says. I hope she returns this season, even if it’s only as a background peripheral role and STAY with Puck.

      • Laura

        That’s a horrible thing to say. I think Glee is unique because it does star people of all different shapes and sizes…

      • Emily

        Lauren and Puck aren’t dating anymore and Lauren quit glee club.

      • brit

        Zises is they best!! Shew for a hottie and she snarky I need to see more of her

  • Paula

    Naya Rivera For the win!

    • Gracie

      Don’t Forget Hemo!!!!!
      and all that background Brittana- my heart can’t take it!!

      • Emily

        My hearts beats for Brittana and Klaine. <3

  • Page

    How about a video of Darren Criss singing It’s Not Unusual? I must have listened to that at least five times already today.

    • Emily


    • M

      OMG yes! The ending absolutely SLAYED me!

  • Joe G.

    That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go-Go’s plus Glee = overdose of happy

  • katyally

    where’s Quinn???

    • Captain

      Don’t ask if you don’t want to be spoiled.

      • SaraS

        No way…. *gasp!

      • Todd

        For real, whers Quinn?

    • carol

      maybe having acting classes, because i really hope that dianna agron can act this season.

      • @ Carol the Troll

        Dianna Agron is absolutely the best actor on the show (besides Jane Lynch).

        Take your hate elsewhere, troll.

      • Captain

        LOL that made me laugh.

        And @CaroltheTroll if you think Dianna Agron is the best actor on the show you should probably take a class yourself. I love Dianna as a person but she’s one of the worst actors on the show only second to Jenna Ushkowitz.

      • L

        Yeah, Dianna seems like a real sweetheart in real life, but she’s not the best actress on the show, not by a longshot.

      • Jessa

        Seriously. She’s about as interesting to watch on screen as paint drying. Nothing against her in real life but dayum. She’s really bleh.

        Amber Riley needs some acting classes too. I very rarely by what she’s selling. Unpopular opinion but meh.

      • Gigi

        Best acting by FAR are Kurt & dad. Hands down.

      • Diana is great

        I agree that the best actors on the show are Sue, Kurt, his dad and Quinn.
        Every word out of their mouths is engaging and realistic.

    • Emily

      Quinn goes “emo” and quits glee club.

  • Carolyn

    I love this cover. Very nice.
    I’m excited for the season premiere.. but I won’t get my hopes up too high.

  • Sarah-Jessie

    that was so freaking awesome, can not wait till it starts again and i love love love nayas voice :) happy gleek

  • Nora

    Spotted Puck already eying the new girl, and Mercedes with her new boyfriend!

  • Mia

    How can those kids in the cafeteria just give the Glee kids those annoyed glares/ignore them? At the high school I went to the performing arts/music kids were kind of idolized cause they had the confidence to do stuff like perform in front of the rest of the school!

    • Lisa

      Must have been a private school or something.

      • Captain

        I don’t know about that. I went to a public school and the kids in the school plays were usually the popular kids, they weren’t popular BECAUSE they were in the musicals but I digress…

      • MelindaB

        In my kids’ school, the star jocks are also in chorus/band/drama. That’s why I find WMHS so unrealistic. However, my daughter told me that her new chorus teacher shared stories about his last school that could have been right from Glee, and the teachers were almost worse than the snottiest students on the show.

    • Steph

      I went to a public high school and almost all of our music program/choir students were just as popular as the jocks were (and the jocks themselves were in the choirs and musicials as well!). People in our town love the music program students as much as the athletes.

    • tom

      I was thinking the same thing…I don’t care how some people see high school kids but with that kind of hand clapping raise the roof music it’s IMPOSSIBLE that some of those kids would not have been at least swaying to the music if not clapping themselves or dancing with them. WHen the same kids perform in an assembly the whole place got up and rocked iwth them….so why not in the cafeteria or like last years opening number Empire State of Mind in the schoolyard? It’s unrealisitic that kids are that dull or mean. Kids LOVE music.

    • Taylor

      Keep in mind that Glee takes place in a small town. I lived in a small town with a school where being in the music program deemed you “weird” or “gay”. Jocks and sluts ran the school, while the choir kids couldn’t even get people to go to free concerts.
      I’m sure if we ever did something like this, we’d get in trouble with the principal, get serious WTF looks from people, and probably get made fun of for weeks on end for it.

      • Tanner

        @Taylor. EXACTLY how my school is. Our arts programs get ten times the awards the football team does yet we have to pay for everything ourselves and we’re the weird kids while they are in the lap of luxury.

  • SC

    I can’t tell whether Sugar is impressed with or annoyed by Puck.

  • Puckleberry

    Oh, my! Yup, they’ve got the beat! I am counting the days to Tuesday night!

  • ben


    They’ll never do that, but if they did, I could never forgive them. They don’t have anybody who will do the songs justice and just make them corny. Just stick to pop.

  • cool girls

    hemo, lea and naya were awesome

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