New 'Gossip Girl' season premiere royal love triangle promo -- EXCLUSIVE

Tease, tease, tease. The first trailer for The CW’s Gossip Girl set up the gang’s move to Los Angeles. Now this new promo, set to air this weekend, lures us with the Blair/Chuck/Prince of Monaco triangle and that pending wedding. (Plus, oh yes, there’s still that pregnancy test in the trash can… )

Gossip Girl returns Monday, Sept. 26 with an episode titled “Yes Than Zero.” here’s your new look.

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  • Liz

    I don’t see any promo connected to the article…

    • Liz

      ok nvm it was fixed!

    • jenkins

      It’s the best promo because of Chuck ane Blair!

      • Mags

        Blair and Chuck , Chuck and Blair…. :)

  • Patty

    Chuck and Blair!!! I love that the show tried to make a promo about them when we know they are in different locations in the first episode.
    Geee I wonder who is pregnant?
    I think the royal wedding stuff vs. Chuck/Blair is interesting enough but Dan lurking around makes me roll my eyes. They want so badly to make him the star that they have now attached him to the only thing that matters.

    • Kate

      That an asshole Chuck!
      Oh i need Dair scenes!

    • Hot Capicola

      Dan has always been the male lead. That’s why his name is listed first after Blake/Leighton.

      • Caitie

        Calm yo tits P. Funk’s publicist. No way currs.

      • Marina

        The names are listed in alpha order after Blake and Leighton. That doesn’t make him a lead.

      • Sure. and yet dan is more irrelevant than ever

      • Cara

        Dan Humphrey could very easily go off to live in Hudson with Skanky Jenny and the show would not suffer, it would improve a lot.

      • BC

        Dan has never been the male lead his name only appears first because of the whole alphabetical order thing.

      • Holly

        Alphabetical order? LOL…Dan is the male lead, he is the typical ‘good guy’. JUST DEAL WITH IT.

      • Erjca

        Yes, and we all have to deal with the fact that you haven’t learned your ABC’s. Because I’m sure Taylor Momsen was ever more relevant than Ed Westwick because her name appears first. Oh wait, doesn’t M come before W? And so does B in Badgley!

      • vanessa

        Too bad Chuck Bass is more popular and gets the storylines. :)

      • leslie

        Dan is also the most boring. Who trends- Chuck Bass

    • Jenny

      I really do love Chuck and Blair. Now focus on them, writers!

      • Ally

        Yes please! I’m worried they will use Chuck and Blair to promote the show because they know they are who most fans want but then they’ll turn around and focus on boring Dair because they have some weird hard on for Humpty Dumpty.
        For once do what the majority of fans want and give us Chair and Baby Bass please!

      • Lindsey

        Ya. I hope they stop all the partner switching this season. I hate it. Just go back to Chuck and Blair and either Serena and Nate or Serena and Dan. Loser in the Serena sweepstakes gets Ivy! LOL! Having them all screw each other doesn’t make the show better or more interesting it just cheapens all the relationships.

      • Dasinski

        Are you people morons? Chuck is an abusive cheater. Only someone with a mental capacity of a moronic 12 year old would want chair. Dair is obviously the right choice, I mean they complement each other so well, they’re like Harry and Sally

      • Stacy Keibler

        Oh Dasinki is one of those classy Dair fans. lol. Dan and Blair aren’t Harry and Sally. Dan and Blair are Will and Grace. No sexual chemistry at all but all laughs and hijinks. Only a repressed second wave pseudo feminist could like a pairing as mundane, sexless and derivative as Dair.

      • Dee Hall’s Plastic Surgeon

        LMAFO Stacy Keibler. SLAM DUNK!

      • Blake Livelys Tatas

        I think I’m in love with Stacy Keibler. Sorry Chuck Bass Someone else can be a bitch when they wanna be too

      • Ashley

        Slam dunk? You sound like a thirtysomething trying to be cool. Anyway, I agree with Dasinski. Blair needs to be with someone intellectual and sophisticated, not someone who once called her “ruined goods”

      • Sidney

        Thank you James Hibberd. I really love Chuck and Blair and want them to get together again. I do hope the writers aren’t tricking us again because they’ve done too much to my tv viewing experience for the show already.

    • leslie

      I love Chuck Bass! He’s my favorite then Blair. Together they are magnetic!

    • jenkins

      Dan is acting like a total creeper. I wish he would go jump off the bridge already and spare us of flipping the channel when he’s on. Bring the Blair and Chuck dynamic back! Without it GG sunk last year.

      • Jennifer’s Body

        Ya. Gotta agree. I usually find Dan boring but now I find him creepy boring stalkerish. He needs to go back to Vanessa.

    • Sherry

      DAIR!!!!! I don’t get why people like Chuck. He’s crazy, arrogant, rude, mean, abusive, pretentious, kinda stupid, etc. Dair is obviously the right choice.

      • Katrina

        Well I understand perfectly why so many people DISLIKE Dan: He’s a boring, douchy, pretentious, flakey, judgmental, hypocritical, asexual (maybe repressed homosexual) hipster that never loses and who every character ends up having to suck up to. Its a right of passage on Gossip Girl. Every character has to bow at Dan’s feet at some point to be considered worthy I’m sure Chuck’s time to worship St Dan is coming soon. Every other character has gone through it so far.

      • Kendallf

        And Dan is not rude and kinda stupid?Dan is that idiot who thinks he knows Blair better than chuck and also thinks a girl can get pregnant with a kiss that she was grossed out with. Dan is judgmental asshole so stop acting like he’s perfect.

      • Sidney

        Chuck’s not boring, lame, judgmental and self-righteous like Dan. He’s all amounts of Awesome!

      • Trisha

        Ah yes Sidney. You seem like that kind of girl who complains about how men are pigs, yet you only date guys who are pigs. Chuck has gotten really boring in the past couple of seasons, AND abusive, so Dan is obviously the better fit for Blair.

      • Clarissa

        I’m with you Sidney. Love Chuck Bass. He’s a fun, sexy, exciting character. He and Blair are why I tune in.

        LOL at the people in that other fandom. No wonder they like whatshisface. They are just as judgmental as he is. LOL

      • Alexis

        because hes interesting. dan just isnt. stories like ana karenina, the notebook, and the entire twilight series arent hits because the girl chose a good guy and lived a boring life. the pain in the guy that makes him act the way he does is what makes the story worth watching. Chuck’s arrogant attitude and all his other flaws are something blair keeps in check . Theyre just over all good together. I do like louis tho and i would have a hard time choosing between them. total opposites.

      • Anya

        Okay. This is not “I want Blair to be happy”. that would be a documentary. This is “Let’s get better ratings”. You see, Dair is boring, and I mean, you may say they’re meant to be together, but seeing as the majority of GG viewers are chair fans, the smart thing to do is get back chair. Without it, GG won’t last too long. And it’ll be thanks to dair fans that GG gets canceled.

  • Jenny

    Okay, so this promo still doesn’t tell us anything new, haha, but at least Blair looks hot!

    I think she belongs with Chuck. no question about it, but it’s going to be fun to watch her squirm will all these boys buzzing around her like moths to a flame.

    • Phebs

      Yah. Not much new but I think it’ll be fun to see Blair dealing with all these guys this season. I just need Chuck to win her back in the end. Haha. For once I want Chuck to fight for her. (Don’t care about Brooklyn. He just needs to go find another girl to stalk. Annoying)

      • Jenna

        I really want Chuck to fight for her and win out. Crossing my fingers!

      • Lindsey

        YES! I want Chuck to fight for Blair! Stop running away. Stop being the coward and be a man. Your family (love of your life and baby) need you Chuckie

  • Lexie

    Yeah, I want Chuck and Blair. The rest is just fodder.

    • Brenda Barrett


    • Sam

      you want blair t0 be with a almost rapist and abussive basshole?

    • Sara

      You are right. The rest are uber boring. Chuck and Blair FTW

      • vanessa

        I cannot wait for the sexy, loving Chuck and Blair to be back..with a baby!!

    • Mags

      Total fodder! Good word, I need to use that more.

  • Ugh

    Ugh, I’m so tired of Chair, they suck. Dair ftw!

    • whut?


  • Sara

    I agree chair is getting old. all he does is abuse her, and blair has just become a stpuid weak girl. its a shame. I like dair personally cause he treats her better and they just make sense. dair..hopefully otherwise, i wont be watching the second episode of the season.

    • Kendallf

      Lmfao u complaining about Blair being weak around chuck? Dan only likes Blair when shes weak like Charlie said in 4×19 that Dan likes damsel in distress woman. Chuck is the guy who doesn’t want her to be weak and that’s in the season 4 finale he said to Blair”you’re the most powerful woman I ever known. Btw dair does not make sense at all and they suck together.

  • MC

    I’m not too interested in Gossip Girl. I’m sick of ten million guys swarming around Blair because that just tells me she’s turning into flighty Serena now. I like Chuck and Blair but I’ll wait until they’re back together and the writers actually get what the audience wants, not contrived drivel that sinks the show.

  • Carrie

    Chuck and Blair is awesome!!!!! best couple on tv!!!

  • Bon

    Yes!!!! Blair and Chuck and baby Bass!!!

    • Cara

      Baby Chair! That kid would be blessed with the most beautiful, sarcastic genes ever.

      • Stephanie

        Baby Chair! I love it! Chuck and Blair are so endgame! Everyone else is just a waste of time!

      • whut?

        Oh God this comment makes me sick. Celebrating a union blessed with hurt, abuse, cheating, lying coming to fruition is just wrong. poor child.

      • Katya

        Smart, savvy, sneaky, gorgeous, classy, etc. Any child of Chuck and Blair will be incredible. Blair needs to give up on Monaco royalty and create UES royalty with Chuck and their baby.

    • Whitney

      All the love for Blair and Chuck’s unborn baby just warms my heart!

      • Flea Scorpio

        Me too! No one seemed to be excited about Gossip Girl until this promo and it’s all because of Baby Waldorf-Bass!

      • Asha

        I only watch Gossip Girl for the day that Blair and Chuck finally get their **** together and work together to dominate the entire UES. Everyone knows they are end game. How could they not be? Blair is really going to get rid of Chuck once and for all because she kissed chiclet teethed Dan? Please.

  • Helia


    • jenkins

      I prefer Chair, thx

    • Melanie

      DAIR FTW!!!

      • Sunny

        Not with a Baby Bass! Chair forever

  • Leslie

    I really hope Blair is having Chuck’s Baby!!!!!!! I love those two together so much!

  • Kris

    BabyBass!!!!!!!!!! That is all I see in this promo!!! lol and Chair of course!!!! Love it! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laticia


    I love it! S5 is going to ROCK!

  • sunny

    Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck FTW

    • Karen

      SOULMATES FOREVER!!!OMG!! maybe JENNY could be the godmother!!!

      • Jenna

        Wow, Dair fans are kinds crazy. Uhm, I don’t even think you watch the right show is all I can say. Chair is my ship!

      • Stelena Fan

        Stay classy (and CRAZY) Dair fans!

      • Jennifer’s Body

        LOL! Thanx for the laughs!

      • OMFG

        Bitter, party of one?

      • Sunny

        Thanks for the laughs DBer. Chair forever!

  • kay


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