Alec Baldwin walks out of Emmys after Fox removes Rupert Murdoch joke


Image Credit: Daria Cantatore/Getty Images

Alec Baldwin has pulled out of tonight’s Emmy telecast after a joke about News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch was cut from a segment that he had recorded to open the broadcast. EW has confirmed the story, originally reported by Deadline.

On Thursday, Baldwin had tweeted “I did a short Emmy pretape a few days ago. Now they tell me NewsCorp may cut the funniest line.”

Apparently, Fox was uncomfortable including a joke that Baldwin made that had to do with Murdoch and the much-publicized phone-hacking scandal, and they had it cut from Baldwin’s script. When EW talked to Fox, the network was very clear that the decision to cut the joke was made at the Fox level — not by anyone at News Corp. Fox also claims that the reason the joke was cut was not because of Murdoch’s name, but because it was in poor taste to make light of the serious allegations surrounding the phone-hacking scandal.

When the joke ended up on the cutting room floor, Baldwin no longer wanted his segment to be part of the broadcast and Fox has consequently re-shot the clip with Leonard Nimoy. Today, Baldwin tweeted, “Fox did kill my NewsCorp hacking joke. Which sucks bc I think it would have made them look better. A little.”

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  • Jared

    It’s just more of Fox being fair and balanced. I wonder how many jokes about Obama they left in.

    • Menchy

      Fox and Fox News are not the same network…

      • Rick

        But they’re owned by the same company which is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

      • Annie

        Yes, they are. Same owner. FOX airs smutty shows for nitwits and FOX News airs conservative right wing propaganda. Murdoch owns both.

      • DD Ramone

        Except the Simpsons….

      • Jared

        Right. They are owned by the same parent company that was ok with one of the other entities hacking into the cell phone of people all across Britain.

      • Marie

        Actually Fox News is funnier than Fox Network…

      • Killermike2178

        @DD Ramone Umm, have you even watched The Simpsons recently? Yes, they are at the same level as everybody else on that network, now.

      • Cory Armer

        Yes it is the same. They are all owned by News Corp. which is chaired by that NAZI Rupert Murdoch. Just another example of Americans losing their rights. Censorship equals Communism.

      • beedubba

        my analogy: Me and my sister have the same mom. But my sister is a dingbat and I’m not. Still the same mom, though :)

      • Publius

        @Cory Armer: Americans lose rights when a private corporation decides to censor a joke about it’s owner? Because the last time I checked, the Constitution protected us from the government censoring American citizens. The thought that a private corporation can’t do as they please as long as it’s within the law, but should bow to the whims of public? That IS communism.

      • wtf

        You know you have several facts wrong. The most blatant calling that communism. Communism is an economic system. You should have said totalitarianism. There’s a difference. Take a political science course and then come talk to me.

      • Ryan

        @Rick – Yeah. Both Fox and Fox News are owned by the same Democrat.

      • Kathy Lee

        Menchy, this is why you are just plain DUMB!

      • richromancvb

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      • Kevin Schmidt

        Murdoch is not a Democrat. He is not even an American. Besides, he is a member of the Gilded Fascist Elite, which excludes all liberals.

    • LOL

      The GOP fears the Emmys.

      • Kim P

        LOL Annie @ “smutty shows for nitwits”. Ha ha ha!!!!

      • PIMB

        I love Alec

    • mindbender

      …ahhh, none. It’s the Emmys.

      • Alexis

        TO KATHY LEE:
        Everyone has the right to express their own opinion, just as you do. However, that does does NOT give one the right to pass judgment on another and declaring they are “dumb.” God is the only one worthy of determining such opinions. You might consider that, as well as the adage,”What goes around comes around..” (Lest YE be judged!)

    • Kathy

      Hopefully all of them, then it might be worth watching.

    • Genial

      Yeah, like ABC, CBS, or NBC has the slightest semblance of balance? Download Fox’s staff and you’ll learn that more than half of them are well-known LEFTISTS. How fair are you?

      • not a fox-fan

        At least they don’t claim to be fair and balanced, whereas Fox News does. And it’s proven that fox news watchers are on average less informed about events than viewers of other networks. But then again, anyone that believes anything coming from a corporate owned news channel is an idiot anyway.

      • brian

        well known leftists? are you suffering from a brain injury back in the 50’s?

      • Simon

        Well, NBC, CBS, and ABC don’t censor jokes made about them on their own airwaves. Ever watched 30 Rock or any late night show?

      • c

        Genial = Idiot!

      • kate

        Seek help immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • james welsh

        Genial: you either need to up the dose on your Meds or else consult another psychiatrist. or an entire team. Well known leftists? Who writes this material for you?

      • Eugene

        Ok. Then download it. Show to us 1) how many they are 2) how much airtime they get 3) how “well-known LEFTISTS” they are. Reply here for your proof

      • Aaron

        Name a news channel that isn’t owned by a corporation….

      • Phillip

        Right wing spin. call or name something opposite than what it is.

      • Brian

        “Well known leftists”, huh? You are incredibly misinformed.

      • micah winter

        Genial, you idiot. Those those that were on CBS, ABC, CNN, etc. ended up on Fox News because they were neither fair nor balanced nor truthful in their former positions.

      • Vicki

        Good for Alex. Murdoch has been in the News himself with all that is going on with the phone hacking in London. Fox is run by hatemongers who lie, cheat, hate.

      • artfuldodger65

        Democracy and Capitalism are not the same, Communism and Totalitarianism are not the same.
        Fascism and Nazism are not the same.
        If you look at what we are (the west) You will see we are a Ultra Capitalist, Totalitarian Fascist state that practices murder, torture, lies and deceit on a massive scale, all due to the power of money and greed… Take that to your God and see what it thinks…
        The best model of ownership of the free press is the one instigated by the Guardian…no owners, and no profit….sounds like the evil Communism that you fear so much. Did you ever consider that this evil press may have distorted your views?
        Our military is just the armed wing of old money and the largest psychotic corporations.

    • c


    • tina

      Whatever the case, Sarah Jessica Parker is still a hideous horse-beast.

      • anna

        Matthew says on a good day her cunny smells like musty hay and rolled oats. I bet her nose gets in the way of giving a decent blo-job.

      • teresa

        Anna, what is wrong with you?? You are so vulgar. Seriously, you aren’t even funny with your filthy mind.

      • mark

        what are you, 50, Mother Teresa?

        It was hilarious Anna

    • Storo

      I’m glad he pulled out. I wish his dad had.

      • jeff

        That’s what your mother said.

    • Lakawak

      Hey idiot…the Emmys are NOT a political show. Has nothing to do with fair and balanced and everything to do with the fact that people watching don’t want to hear the fat faced mentally child abusing worst father in the world whine about what HE thinks is right and wrong.

      • AreUKim

        Are You Kim Bassinger?

    • MikeOverHere

      Oh, please. Simpsons, the Family Guy, American Dad, all have made fun of Fox, Fox News, Murdoch, and conservatives in general. Alec Baldwin told a tasteless joke about mothers of dead children, and you sick pychopaths are cheering him on. Please. Who’s the Nazis here? You all are disgusting pigs.

      • Kathy Lee

        Mike, you are disgusting. How about “staying over there”!

      • Peter

        Godwin’s Law.

      • Alexis

        TO KATHY LEE:
        I read your other comments………..and judgments of others who posted their comments on this site. You obviously have a high opinion of what you choose to state and feel you have the right to dis others. I pity you, and pray that some day you will grow up and learn the meaning of RESPECT.

    • shelew

      Hey Jared, the jokes about Obama were left out because in order to be “Fair and Balanced” it would have taken up half the show. As for Anna’s remark re: blo-jobs, hey who would know better?

    • Brenda

      This headline is a LIE!! Alec Baldwin did not ‘WALK OUT OF THE EMMYS’ because he was NEVER THERE! He had a former committment to host Tony Bennet’s 85th Birthday party in N.Y., and he honored that. People really need to get their facts before posting such horrible comments.

      • Alec Baldwin

        Hey Alec here,
        thought I should set the record straight, the emmy’s isn’t an actual building and as such I can’t walk in and out of it. The stories more of a metaphor for my refusal to participate even though I’m not physically “walking out” Thanks for the support guys and go out and buy the new season of 30 rock.
        -Alec Baldwin

      • Regats

        Hey DUMMY!!

        Learn to read –
        AB didn’t “walk out” of the show.
        He was not scheduled to appear.
        He pulled his pre-recorded yak after it was censored by the Foxed-up network execs.

  • Douglas

    Good for Baldwin. I applaud him.

    • chillydogs

      Interesting that the network of the “constitutional folks” is censoring jokes now. Good for Baldwin. He stands for the 1st Amendment.

      • Bob Woodward

        So many people get this wrong: 1st Amendment protects the people from government censorship, not that of private companies.

      • chillydogs

        Okay “bob” you win. Pick up your prize on the way out. This isn’t government censorship. But it IS censorship of negative comments about the network’s owner. Is that any better?

      • kate middleton

        You realize there’s a difference between Fox and Fox News, right? I don’t think anyone claims that Fox (network of Family Guy and American Idol) is “for constitutional folks.”

      • wayne

        And the score is Bob Woodward1, chillydogs nothing. BwaaHaaaHaa

      • Bob Woodward

        Hey Chilllydog, if you owned a network and someone wanted to go on it and talk about how high you are because you don’t know what the 1st Amendment is and is not, you’d probably decline to air that bit, too. It Murdoch’s network, not ours. He can cancel, air, or edit what he likes. You can choose not to watch it. That, my dear Chilly, is capitalism… not “censorship.” You’ve gotten it wrong twice now.

      • Mr Spock

        Wow I always knew Bob Woodward was a pompous ignorant blowhard, but now trolling EW’s site to prove it? How sad!

      • @ Mr Spock

        What’s up with your ears????

      • Bob Woodward

        Mr Spock: Takes a pompous blowhard to know one. Ps. Ignorant? I don’t think so. Pps. The Enterprise crew hates your guts, you killjoy.

      • Larry in NoHo

        Bob, A) Fox and News Corp is not a private company; it is a publicly traded company B) Fox is a MEDIA company and as a media company it demands that the First Amendment be utilized when it comes to their broadcasting. It’s ironic that they are trampling on the First Amendment rights of others; C) the network allows shows like Family Guy to make fun of religion,homosexuality, race, gender, etc but it will not allow someone to make a joke about the illegal happenings of their parent company. That’s BS and just shows that Fox is just as ball less as Fox News. This publicity does nothing to make them look good.

      • San Diegan

        Easy chilly … It’s not like Murdoch is running for prez hahaha

      • Tremendez

        Alec Baldwin is also making a stand for his likeness.He was invited on as celebrity personality, whose likeness is not owned by Mr. Murdoch. Sit-Com actors are entertainers that bring laughs. If he can’t bring the laughs, it could jeopardize his career.

    • momv

      I agree.

    • Marianne

      Good Job Alec, admire your decision.

      • Genial

        Yeah, he’s a prince of a guy; and a great father and husband, too!

      • Trish

        Yes! I hope Jon Stewart wins!!

    • MikeOverHere

      Yes, we should all tell tasteless jokes about dead children. Jesus. you are sick.

  • FALSE news

    Hey! We don’t like it when the little people expose our fake phony news! We will censor you! You are supposed to believe everything we say – no matter what! Don’t try to make fun of us, or you’ll be sorry!

    • Genial

      And your evidence of this is what? More leftist hot air?

      • Kathy Lee

        Genial, you got herpes?

    • FALSE news

      You dare to criticize us? You will be punished!

  • Rayme

    I hope someone posts the recording. Funny, NBC, GE, and Kabletown are ok with Alec Baldwin jokes.

    • throughthegates

      Technically, it’s Comcast, not Kabletown (which is the fictionalized version of Comcast) – but yes, I know what you mean.

    • whit

      Two things: #1 – the jokes are Tina Fey, not Mr. Baldwin. #2 – It’s Comcast, not Kabletown

    • Genial

      Yeah, right after they post the recording of his profane rants at his daughter.

      • teresa

        Those rants were really directed to his ex-wife who kept him from seeing his daughter. I understood his frustration. He just wanted a phone call and he was blocked by his miserable ex-wife.

    • bob’s mom

      Baldwin should take the joke to every late night show this week. Let them air it. Letterman would allow it! If Murdoch and his henchmen can’t handle a little humor, they need to grow up.

      • Snseblaze

        I agree with Bob’s mom but add that when his publicist released his explanation, he or she should have released the joke in question – because now I am curious.

  • outside agitator

    good for Baldwin. its hard to believe the network responsible for When Animals Attack IIIV is concerned with poor taste. Fox knows who changes its diaper…Murdoch.

    • Publius

      The Romans would have made fun of you.

  • Regal

    So we’re all applauding Baldwin for throwing a hissy fit at Fox for cutting a joke, that they had every right to cut, because it was an inappropriate comment about the dude who OWNS THE NETWORK? Hmmm…. Let me think about that.
    Obviously it was kind of ridiculous for Fox to cut the joke, and yet I would probably do the same thing. I mean really would you broadcast a joke about YOUR boss? We’ve all seen what happens when someone puts joke about their boss up on Facebook, can you imagine how much worse it would be on broadcast television?
    We can condemn Fox all we want, but in the end, if it were our boss, we’d probably do the same thing.

    • chillydogs

      Baldwin’s show, 30 Rock, does jokes constantly about NBC and ‘kabletown.’ They don’t get censored for jokes about their own network even though some of those jokes are pretty harsh.

    • Speech Teach

      Where does it say anything about Baldwin throwing a “hissy fit?”. I must have missed that part…

      • Regal

        What else would you call a fully grown man refusing to allow the use on an already taped segment of an awards show because they cut one of his jokes.
        What all of you are completely ignoring is that a ton of other segments probably had jokes cut not just Baldwin’s, thats the way taped segments work. The only reason we’re hearing about this one is because Baldwin is putting up a stink about it.
        As for claiming that its not in poor taste because Baldwin makes fun of NBC on 30 Rock, as was rightfully pointed out by another poster The Simpsons makes fun of Murdoch and Fox all of the time. The difference this time, is that while both on Simpsons and 30 Rock the jokes are done tastefully, with no hard feelings. Obviously the Fox officials felt this one was not.

      • Chris

        What would YOU call a fully grown man who can’t allow a simple joke about himself on an entertainment show? Murdoch needs to control everything including this country and the UK.

    • I like Pie

      I absolutely agree… who said Alec threw a hissy fit? If he did a performance, and they decide to do a Nazi edit and cut on it, he should have the right to say pull the whole thing. THEY threw the hissy fit because he dared to poke fun at their furor.

      • FALSE news

        Murdoch is mein fuehrer!

      • speechless

        seriously, you used “furor”?

    • Evildad

      Let’s see, how many jokes have Dave Letterman/Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien/entire SNL cast made about the corporate owners of the networks their shows air on? What this shows is that Fox has no sense of humor and can’t take a joke.

      • Randy

        I hate to say this, but I like to be truly fair and balanced: The Simpsons has often made fun of Fox and Rupert Murdoch personally.

      • Kace

        That’s a good point about The Simpsons. However, Fox has seemed untouchable really, for a long time. Now there’s actual weakness being exposed with the allegations. They seem sensitive about that. Of course we don’t know for sure (don’t know the joke in question) but it really seems so.

    • Kneel

      @regal. I applaud Alec Baldwin.
      I will use a Simpsons analogy to explain this, so it is easier for you to understand what happened.
      Lisa is Murdoch, Bart is Alec, and Marge is the Fox legal team.
      LISA: “Mom, Bart is making fun of me again.
      MARGE: “Bart! Stop making fun of your sister”
      BART: “Eat my Shorts”
      MARGE: “That’s it young man, no Itchy and Scratchy movie for you”
      Really. Screw fox. They invited him to do the bit, he did the bit. They didn’t like it and cut it, so he walked. I would have done the same. We need less gutless wonders in this world, and more Alec Baldwins standing up for their own rights against bully employers

  • dropper

    Censorship at FOX? Now that is shocking. Shocking I tell ya. Blerg.

  • Han Solo

    But there will be plenty of jokes about anybody but Murdoch! What a sissy.

    • Christian right

      There will only be jokes that FOX approves! Don’t mess with us, we don’t like you uppity smart people!

  • DRG

    Fox. As fair as a banana republic election. As balanced as Ann Coulter when she goes off her medication.

    • Genial

      I’d pay to see you take her on, one on one!

      • Lisa Simpson

        I could snap that skeletor in half in two seconds!

    • Really I Bewaiting

      Was never impressed with Alec Baldwin, till now.
      Nice job.

  • Eric

    To be fair, The Simpsons make jokes about FOX and Murdoch all the time, sometimes even with Murdoch playing himself. It’s possible that this was done for the sake of of taste. Not that I agree with it.

    • dtschuck

      Please, don’t mention Fox and taste in the same sentence—the dissonance is deafening.

    • Kneel

      You are only being partially fair.. Matt Groening has publicly stated that Fox’s legal team cut a hell of a lot more fox references from Simpsons scripts than they actually approve. Just being fair and balanced for ya.

  • Smart Alec

    Apparently the Republican-leaning Murdoch didn’t much like what the radical-Democrat Baldwin was willing to say about his Media Overlord.

    • Casey

      Republican-*leaning* may be the understatement of the year.

    • Bob

      Didn’t you ever notice he has a growing resemblance to Darth Sidious? He goes out in public without his black-hooded robe, trying to look like Senator Palpatine. Well, Rupert, you can’t fool us.

  • Ron

    Ha Ha! Maybe he’ll threaten to leave the country again.

    • DRG

      Baldwin never threatened to leave the country. That is just an urban legend perpetuated by the Faux News crowd.

    • I like Pie

      That was Neal Bortz.

  • TorontoTom

    So, which winner will make a Rupert Murdoch comment in their acceptance speech on the live telecast?? Will Fox have a trap door for the winner who dares to make “offensive” comments?

  • Ken

    Here is a thought.
    Just suppose you were putting on a benefit of some kind from your home and someone you were paying to speak to your guest got up and made jokes about you.Would you want that person to do this in your place? Would you pay them to belittle you?
    Its real easy to throw stones a fox and Rupert Murdoch but the truth is none of you out there would allow that if you were the but of the joke either.
    Its a tv awards show for gods sake.
    Its not like with all the crap shows on today he couldn’t find something else to joke about.

    • I like Pie

      So you ARE against freedom of speech. Just keep it straight. If it isn’t all praise about the people in charge, then we should all shut up.

    • brian

      the Emmy’s aren’t a benefit. Fox is making money from the show. and Murdoch is a fascist.

      • Ken

        @ I like Pie.Not against freedom of speech just against ignorant speakers. The fact is our right to free speech is only protected against the government and not the citizenry.
        @brian. I know the Emmys are not a benefit but I used one as an example because us normal everyday people here reading this and replying just don’t get to host the Emmys very often. Both types of events make money. My point was that Baldwin was being paid for his appearance and if one of us lowly people out here were paying him we wouldn’t let him hurt us or our event by making a scene and we sure as hell wouldn’t pay him to do it.

  • momv

    That tops it then, won’t be watching the Emmy Show tonight.

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