'Amazing Race' reclaims reality competition Emmy

For awhile there, it looked like the TV Academy may have changed course from awarding CBS’ The Amazing Race every year with the outstanding reality competition Emmy. Last year Bravo’s Top Chef broke the veteran travel competition series’ seven-year winning streak. But alas for rivals like American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Project Runway, Top Chef and So You Think You Can Dance, tonight Race once again claimed the top reality prize.

“I just went around the world 55 times,” said Race executive producer Bertram van Munster. “It’s very uncomfortable. It takes a tremendous amount effort — every camera position, every detail … it’s a very complex operation.” For a full list of Emmy winners, see here.

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  • Andrew

    “The Amazing Race” deserved to win this year. The fall 2010 and spring 2011 seasons were very good. They helped the show get back on track. The reason why it didn’t win at the 62nd Prinetime Emmy Awards was because the teams on the fall 2009 and spring 2010 seasons were very unlikable. There was also too much cursing, too many times where teams would flip each other off, and all sorts of ugly behavior. The producers realized their mistakes and made the show better.

    • Acaseofgeo

      I agree. The brothers who beat the cowboys, and the blonde couple who won the 09 edition just weren’t compelling enough to root for. They were blandly likeable but didn’t have any great moment. Go back to recaps. The week Luke got eliminated because he couldn’t pick out the right flavored tea, I said, “This is emmy worthy….right there is your win”.

      • Andrew

        Yeah, also Sam & Dan the two brothers from the fall2009 season (season 15) cursed and flipped each other off week after week.

      • @Gary

        Can we stop with the disgusting personal ads here? This is not a pick-up forum or a dating club. EW: please delete these pathetic posts.

    • Tina

      I’m so happy crap like DWTS or AI did not win! Go TAR

  • sil

    whoo hoo!! here we go again.. keep the streak going!!

  • satirex

    I’m glad Amazing Race won, and I think it deserved to win, but I have to say: I’ve come to the conclusion that it really has a bit of an unfair advantage. What with the constant lightning pace, the wildly divergent and gorgeous scenery, and the variety of events and personalities, the show just has many times the raw materials to work with than the other shows in the category. The other shows are the same grubby campsites (Survivor), the same overhyped karaoke (Idol), people sewing (Runway), people cooking (Top Chef), vapid mannequins having their picture taken (Top Model), etc. They don’t have much of a chance.

    • bamalam

      I would have to kind of agree…but I think production values have a bit of a hand in The Amazing Race winning. Editing and music and such go a long way to make a program enjoyable.

      • fogeyman

        Not mention Phil’s eyebrow.

    • sv

      So what you’re concluding is that The Amazing Race has an unfair advantage based on virtues of its own design? If anything, the fault lies with its fellow nominees for not coming up with a reality show of TAR’s quality. It deserved the win, it’s certainly no shocker, but had American Idol won this year as many had predicted based on the new judging panels simply “working”, it would have been a charity win and nothing more. Simply put, The Amazing Race is the best show in the category by a landslide. I know you’re glad and weren’t rooting for Idol or anything else, it’s just funny that your post highlighted why they win over everyone else; it’s not like they were just given these materials, they created the show. :)

    • cookie

      I totally agree.Maybe they should have a different category for cooking shows,and talent. shows I’m so happy TAR won again It would have been a slap in the face if Steven Tyler,and Jennifer Lopez Would have won over Simon,and Paula..

    • Annia

      Not to mention Phil’s EVERYTHING!

  • ks

    I didn’t realize how MANY reality show there are!

  • Barack Palin

    “The Amazing Race” deserves to win because it is far and away the best show on television. Also, it is the only reality show that actually includes real-life on a regular basis. The contestants are not in control and so much is dependent on external factors-cab drivers, ticket agents, helpful bystanders, unhelpful bystanders. A well-deserved win.

    • Dr3wZ1LL@

      Real-life on a regular basis, except for that time the producers got the plane to turn around and come back to the gate after Rob & Amber were the only ones to make it on the last flight back to the U.S.

      • Meli

        Old story, from say…2006. Move on.

    • emjay

      Totally agree. The Race is BY FAR the best reality competition show ever!

  • Gary

    Amazing Race always deserves this award. It flies along at warp speed,then stops dead in overnight airport waits. We get gorgeous scenery from the richest to the poorest countries in the world. WE LEARN about other cultures. We meet ugly Americans as well as great ambassadors for our country.There are folks to root for and against.
    It has everything-all jammed into one hour a week.
    THE only negative for the show is all the bimbo blond cheerleading spokesmodel’s they choose to run the RACE.
    Comparing this to bad singing ,bad dancing,cooking and nasty so-called models is a joke. The only show that comes close to RACE is Survivor. Plus…we’ve got PHIL !!!!

    • Annia

      I have to say THE COWBOYS were great ambassadors for the U.S., don’t you think? The respected other cultures, they never argued & they ran a great race, albeit without strategies, but they were GREAT!

  • jmg

    Going to HD and have back to back all female winners really pay off dividends to recapture the EMMY for TAR well done!

    • Acaseofgeo

      You got that right. Those ladies fought hard to win.

  • Buffy Freak

    And for the most part you have to actually earn the win and not rely on silly judges and dopey people with agendas voting for (or against) someone based on their looks or personality or sex.

    • deedeedragons

      Thank You Buffy Freak. I was going to start to complain that it won again, but that’s a very good point & i’ll try to keep it in mind.

  • David Yates

    There really needs to be a better category for this type of program. Maybe, “Program of Least Relevance to Anything Remotely of Minute Importance to Anyone With Anything Better to Do Than Twiddle Their Fingers While Watching A Tumble-Dry Dishwasher.”

    • Meli

      Pull the cork out of your backside and stop acting like such a snob. If you hate TV that much, go read a book.

  • Meli

    And the show is in reality about the contestants, not about the host. Phil Keoghan deserves an Emmy for Best Host for that fact alone. Despite the jaw-dropping cinematography and the scenery and music, at the end of the day, the show makes sure you’re focusing on the teams and makes you care whether or not they advance, or if they have that special experience that opens their eyes to the rest of the world, or that they start to understand each other in a new way.

  • Brian

    I am so excited that TAR reclaimed the crown of Outatanding Reality Competition Series. Now, let us work on those Emmy voters to give the best host to Phil or Cat. I watched the new season of Survivor alst week and was depressed on the yellig n Jeff does during the challenges and the lame questions he asks at tribal council. A monkey can tally the votes up and yell at contestants to tell them who is in the elad at the challenge. Phil and Cat both care about the contestants on their respected shows.

    • Allison

      I think Jeff earned his emmy this year because he navigated a very tricky Tribal Council when there were accusations of racism thrown at one contestant. He diffused the situation and worked through it quite well. I was impressed with him for that situation alone.

      • Brian

        But year after year Jeff wins the Emmy. Phil had to diffuse arguments on the map year after year. Cat should win for keeping the peace when the judges disagree on a dancer. She has poise and grace and makes sure the dancers feel good about themeselves when they leave the stage.

  • sv

    If nothing more, this was incredibly satisfying just to imagine Nigel Lythgoe’s face after all of his press claiming that AI should win this year, and if it didn’t win this year, it probably never would. I mean, what kind of warped world does he live in? AI was awful this year. It survived, but the judges played nice too often and it hardly embodied anything deserving of an Emmy. I’ll say it again, TAR deserves this: it is miles better than any of its competitors. Oh – and I’m all for Phil or Cat winning the next host award, Phil is great, and I think Cat is one of the best competition hosts on television.

  • lisa g.

    Don’t like this show! I’ve tried but can’t watch! Big brother n survivor r far superior!

  • H.B.

    @lisa g.

    You lost all credibility when you mentioned Big Brother. No way is it better than The Amazing Race – it’s not even close.

  • David Zuckerman

    Amazing Race DEFINITELY deserved to win it this year! The season from last fall was so great, especially the show in Hong Kong. One of my favorite episodes of all time. The food challenge with the fake food and then having to find the boats was CRAZY. So much fun too with the bad karaoke singers and the Chinese diners getting so into it! I thought the show loosened up a little bit more this past year, had some fun events as well as the usual tough ones. BRAVO Amazing Race!

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