Charlie Sheen's Comedy Central Roast: Did it go too far?

It’s been an interesting year for Charlie Sheen. From getting fired from his gig on Two and a Half Men to flooding Twitter with non-sensical ramblings (#winning anyone?), and most recently, appearing on the Emmys to wish his old co-stars good luck, he’s had his share of ups and downs. And tonight, he got called out for them.

Comedians Seth MacFarlane, Jon Lovitz, Jeffrey Ross and Mike Tyson (?), among others, were all on-hand for Sheen’s sometimes brutal Comedy Central roast, which aired shortly after his character’s mock funeral on Two and a Half Men (poetic timing much?).

The comedians took a no-holds barred approach, taking aim at Sheen’s history of employing prostitutes and using drugs (read eight of the meanest jokes here). Even Sheen’s kids weren’t off-limits.

“If you’re winning, this must not be a child custody hearing, said Ross. “The only time your kids get to see you is in reruns — don’t you want to live to see their first 12 steps?” Sheen laughed and applauded. The comedian also singled out Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller (who was in the audience), in an especially touchy bit alluding to the actor’s previous domestic violence charges.

“[Brooke Mueller] is not very bright unless Charlie throws a lamp at her,” Ross said. He later added, while addressing Tyson, “There’s no denying the fact that Mike Tyson had the hardest hitting right hook in history — your opponents spent more time bleeding in the corner than Charlie’s ex-wives.”

For his part, Sheen seemed to take it all in stride and even fired back with some zingers of his own (“I’m done with ‘the winning’ because I’ve already won”). Although, it’s hard to imagine he didn’t feel a single singe while sitting in that hot seat.

But how about you? Did the heat from Sheen’s roast make you uncomfortable? Or were you enjoying the skewering? Do you think the jokes went too far? Or was it all fair game? Weigh in with your take in the comments below.

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen roast ratings are in

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  • sing

    Althoughthere were a couple low blow jokes.. it was pretty funny overall, they took it all in stride and regardless the viewer has the option to change the channel if they’re uncomfortable.. it was TVMA for a reason.

    • LOL

      I didn’t watch it because I figured it would be nothing but bleeps. When/where can we see it uncensored?

      • this was so good

        so much better than trump

      • angel3

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      • KLH

        We are talking Charlie Sheen here. Slime of slime.

      • olkennon

        it was uncensored live…probably wont be on the reruns though

      • panzhu

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      • And just how much longer

        are they going to feature this story? It’s OLD NEWS. We’re done with it. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along.

      • Tim

        Um, the show just aired so how is this article old news? How much longer are you going to be a moron?

      • PN

        Maybe when it gets released on DVD, then we’ll hear all the rawness with the explicit foul language at that Charlie Sheen roast.

      • Nichole

        U missed a good show. It wasn’t all bleeps, not even close. Don’t know where u can find it but I hope u do

      • jonnycakes

        I was at the live show. it was 4 hours long and i don’t know what they could have done to make even a fraction of it presentable to mainstream tv and still keep it cohesive. it was both hilarious and sad. i haven’t seen the tv version, but i hope they kept the steve-o breaking his nose on mike tyson’s fist part.

      • Okay

        another good reason not to watch TV

      • Aunt Jemima

        *******R I P Charlie Sheen*******

      • Jay Fro

        They only censored the F word. $hit was okay.
        It’s a roast. There suppose to go too far. Everyone looked freaked out when dude did a second jump into Tyson’s fist and broke his nose. I mean dude? We know you do dumb stuff but…

      • Ginger

        Youtube – it’s totally uncensored. Extremely funny, btw.

    • Hoboken WInner

      What happened to the Casey Anthony kid joke and the Great White RI Roast joke that EW reported on the other day?

      “Charlie dropped out of school faster than Casey Anthony’s kid”
      “The last time a bunch of nobodys got together for a Roast, Great White was playing”

      I watched the re-broadcast and those jokes were missing. Were they in the original or did Comedy Central cave in to censorship?

      • JohnT

        It`s not about censorship. It`s just that they obviously have a lot more filmed then they have time to air so they cut certain things out. Now, why they cut certain things and keep others, who knows. But I am pretty sure it`s not about censoring.

      • Jes

        The Great White one was a bit harsh, I lost some friends in that fire and people are still hurting.

      • Steve

        They need stuff for the DVD!

      • Hombre

        Great White joke WAS censored. People complained about it so they took it out. So much for free speech.

      • IM AWESOME

        So, the Great White joke goes too far, but the crack about Ryan Dunn and Greg Giraldo’s death doesn’t? The show was great. I doubt they pulled anything, because there was some real low blows that were far worse than about a band that most people don’t know about or care about.

      • Boken Sucks

        @Hoboken WInner, what’s your deal? I doubt you win very often. Who jokes about a premature death like Ryan Dunn? BTW, did you find it so entertaining that watched it twice in one night? Really? I bet you watched it the Pour House too. Douche!

      • IowaJeff

        @ Boken Sucks, sensitive much? How about you stop crying and realize it’s a freakin Roast, the jokes are supposed to mean and crude. They should’ve aired the Great White joke, just to make people like you cry and whine some more.

      • Champagne

        @IowaJeff – stop trolling and hating! I bet your mom is a great white

      • RK

        How can people still be hurting if they are dead, Jes?

      • Mo

        Im Awesome, you are totally missing that this is not about a washed-up rock band, it’s about the 100 people who died in a fire caused by their concert pyrotechnics. I am glad that particular joke didn’t make the cut.

    • hob

      It was kind of uncomfortable having Mike Tyson there, he’s creepy and not funny. Other than that, it’s what was expected. From what I’ve read elsewhere, the roastee can give them a list of topics to stay away from, and it will be honored. When Shatner was roasted, he didn’t want any jokes made about his wife that drowned, and when Pamela Anderson was roasted, she nixed any jokes about her hepatitus. So Sheen could have put certain things off limits, and I guess he didn’t. I had never heard of Amy Schuler before, but aside from Shatner, she was probably the best one. I’ll definately be checking out more of her stand up.

      • pastafarian

        I thought Tyson was one of the best parts. Totally unpredictable, and creepy, sure. But that was part of the funniness.

      • karen

        I totally disagree. I have never heard of her and
        thought she was evil, not funny, with her remarks.
        Even said the diabetic comedian would lose a foot.

      • deedee

        nothing like a convicted rapist to set a funny tone!

      • homeskillet

        Her joke about Steve-O and Ryan Dunn was awkward as hell.

      • BOB


      • Daniel

        yeah, I agree with Karen and homeskillet; she wasn’t funny, she was mean. everyone else was funny and occasionally crossed a line or two, but she was a total b*tch. that joke about Ryan Dunn was uncalled for. you could see Steve-O’s laughter and happiness drain right from his face.
        Her joke about the diabetes was in bad taste as well.

      • jcyo

        I was pleasantly surprised by Kate Walsh and Mike Tyson. They are no Geoff Ross, but they had some zingers in there and delivered well.

        I agree that Amy Schumer was not really funny. I think she had one kind of funny line and that was it. Interesting because Geoff Ross made a similar joke about Greg Giraldo (that Anthony J. was the next Giraldo. I think? Insinuating that he hopes Anthony J will be the next to pass on [RIP Greg G]), but I think he can get away with that being that he was close to Greg G, vs. Amy Schumer who just poked fun at someone else’s death. It’s a fine line.

        Also, BOB, turn off your caps. Making my ears hurt.

      • jcyo

        Thought Charlie Sheen (though I only really liked him in F Bueller) did well. Shatner was kind of…blah. Tyson and K Walsh, surprisingly funny. Steve-O, nice try. Patrice O. – funny and spoke from the heart. Missed seeing Lovitz. Amy, not really funny. Anthony J., too slow, but had 1-2 good ones. Geoff Ross, always funny. Where was The Situation? Not there, thank God!!

      • IowaJeff

        Anybody that has to “nix” jokes at their Roast shouldn’t be getting Roasted. I agree with Bob. You others that people were too “mean”…really?! It’s a freakin Roast douche bags, they’re supposed to mean. Would have it been funnier for you if they were sensitive and caring? The whole point is anyone up there, anyone, is open to getting shots taken at them. They know that. So how about you stop crying about it, or just don’t watch it.

      • hob

        I know what you mean IowaJeff, but if they didn’t let people nix certain topics, they probably wouldn’t get a lot of the high profile people they do to submit to the roast. I think they became more sensitive after the infamous Chevy Chase roast where he showed up at Paul Schafer’s room crying afterword because of the very harsh jokes. EW even wrote a big article about it at the time, and Comedy Central ended up heavily editing the show.

      • Cadillacjoe

        I think the meanest joke was the one where one of the comments here thought he was in Ferris Bueler! That one is priceless!!

      • Ann

        But he was in Ferris Bueler. I guess I don’t get the joke.

      • Helen

        Actually, Charlie nixed any jokes relating to his Mother. Other than that, it was a free-for-all.

    • forrest

      the only place where potical correctness is thrown out the window. A great time was had by all and it’s called a roast for a reason.

    • disappointed

      I was very disappointed. I like his acting, but not a fan of his inability to get his act together. I love roasts, adnd thought it would be entertaining, but the roast was more about the ‘roasters: making comments about each other than they were about Sheen. I watched about 1/2 of it and decided it was a waste of my time.

      • Mike

        Should have kept watching…because his end speech showed alot of maturity, he basically admitted his mistakes, and claimed that it was his family that made him realize what he had.

      • whodathunk

        Felt like the whole thing was staged as some kind of comeback infomercial for Charlie. Didn’t see too much real roasting outside of the obvious.

      • gardnergl

        @ disappointed. I felt the same way too. Though this is the first time I have seen a roast; the whole time I was wondering if that what entertainer do at a roast, make comment about each other and not the person who is getting roasted. I have to agree some of those jokes where pretty low blow. Like Amy’s joke, it felt awkward, but then maybe I am not get the whole roasting thing. As IowaJeff says, “the jokes are supposed to be mean and cruel.”

    • Cygnus

      This is an odd article considering EW covered the live event last week, posted the jokes, and gave the general impression that it was funny. Now here’s an article asking if it went too far. Make up your mind EW.

      • Maddy

        See the great thing about this magazine is that its writers actually, hold on to something because I’m about to blow you away, have different opinions. Last week’s article was written by a completely different person. Plus, I think the author wanted to get a sense of what we, the readers/ audience, thought after viewing it for ourselves. EW doesn’t have to make up its mind, but you should probably get a grip.

      • rob

        Also, this just aired so we all finally got to see it for ourselves. How can we answer the question posed in this article without having seen it? I also liked the fact that we got a sneak peek at it as well.

    • JaySin420

      I thought that was one of the funniest roast’s I have ever seen. Some of the jokes were extremely cruel but Charlie didn’t seem to mind so we definitely shouldn’t.

      All of the comics were hysterical, especially the blonde and the tall guy that I’ve never seen before. And usually the star is never that funny but Sheen killed at the end.

      Even Captain Kirk was funny!

  • Pete

    It did get a little uncomfortable at times, but it was still pretty funny. You just have to be able to laugh at things that you may strongly disagree with.

  • jaime hendreesen

    I looked forward to watching. Most everyone was very funny. Even Stev-o. Though he could’ve done without running into Tyson’s fist. Ironmike should have just punched away! Iwill say Watching Charlie’s speech made me squirm jjust little!

  • Helen George

    Nobody pays any attention to those roasters anyway! Just a bunch of losers……most of them should take a good look at their own lives before they run their mouths about someone else’s.

    • john connor

      your suck balls
      go die

      • @john connor

        I wish EW had a “report” button for your awful remark.

    • dredge

      You suck. That’s the whole point of a roast you twit. They are paid to make jokes about each other. None of them are better than the other. You take things way too serious. Loser.

    • Cygnus

      I bet you believe actors really make love in movies too.

  • Marten

    Nope. No way on Earth did they “go to far.” Stop trying to make a big Charlie Sheen controversy where there isn’t one. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Lighten up.

    • ron

      i agree with you that they didn’t go too far with charlie. but when you start cracking jokes about the recently dead you deserve a baseball bat to the teeth. and white people need to just UNDERSTAND that YOU don’t get to be racist! not even if everyone els is… and if you disagree then go talk some racist sh*t and see what happens. it isn’t a suggestion. you will get f*cked up… simple really…

  • Simone

    Im African American and there were many black jokes and I was not offended.. I was crying laughing.. its just jokes ppl.. ys, they ook things to the limit but it was all jokes.. loved it!

  • John G

    Well, first comment. While those jokes were pretty harsh, that’s the job of a good roaster. He agreed to it, and as we all know that means EVERYTHING is fair game. And when it comes to dealing with charlie sheen, you know that there’s going to be a lot of crazy stuff being said. If you don’t like it, turn it off. I think the ratings will say otherwise though. He definitely beat 2 and a Half Men in the views category tonight.

  • Nola

    hahaha loved it!!! Tiger blood!!!!

  • kaleigh

    wow it was pretty funny but it wasnt funny with her saying something too steve o about ryan dunn. dying. that was just pathetic.

    • justsayin

      yeah steve-o didnt look too thrilled with that bit either. But it is a roast and everything’s sposed to be fair game and steve-o knows that. I didnt necessarily agree with it either but the whole show i was waiting for someone to mention dunn.

    • Dwayne Kilbourne

      While a roast is open to everything, that really wasn’t cool at all… she could have picked almost anything else to joke about, and she should have!

    • Lisa Knoblauch

      I agree totally! The look on Steevo’s face said it all. He hasn’t even been gone that long!

    • amber

      I agree. The whole thing about Ryan Dunn was uncalled for. She should be ashamed of herself.

    • Amanda

      I totally agree! That’s the only joke that pissed me off! That was f**ked up!

    • sonya

      Thank you I agree with you 100% … That was pathetic.

      • Roger

        The dunn joke could have been kept to herself

      • KING812

        All you ladies need to get over it. Steve – O is a grown man. He knew someone could say something. I’m sure it hurt a little but he’ll get over it. She was one of the best acts of the night. She went hard on everyone, if you didn’t find her funny then you don’t know comedy. You should stick with knock – knock jokes and Bill Cosby.

    • pastafarian

      It’s a ROAST. No limits. No one up there one should feel like they get a pass because of “taste”, or “morality”. They know the rules when they agree to it. And Dunn wasn’t even the punchline, it was Steve-O.

      • meg turner

        Dunn is the ultimate punchline

      • olkennon

        ya its all fair game, but it was tasteless and steve-o is enough of a head case that a person less desperate to be heard of (did anyone know who that chick was?) would have the sense to not pick on such an east target…ripping on sheen losing his kids is one thing cuz he’s winning, what’s steve-o one besides a broken nose?

      • Ann

        I knew who she was, but I had no clue about the Steve-o character. I googled him, and I’m trying to figure out why a guy that got famous (well, famous to a certain subculture anyway) by filming himself abuse his body in various gross ways. What, was William Hung unavailable or something?

    • C Green

      I agree. That was in bad taste and way to far. You could tell from Steve-o’s reaction it was too far.

    • SarahJ

      The participation of people like Amy S. is paid — and they do not write the jokes themselves. Cousin works for these roasts and basically the people who roast are paid, and the people they can get cheap are looking for facetime. Amy S didn’t write her jokes, which is why she had to read so carefully off the teleprompter.

    • whodathunk

      there is a reason they keep saying “too soon?” at roasts. The ryan dunn joke was definitely too soon

      On the other hand, if you die young being famous for doing stupid things that might get you killed, it’s a little different

    • Tigobitties

      I agree…..amy def. overstepped her boundary

  • joan

    I thought that it was funny , a little crass at times and Charlie did a good job of taking the jokes.

    • whodathunk

      I’m sure those jokes were a lot tamer than what he’s used to hearing around the house

  • Trever

    I think Steve-O felt it a little bit when the joke was made about wishing he was dead over Ryan Dunn, I honestly thought he was going to cry…

    • Christian

      agreed 100 percent she went to far

    • Armezinda

      true, horseradish is amianzg on beef, I remember the first time I saw someone use it. I thought it was weird but I had to try it, and it was win. And yes gravy! Lots of onion and mushroom makes roast beef. These guys are the best, but it was WAY too done for my taste. Roast beef should be pretty rare, red all the way through in my opinion. That’s the way I’m used to eating it. What’s your opinion?

  • Jennie

    OMG, really? It’s a flipping roast! The non-tasteful jokes, as well know, were going to happen. Get over it, people.

    • amber

      Get over what? The fact that she made fun of his best friend dying. Yeah real funny.

      • Craig Finch

        The joke about wishing Steve-O died instead of Ryan was the best joke of the night. It’s a roast. Many people have made fun of other peoples friends and family dying. Did you conservatives just discover Comedy Central?

      • @Craig Finch

        It was a roast of Charlie Sheen, not a roast of Steve O or Ryan Dunn. I have watched all the Comedy Central Roasts and don’t remember “Many people have made fun of other peoples friends and family dying.” When? And what does not thinking that it was a funny joke have to do with politics? I’m a Liberal, and thought it wasn’t funny.

      • Leann

        You are sooo right…that went way to far!!!

      • Matt

        @”@craig Finch” You obviously have not seen the other CC roasts. Roasters are always targets of other roasters and the joke was not directed at Ryan Dunn. It was directed at Steve-o. Is there any reason EVERYONE is too stupid to grasp it? “I’m a Liberal and I thought it wasn’t funny” that statement has to be the most irrelevant thing I have ever read in a post. Does this mean because you are a Liberal you understand comedy better than others? Do yourself a favor and pull your head out of your ass. I have seen Steve-O do hilarious and destructive things to other people on Jackass. Believe me he knew what he was up against and took it like a man.

      • Jackson

        God forbid we make a Ryan Dunn joke, it’s not like he drank himself under the table and then tried to drive home at NASCAR speeds. We would have demonized him had he hit another car, but instead we idolize him because he hit a tree.

    • tyler

      Yea I’m pretty sure I remember someone making a joke about Kurt Cobain with Courtney Love sitting 10 feet away at the roast of Pam Anderson. You knew it was coming.

  • raeann katssivalis

    i luv charlie, and all your guest, i am not the proper girl
    no way know how, but , i really have no respect for tyson, idid however feel they went to far with making it look discriminating towards him being african american as well as there comments towards his vocabulary . not cool. but your show was great .

    • justsayin

      … but that is the whole point of roasts… to make fun of people’s shortcomings tyson’s vocabulary/speech impediment is one of his most glaring ones. To not comment on it would’ve seemed fake and forced. Plus tyson seemed to love it and had a great time.

      • Tigobitties

        Tyson had a blast!

  • jason carrier

    Charlie sheen rocks..haters are losers..

  • Christian

    I DO NOT APROVE that comment that one comment that one girl made about ryan dunn to steve-o and i dont think he did either i really hope her career goes into the dust

    • Dwayne Kilbourne

      I’m curious to see what Steve-O has to say about that one… I am sure people will be asking him at some point!

      • Johnny D

        that joke just put her on the map. Good publicity or bad publicity is still PUBLICITY!! Without that joke nobody would remember her but now you do.

    • Larry

      She was the funniest one on the show. I hadn’t heard of her before, but I will check out more of her work for sure. It was a harsh joke, but too far? Nah, it’s a roast, if he was an orphan that died of cancer, sure. But some guy that abused himself for a living and got killed drinking and driving, I mean, it’s unfortunate, but not surprising really.

      • pastafarian

        What did one orphan say to the other?

        My parents are dead. From cancer. Which I now have.

    • Axslinger

      Good thing that your approval wasnt needed for the show. If your life is so f’ed up and you dont have any humor in your blood, umm, dont go to a roast, or in your case dont watch it.

    • wtf

      I agree that was some f up ish

    • batgirl

      I totally agree. The trashy comments towards both Charlie and Mike Tyson (how funny was that!) were true to the spirit of a roast and VERY funny. But the comment about Ryan Dunn wasn’t funny and wasn’t necessary–so many other hilarious things she could have said about Steve-O.

      • getoverit

        Like Sheen saying SteveO tattooing his own face on his back was a bad idea because it causes Knoxville to lose his erection. That was hillarious.

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