Charlie Sheen roast ratings set network record (but it's a lot less than 'Men')


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Have Comedy Central viewers ever been more ready and willing to see a celebrity roasted than Charlie Sheen?

Apparently not: Monday night’s telecast became the network’s most-watched roast ever, drawing 6.4 million viewers — roughly double the audience of previous roasts for the likes of David Hasselhoff and Donald Trump. The 90-minute telecast ripped Sheen’s drug use, relationships with women and losing his Two and a Half Men job. Of course, as big of a number as that is for Comedy Central, it’s still a lot less than the 28 million that tuned into his former sitcom. The roast aired shortly after CBS set ratings records without Sheen on its revamped Men starring Ashton Kutcher.

As harsh as the comics and celebrities were to Sheen, the roast wasn’t as rough as the original taping. Jokes that were cut from the Comedy Central show include a punchline that referenced the tragic 2003 nightclub fire during a Great White concert, and a joke about Casey Anthony’s deceased toddler.

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  • Michael

    That scored 6.4 million on cable? Boy, everyone loves to see trainwreck Charlie wiggle his way back to so many hearts.

    • Mark

      Hell, I didn’t watch it for him. I just really like Seth MacFarlane. Charlie Sheen is a loser

      • Tom

        Charlie is a feature production star. Everything else might as well be cartoons in comparison.

      • angel33

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      • Claire

        “Hell, I didn’t watch it for him. I just really like Seth MacFarlane. Charlie Sheen is a loser”

        Like Charlie gives a cr*p why you watched dude. He still gets the credit for all the ratings and you watched him anyway. Speaking of loser…

      • Noob

        6.4 mil vs 28 mil = not winning

  • Margot

    of course it is a lot less than Two and a Half, it is on cable not on a network like CBS..would have been on a major network pretty sure the numbers would have been the same as Two and a half if not more.
    Now i will wait for Sheen new sitcom (and come back making movies Charlie !!)

    • wow

      I totally agree Margot, you go bro!

    • Buddymoore

      I was going to say the exact same thing. I’m really glad they made sure to say it was a lot less than Men. Who would have ever guessed that a late night, raunchy show on Comedy Central wouldn’t have quite the same numbers as a prime-time comedy on CBS.

  • Larry David

    I don’t understand why James Hibbard is comparing the roast’s rating to the sitcom premiere. 6.4 million for a cable show is huge

    • James Hibberd

      Yup, there’s no comparison from a network vs. network ratings standpoint. But I pointed it out because, from a human interest standpoint, Sheen left a show that can get tens of millions and instead was on a special the same night that, even in success, maxes out at a lower level.

      • Mark

        SO? The comparison is still irrelevant and proves nothing. The fact that both telecasts garnered record numbers (each on a different set of criteria) proves that the whole Charlie Sheen-TwoandaHalf Men imbroglio has thoroughly captured the imagination of the American public.

      • SLC_Raider

        And based on the feedback that the 2 and 1/2 Men show has received today I suspect that that they will soon be praying for 6 million viewers (as more than 90% of the comments I have read about the show have been negative). Fact is, Kelso was the weak link on “That 70’s Show” and he’ll sink 2 and 1/2 Men as well.

      • Tom

        The comparisons are stretched and weak.

      • monster

        Go Charlie Sheen Keep on WINNING!

      • JB

        The comparison is well made. The fact that it may have captured the American imagination is a sad fact indeed. Our values of what is admired in our society doesn’t in my “educated” opinion, speak well for us in general.

    • wow

      Open your eyes you dolt, it was a comparison for comparison’s sake! Geez, what a bunch of uneducated maroons that visit this site!

      • RoyBatty

        I suppose it’s better than a bunch of educated morons?

    • STFU

      Because their on the CBS bandwagon. Is not our fault these broke jokers cannot afford cable.

  • m

    so glad patrice went last. Blew everybody out of the water. Everybody has that same old “charlie sheen is so ____” setup

    patrice just talks. He’s the best.

    He’s pissed off alot of people in hollywood telling it like it is

  • Dorothy Miller

    who cares about men?? and why did the writer even mention the level of ratings in the ( ratings) let’s move on, charlie had his 15 minutes of fame, he apologize, he maned-up, awesome…lets move on…

  • wow

    I hope charlie runs for president!!!111 It is a bout time we got a PREZ with TIGER’S BLOOOD!!!!!! YAYYAYA

  • Charlie Sheen

    I’ve bought Amy Winehouse’s ashes; gonna cut em with some amazonian oxi and party it up with Keith, Lindsay, Courtney, Andy and LT.

    • sarah

      Disrespectful not funny

      • Tom

        Charlie is still laughing all the way to the bank regardless.

  • Cennful1

    27 million people didn’t tune in to see 2.5 men or Ashton….they watched to see if it was a train wreck or a gold mine. Show only rated “ok by most, horrible by a lot, and good by very few…I give it 3 weeks until ratings drop. Might survive but never thrive! Roast was hillarious!

    • T.Kreslin

      Agree 100%!

    • Lara

      I watched Two and a Half Men last night. I was ever so hopeful to have the show remain as good as it was so that I could keep enjoying it… and I was disappointed. I won’t really care if I miss the show next week.

    • ken

      I agree!

    • PN

      I think that most people watched out of curiosity to see if the show would move on from Charlie Sheen and see if Ashton Kutcher would do strong in the lead role. But a big audience. And primetime TV NEEDED this with the 27 million for Two–it was just slow the last couple of years with no big 20 million plus nights for scripted comedy shows or dramas–it’s been mainly the reality shows pulling in those numbers. And that Two and a Half Men show got more viewers than Dancing With the Stars!

    • rt

      Train wreck is right… Without Charlie’s comebacks the entire cast came across as just a bunch of sick idiots.. It also showed how terrible the writers are, and that it was Charlie that made the script funny…

    • Tom

      Nobody is going to watch this show. They tuned in for the train wreck, and they got it alrighty.

    • monster

      This true, Charlie Sheen is still the best!

    • sandianne

      Charlie made the show. We are watching 4 re-runs a night on 2 different channels in Michigan. Watched the Ashton version to see how they would handle it – very badly, I think. So not funny. Ratings will go when Charlie is no longer the main focus of the storyline. Jake is way too old to be a “half man” – he is too old for shared custody – he is a good actor, so give him a spin off and get him out of there.

  • Ryan

    Apparently the ultimate insult in the celebrity world is making fun of the B List status of the other celebrities.

    Here is the general punch-line:
    “No-one knows who you are! Zing!!!”

  • Brian

    I thought it was one of the least funniest roasts I have ever seen…Jeselnik and Patrice were ok…the roasts miss Lisa Lampinelli and Greg Giraldo…Set the bar for everyone.

    • Rose

      I feel the same. Not sure if it’s because I was expecting too much, but it sure lacked something.

    • ken

      Lisa and Greg were what lacked….Not sure why Lisa didn’t do it…it would’ve been great PR for her..

      • Flava Flav

        How could anyone NOT know why my girl Lisa wuzn’t there???


      • Channing Taintum

        she already had a gig she couldn’t get out of

  • Aidan Williams

    I am so happy with Season 9 episode 1Ratings this means there will be more seasons


    I watched two and a half men and will not watch it again, I lost interest 5 minutes into the show. I do not even think that it was that funny.

  • WarLock123

    Sheen made the show Two and Half what it is today. The writing and the premise sucked! The new ratings are BLOATED. Clearly peaked and Chuck wanted out of a contract. This writer is biased and has no clue on what talent is and needs the ride the coat tails of Warlocks

    • April

      Without Sheen it is just another stupid tv show.

      • Jose

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  • joe d

    charlie sheen made one big mistake ,he spoke the truth ,loud and clear about 911, the lie that has cost so many lives and basically bankrupted our country with our media owned by the powers that where surly involved in the destruction of the world trade center and bld 7 and all the other atrocities of that day he is truly a hero as are those of willing to put themselves through the public humiliation that one is put through when you speak out against the evil ones who are our so called leaders thanks

    • NoN

      Mohammed thanks you for your servitude to his great destruction.

      What idiot believes some corporate-run government would destroy it’s own economy to make money? You wouldn’t make any money would you if your dollar is worth less than it was a couple years ago, would you? What idiot would believe a government would attack itself to invade some country we have no dealings with?

  • jaysus

    the roast overall–mediocre at best. but it still had a few inspired moments. the best bits were easily 1) mike tyson’s ancient greek literature reference skewering seth macfarlene and 2) anthony jeselnik’s “god hates michael j. fox” joke. definitely agree with brian, no one will ever equal greg giraldo as a roaster…rip

    • Tim

      Agreed on Giraldo. Guy was great.

      Although I do love Ross, and Lampanelli is great too. Nick Dipaolo is another good one that just doesn’t do these often enough.

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