Chaz Bono on 'Dancing with the Stars' debut: He'll stay away from the message boards!


Image Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

It’s pretty clear how Chaz Bono won’t be spending his evening now that he’s completed his first Cha Cha on Dancing with the Starsvisiting internet chat boards. Bono’s participation invited controversy since he’s the show’s first transgendered contestant.

“It’s a good idea for everyone to stay away from them,” Bono told reporters afterwards. “Message boards generally attract people who want to be mean-spirited.”

Bono and his partner Lacey Schwimmer — who danced at the end of the two-hour premiere — earned a 17 for their first spin under the mirror ball. “I feel great. I was feeling pretty good when I was doing it,” Bono said. “I was trying to focus on the dance, do a good job, and have fun and I think I  did just that. This has been such a good experience. When I started I was like no matter what I’m going to try to enjoy every minute. Even with the nerves and everything, I just told myself to enjoy the moment.”

The famous child of Sonny and Cher, who was introduced as an author and an activist, said he “appreciated the nice things” the judges said about his footwork but admits it was kind of a blur. His knee injury was also mentioned during the show but Bono admits “nothing is really wrong with it.” (What?!? A reality show making a mountain out of a molehill?).

In fact, Bono appreciates all the intense activity, especially because of what it can do for his midsection.  (During his intro package, he said, “Look at my belly. Isn’t it round and beautiful?”) “I just want to have the best time I can and stay on as long as I can and entertain,” he said afterwards. “If I can lose weight, which I have been, by doing it, that’s awesome.” — With reporting from Carrie Borzillo

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  • etm

    Go Chaz!!!

    • Lane

      He’s awesome. There are probably a lot of confused kids who will benefit from such a positive role model.

      • angle3

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      • PIMB

        He did well. This was a great first show. I may stick around a while this season. No apparent ringer. Looks like fun. Please get rid of the Kardashian and Mark, who even in week 1 danced solos around his partner.

      • panzhu

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      • Cynthia

        …and there will be even more kids getting totally confused. He purports to be a man, yet “she” doesn’t have the correct set of tools to be a man. Figure this one out on explaing to a child on what “it” is.

    • Twist

      Chaz rocked. He really surprised me.

  • Jane

    Chaz did great – really proud of him.

    • Ncdrew

      The above comment by Chaz: “Message boards generally attract people who want to be mean-spirited” was meant for you , lori. Take note and take your mean-spiritedness far away from EW.

  • Diane

    Good for him!

  • dogfoot

    I don’t generally watch DWTS and I don’t really understand the whole transgender thing, but you know what? There’s no reason I have to. That part of other people’s lives has NOTHING to do with me. I think it’s very courageous of Chaz to put himself out there like that, and from the clips I’ve seen he didn’t do too badly. If he’s the first voted out (I HOPE not) it won’t because of his dancing. And I really hope he does stay away from the message boards, because you know the nasty bigots are going to show up. It’s just sick that the show has to put on extra security for him.

    • Mary

      Well said, dogfoot. Bravo.

    • Mellissa

      Dogfoot: That’s how I feel too. Just because I don’t understand doesn’t mean I have to, or the behavior is wrong. Just because it’s going on doesn’t mean that it affects me in any way. Live and let live. If this is what Chaz had to do to find his bliss, more power to him for doing it, and not settling.

    • Maryb889

      @dogfoot: Unfortunately, it’s that not understanding that really scares some people and often turns them mean. It’s sad really. All that energy being wasted just being hateful. I wish Chaz all the luck in this competition. If nothing else, he can teach his girlfriend some fancy new dance moves for their wedding!!

    • etm

      great comment, dogfoot!

  • hoganbcmj

    Go Chaz! Good for you for being so brave. Ignore the fear-fueled hate :)

  • BH

    I enjoyed watching him.

  • Natalie

    It took a lot of courage for him to get up there knowing there are so many people ready to ridicule him and wishing him to fail. Somewhere tonight there may have been someone who feels wrong in their own skin who is seeing someone like them for the first time. I wish him all the best, and feel sorry for people who hate and fear what they don’t understand.

  • Rick

    He did SO much better than a number of other dancers, I was really happy for him. And I have to say, I’m SHOCKED that there aren’t any hate-filled comments on this board… hey, someone tell Chaz that EW fans are packing the love!

    • Caren

      I don’t like him or dislike him….I don’t like when people make fun of a person though. I do hope he loses some weight as it’s not healthy for him, but other than that I have no problem with him at all.

    • Upset

      Speak for yourself Rick, because I’m an EW fan and I’m NOT packing any love. I’m not going to watch the show, and it’s certainly because of Chaz. Well that’s one big reason (no pun intended). And I’m sick of all the glorious, wonderful Chaz supporters who feel that people like me who are not supporters are haters. Why? Because I feel differently to you? Well too bad. I do.

      • Cher

        No one care what you think idiot.

      • Rick

        @Upset – You certainly told us. People showing support to someone who is making a courageous decision is clearly upsetting to you. What else bothers you? People trying to shut down puppy farms?

  • Dani

    I clicked on the message board with trepidation, but how wonderful it is to see a supportive group on this site! It gives me hope.

    • HTC

      @Dani: I was thinking the exact same thing. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read what people had to say. It is great to see people writing positive things. Everyone will have their favorite dancer for whatever reason, which is great. This show is supposed to be fun — and it was last night.

      • Sara

        Agree with both of you! This is MUCH different than the boards at I have always liked DWTS, really enjoyed last night’s premiere, and will keep watching! Good for Chaz – he did a great job, and the tears streaming down his girlfriend’s face were so touching.

    • Upset

      Dani, did you ever stop to think that EW probably deleted all the negative comments, or those opposed to Chaz, and kept on all the supporters. Because I’ve seen other boards where there are non-supporters, and I come here and see glowing, wonderful reviews and support. I doubt that everyone is so supportive. Something doesn’t mesh here. Just saying.

  • jessicastricker

    He really surprised me! I think it’s great he’s doing the show! That’s real courageous and inspiring. Bravo Chaz!

  • Katyo

    EW has its share of trolls but is generally “nicer” than a lot of other sites I’ve been to. Glad to see all the support for Chaz. It takes a lot of guts to expose such private details of one’s life and he seems to be taking it all in stride.

  • george

    positive on here is a rarity. chaz is chaz just let him dance and have fun

  • finleybrad27

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  • Grace

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  • Herb

    I don’t really understand the transgender thing because Chaz (or Chastity) still has two X-chromosomes, which makes him (her) still a woman (female.) I also have not yet figured out whether Chaz wants to be a spokesperson for those people who are in the same situation or he (she) is just a publicity hound. I am leaning towards the latter but I am still willing to listen to a good argument.

    • HoneyB

      Transgender isn’t about chromosomes, it’s about gender, a social construct. While his chromosomes might be female biologically, his gender identity is male, and that’s where the confusion comes into play. Because he was born biologically female, his body and gender did not match as they do for most people. That being said, I also think he’s a publicity hound, but if people start to read and learn more about transgenderism because of him, well, an educated populace is better than an ignorant one.

    • @ Herb

      I was born a brunette but now I am a blonde. You got a problem with that?

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