Gordon Ramsay scores new Fox reality show: 'Hotel Hell'


Image Credit: Fox

Gordon Ramsay is expanding beyond cooking and setting his sights on a new makeover target: Hotels.

Fox has ordered a new Ramsay series where the reality kingpin will partner with a team of hospitality experts, traveling across the country to try and fix every aspect of struggling hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts. The working title: Hotel Hell.

The series is both familiar territory for Ramsay and a real departure, combining the business makeover format of Kitchen Nightmares with the internationally known chef moving beyond a cooking-centric show on Fox for the first time. Ramsay has hotel experience, having studied hotel management as a young man, and having worked and owned hotel-based restaurants throughout his career.

With this series, and presuming his other franchises continue, Ramsay will have four shows on the air, more than any other broadcast network reality TV personality  — including Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef.

“Gordon is amazing to work with and no matter what the premise, he delivers every time,” said Mike Darnell, president of alternative entertainment at Fox. “With an unprecedented three shows already on the air, Gordon is an incredible television success, and we’re really thrilled to put him through Hotel Hell.”

Added Ramsay in a statement: “These are stories that everyone can relate to, because virtually all of us have had a bad hotel experience that’s turned a holiday or business trip into a total disaster. It’s time to put the hospitality industry to the test.”

Ramsay, Adeline Ramage Rooney, Patricia Llewellyn and Ben Adler are executive producers on the project, which does not yet have an air date.
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  • Ceppro

    Enough with the reality shows.

    • Quirky

      Yes, what we really need are even more law, medical and crime dramas, becuase those totally haven’t been run into the ground yet :)

      • michael

        i agree quirky…..your point was funny and hopefully the dopes understood it. not all reality shows are good. but ramsay is doing something right. networks pull shows that are good but dont get the exact ratings they want almost overnight. ramsay’s shows are still on and thriving. i read his autobiography and biography and it helps to understand the man himself. and yes, law shows, crime shows, and medical dramas ……..we need so many more of those dont we? and after NYPD Blue, and ER I dont think they will get it right anytime soon. i did buy every season of ER. so i have them all. yes i have no life. i dont understand why they dont have all the seasons of nypd blue? they have four or five and that is all. one of the best ever and they dont have them available. anyway, i cant wait for hotel hell. the more the better. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF HELLS KITCHEN WILL BE ON AGAIN OR WAS LAST SEASON IT FOR GOOD? AGAIN ENJOYED YOUR COMMENTS AND FIREBALL…. it seems the others dont have a personality….

      • tiffany

        this past season was the first of the 2 he signed on for so there is at least one more coming! Hopefully this will happen again!!!!

    • jan

      i thought ramsey was a chef, what does he have to do with hotels? we all know you eat out or stay out of your home at your own risk . enough already u f—— idiot

      • peter

        it’s sad,that you need an english chef to clean up the crap in your country

    • jan

      i agree whats next “gocery store hell” oops prolly bad to mention that watch, itll be here soon, lol

  • Fireball

    Ramsey knows his stuff and I enjoy all his shows.

    • lori


    • peter

      i agree with you,but i think it should be at the comedy channel

  • UGH

    Why not have a reality show about Ramsay washing his aprons at this point?

  • Andy

    such a creative title for a show

  • Al

    He should just get his own network, like Oprah.

    • gmc94

      Isn’t Oprah’s network circleing the drain?

      • tiffany

        gmc, im leavin that alone LOL ;)

  • Bankrupt is the reason

    Gordon (whom I like) needs these shows to get out of the bankruptcy he has filed for. I stopped watching Kitchen Nightmares and will not watch Hotels for the same reason…they are shows with the same plot and result every week. A placing is bombing and it’s Gordon swearing & fighting ‘to the rescue’. It’s like extreme make-over..you already know the end before the show starts. At least Hell’s Kitchen let’s you guesss whose staying or going.

    • lynn

      There is a rip off of the Kitchen Nightmares on the Food Channel ….he screams and yells too until you think his head will explode (the Food Channel guy)

      My fave is Master Chef… I started watching because I couldn’t find the remote and was too lazy to get off my ass. It’s really fun to watch.

      • stooge fan

        I don’t think this show is a rip off . Yes I do agree that there are some similaritys with both show but on the food network show “Resturant Impossible” Robert irvine has 2 days and 10 thousand dollars to fix a resturant on the verge of closing. Both shows are my favorite because of there different approach to these situations. Rip off is such a harsh word. There are other shows that have other channels copying it ex: Pawn Stars, Sons of Guns, and the countless # of shows with the same knockoff senerios on MTV,Lifetime and,Tru TV.

  • Anna

    This should be good…..but also kind of scary to see what is really going on at some of these places!

  • UGH

    I wonder how many call girls he will go through?

    • jane

      UGH-I’d do him for free.

      • Andy

        Jane, you ignorant slut.

      • Toll House

        Jane, would ya do me for free!

      • annah

        stand in line Jane….I agree, the man is Hott!!

  • Bibi

    Sorry, Emmy song. TV is a vast wasteland and Gordon Ramsay is leading the pack. Enough already.

  • Boof

    I can’t believe anyone likes this assclown.

    • steven

      i can’t believe your posting on here slapnuts

  • parkR

    If it was produced by the BBC (like Ramsay’s BBC Kitchen Nightmares), I’ll watch it, but of course it will be the FOX version (like Fox’s Kitchen nightmares), in which I won’t

    • meccano

      You are very correct in noting the difference between his shows produced in the UK and here. Even Kitchen Nightmares which is essentially the same show with the same guy is very different when you compare the one on BBC America to the one on Fox (although BBC America has started to repeat the US/Fox version as well). It isn’t just that the UK version is somehow more highbrow because it seems imported and quaint to Americans, but rather Fox version seems more formulaic and cartoonish in comparison.

      • Toll House

        I am burnt out with Gordon. Wish BBC America had some new Last Rest. Standing shows.

      • Dawn

        BBC America used to air a show that was similar in premise. A hotel expert (it was a woman, I can’t remember her name) would come in and help the hotel/motel/b&b. If you want to watch an interesting Gordon Ramsey show where he actually cooks, try the BBC America show “The F Word”.

      • Cida

        I hate when I leave a comment and I have to re-write. I think the first was alwyas better.Great summary Lynds. I think I would also die if Gordon commented on my food. He is the Simon of food experts!cin

  • Ben

    Doubt I will watch this one. Too far removed from Ramsay’s niche: cooking. I’m not interested in him dabbling in hotel management, just as I wouldn’t be interested in him running a soccer team just because he used to play English football.

  • Jon Ginsberg

    I’m still waiting for Cruise Ship H@#%. I’d love to see him overhaul the way food is cooked on a cruise ship!

  • satirex

    Every week, he’ll got to a new B&B, walk in the door, and shout “ENOUGH GINGHAM!”

    • lynn


    • Ken

      And then he’ll go to the bathroom and throw up.

  • The Source

    I hear he’s going to be in yet ANOTHER show on television where he goes to every home in America and forces them to watch him on TV … I like Gordon Ramsey but enough already.

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