Zooey Deschanel's 'New Girl' opens big; 'Glee' dips


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Zooey Deschanel charmed the pants off Fox viewers Tuesday night, delivering a truly impressive premiere rating for her comedy New Girl and debuting as the top-rated show on an ultra-competitive night. There’s also the second week of numbers for Sarah Michelle Geller’s Ringer and the premieres for Body of Proof, Unforgettable, Parenthood and more.

New Girl was seen by 10.1 million viewers at 9 p.m. and delivered a strong 4.7 adults 18-49 rating. That’s the highest-rated fall sitcom premiere on Fox since The Bernie Mac Show 10 years ago. What’s particularly impressive about this number is how much the comedy built from its Glee third season premiere lead-in. Glee (8.9 million, 3.8) was down 32 percent from its first episode last fall, yet New Girl was up a whopping 52 percent from the debut of Raising Hope in its slot last year. Speaking of Hope (6.8 million, 3.1), the second season of the comedy successfully matched its first season premiere rating at 9:30 p.m.

CBS ranked a strong second place, with NCIS (19.5 million, 4.2) and NCIS: LA (16.7 million, 3.6) both bucking the usual broadcast trend and growing about 5 percent from last fall. The duo helped new crime drama Unforgettable (14 million, 2.9) open solid and conquer 10 p.m. — plus the show was up 16 percent from the premiere of Good Wife in the time period last year.

ABC’s Dancing With the Stars (14.5 million, 2.8) slump compared to last fall continued, with its results show down 36 percent from last year. The return of Dana Delany’s Body of Proof (9.7 million, 2.3) tied the modest debut of Detroit 1-8-7 in the slot last fall and still managed second place in the hour, though was down 26 percent from its midseason debut earlier this year.

NBC rolled out The Biggest Loser (6.1 million, 2.3) with its new trainers, including Anna Kournikova, but the reality show took a 21 percent hit from last year. At 10 p.m., Parenthood (5.3 million, 2.1) nearly matched last fall’s debut.

On The CW, the network’s Tuesday dramas took a hit with all the added competition: 90210 (1.6 million, 0.7) was down 22 percent from its premiere; Ringer (2 million, 0.9) dropped 18 percent.

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  • Rachel

    I’m not surprised at all about Glee. With all the drama this summer who’d want to watch it? Plus the show’s been going downhill. Very happy for The New Girl! It was really really good.

    • c

      Glee without Sam SUCKED, hated how they explained his departure, just took it off my DVR series recording, happy for Girl and Hope though!

      • Alan

        Oh yeah because SAM has been the saving grace for Glee all along? I agree that it sucked but not because of the absence of Fish Lips McGee

      • Sammy

        It had nothing to do with Sam.. it was song choices, TOO much Rachel, and preachy holier-than-thou messages. Glee used to be cutting edge and funny.

      • RCB

        I think the main problem with Glee is Mr. Schue. He is just annoying. You just can’t sympathize with him.

      • DOPRAH

        I agree about Shue. I just can’t stand him. Stopped watching Glee 2nd season because of him

    • DDB

      Apparently 8.9 million people still wanted to watch it.

      • ^^^

        Let’s see those numbers next week.

      • steptoe

        I love GLEE last night and will continue to watch it every week. I’m a 40-year-old single man with much disposable income – that’s who the advertisers want. So keep up the good work, GLEE.

    • abadstroller

      Zooey D’s character definitely has a Liz Lemon vibe going for her. “Adorkable” fits her perfectly, I think. Kudos to the person who invented the word!…
      Signed, A fellow dork (but a whole less “able”)

      • PapaRazi

        She’s definitely adorkable. I’d put my dork in her.

      • kyrjar

        But the wildly inconsistent 30 rock has never been even close to 10 million, if I recall correctly. That is a massive debut especially since many had already seen it via TIVO previews, Itunes and other outlets.

    • Cygnus

      I love the Tuesday night Fox lineup now. Watch all 3 shows! Baby Hope is cuter than ever now that she walks and is more expressive.

      • PixxieTrixxie

        I enjoyed Glee, found New Girl enjoyable when Zoey was speaking but the guys were annoying, and loved Hope – always the bright spot of the evening.

    • Katie Lynn

      I tried watching Glee and just couldn’t get into it. I just don’t get the hype over this overblown karaoke show. I prefer a more mature show.

      • lisa

        Ringer was great! I really hope more people start watching!

      • kat

        I watched Ringer for the first time yesterday and I loved it! I forgot how much I missed SMG!

    • Ariel

      Totally agree about Glee. That show used to be well-written and the song choices were great. Now it’s High School Musical (that’s bad) with way way too many broadway show tunes (that’s worse). We get it. People are gay on the show. But they’ve gayed it up so much with the dumbass show tunes that it’s hard to watch now. What happened to the writers (and song choosers?) from season 1???

      • WhitneyD

        Sorry you feel the showtunes “gay it up.” Truth be told, musicals were kinda the first pop tunes. And for two characters that WANT to be on Broadway, they’re the logical choices for them to make.

        By the way, those writers? They’re still there. The show is still put together by the three creators, who all have VERY different ideas of what the show is about. My problem has been less with song choices, and the fact that nobody seems to agree on what the show is anymore.

      • AJ

        I am gay and I agree that Glee is far too many 50’s adn 60’s Broadway show tunes. I mean, these kids are teenagers in 2011, most of them would have been born in the 1990’s. They should be into singing a lot more diverse stuff. That’s not the main reason for Glee becoming boring, but for me the song choices are a big reason. This intense focus on them singing flashy song and dance Broadway musicals is boring to me. But there are other failures too.

      • Plommu


    • wizard62

      The problem with Glee is it’s too WAAAY over the top. The Sue Sylvester character is a psycho. No school (or any employer for that matter) would ever put up with her. She’s a dangerous, abusive psychotic who would be locked up if McKinley were a real school. Not to mention a ton of lawsuits would be filed against her by the kids parents and the other teachers. Dog poop cookies? Acting like the Grinch? Destroying Piano’s after the Glee Club sings so beautifully at her sister’s funeral? Really?Second, the characters have no consistency. Santana’s a bad girl. Then she’s off Cheerios and becomes an advocate for the Glee Club. Now she’s back to sabotaging the Glee Club again. Quinn is a snob at first. Then gets pregnant and starts to become a decent person. Now she’s a skank. I think the writers have short term memory loss. I can forgive the fact that a full orchestra always seems to be ready and waiting whenever they break out in song, as unrealistic as that is. What I really hate though is all the slushy’s being thrown. For a show that teaches tolerance for gays,geeks and outcasts, they certainly put up with more than there fair share of bullying. How does the school not put a stop to it? They just keep letting kids throw cold slushies at one another, ruining their clothes and then not showing any consequences for those actions? Yes Karofsky got called in for his bullying of Kurt, but it took a threat of murder to get the attention. I mean really…I can’t sustain my disbelief for much longer.

      • Kim

        The ridiculous lack of any kind of character consistency is why I quit watching. They were like different people every week. One week they would be one way and the next week they would do and say things that were complete opposites of the way they were just one show before. Every time I watched it, I would be “wth? last week they hated each other? now they’re making out? last week, this person was mean, now they’re nice? wait, now they’re mean again?” Drove me crazy!

      • LAJackie

        Totally agree. I can suspend my disbelief when watching a show like this but Sue would have been fired ages ago. No school board would allow her to continue teaching. It’s beyond a joke at this point.

      • bijoux82

        Yes. I think inconsistency is my main reason I’m losing interest in this show. The characters are definitely too all over the place, and my mom was just telling me earlier that she no longer finds Sue funny because of how over-the-top her character is. And when it comes to songs, I agree more variety is needed. I’ll be honest, I love show tunes, in fact I generally love musicals (hence my initial reason for watching the show) but something about the music, the storyline, and the characters, I guess since mid second season, has just started to bother me. I’ll try watching a few more episodes this season, but I’m already concerned. Like, what is going to happen to Quinn if Beth is part of her life? Another wild change in her character–probably.

      • Jason

        If you’re watching Glee for “reality” then you need to switch over to some mind numbing “reality” like Jersey Shore. Glee is no more “real” than Buffy or X-Files, and that’s ON PURPOSE. And a good thing. Why complain about “reality” on something that’s not supposed to be real. It’s not about consistency. It’s about HUMOR and ENTERTAINMENT.
        And most of all – if you don’t like it – change the freaking channel. No one is holding a gun to your head. If they are, you have way bigger problems than inconsistent characters.

      • steptoe

        I think that inconsistency is part of being a teenager. Kids are finding themselves. Settle down, people. If you want the same characters every week, watch the recurring reality shows on MTV and Bravo. xo

      • Kim

        It’s not just the teenage characters, though, it’s all of them, the adults included. Of course, characters on t.v. shows can change and grow, but this show is just too wildly inconsistent.

      • Mona

        Totally agree, wizard62. The characters’ inconsistency is probably the biggest problem I’ve had with the show too.
        I’ve watched Glee avidly since it started but even now I can’t honestly describe any of the characters beyond their trite and obvious traits and characteristics.
        They change from week to week, which is understandable I suppose, given they’re teenagers, but they do so in such an extreme and unrealistic fashion.
        It’s like Kim says, one week Puck’s the bad boy, next week he’s in infatuated with Lauren Zizes (What?! Where’d that come from?)
        One week Emma’s marrying her dentist boyf, next week she’s in love with Will again.
        One week Finn loves Rachel, next week, with no warning, he’s attracted to Quinn again.
        One MINUTE, Santana loves the Glee club, next MINUTE, she’s taking it down.

    • Lina

      Glee SUCKS and glad people are finally realizing it! Overrated show with overracted actors! New girl was a cute and qurky new show-look forward to more of that but I really hope glee gets taken off the air or that this will be its last season.

      • Jason

        How very sad for you. You’d rather root for a show to be taken off the air and people out of work, not to mention the loss of a show many find entertaining, because YOU don’t like it? Must be nice living in that bubble.

      • adrian

        Hey Jason… how do you feel about Fox News?

    • scar2

      Glee is high-concept & over-exposed. There’s no way they could possibly keep it up. Hopefully, it’ll force the makers to be more focused & improve the quality of the show.

    • jj

      the new girl was so overhyped it’s not funny. the critics all made it sound like the best comedy ever and it was far far from that. i actually enjoyed whitney more (and i didn’t enjoy that show at all). so many things were just ridiculous. that anyone (especially a group of guys) would let a girl move in and watch dirty dancing over and over in THEIR apt. no. i don’t think so. that someone would think it was okay to move in and watch dirty dancing nonstop. no. i don’t think so. that we were supposed to think that that was cute or “adorkable”. no. it was just annoying. that we’re supposed to believe all three guys would leave a club to go get her at the restaurant. no. only one guy needed to go. i would never have left a party just bc my friend is clueless. and the way they just came into a nice restaurant yelling and then singing loudly? NO NO NO NO NO. it just tried way too hard and all i could think was big big FAIL. it may get better, but if this is all the critics saw and they thought this dross was good? well, i want some of the drugs that FOX must have had at their upfronts!

      • Gia

        her friends are models.

    • rebecca a.

      i stopped watching Glee because of Ryan Murphy, there’s just something about him that i do not like. Loved the New Girl, so happy it did well.

    • Karikata

      The New Girl was great! Very funny and well written, let see how long they can keep it up. Glee was so so. Same o same o.

    • kellylee

      so true

    • kellylee

      i agree

    • finleybrad27

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  • Jake

    Yay! Solid ratings for all 3 shows!

  • Monty

    Sounds like a bunch of casual Gleeks jumped ship after the subpar second season. If season 3 isn’t much better than the second half of season 1 and season 2, I will be one of them…

    • Alan

      I loved season 1, really disliked season 2 and was really underwhelmed by the season 3 premiere. I am not sure if I will stick with this Sinking Ship. Glee is becoming the new “Heroes” in terms of the speed of the sinking ship.

      • spirals

        Exactly. Glee is circling the quality drain. At least you could fast-forward through the nonsense dialogue of Glee and watch the musical numbers. Now you’re lucky to find a good musical number. Anything Goes? Really? Heather Morris’ next project can’t come too soon.

      • ^^^

        The Heroes analogy was perfect.

      • Chris

        Maybe they should have Sylar come on the show trying to kill Rachel. “Save Rachel, save the world………….with music!”

      • Phils

        I’m just so glad that Will found out about that B wife of his and her fake pregnancy. Oh and the Jump commarciel was pretty awesome too Reply by on December 4th, 2009 at Friday, December 4, 2009 @ 6:43 am@Elaine, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.Reply by on December 5th, 2009 at Saturday, December 5, 2009 @ 11:05 am@Elaine, yeah, you totally spoiled it. Way to go. It’s all ruined now!

    • RB

      Dead on analysis. Season 2 was a roller coaster in terms of quality and performance. I’m not surprised that some people signed off as a result. I hope that the creators/writers can bring back the best of Season 1 or I may be signing off, too!

    • lexi

      I totally agree with Heroes reference I loved it season 1 and still plan to watch it on DVD, but it sucked after that, and once Lea, Chris and Cory graduate next year its totally dead for season 4. and well and Amber too, she’ll probably leave next though.

  • Cindy

    This show is hilarious. Loved it.

  • Blerg

    Hey EW, the stupid X Factor pop-up ad is covering nearly the whole home page and there’s no way to close it. Now how am I supposed to procrastinate at work?!

    • ICK

      They need to rethink their entire ad banner situation.
      It’s really bad when you look at any of their photo galleries and get stuck with an ad in the middle that won’t let you continue.

      • Sammy


    • erin

      I had the same problem Monday with the super annoying Playboy show ad.

    • Really?!

      Are u schmuks using Internet Explorer? Firefox with ad block and not a single ad. It’s not 1998, get a real browser!

      • ^

        Some of us are at work and not in our parents’ basement.

      • ^^^


      • Fog cue

        I’m at work getting paid with your tax dollars, you dirty c|its!

      • RyanK

        You read EW for work? Man I want that job. And tell your employers to get Firefox.

    • Kwise1

      well i view ew.com on my ipad and the ads are a huge problem. the other day the new playboy show ad blocked half of the site for the entire day.

      • Kate

        Glad to hear it’s not just me! The x factor ad today blocks all the way to the bottom of the hub.

      • Zinia

        Same stuff happened to me! Really disgusting!

    • Javadude54

      This is why I like Firefox. I never see the ads and banners that so many others find annoying. With a couple of free addons in Firefix all that crap is hidden and you never see it unless you enable it.

      • erin

        Which is fine, but at work some of us don’t have that option.

  • Stef

    Tuesday is going to be a great night for TV – New Girl, Ringer, and Raising Hope!

    • Necro

      Zooey Deschanel is sooo overrated, which is why she’s on the small screen now. So much for her movie career. She’s a limited actress.

      • Er

        She’s always bounced back and forth between films and TV. She was great in the 2007 mini-series Tin Man.

  • Penny Widmo’

    Whoops! Glee’s no longer the Fox Tuesday darling. Ha ha!

  • lisa

    zooey is so freaking hot

    • ICK


    • cub

      Really…even if the show wasn’t hilarious, I’d keep watching for her

      • ^^^

        Chaz is more appealing than ZD.

    • Samwell

      Zooey is my future wife after she leaves that Death Cab dude (I mean seriously… she is WAY too hot for him!).

      • Tori

        “Death Cab dude” is way too talented for her.

  • Ed Northwick

    Zooey Deschanel is voluptuous, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. She’s a very talented actress. It’s an exquisite performance by her, just wonderful.

    • ICK

      You’ve got to be kidding.

    • Peter Bishop

      Standards must be low for this pilot season.

      • ICK

        FOX needs to promote the #$%@ out of Fringe this season instead of this garbage!!!

      • bruno

        totally. this show was like a bad jlo romantic comedy.

    • k

      Do you understand the meaning of the word “voluptuous”?

      • ^^^

        Maybe they meant vomitinous.

      • Ed Northwick

        For the record, she is kind of voluptuous in a minimalist sort of way.
        She covers up a lot because for some reason, she doesn’t like exposing too much of her perfectly nice figure. Perhaps her husband Ben Gibbard doesn’t give her enough compliments.
        I hope she returns to movies where she belongs and begins her ascension to the A-list.
        I’ve always thought that she and Katy Perry resemble each other and now they are both singer-songwriters and actresses. I hope that they do a movie together playing twin sisters.

    • Alan

      Over the top much? I didnt sense that that was her appeal. She’s very likeable but more because she’s cute and oddball and quirky. Voluptuous?

    • pk

      OMG the girl cannot act. She displays the emotional range of a potted plant in every role she plays. She pretty much plays the same person in every movie she’s in – quirky, immature, Gen-Y cutesy girl. She needs to grow the f*ck up

      • ^^^

        That blank stare. I bet if you yanked on one of her ear lobes, you would hear air escape.

      • dan

        The show was horrible! Had to turn it off after 15 minutes. Prediction: the ratings over the next few weeks will be down and “New Girl” will be old very soon.

      • jj

        agreed. i liked her for that at first, but when i realised it was all that she could do… well, i don’t heart her nearly as much as i used to. oh and the show sucked.

      • Tori

        …. Have you even seen “Elf”?

  • UGH

    Here’s to hoping both shows get cancelled!

    • Kim

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! Why do people always have to hope a show other people like gets cancelled? I don’t get it! Not even sure which two shows you’re talking about. I don’t like Glee, quit watching after about half a season, but I don’t wish it cancelled just cause I don’t care for it. Hope you’re not talking about Raising Hope cause that show is truly funny and that would mean you have no sense of humor. Sorry.

      • UGH

        Here’s to hoping Kim gets cancelled!

      • Kim

        Right back ‘atcha!

  • TorontoTom

    WHO watches that NCIS crap?!?

    • ICK

      The same old bags and hillbillies that watch Leno.

      • mari

        @ICK – Hey now.. I am not an “old bag” nor a hillbilly. Oh and I definitely DO NOT WATCH Leno :D

    • An Old Bag and Hillbilly

      I do. (But not the NCIS:LA). However, if it’s going to be more cover–ups by the Sec Nav this season, I can do without. I think Michael Weatherly is an overlooked actor, as his character has the most stretching and most legwork to do in every episode. Mark Harmon is always one note as Gibbs, but Weatherly really has a good character to sink his teeth into. (And yes, though I’m apparently a “hillbilly” I can still use the word “teeth.”)
      I just can’t understand from this write-up what NCIS came in “second” to…?

    • Brick

      Give me a break. NCIS but it got a 4.2 in the 18-49 range. Other than the brand new “New Girl” that’s the highest rated show of the night in the “non-old bag” demographic.

      I personally don’t watch the show, but it has a diverse audience. Some people enjoy reliable, if dull, entertainment.

      • Deliverance Hillbilly

        You sure got a purty mouth, Toronto Tom.

    • Ash

      Hey my grandparents love that show lol

    • Gee

      I do and am in my 20s

    • Tori

      I do! I’m 15! Definitely not an old-bag or hillbilly!

  • vickils

    And – NCIS holds strong. Not bad for a 9 year old show. And Michael Weatherly was excellent.

    • dan

      Despite the wording used in the article, NCIS was the #1 show on Tuesday in total viewers. Don’t understand why EW is obsessed with the 18-49 demo (which I’m part of). NCIS: LA was the #2 show for the night and the new CBS show, Unforgettable, was #4 behind Dancing w/3-d rate stars. CBS clearly won the night in total viewers and may have won the night in 18-49 demo once the numbers are averaged in. What happened to Glee? I expected it to go down a litte, but man it got hosed last night. The show was better than most of last year, but still not the same as the first season. The graduation of so many characters may turn out to be the swan-song for the whole show if ratings continue to decline.

      • Jim

        18-49 demo is more important than the viewership. Ad companies will buy more ad time on shows with higher 18-49 demo ratings, thinking they would spend more money. That’s why 18-49 demo determine if a show get cancelled even if it has high viewership ratings.

      • jack

        the 18-49 demographic is the most important because that is the target advertising market. it’s great that old people are watching NCIS, but they don’t buy anything. TV is run by advertisers, and they want the 18-49 group.

      • @jack

        ” it’s great that old people are watching NCIS, but they don’t buy anything.” Right, because we don’t eat, wear clothes, drive, go on vacations, help raise our grandchildren, we don’t have the most disposable income, oh that’s right, according to analysts, we do. The 18-49 demographic is considered “dead” anyway, with virtually no population growth expected from 2006 to 2016.

      • Tori

        @jack Excuse me? I’m UNDER the 18-49 demographic, yet I’d rather watch NCIS than crap like glee or new girl. NCIS viewers aren’t just old people, and it pisses me off that EW completely ignores it. 19.8 viewers is certainly a lot!

  • Peter Bishop

    Don’t see what the appeal is of the New Girl.. I thought the premiere was boring. Didn’t laugh once. The cast has no chemistry together and Zooey singing constantly is annoying.

    • hooch

      Totally agree

    • No Chemistry


    • Gee

      I thought it was boring too altho I still like Zooey

    • neen


  • Miss M.

    ***Glee was down 32 percent from its first episode last fall***

    Does this mean EW will finally shut up about the ridiculously overrated “Glee” for five minutes?

    • googie

      We can only hope!

    • Alan

      Maybe if the next Twilight movie bombs, EW will shut up about both Glee and Twilight and those of us who aren’t 15 year old girls can find something in EW to read about!

      • stan

        I like the way you think, Alan.

      • ^^^

        It might get that bad with New Girl.

      • Alwy

        - Hugh Jackman oh, sorry, I forgot that it’s plopee I want to BE’, not plopee I want to DO’. Yeah, I guess I could be him too.- Inara- Sydney Fox- Nigella Lawson- Oprah- Jennifer Aniston- CordeliaReply by on April 22nd, 2010 at Thursday, April 22, 2010 @ 9:24 am@Nenette, I’d rather be Kaylee than Inara.

    • J Lo’s Butt

      Only until Idol comes back on. IDOL, Twilight, GLEE… let’s hope EW doesn’t wear me out about Hunger Games before that hits the screen!

  • llevinso

    I’m not surprised about the dip in Glee’s premiere after all the drama that went on behind the scenes this summer.

    And those who decided to skip it didn’t miss much in my opinion. It was one of the dullest season premieres I’ve watched. I actually fell asleep about 20 minutes into it. I think I’m done with Glee.

    • Mike

      Really, drama behind the scenes (which, in contrast to some other shows over the years was really not much) causes you to drop a show? And really – dull? They were trying to take things back to basics for oh so ever loud crowd that complains non-stop about the show – much more time was actually spent on characters – and of course, they get labelled ‘dull’. There is no winning for Glee anymore – no matter what they do, you guys are going to complain.

      • dan

        Drama behind the scenes didn’t seem to hurt “Two-and-a-half Men” which broke all sorts of records for viewership Monday night.

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