Sneak peek at TLC's new series 'Long Island Medium' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Theresa Caputo is your average Long Island, N.Y., mom. She takes care of a husband and two kids, she goes to work, she runs errands, and she talks to the dead. Wait, what? TLC’s newest series, Long Island Medium, follows Caputo, a real-life psychic medium, who helps individuals find closure and connect with their loved ones who have passed on. While some people find her gift helpful, her family is occasionally irritated by her inability to turn her gift off.

Check out this first look video, in which a routine coffee run turns into a psychic encounter. Then, let us know what you think in the comments. Will you be tuning in to the premiere of Long Island Medium? (The series airs on TLC Sunday at 10 p.m./9 p.m. central.)

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  • marym

    Love it, can’t wait to see the show. She is so down to earth.

    • Linda Shields

      This woman puts us profession mediums and psychic in a VERY poor light! Would yells and scream like this woman! What a terrible program and how can anyone watch this crap!!

      • kelly

        I must disagree. I have watched several episodes now and she is not only the real deal but her compassion and real gregarious personality make her so endearing. She is amazing!

      • rhonda sinclair

        Please don’t be like this to her

      • cheryl

        Longs Islanders yell and scream like that.

      • Charlatan Randi

        “us profession mediums and psychic in a VERY poor light” No, your bad grammar puts you in a bad light, if you’re so psychic, why can’t you learn to spell? Also, you so-called mediums do not hear dead people, you hear voices because you’re nuts and need professional help. You can’t just throw a bunch of clues out there like “I think his name is Bill, or Bob, or something with a B.” He can’t tell you his name but he can manage to tell you that he’s happy and forgives his family, etc… Give me a break. Anyone who is dumb enough to fall for this deserves to lose their money. But anyone who charges for this WILL get bad karma.

      • Mary

        You need to learn how to type!! Very disrespectful you sound!!! She is wonderful!!!!

      • Robert

        Sounds like someone is jealous are your mad cause she’s running around giving free readings while you professionals are strugglin in this economy!

      • georgi

        oh dry up! I have seen plenty of mediums, oh & ah & not get much right – she is always right on & everyone knows RIGHT away what she is talkin about, she is the real deal, yr just jealous and probably a fake

    • Ria

      Linda, you have a gift…you should be sharing this amazing gift. Sounds like you are just mad it isn’t you on tv!

    • GINNY

      I will be in NY on 10/24 @ lost my husband very tragetily on 1/18/08 @ never got closure. He was the love of me life. Please meet with me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!

      • benjamin

        my dad past away never got to know him gould you help me to get closure

  • patty

    hello i have a 15 yr old runaway and i dont believe the local police and the police in the area where she is are helping me im very worried about her and was hoping u could help me but the thing is im a single mom struggling so maybe u have so ideas please email me if u do. sincerly,patty

    • rhonda sinclair

      Loss angelus

    • jan ouellette

      please help me my dad has past away and my mom is in a home every day i see her I feel so bad to leave her there she is hight matence and I have trouble with her when I try to bring her home i don’t know what to do please she keeps telling me she is going to die soon can you tell if this is true.thanks jan and need to see u.

  • Jenny

    would love to meet her. my dad just passed away in july i would love to know if he is alright and if i did the right thing. I think i need closure not from my family but by someone else that’s not in the loop of my family. Please would love to meet her.

    • Linda Shields

      Email me, I can help!

      • Amy

        Can you help get an appt.?

      • Angela

        So you also are a medium?then why would you say rude thiings about theresa?

      • maryann

        sounds like your campaigning for yourself by downing another medium!

  • coquette robinson

    I loved it and pray to have God send her to me and my daughter.

    • raydal

      You don’t know what you are asking for. You asking God to send the Devil to speak to you? The Bible says that the dead know nothing and any medium is speaking to the Devil and his angles. They are deceiving spirits. Read the story of Saul when he thought he was speaking to the departed Samuel.

  • Sharon Bradley

    I love it!!! Can’t wait to see the show! I will absolutely be watching!

  • Jon

    One *reality* show about the life of a purported psychic medium wasn’t enough?
    I promise I will watch every episode of this show the minute this woman gives undeniable evidence of her ability to speak to dead people. No cold reading or warm reading accepted. If she submits to the James Randi Foundation challenge and wins the prize, she will earn my viewership and the $1 million prize.

    • missy

      A medium is not a psychic (nor do they claim to be)…therefore she could not win the prize regaurdless of her abilities.

      • rhonda sinclair

        Sweety its hard to under stand something that you can’t grasp. Bolive me sweety we talk to the other side and its hard to for us to understaNd but sciantificaly we have learned to live in a spertual world and a flleshlee world so we see both sides that’s all to it love and light to you rhonda

      • tricky

        I dont think you understand the amazing randys deal, if you can prove any paranormal, super natural abilities. So being a medium mean she can.

    • Laura Sheehy

      She is not on this earth to convince you. I spent the first 40 years of my life trying to pretend my psychic ability away. I am still as surprised as anyone else each time it works. I wasted time that I could have been helping people.

      • larry fembot

        You can get medications for your delusions. Please get some help before you hurt yourself or someone else.

      • tbrown

        your psychic? how do we contact you?

      • Lisa A

        Amen– I totally agree.

        Please , for any psychics or mediums who may read this- please do not let the skeptics here drag you down. Some of the skeptic posts are getting a little mean-spirited here and it makes me wonder why someone who is totally closed-minded would even bother posting here in the first place

    • golf-chap

      typical reply from someone who has “alot to learn” yet.
      when they toss in the knumbnut james guy.appears
      that quite often males tend to be more skeptical of
      the spiritual realm than females.yeshua-jesus was
      highly spiritual ! it did take a bit for simon peter to
      come around tho ! when he did he was onboard !

  • Gina

    Hey I think its going to be a awesome show I can’t wait to see it. I love watching and learning about what we can’t see and seeing people happy by answers they need to hear. I would give anything in the world to have a reading to see if anyone on the otherside has anything to say to me. Can’t wait to see the show. Maybe you can give me and reading one day.

  • Marsha

    I really want to believe these people. I even have very expensive tickets to go see one in March. I am a bit skepical. I really need to hear from my Mother and brother to truely believe. Need closure some kind of bad!

    • larry fembot

      Look, I’m sorry for your loss, but, every single one of these people are charlatans, con men or just simply delusional. Please hang onto your money and seek real help from a licensed professional who can help you deal with the grief you are feeling. You will in the long run be much better off for it.

      • rhonda sinclair

        Lol well I did see a psychtrust and he said hun you just told me exsaly what the dr told me how can I help you. You’re oveusay psychic rhonda not crazy. Dr death in campbell rive bc told that to me. So yes some of us have looked for help just to find we dint need help.

  • Pat Longo

    I know how authentic Theresa is because she came to me many years ago to try to understand what was happening to her. She was an “A” student with tremendous ability and integrity. She is the “Real Deal”!

    • Rosie

      How could i contact her?

      • Diana

        Just watching her video’s brings myself and my niece’s eyes to tears. It’s just so close to the heart & soul of people and all of our deepest emotions. Just knowing someone can talk to our love ones that have passed and let us know we’re going to be ok without them here. Tears and more tears! Wish I could meet her in person.It’s been 4 years since my sister passed and I am still fighting illness since she died. I can’t wait to see her show! Does she ever come to Canada?

      • Anne

        how can i contact her?

      • Patricia

        I am wanting to find out how my husband died I think it was murder

      • Edwin Garcia

        Im looking for some answers my wife passed five months ago.. We have three wonderful kids Ashley ,Nathan, Lizzie were so puzzled asking why did this happen to us she was only 30yrs old.. I want to know if shes happy and were she at? Please, please help im so so lost without her shes my love n my life.. Were looking for answers.. Thank you .. God Bless you..

    • rhonda sinclair

      Ty for speaking truth hun ty

  • Heidi

    I would love to meet her! My little brother whom I was very close to passed away 25 days ago. I miss him so much I can’t function, my anxiety, depression, and insomnia! I can’t eat and I don’t want to leave my house! I’m getting married in 29 days and he was supposed to be a groomsman! Please Please Please, I’m begging you, I’d love to meet her and find out how he is! I need to know he’s ok, I can’t function right now! If we could come to NY it’d be a great honeymoon, not sure we could afford the trip but I need this so bad!

    • Christian

      You should pray to God your creator to comfort you and hope that your brother is saved and in heaven. If you contact a medium to contact the “so called dead” you are only going to recieve demons mascarading as your loved one and possibly be cut off from heaven by God. He commands us not to contact the dead because is is satan worship.

      • nc

      • Phyllis

        PLEASE!!! I am a Christian too, and one of the very first things I was taught as a child going to church was… do not judge. We have no idea what her relationship is with God, and I believe the Lord can do anything he wants. If he wants to give someone a gift such as hers, he has a reason..Sooo whatever…I see no evil in her.

      • larry fembot

        Yeah, your solution is just as delusional as the one that psychics offer. probably worse because it is more readily accepted in the main stream.

      • Nicole Larson

        Seriously, do you just come to this website to call people delusional and that they need help?!? If you dont believe in this then go else where, no one made you come to this site. I don’t go around the web searching for things I think are rediculous and call those people out. Just let it be Larry.

      • kelly

        How dare you. Shame on you! you know nothing of God, Jesus or the Bible. Learn to do some research and save your typical non informed fundamentalist Christian hate and nonsense for other ignorant people.

      • donna

        You claim to be christian but I am not sure you are?? How can you criticized? Quoting from the bible does not mean that you are a believer. If God came into our world today, would you recognize him? Or would you be doubting Thomas? What if God was sending us these people to help us? This is a different world than those who lived during the time of Christ. The bible was written by men. They had visions and spoke to God. What is the difference between then and now? What about the visions of Mother Mary that happen in Mexico, Fatima, Lourdes and other places? Are those caused by the devil…..I think not!! God does not desert us but gives us hope.

      • rhonda sinclair

        Exsuse me I happen to talk to yaway. And he made me psychic. Becuse he taght me how to live spitual and psychic is the gift you get when you get close to god its called proficising. God bless you brother

    • angie

      I might be able to help Heidi. I am a medium and have been reading people for years. I was born with this gift and use it to help others. Please email me if you are interested.

      • Faith

        My friend told me about the show as I missed the first episode….really looking forward to seeing the next show….I miss my Mom soooooo much!

  • Rosie

    email me please!!!
    Theresa Caputo

    • marge

      loved the show and want to make an appointment for me and my cousin.

  • Susan

    I need to talk to my dad I’m going through a very bad time with my mother and sister I need guidance from him.

    • Christian

      she will not be able to contact your dad or any loved one, she can only contact demons mascarading as him. If you deal with this medium, God can and will cut you off from Himself. Is it worth it?”As the cloud is consumed and vanished away: so he that goeth down to the grave shall come up no more. He shall return no more to his house, neither shall his place know him anymore”-Job 7:9, 10.
      “So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the Lord, even against the word of the Lord, which he kept not, and for asking of one that had a familiar spirit, to inquire of it”– 1 Chronicles 10:13. The Bible says that what appeared to Saul was “a familiar spirit”, those who speak to familiar spirits were to be stoned (Leviticus 20:27). The Bible forbids the practice of necromancy (communing with the dead) (Deut. 18:11, 12). Psalms 146:3-4, Ecclesiastes 3:19-21, 9:5-6,10, 12:6-7

      • dmeenan1

        The Lord works in so many say that the bible forbids this….well, the bible is only a man made book. In this book is mans version of what has happened. As far as the bible, there are prophets that are spoken about. Do you really believe that the Lord would not put prophets on the earth now…It is a gift that the Lord has given.The world is changing and the spiritual world is around us everyday…The Lord forgives and loves everyone….no matter what……God Bless you..but dont be brain washed….to believe that the bible is all true. Read it ant analyze it ..for the way it is supposed to be read…everyone who reads it interprets it in different ways…Let me guess..your religion is either Born again or Jehovahs witness.

      • kristie struble

        god doesnt cut off anyone if you do wrong and are truely sorry for it he will always be there for you, your comment is a discrace to christ. God is forgiving even to you.

      • rhonda sinclair

        She has gift of the sperit and god knows about her and he loves her verry much. Get out of the stone ages bro

  • Hillary

    Will be watching-I want to get to speak to her-waiting for my Mom to somehow give me a message-I know she would be my guardian angel and watch over us-just need some sign

  • patricia weeks

    love it –can wait to see the show !!!!!

  • Linda

    I went to her with my daughter this year my Mom had just passed we actually went for my Dad but was do happy when my Mom came through it gave us peace and I really needed that! I will be watching her show!

    • Josephine

      I would really love to just talk to her about a few people that has passed away in my life. If i had the money i would so go to her house for a reading, wish there was more people like to just walk up to someone and speak to them for a love on. PLEASE give me a free reading i would be honored.

      • John Keen

        Love the show…watched everyone… Cant wait to see the new show this spring. She has awonderful family. Just wondering if she has another email so I can email her. Need help with a big problem… Dont need to talk with any deceased family.. bigger then that. Sure hope her or someone can help me. Tess

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