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I adore Happy Endings! Any scoop on its return? — Alice
If you read the Bullseye page in the last issue of EW, you’ll notice we gave a shout out to the first few minutes of Wednesday’s season premiere. And rightly so! In this scene (which might be my favorite cold open of the fall), there’s one major injury, someone has a brush with death, and someone’s huge lie is revealed. THIS is how you start a season! Elsewhere in the ep, you’ll be introduced to my new favorite dance move: the hula hoop.

Please, someone give me an explanation as to why Haddie’s hair and clothes are so awful this year. I keep waiting for someone to make a comment or a joke about it, but they never do! I can’t tell which kid is Max and which is Haddie this year-because they both look the same.  Make it stop! — Amy from Lincoln, Neb.
Some things defy explanation, unfortunately. But let’s consider organizing an intervention.

I just finished watching CSI and loved Ted Danson’s character. When are we going to learn more about him? — A.J.
Well, I can tell you the second episode of this season is just as good as the first! And next week, we’ll get a chance to see more Russell’s unique form of crime solving comes in handy after a seemingly simply (and very grizzly) case takes an incredibly complicated turn. There’s also great interaction between Russell and Catherine, who is increasingly fraying at the edges, at the end that I think you’ll enjoy.

I really enjoyed the Secret Circle. More than I thought I would. Scoop? — Amy
Well, when EW caught up with Thomas Dekker recently, the actor revealed that his favorite episode so far has been the fourth one because “it’s when the show catapults into a much darker, more mature, aggressive tone, which is what I’m attracted to.” Also, “it gets gory,” he teased. If that’s not enough scoop for you, shoot me your questions for Dekker ASAP. I’m chatting with him later today: spoilerroom@ew.com

When will Hawaii Five-0 write a story to bring the biggest star of Hawaii back to the islands? Bring [Blue Bloods star] Tom Selleck back for a story! There’s tons of backstory to use, and they are even using many of the same backdrops [as Magnum P.I.]. — Michael
I think Commissioner Regan will be a little busy dealing with budget issues in New York to head to the islands, but you never know.

Any news on Desperate Housewives’ return this Sunday? — Ally
The dead body gets dealt with early on in the episode (in true Housewives, soapy fashion), but the guilt of the situation weighs heavily on a few. The rest of the ladies are just concerned with getting away with it (which isn’t easy when someone is dating a detective!) On the personal front, we will find Tom and Lynette pretending to be a happy couple for the sake of their children. (Of course, we know it won’t last since Tom is getting a girlfriend this season.) Got more questions about the ladies? Send them along. Episode 2 awaits my eyes as I type.

I loved Two Broke Girls. Does it look like they’ll be sticking around? — @taygabwil
Considering it sort of kicked ass in the ratings, I’d say it’s a safe bet for the time being. Random poll: What’s the one new show y’all really hope sticks around for another season? (This poll may or may not determine which new shows I start scooping for you.) Sound off in comments, via email, or on Twitter! 

Thank you for the great Mikita scoop last week! Any word on Birkhoff? — Emilie
You’ve probably heard that our beloved computer geek is majorly manning it up this season. That’s enough to make me excited. But then Aaron Stanford painted the following visual for me, and I could barely contain my excitement: “There’s a scene where a massive Division hit-squad raids my brand new headquarters. Birkhoff, decked out in Kevlar, returns fire with a .44-caliber, Dirty Harry [hand] cannon. That’s going to be fun.” Hell yes, it is! (New season premiere’s tonight!)

The Good Wife! Please! — Liz
You’re in luck! This weekend during Emmy madness, a member of the EW Army caught up with Alan Cumming and got him to talk about what’s next for Eli. Bottom line: It’s going to be mad as cheese! “Now I work in the firm, so [Kalinda and Eli] have a lot of scenes together,” Cumming said. “In the first two seasons, I never did any scenes with Archie and I always wanted to. Now I do lots. We have a little frisson but so far it hasn’t come to anything. And Parker Posey is coming on as my ex-wife. It’s hilarious. Parker Posey is mad as cheese. I’ve done a few films with her. It’s a nice combo.”

Anything on Castle!? Particularly, can you guarantee me we’re done with that Josh business? — Val
We’re done. Like, done, done. Um, for now, says EP Andrew Marlowe. “Nobody is ever gone for good, but I have no immediate plans to bring him back into the storytelling. If I ever have the appetite, rest assured I’m going to do it in a surprising way — not in an annoying way.”


Image Credit: Antony Platt/ABC

Revenge. Now. I’m not above pandering. Do it. — @xxtriplestarxx
Next week’s episode will reveal why Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) so eager to help Emily (Emily Van Camp) — and as you might have guessed, it has to do with her father. Elsewhere, it’s a tough episode for Declan (Connor Paolo) — and not just because he learns some shattering family news. He’s also ends up on the receiving end of a major ass-kicking.

I know you mentioned last week that Justified isn’t quite back at work yet, but is there anything more you can tease? It’s my favorite show! — Brenda
You’re right: I don’t have much quite yet. But if what Joelle Carter had to say about the season proves true, I’m highly encouraged that it’s going to be fantastic: “I get to join Boyd in his shenanigans. And I think we get a little Bonnie and Clyde action. The fans seem to really like Ava with a shotgun.”

(Lynette Rice, Nicholas White, and Carrie Borzillo contributed to this column.)

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    Not even gonna lie, if Hotch has a love interest and it’s not Prentiss I will cut a b-tch.

    • sarahj

      I’ll help you!–ONLY PRENTISS FOR HOTCH!

      • kissyou

        My best friend has just announced her wedding with a great man who is a cele+brity!
        They met-via { himillionaires*c”o’M }
        It is nice club for rich men or pretty girls mate.
        You do not need to be wealthy or famous, but you can meet your true love, it’s worthy a try.

      • lovesil

        I’ll help you too…it has to be Emily. They’re perfect for each other.

    • CM

      OH GOD! IT HAS TO BE EMILY. I don’t want any new recurring characters on the show, which will happen if Hotch’s romantic partner isn’t someone who’s a regular, and the only female character on the show that is not yet taken is Emily, and she understands and supports him, like we already saw on 5×01 and 5×02, always there by his side, and after catching the unsub on 5×06, the glance and the smile. If the writes didn’t want to follow that path, they should have never started it. Emily is the best for Hotch and Hotch is the best for Emily. Anything that isn’t that, it’s WRONG.

      • Dee

        What are you people smoking? Hotch dating Emily would be like Hotch dating his sister. Gross. Just no. NO INTER-TEAM ROMANCES EVER. They’re the kiss of death. You shipper kids stick to your fantasy fan fiction, but LEAVE IT OFF THE AIRWAVES.

      • CM

        You mean INTRA-team. And as for Hotch’s sister, that would be JJ.

    • Jerri

      Ugh no Prentiss for Hotch! >:( Prentis and Morgan, maybe. Prentiss and Hotch? Nah.

      • sophie

        Shemar already said that there won’t be ANY romance for Morgan. He’s too busy kicking down doors and catching unsubs.

      • Dora

        Write me down for some Hotch and Prentiss flirting, but no hook up.. Would be cool to see some meaningful looks between the two or to see them spending some time toghether in season 7, but it shouldn’t go any further. Season five showed, there is some potential for Hotch and Emily, but there is no room for a hook uo on the show.

    • ksoze.

      I think it’s going to be Rossi and Strauss.

      • justjack


  • Michael

    How cool would it be if they got Jenna Elfman to play Thomas Gibson girlfriend that would be Awsome

    • Sean

      People like you make me sick.

      • Jack

        Yes, but it’s a really funny thought!

    • Rose

      That would be awesome Michael.

    • jennrae

      Jenna Elfman is the worst.

  • Paula

    I know is a gulty pleasure, but please scoop on The Lying Game, so addictive.

    • Bruce_F

      I second this.

  • Joe

    It’s Elvira Gulch not Emmy. Dorothy’s Aunt was named Em(ily)

    • tiffytutu

      Elmira Gulch

  • Joe

    Jenna and Thomas Gibson reprised their Dharma and Greg characters on 2 1/2 Men. Tehy were looking to buy Charlie’s House.

    • neen

      what is with people like you? why do you feel the need to state the obvious? are you trying to get a job at EW? cause let me tell you, this is not the way. people like you make me sick.

  • NEW GIRL!!! I love that show I hope it sticks around for a long time I mean it’s ten times better then the crapfest that is glee now

    • neen

      why even mention Glee? it has nothing to do with New Girl other than that they both happen to air on the same network. that being said, new girl blew big fat monkey chunks. tried way too hard to be precious. unrealistic storylines and relationships. no chemistry between the actors. i hope this show ends and soon. but then maybe it will get better. cougar town sucked at first and while i never checked it out again, people claim it’s better now….

  • Mrs. T

    Tonight is Fringe! Tonight is Fringe! Tonight is Fringe! a thousand times. Finally!!!!!

    • Bette


      • Karen

        YES FRINGE FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

      • kim in kentucky

        All a’tingled — less than 2 hours to go!!

    • Kelly

      I second this! My absolute favorite show…tonight’s premiere can’t get here fast enough.

      • Trish

        Bitchtasticness between Olivias! Awesome!

  • Temp

    FRINGE! wooo!

    Also: This page is “Inside TV with James Hibberd and Lynette Rice” but written by Sandra Gonzalez.

    Poor Sandra, stuck doing all the work while others hog the byline ;-)

  • Cara

    I like that Nina Dobrev was saying that the next episode of TVD had a cliffhanger. Um they all DO! That’s what is so great about TVD! Every single episode I find myself thinking about it all week until the next episode. Love it!

    • Pan

      You aren’t the only one. I’m dying for next week already. Soo excited!

      • S.

        Agree – No other show makes me count the days to the next episode (well, ok, maybe Justified also when it’s on).

  • John

    Are we going to see Bad Olivia’s ex-boyfriend again? Technically since Peter never existed, she did not cheat on him, no?

    • Kat

      I asked that question too..We’ll see.

  • CMFan

    Glad to hear the CM is looking to cast the new love interest meaning it will not be team members. And I do agree Hotch is the one the needs some love.

    I wouldn’t mind watching Morgan and Prentiss grapple with their relationship (the whole I didn’t realize how much you meant to me till you weren’t there thing) but not a full blown romatic involvment.

    That would feel too much like the beginning of the end for the show, to me.

  • Josh

    I hated, hated, HATED Whitney. It stuck out like a sore thumb with the other Thursday night NBC comedies. Does it get any better or do we give up on it?

  • Leila

    Sandra–You’re killing me here! Supernatural is premiering TONIGHT. Where oh where are my spoilers?!? If I can’t turn to you for Supernatural news, where can I turn? Send us fans some love please and give us news on what Dean & Sam are going to face this season.

  • Michael

    Oh God dont do to CM what Tiva has done to NCIS

    • sophie

      Tiva has done nothing to NCIS because Tiva doesn’t even exist. they never intended to get them together, just tease each other. On CM they want romance, not teasing, that they already have between Morgan and Garcia.

  • Della

    I’m all for loosing Hotch up a bit, but please, no love interesst for him. I really don’t want the show to go there.

    • Sue1

      I agree. He lost his wife not that long ago, and considering the circumstances, I don’t think it’s time for a new relationship . More scenes of him with his son would be an ideal way to show him unwinding.

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