'Army Wives' star Kim Delaney delivers discombobulated speech

Army Wives star Kim Delaney made headlines on Friday after a video of her appearing disoriented during a public address on Thursday night made its way onto the Internet. From the National Constitution Center’s podium during the presentation of the Liberty Medal Award to former defense secretary Robert Gates, Delaney took frequent pauses and fumbled her words while speaking of her own experiences serving in active military duty and comforting friends who have lost family in wartime. Almost as an after thought, she mentioned that these were not actually her own experiences, but those of her character on Army Wives, confusing the silent crowd. Delaney, who has reportedly battled alcohol addiction in the past, was escorted from the stage before her speech was finished, reported ABC’s local affiliate WPVI Philadelphia.

Delaney’s representatives are not commenting. See the full video below: 

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  • Lucy

    She looked fine on The View today.

    • c

      todays View was pretaped

    • Tess McGill

      @Lanford Beard: The word is discombobulated, genius.

      • GozieBoy

        Please excuse the author, as he was a little discomboulated.

      • Actually

        As a matter of fact, the authors often don’t write their own headlines, genius.

      • Roger

        The word is discomfuzzled.

      • ceegee

        Who wrote the speech??? She was reading it. I am sure someone else wrote it. Spread the blame around.

    • gazmo

      Charlie Sheen: Your prom date is ready!!

      • Bebe

        LOL!! Best comment ever!

      • Blue Velvet

        Not really.

      • That doesn’t

        really even make sense, Blue Velvet.

      • I think you meant


    • poplin66

      The view was previously recorded before Delaney’s speech. There was a crawl at the bottom of the screen that said “recorded earlier.”

  • lisa g

    Is she related to yasmine bleeth?!?

    • The Clooney

      I always get her and Amy Brenneman mixed up. But I would have a 3 way with both.

      • gazmo

        Your ONLY shot at a 3 way would be using both hands!!

      • lisa g.

        She always reminded me of yasmine…like she could be her older SIS n they both are addicts!

  • Jerry

    And another one falls off the wagon…

  • Brian

    That was the most painful 2 minutes of my life. I think I need to be escorted away from my computer monitor after witnessing that.

    • FreddyMac

      “the most painful two minutes of your life”????!!!! Wow, OK Princess. Drama queen.

      • Victor

        It appeared to me she couldn’t read the prompter.

      • Chinadoll

        Wow, take it down a notch FreddyM. Geez, talk about a drama queen!


      You must not have much of a life then.

    • spnfan

      Do people just not get hyperbole or sarcasm or anything anymore? As an English teacher, commenters like FreddyMac and Andrew Martinov depress me way more than those like Brian.

      • Katyo

        Agreed. The internet needs a sarcasm/joke font or something.

    • RaRa

      It really makes me sad. I wonder what was causing her poor performance (lack of sleep, drugs, alcohol, miscommunication between the producers and Ms. Delaney (did she realize she was supposed to give a speech?). You expect this kind of “meltdown” from the kids, like Britanny Spears, but you expect the veterans of the industry to have their sh!t together by now.

    • keith j.

      I absolutely agree with you! SO uncomfortable watching that….

  • MWeyer

    Hoping just sick, she’s been so great the last several years, sad to see her fall back into addictions.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    That’s me at age 49, if I make it that far. Go Kim !!!

    That should get her movie deals just like me after Fashion Week.

    • Joy

      WOW! Seriously!

  • flashjw

    She’s clearly reading from a teleprompter, looks like she can’t see it and obviously she did not review her script in advance. Either something was wrong with the prompter, or she needs glasses.

    • Guest

      This is so obvious to me as well, thank you for saying it! I can’t believe so many people think she is just disoriented; seems like a case of extremely poor preparation on her part to me and no attempt at improv.

      • FreddyMac

        Yes! My thoughts too! Wow, it’s like we are in sync with one another. She’s clearly a victim here and needs go sue someone. Either the teleprompter’s union, the producer, the cable company, the guest of honor, those in attendance. Victim, victim!!!! Isn’t that about right? Bull wacky!

        If she wasn’t blotto, why did she not speak up and state she couldn’t read the TelePrompTer. Why did she need to be escorted from the podium? She’s a drunk, and you, are an enabler.

      • DThor

        You are nuts! She is under the influence. Her gaze, her posture, her inability to simply apologize if it in fact were the a prompter difficulty. A coherent person would know what to do to explain to the crown. She merely rambles on. It’s a shame if she has people in her real life who make excuses for this kind of behavior.

      • DThor

        Now it sounds like I’m drunk. Well, I”m not. Just didn’t re-read my words. Bad me. But my point still stands – this is a person who needs help.

      • @FreddyMac

        And you sir are a certified, bonafied nut-kabob.

      • ceegee

        Whoever wrote the speech needs to take a good part of the bame.

      • heej

        I never get the good part of the bame

    • Katie

      No, there’s definitely something else going on there. Even the way she was saying the parts that she did know weren’t right.

    • RaRa

      Or they should fire whoever wrote it! I didn’t think she had a teleprompter at all, and was “ad libbing” the whole thing. But unable to follow a train of thought well enough to come up with something appropriate on the fly.

  • lisa g

    Lay off the old English 800 ya ole wrinkle faced prune! POW

    • c

      thats pretty catty and Harsh Lisa, she may be a drunk, but she is still pretty good looking for her age!

      • lisa g

        I guess….she was quite the looker in her younger years.

      • RaRa

        She looked just the same back in the seventies when she played “Jenny Gardner” on “All My Children”. I tuned in every day just to see her!


      To FreddyMac Why Why Why You are an idiot and you dis-able yourself. You are obviously a jerk. Making a judgment before knowing the true facts. sound like a you mind is impaired. Dumb ass.

      • Juan

        Auntie Karla – These are sooooooooooo wodfnreul!! Hard to choose ones I like best all are so SWELL!! Kyle you are handsome But, Lindsey you are gorgeous!!! Always did think you looked a lot like ME!!! Hugs to you both!

  • notfuxxed

    Hey EW.com, I think you accidentally a letter.


    • satirex

      I was thinking “discombobulated headline, there.” Though I always preferred “discombooberated” myself.

      • Dee

        Lol. “discombooberated” That’s my new favorite word. Thanks for the laugh, satirex.

    • Kapilsingh

      Wow! I’m just now seeing this about Laney! I had no idea it was her bitdhray last Friday! And she created a jpg picture for me on her special day .what a gifted young lady she is (and you, too, of course!) The 6th is my oldest daughter’s bitdhray. Her younger sister’s bitdhray is 2 days before on the 4th. And like you, my oldest daughter is the shortest daughter! LOLBlessings.

  • harleynut

    Strange; To bad she wasn’t hooked up to a Brain Scan, I’d like to see where her Mind was at???


      your mind is up your butt

  • Pam

    You discombobulated discombobulate.

  • joe

    ‘Army Wives’ star Kim Delaney delivers discomboulated speech. How abour a discombobulated headline?

    ‘Army Wives’ star Kim Delaney delivers discomboulated speech. How about a discombobulated headline. At least she had an excuse for her mistakes.

    • kiffer

      thanks Joe, I thought that spelling was wrong when I read it.. good eye

  • Yemil

    Someone doesn’t know how to spell “discombobulated” which is very discombobulating…..

    • lisa g


  • GaboonViper67

    I guess next we’ll find out that she had a stroke too. Just like that ditzy reporter. I’d bet my years salary on it. The Liberal mind always has an excuse for failure. A healthy, normal person isn’t capable of it.

    • Jerry

      Oh, go have a stroke yourself, idiot.

      • Jen

        More of that liberal tolerance from Jerry – wishing illness or death on those with whom you don’t agree.

  • Jill

    She was obviously drunk.

    • Daniel

      Someone who speaks the truth. Theres nothing wrong with a little gin and juice.

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