'Mad Men': New predictably dashing pics from season 5!


Image Credit: Jeff Steinberg/Pedro Andrade/Pacific Coast News

Settle in with your Old Fashioneds, my friends, because we’ve still got a long wait until Mad Men returns to our TV screens. Until then, three new pictures of stars Jon Hamm, John Slattery, and Vincent Kartheiser on set have emerged. And let me tell you, that Don Draper can lean with the best of ‘em. (What can’t that man do?) See more pics of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce crew after the jump.

The man himself, Don Draper (Hamm)


Image Credit: Jeff Steinberg/Pedro Andrade/Pacific Coast News

Roger Sterling (Slattery) is TCB


Image Credit: Jeff Steinberg/Pedro Andrade/Pacific Coast News

Sneaky Pete Campbell (Kartheiser) and Draper — Hey! There was no Starbucks in the ’60s!


Image Credit: Jeff Steinberg/Pedro Andrade/Pacific Coast News

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  • Michael Cargill

    Don Draper, the man every man aspires to be.

    • astor

      You must be joking.

    • Christine

      A man with no moral fiber??? That is what is needed.

  • Bruce Yellowwood

    I hope this will be the final season.
    It has some positive qualities but they are really dragging it on now and are treating audiences like idiots if they expect us to keep watching the series while they make it up as they go along with no idea of how it should end. Even Jon Hamm has said in interviews that he is aching for the show to end now.
    They should have made it shorter but better written and they could have ended it by now.

    • B

      Did you see last season? It was the best yet. Mad Men might not be your cup of tea, but the writing is great.

      • kissyou

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      • jo

        I know I am in the minority here but last season of Mad Men will be just that for me..the last one I watch. It was ok. Seemed to be the same old same old. Don dumps a woman once she really gets to know the real him. Rodger is acting like a complete horn dog. Peggy following Don arouns like a lost little puppy. And Joan has yet another abortion. We’ve been there..done that. Also, in my opinion good writing is strong character developement. Don’t think any of the characters on Mad Men have “developed” in the last year or two. Peggy perhaps has the most. Just my opinion.

      • hf

        Season 4 was the best season by far. I enjoyed the first 3, and understand the importance of Don’s crumbling marriage, but it was great to finally not have his dreary home life as the sub plot. Don Draper was free at last from the ice queen, and we got to see the Don Draper I’ve always wanted to see, the man about town, eligible bachelor. The last season for you? That’s good, if you’re not enjoying the show, you really shouldn’t be watching. But I know as long as the show is even half the quality of season 4, I’m in.

      • c

        @hf – so the Don Draper you always wanted to see was a drunk pathetic loser who gets slapped around by hookers?

    • Mike

      Huh? You do realize they have confirmed that there are at least three more seasons…

    • lisa g

      Jon hamn is hot only when he is portraying Don draper! Did ya see him at the Emmy with that hairdo??? Corny!

      • District 12

        nah he still was hot in The Town, he is hot in everything =)

      • Brett

        He was especially hot on SNL as half of the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

      • Missy

        He was especially hot on SNL dancing as imaginary Scott Brown.

      • reasonemotion

        He is such a nerd… and yes …. his haircut… the makeup department do a good job on him for Mad Men…. ha ha

    • Jackson

      When did Hamm say that? What interviews? Source?

      • lisa g

        @Jackson…..he didn’t. Let’s ignore ppl who make ish up! A star of a relatively hit show would never even say anything like that! Period.

      • Bruce Yellowwood

        Look up this recent quote from him on Google:
        “I think it should end. Everything should end. I was a big fan of ‘The Office’ [in the U.K.] because it ended.”

      • lisa g

        Did he say it should end “now”?

      • Ana

        He didn’t mean that he wanted it to end right away just that it should end while it was still on top and not get dragged on indefinitely.

      • Jackson

        @Bruce Yellowwood – Why don’t you google that full quote, where he talks about how he’s signed a contract for 3 more seasons and says he thinks the end of season should be the end.

      • Mark

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    • Gerry

      Pretty much every show, despite what the creators say, all tend to make it up as they go along with no real idea how they’re going to end it.

      Yes, even Lost…well, _especially_ Lost.

      • Mike

        All television has to have some flexibility to change their plan as they go based on what works/doesn’t work. Shows like Lost had a basic outline for where they wanted to generally go (developed after season 1 and a more detailed plan after season 3 when end date was announced) but things happen and they need to adjust. (eko wanted off the show, Emerson rocked so much they expanded his role, Nikki/paolo was an awful idea) I really don’t think there’s a problem with it as long as the show is executed well. And Mad Men and Lost are 2 examples of shows done well regardless of what people may think of Lost’s finale.

    • The thing is Bruce

      you don’t have to watch the show. So don’t ruin it for us. Mad Men was just renewed for more than one season, if you don’t like it, then stop watching.

      • ‘Lish

        The Thing Is… Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. This is a comment board. Your opinion isn’t the only one that’s heard/or counts.

      • hf

        Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it is my opinion that if someone is not enjoying a television show, it’s just common sense to stop watching it. I stopped enjoying Heroes after the first season, so I stopped watching. Of course if someone wants to watch television shows they don’t enjoy…er, ok, I guess.

      • Mike

        I wish I had enough common sense to stop watching heroes after season 1, but I kept hanging onto hope that they were going to improve! Yeah…so that never happened. :-)

    • Panic Moon

      Um, Mad Men is what quality t.v. was like back before cliffhangers and sweeps stunts. There’s no “smoke monster.” It’s an organically written show – I like the fact that Don’s home life, which was initially supposed to be an afterthought, is now a prominent part of the storyline. I can’t imagine the show without John Slattery – and here Roger ‘s first-season heart attack was supposed to be fatal. These were all changes that came about as the character were fleshed out by the actors. But, if you need “smoke monsters”, I can understand how a show like Mad Men or even The West Wing might not be your cup of tea. To each his own….

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Oh, enough with the “smoke monster” BS. They’re totally different genres of shows and it’s idiotic to compare the two.

      • hf

        There’s nothing wrong with a smoke monster if it fits into the show, as it did with Lost. If Don Draper starts hunting down vampires, then that would be a problem, but Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a good show because that’s the type of show it was.

    • Marty

      Absolutely can’t wait til Jan for Mad Men’s return. Til then, I watch a new “old” episode on demand every Monday. I watch a lot of tv, and this is by far the one show I can not do without!!! I’m in advertising and wish I could have been at Sterling Cooper Draper in the 60’s-love it….

    • Anna

      I agree. The show has turned into a cliched soap opera.

    • Dude

      Dude, all shows make it up as they go along. No show has it’s entire series mapped out from start to finish. And when has Hamm ever said he was “aching” for the show to be over?

    • buckstopshere

      Take your idiotic comments elsewhere.

    • tom

      In my opinion, this show has its best years ahead of it. But if your quote about Jon Hamm is true (idk, I don’t pay much attention to behind the scenes stuff), then they should end it. Once a show’s cast gets tired of the show’s premise, its only downhill from there.

  • Bill

    The 50’s? Were there time machines in the 60’s?

    • Melissa in CA

      Haha! Good one!

      • Sean

        No it wasn’t.

  • UGH

    The Starbucks cups are from the time-travel episode.

  • Abby

    Lanford, do you even watch Mad Men? Last time I checked it was the mid 60’s.


    Was Slattery just coming out of the sh!tter?

  • Lisa

    Dear Mad Men producers…Two and A Half Men is America’s number one show. Apparently we are desperate without you .PLEASE HURRY BACK!

  • Art

    I would kill for Pete’s tie. I’m not saying a human, but maybe something smaller. It is that cool.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      I was just gonna say the same thing! Well, not the killing part.

  • Em

    Note the lack of wedding ring on Don’s hand.

    • Mike

      The same hand that he’s carrying a Starbucks coffee in? Yeah I’ll note how important that is too. Lol

      • Mesut

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  • Annie

    Can not wait until the show returns next year!!!

  • Lola

    @Em, Don doesn’t wear wedding rings.

  • jmag

    wow they had starbucks in the 60’s……….
    ; )

    • jay

      Yes they did, they weren’t as ubiquitous as they are today, but they were around.

      • neen

        do you think you’re funny? cause you’re not.

      • Walden

        Meh, comedy is subjective, I thought it was pretty funny.

      • Missy

        Starbucks opened in 1971, the year I was born.

    • neen

      wow. what a smart insightful comment. and just as witty as it was in the caption of the picture from the article. and as it was the first fifty times someone mentioned it. why are there so many repetitive comments on these boards? if someone else already said it, there’s no need for you to repeat it verbatim. you have nothing new to add, so shut up!

      • jack

        LOL, I didn’t know they had Starbucks in the 60’s.

      • zox

        Wow, I didn’t know they had Starbucks in the 60’s.
        : )

    • Daud

      Dude, If you don’t think that the last five minutes of Curb’s soesan was better than an entire soesan of Psych, I’m not sure I know you anymore.And no Battlestar? Did you watch Razor yet?You don’t watch Lost anymore, which I know for a fact, and you missed a great creative resurgence at the end of last soesan. 30 Rock is the best comedy on tv I agree. But do The Office and Scrubs not count as comedies? You ranked them higher than the best one. Unless you don’t consider the other two to be pure comedies?

  • Jay

    I’m on season 2 now (thank you Netflix). I really didn’t think I would like this show, but I’m hooked.

    • PennyBeGood

      That’s my story too! I kept hearing how great the show was, but I just resisted it. Kept popping up on Netflix, and that finally wore me down.

      Hurry up season 5.

      • Ellen

        You can tell people how great it is, but they have to see if for themselves to be convinced. My DVD sets are becoming popular; I’ve hooked quite a few new viewers! There are episodes like The Suitcase that are truly mesmerizing. I’m glad you got hooked, Jay and Penny.

  • angeljake

    Love love love the show :) Every episode is great!

  • Barb

    This fan is not sticking around. Riduclous how much time between tiny seasons. Mr Weiner you are not curing cancer yu are writing aTV show. I am over it.

    • Walden

      That just means more Mad Men for the rest of us.

    • Mike

      Umm it’s not all about Weiner’s contract negotiations. AMC had other programming now too. Breaking Bad is airing on Sundays right now. Then Walking Dead will air and then Mad Men will air. Unless they expand their airing schedule that’s just the way it happens. For your information Breaking Bad was off the air for over a year too. But yeah they did need to shift things around a bit because of Weiner. But AMC was also new to the TV contract biz and caused a lot of the drama themselves.

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