DJ Qualls tweets police run-in while working on 'Supernatural'


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Actor DJ Qualls (Memphis Beat, The New Guy) was in Vancouver last Friday filming a guest spot on Supernatural when he had an allegedly violent encounter with local police. Qualls tweeted that he was “beaten by a Vancouver Police Officer for no reason.” According to Qualls’ feed, he was leaving a local cafe when he saw a man punch a woman. Qualls claimed he told an officer what he saw and was met with hostility. He tweeted, “He said if I didnt get out of there, he’s arrest me, I asked why and he tackled me, busted my face and handcuffed me.” He continued, “Was not arrested b/c was innocent. I was handcuffed and bleeding while the cop kept saying to me, ‘you think youre f—ing better than me? … Repeatedly asked 4 his badge number and he said if I didnt shut up, Id be taken in. Finally got a card as I was taken to hospital.”

Qualls was admitted to the ER, where doctors stitched up his chin. He sent out another tweet: “I cannot understand it. I’m sitting here, with a busted face in total shock. I literally did nothing wrong.” Vancouver police tell EW that they are investigating the incident.

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  • Pat Sways E

    Qualls keeps it so hood

  • lexi

    Wow thats awful! I hope he’ll be alright. I was looking forward to his guest spot on SPN.

  • Taco

    So the police cannot do anything with rioters but a guy who is doing the right thing gets his faced caved in. I am from Canada and we all have been disgusted with Vancouver police services. This is another black eye for such a wonderful city.

  • seattlemary

    First off, I love visiting Canada, friendly people, clean cities and beautiful lands, but I swear that every single Canadian a$$hole gets recruited into the RCMP. I’m not saying that every cop up there is a jerk, actually a lot of them are super friendly, but if your a Canadian and also a d$ck, then chances are your also a Vancouver police officer.

    • Flip

      The RCMP is quite different from local Vancouver police…

  • Mello Mastikan

    Ok, I get it! Terra Nova premiers tonight! Now, could someone remove the stupid ad covering half the screen? Where’s the damn “close” button?

    • Pat Sways E

      They’ll remove it when the show gets canceled after 4 weeks

    • Lisa

      Yeah these ads are beyond obnoxious. I just want to read a freaking article, I shouldn’t have to wait five minute for an ad to load before I can close it and read what I want… if the things actually played like they should, it wouldnt be to bad.

      • DE

        I know, I have backed off this site for that reason. I am so fed up with the ads.

  • jagr721

    LOL- what a sissy. Grow a pair, you twit. And you shouldn’t have squealed to the police if you saw a girl getting hit by a guy, you should have intervened.

    • Lisa

      I have a feeling you would just walk away.

      • t

        Or watch while munching popcorn

    • nacho mama

      DJ isn’t big enough to stop the guy. He is the proverbial 98 lb weakling but I commend him for alerting the police even though it didn’t turn out so well for him.

    • mikeman

      have you ever seen dj qualls? he couldn’t stop a girl hitting a boy, let alone a man hitting a woman. besides, always good advice to confront the already violent man yourself when there’s a police officer in view. you, jagr, are a genius.

    • Gilda

      Having met the man, myself, I know that DJ is a man with a very slight build. Since he isn’t imposing enough to have intervened successfully, I applaud him for getting the cops involved. So many others would have walked away, not wanting to get involved.

      It’s just a shame that the cops decided that they had to rough him up as well. He’s a sweet guy and didn’t deserve the abuse he was given at the hands of the Vancouver P.D.

    • Rep

      jagr721 you’re a clown, as evidenced by using the word “squealing” for reporting a violent assault.

    • Laugh

      He did exactly as he should have. He doesn’t have the authority or the braun to break up a fight. You are commenting like a tool. Are you? I don’t want to accuse you, just maybe you should read your own comments before clicking “post”.

  • OdumCarlock

    the guy weighs like 90 pounds, what do you expect him to do? besides if he did “intervene” 5 seconds into it he’d be sued for millions. he did the right thing. stop being an idiot.

  • jagr721

    OK Odom Carlock, I guess would be the expert on sissy behavior. By the time you make it to the police and register your complaint, the conflict is over. How about this? I’ll stop using big words that confuse you like “intervene” when you start acting like an adult, not a confused child.

    • tickles

      I have to agree with Odom. DJ is skinny as a rail and seems like a real sweetie pie. Some a** beating a chick would have broken the poor guy like a toothpick. It sounds like there was a cop nearby and DJ tried to tell him what was going on. And yeah, once they knew who DJ was both the guy and his girlfriend would have been trying to sue.
      At least he tried to do the right thing. Most people nowadays would have just walked away.

      • Frank

        Sue for what ? As opposed to the States, in Canada you can’t sue people for frivalous reasons no matter how much notoriety you have.

      • OdumCarlock

        Frivolous is always open to interpretation. besides every domestic dispute you shove your nose into has a high likelihood of turning from him against her to them against you. especially when that nearby cop got there. it’s DJ Qualls FFS. the guy isn’t known for his chute fighting, he’s cast as the scrawny nerdy loser. it wasn’t Vin Diesel walking by, it was a skinny weak kid who saw an issue and went for a cop. smart move in my opinion. despite the bizarre canadian response of “beat the innocent guy”

    • OdumCarlock

      I used it in quotations because you never specified what type of intervention he should have tried. with all of them leading to him getting beat again. I seriously doubt you know any words that would confuse me.

    • dd

      @jagr721 are you from surrey?

  • Ice Queen

    Justice for DJ! I just love that guy. I’d like to see more of him on Memphis Beat, and if that gets cancelled, he should show up on my favorite show Justified. He’s so endearing. Hopefully that cop gets more than a smack on the wrist – what an a**hole!

    • carrom02

      LOL- this clown plays a cop on Memphis Beat and got a “method acting” course on what cops actually do to bratty Hollywood wannabe’s. Does his character on Memphis Beat go squeal to bigger cops when he can’t handle a situation too?

      • Josh

        The guy was trying to help a woman being assaulted by alerting the authorities and got beat up for his troubles. And “squeal to bigger cops”? Are you saying that someone who sees and reports a crime is squealing? What a buffoon you are. What an absolute moron.

      • tickles

        I guess you have never watched Memphis Beat. Davey is a good cop with a warm and caring heart who tries to do his best. But he also has enough sense that if he needs help he asks Dwight. He wouldn’t try to take on a violent guy beating a woman on the show without back-up. This story is bigger than DJ Qualls. It is a sad commentary on how the world is today. How many other people sat around and watched some guy beat on his girlfriend? At least DJ tried to do the right thing.

  • Lia

    Geez, nothing like a crazy person taking their bad day out on you. Even worse when they have a badge so you can’t even fight back. Poor guy, hope the cop gets busted if this is how it went down.

  • canadian

    he said he pulled someone? he is guilty of assault by words and actions.
    Suck it up little man.

  • Don Alex

    I thought he was a rapper at first, with a name like DJ Qualls.

  • Alex O.

    lol. That’s pretty sad.

  • HowdyFromTexas

    Over 20 years ago, my new bride and I drove up to Canada. At the border, we were pulled over by the Canadian Border Patrol, our luggage laid on the ground and items searched. Our crime? Our license plate was from Texas. “Where are your newspapers and guns?” we were asked by the Canadian Border patrol. “Back home in the safe locked up.” We got a lecture about how many people get killed by guns a year. Oh, and Canada has total news black outs about any trials taking place. Then the Canadian border patrol pounced on someone else and left without a word. Once we repacked, we drove on to Banff. Everyone we met in Canada was very polite and helpful. I even lost my wallet and got it back WITH the cash. For the record, the US Border Patrol didn’t even get out of their hut as we left or reentered the US. True Story.

  • Pappyo

    All those who find D.J. cute or nice based just on his appearance or prior acting jobs really need their heads examined.
    What you see in movies or in magizines just might NOT reflect reality.
    Just Saying.

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