'Drop Dead Diva' creator Josh Berman talks cliffhangers (and looks ahead to season 4)


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SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t yet watched Drop Dead Diva‘s season 3 finale, stop reading and come back to us once you’re done gasping, cheering, and/or tearing up. Creator Josh Berman answers our burning questions below. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you always know season 3 would end with Grayson finding out the truth?
Josh Berman: We knew that the cliffhanger had to be that Grayson was gonna find out the truth, but we didn’t necessarily know how we were gonna do it. And then we realized that it needed to come through Stacy. You hear all these stories in real life about men who marry their dead wife’s sister or dead wife’s best friend, and when looking at the psychology of that, it’s always about them trying to find someone who’s most like the woman they loved and lost. On our show, the woman who’s most like Deb is Stacy. So it makes sense that in a case that brought them together, he would begin to see the Deb in Stacy and start to fall for her. That felt very organic.

When I watched the scene a second time, I realized “I’m not Deb, Jane is” could just mean “I’m not the woman you love, Jane is,” or “I’m not the woman who loves you, Jane is.” It doesn’t mean she actually told him off-screen that Jane has Deb’s soul.
Absolutely, that’s one of the options to come back to next season.

And you’re going to tell me which option you’ll go with…
I can’t tell you that! It’s so funny. We had a party last weekend with the cast and friends up in Hollywood, and the gasps and screams —  [Laughs] — I’ve never watched anything in TV like that, where people are so emotionally invested in this little triangle. Next season, we know we’re gonna jump ahead a little bit in time. It will most likely begin with Jane and Owen getting off the plane and Grayson being there to meet them. I can’t wait to write it.

I’m excited by the thought of Grayson having to woo Jane after watching three seasons of her pining for him. Regardless of whether he now knows that Jane has Deb’s soul, or just that Jane is a woman he could love like Deb, that’s something we’ll see, right? The roles are now reversed?
Absolutely. Grayson is now smitten by Jane at the beginning of season 4.

[Giddily claps]. That was a little applause.
[Laughs] I love the idea of reversing the dynamic. It’s gonna be so fun.

I know that originally, you had a different idea for the character of Owen. Did casting Lex Medlin in the role change how that character’s arc played out, or was he always going to be this important to Jane?
I had several different endings in my mind. The chemistry between him and Jane is so incredibly strong, that it pushed me to do what I had wanted to do. When I wrote him as a 29-year-old surfer, I told our casting director that that’s loosely what I’m looking for, but I don’t want you to feel like your pigeonholed. I want the best actor, and I want someone who will make Jane pop. He came in and read for us, and we fell in love with him in the room. I think that Owen is the whole package. He’s cute. He’s funny. He’s Jane’s intellectual equal. They seem to get each other on so many levels. And there’s real chemistry between the two actors. They’re very playful with each other off-camera as well. They’re friends and they admire each other’s skills. They’re adorable together, whether the camera’s rolling or not. I think it’s magic when you find that kind of chemistry, especially in a relationship that challenges the core relationship in a series, like Jane and Grayson. I know, but I don’t want to reveal, who Jane will end up with. But for Jane, and for the writers certainly, the journey is most of the fun. And Owen’s going to be an important part of her journey as her character continues to grow and develop.

What’s ahead for Parker and Kim?
We don’t want to play any more will-they-or-won’t-they. When Parker returns, their relationship will be completely different, and there’s a twist that I don’t want to reveal, but it will set both characters in a completely new direction. I love working with Josh Stamberg, who plays Parker, and Kate Levering, who plays Kim. They’re such fantastic actors, I can’t wait to give them more juicy bits to sink their teeth into.

It seems like you’d have to keep Parker away a little bit longer than Jane so we could enjoy seeing Kim as Jane’s boss.
Kim will become Jane’s temporary boss next season, if Jane comes back to the firm… We haven’t decided if it will be half an episode, or how long it’s going to be, but yeah, we have to mine that.

Where did Fred go, and how are we going to get him back? Ben Feldman broke my heart in the airport when Fred said he was going to propose to Stacy, and Jane told him she’d seen Stacy kissing Grayson.
We have so many ideas for Fred that we don’t know what we’re gonna do yet. He’s the one that I’d say I’m most up in the air with. I love writing him, and I get teased by some of the other actors that I see myself in him, so I write a lot for him. But I think Ben’s a marvelous actor. He will be back someday, but regardless of how we bring him back, he will be a changed man because of what he’s gone through. He’s never really suffered this kind of pain and betrayal, so he’s gonna have to learn what that feels like, and that would change anybody.

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  • MWeyer

    Hope they push this so we don’t have to wait all the way until next summer for new episodes.

    • Jacklyn

      Me too. I’m inpatient and this is my favorite show on television.

      • kissyou

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        They met via { himillionaires*c’o’m}
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    • leapy60

      Me too, I love this show. The theory that started it all left me a little hesitant to watch, but by the second show I was hooked! Can’t wait for next season to start.

      • Barbara

        me too! i caught it one sat. afternoon this August while zapping, it was in its 2nd season here by then, i was completely hooked!! so i went online and marathoned it and i watched 3 seasons in 2 weeks (i have to work :-) )

    • Drea

      omgosh i will die if jane aka deb does not end up with grayson dude na tht has to happen. lol

      • megan

        k first of all I do love this show… marathon watched it… Writers what will you do… my guesses.. Grayson may or may not have been told the “whole” truth could spin it real.. he is told then he tells Stacy that she must keep her mouth shut that he knows as Jane and the judge will be engaged or married when she gets off the plane…roll reversal for them he is secretly pining for her now… totally see that coming…at first he will want secret proof that he is being told the truth… he will have flashes of snipets of him and janes relationship when he should have figured it out before. Kim is going to be a surprisingly good boss ( jane will help her accomplish this somehow in a law suit of some kind. and in love with the preacher guy…
        Fred a changed man and in love with a totally different person than stacy fluffball..She becomes a little less fluffy and serious in maturity to win fred back hope it ends in a marraige for them. how will the seven year old and newly knowledged Dad bond? U l

  • Jacklyn

    Amazing show! I can’t wait for the 4th season. It was a great ending for season 3 and I can’t wait to see what happens with Grayson and Jane.

  • Amy

    Grayson is a great guy, and I wouldn’t say he doesn’t deserve Jane but if she wasn’t his type, that’s fine. Let Owen be with Jane…someone who wasn’t stuck on vapid sticks of women…

    • Michael

      They should have had him date a “variety” of women. I’ve enjoyed how the friendship between G and J has developed, but G has dated, since season 1, waifish girls. I don’t like the “eureka, I love the big girl” angle, so I hope that they handle his awakening desire for Jane carefully. I’m not sure that I buy into the idea of having a type, but Greyson has definitely not run any sort of gamut when it comes to types. I’m rooting for G and J, but I must admit that I smiled big when the judge sat down next to Jane on the plane.

      • Barbara

        I think we all forget that “Jane” hasn’t exactly been pining away for Grayson. She has been with quite a few guys…..where does that leave G? Maybe he’s scared of telling her he has feelings for her…..he did dream about her, remember?

      • Michael

        I don’t disagree with you. I would have rather seen the occasional longing glance. You don’t ask someone to whom you are attracted to plan your wedding and be your best “man”. I just think that could have handled it better so that it didn’t come so out of the blue.

      • Barbara

        He always compliments her but she doesn’t really show her true feelings, as Jane. I love the show and I really hope Grayson loves Jane and they end up together. Owen is fine, but Jane could have gone to NZ with him but didn’t. Something is missing there, despite the chemistry. My heart sank when the judge sat on the seat instead of G, but i guess it’s better for the next season to start…Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Barbara

        oh totally, the wedding planning was a bit of a blow. I think that G is not sure of anything…he was probably confused about his feelings..wanted her close..then he goes and kisses Stacey!!

      • Gabriela

        I completely agree: Had Grayson sat down next to Jane on the plane, it would have been way too predictable, so I also had a huge smile on my face when it was Owen, they are SO cute together! Tears all the way through this episode, how DARE Stacy kiss him though, what sort of BFF does she think she is??

    • Coral

      im rooting for Jane and grayson all the way, you have to member that Jane in part is still the same person as she was with grayson, even if she has changed.

    • Darynthe

      Agreed, Grayson is boring and dumb as a rock. Just compare him to the judge. Owen and Jane are totally on the same intellectual level and they are truly funny.

      Please never put Greyson and Jane together, there is no chemestry and the way he is NOT ATTRACTED to her doesn’t make for an desirable match.

      • Carol

        As a big woman myself I totally totally agree with your comments. I spent 13 years in a relationship with a Grayson type guy. I was totally in love with him and was totally attracted to him, but I always knew he wasn’t as attracted to me. Eventually I realized I was never going to be loved and desired as I deserved to be and I FINALLY pulled the plug last year. Jane deserves to be with someone who loves her as she is NOW not as she was. She isn’t Deb anymore and hasn’t been for a long time.

    • Jaqui

      I agree totally. I don’t think that Grayson and Jane should end up together. There are so many other guys that have treated her better and been crazy about her as she is. I don’t like the idea of Grayson and Jane ending up together, so I would be disappointed if this happened. I’m glad someone agrees with me.

  • Amanda

    This was a phenomenal episode, but Grayson and Jane belong together…I was so upset at the end of it. They NEED to get back together in the beginning of next season. And I agree with everyone else… I sincerely hope the season is pushed up so we don’t have to wait too long to find out what’s going to happen. Also, Fred deserves a happy ending. I think he and Stacy can work it out over time!

    • Chelsea Jade Clemons

      Totally Agree! Drop Dead Diva will certainly be the premiere I’m most looking forward to next year, But Jane & Greyson is a MUST!

    • Amie

      I would like to see Grayson go through some of the stuff that Jane went through. Make him work for it. Owen right now is great for Jane. He is showing her that there is more to life than what is immediately around her.
      I can’t wait to see what the 4th season will reveal, and dunno what I am going to do until next season starts.

      • Desi

        Amie, I totally agree with you. I would love to see Grayson work HARD to get JANE has his girl. Owen is okay… I really like Tony ALOT, I wish it was him the plane instead of Owen, lol. I am one of those who actually thinks Grayson and Jane would be a perfect match. Jane is smart, funny, outgoing, really pretty and she stll has some Deb in her. Grayson (in my opinion) has NEVER striked me as the type who would really be into a girl like Deb. Now Grayson and Vanessa made more sense. I really hope in the end Grayson and Jane will be together. I also REALLY REALLY hope that Brandy stays on the show. I would like to see more of her, Eric and Parker. They don’t have to be a family under one roof or they could decide to get back together (there was obviously something left with them in that passionate kiss they had!!). I’m not a huge fan of Kim but I don’t dislike her, I don’t know what to say for her. Fred and Stacy, I’m really rooting for them. I want Fred to take a vacation and come back as a more mature man and more independent. I just really hope they don’t hoe Fred out, I mean he was a guardian angel so I hope that stays in mind with the writers. I was bothered to know that Fred and Stacy were having sex… Well I’m just waiting for season 4… almost a whole year YIKES, I’m going to be bored.

      • Jotaerre

        I totally agree with ya, specially because I think that Jane has suffered a lot for Grayson, and now they should change positions.

  • Charm

    Oh I was so mad at the end of this episode. I wanted Grayson sitting next to Jane NOT Owen! I can’t wait for the next season. I really do love this show.

    • Barbara

      absolutely!! Grayson is the one….Owen is just a sidekick to Jane…..he was all excited about going to NZ, leaving his job for a year, etc, and then decides at the last minute to go with Jane….whatever….J&G will be together – although G MUST wotk for it!!

  • hamster

    Team Owen all the way! Please please bring this show back in the winter. I don’t want to wait a whole year!

    • Margot

      I do agree with you! I want Jane in the end being with Grayson but when I saw Owen in the plane I was jumping on my bed! Because for now Grayson doesn’t deserve Jane! He has to fight for her! And Owen can be a pretty tough fight! Yayy Owen!! And yes I agree for a winter show cause 9 months to wait is torture! ^^

      • Blanca

        I have to admit that I didn’t much care for Owen at first. I LOVED Tony and the chemistry that he and Jane shared. I really wanted to see him come back. But, Owen has grown on me and I was blown away when he showed up on the plane. I think that he has proven that his feelings for Jane are genuine. As for Grayson, I’m not so sure anymore that he and Jane belong together. Jane has grown so much as a person and let’s face it, she is a combination of Jane and Deb. I just don’t know that Grayson deserves her. I really hope that they don’t plan to keep Fred from us for too long because I completely adore him. I want to see a new love interest for him and I would like to see him become more assertive. Stacy needs to suffer a bit for what she has put him through. Lastly, I want to see more of Teri next season. She is such a scene stealer and deserves more attention.

      • Kellyredtiger

        Yes I agree, Grayson should have to fight for Jane. If Josh immediately brings them together, the whole point of the series comes to an end. Kim and Parker story line needs to be continued. It would be nice to see Brandy back in the show too and Grayson bonding with his son. Fred’s character needs a bit of back bone. There are lots that Josh can do with him (and also with Stacey) maybe where Stacey has to fight for him.

    • Amber

      I have to say… I’m totally team Owen!! He sees Jane and loves Jane. I think Jane will always wonder about Grayson. He only feels attraction to Jane after he finds out she’s Deb? Deb, as Jane, has evolved, she’s not the same person Grayson fell in love with as Deb but Owen loves who she is now. The only reason she didn’t go to NZ in my opinion was because she was still hooked on Grayson but the kiss pushed her over the edge. She went to Italy instead of NZ because she realized she finally needed to do something for her, just her, and no one else! Go Jane!!

      • Jotaerre

        I think sooooo!

  • kauis

    This show is amazing! Hated Stacy in episode 12, but it was the kind of hate she deserves, being a bitch and all, and well, the character required it for her to grow.

    And now, OMG!!! Like Mr. Berman said, she was the person who needed to open Grayson’s eyes to Jane’s truth, not Fred, not Jane and not a dream. But I think that Jane should have confronted Stacy about the kiss and not run, or at least not with Owen. Still don’t like him after ditching Jane for his friends and his parties. She deserves more.

    Please bring DROP DEAD DIVA back sooner!

  • Andrea

    too. many. cliffhangers!!! i mean, in a sense that’s good, because obviously they’re going to make me come back next season. but seriously people?! no closure. none?!

    i must say, Kim has become my favorite character. i have to say that of course i love Jane and Grayson for obvious reasons, but Kim went from being the b*tch we love to hate, then the b*tch we love to love, and now, it’s kind of up in the air. I love her “i don’t take bullsh*t” attitude. she’s awesome. and Kate Levering portrays her beautifully. I actually really liked Kim and Parker together, I hope they find their way back at some point…

    • Michael

      I haven’t warmed to Kim entirely. Her interactions with Jane bug me because she just comes across as a spiteful mean-girl. I wish that there were more backstory to that hate-hate relationship. Kim is often “hard” for good reason and I understand the motivation completely. I just am not quite buying the animosity with Jane, even if they were both competing for partner.

      • Jen

        Kim is one of those women who just can’t be nice, especially to other women. I’ve met plenty like her. She’s mean to Terri, too. The difference is Terri gives as good as she gets!

  • Fresh

    So happy to see Owen with Jane. I know the creators of the show will eventually get Jane and Grayson together, but…I have preferred Jane with every other guy she’s ever been with over Grayson. He’s just so…boring!

    • Megs

      Completely agree about Grayson being boring. When I saw him running in the airport, I just kept saying, “Don’t let him on the plane, don’t let him on the plane.” And then Owen ended up on the plane and I was ecstatic. I vote to keep pairing Jane with someone interesting and leave off the pining-over-grayson storyline. It made sense in the first season, but now it’s what turns me off of the show the most.

  • Diva

    Jane/Grayson a must
    Fred/Stacy .. whatever. she didnt appreciate a good thing when she had it
    Parker/Kim no thanks

  • Doris

    No, I really like Jane with Owen. He’s just a fantastic character. I must admit I’d like to see Kim & Parker back together, especially as she has mellowed somewhat. Fred deserves someone special–maybe now that Stacey has learned her lesson. . .

  • Michelle

    Do you think that next season we can possibly get a recap? I mean, they recap Jersey Shore but not the good shows like DDD or psych.

    • Sadie

      Amen to this! Just about every show in the recap section is reality TV. I’d like to add Parks & Rec, Necessary Roughness and a dozen others to this list before another reality show gets added.

      • Sadie

        Okay, I take the P&R request back, as I see EW has added on this season… my bad.

  • dan demianiw

    Drop dead diva I just love that show. I can’t wait for
    next season to see what happens with jane & grayson
    they make a great pair.

  • Lorie

    Awesome finale! I love Owen, so I’m torn. Do I want Jane with him or Grayson? Can’t decide today.
    I wish they’d give us a few winter episodes to tide us over until the summer episodes return.

    • reena

      I love owen and Jane together – at least for now I want her to like Owen, and Grayson to like her..

      In the end I might want Jane to end up with Grayson though.

  • dan demianiw

    I just want to see jane/ grayson happy together. They
    belong together.I almost cry when grayson watch the plane leave with jane on it with owen. I have to ask my
    self were is jane’s heart with grayson! I’m so glad
    stacy told him deb is jane…. just love it.

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