'Playboy Club' star Sean Maher opens up about his sexuality: 'This is my coming out ball'


Firefly alum and Playboy Club actor Sean Maher has worked steadily in Hollywood for 14 years, and during that time, he made the choice to be closeted about his personal life as a gay man — until now.

For the first time, Maher opens up about his sexuality in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I was nervous coming here today because I’ve just never talked about it,” Maher says, while sitting down to chat at Little Dom’s Italian bistro in Los Angeles’ trendy Los Feliz neighborhood, the area where the actor lives with Paul, his partner of nearly nine years, and their two children, Sophia Rose, 4, and Liam Xavier, 14 months. “But, it’s so liberating. It was interesting to be coming to have a conversation that I was always afraid to have.” Despite his trepidation, he adds with a big smile: “This is my coming out ball. I’ve been dying to do this.”

“I’ve never discussed it publicly,” the 36-year-old continues. “I’ve never been asked about it publicly, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t paint a different picture.” Maher says that not coming out wasn’t so much a choice as much as it was a reality of the business when he first came to L.A. fresh out of college back in 1997. Publicists working with him during his first Tinseltown role as the title character on Fox’s short-lived cop drama Ryan Caulfield: Year One assumed he was straight — and he didn’t tell them otherwise, out of fear. “I’m 22, I move to L.A., and it’s such a cliché, but the day I arrive, publicists from the show took me out to The Ivy for lunch,” he remembers. “They’re telling me, ‘You know, gosh, we’d really appreciate it if you could keep your girlfriend on the side because we want to appeal to the female demographic of the show.'”

Granted, Maher could have corrected his handlers, but in that instant, he decided not to. “At that moment, I didn’t think to say, ‘Oh, I’m gay,’ because right before I left New York [where he went to college at NYU], I had my manager tell me: ‘You need to get a girl on your arm or people will start talking.’ I remember telling him: ‘I’m gay.’ He had no idea. And he said: ‘All the more reason to get a girl on your arm.’ My agent was also like, ‘It’s best if you keep your options open. Maybe bisexual?'”

Despite pressure from his manager and agent, both of whom he has since parted ways with, it was ultimately Maher’s decision to stay in the closet, out of concern that he wouldn’t otherwise be able to book leading-man roles. “I kept thinking, This is my first show, I don’t want to get fired,” Maher says. “I’m thinking, What is the potential that if they caught wind that they had cast a gay lead actor that they would fire me? I was young, I was 22. I didn’t know anything. So that sort of started the idea of, okay, well, I’m working a lot, I guess I’ll just keep that gay part of my life on the back burner for now. I went so far as to sleep with women a couple times. It was a very confusing time for me.”

But being in the closet tormented Maher. “It was so exhausting, and I was so miserable,” Maher says. “I didn’t really have any life other than work and this façade I was putting on. So I kept my friends from college [where he was out] separate from my work friends, and that was very confusing. I just kept going on and on painting this picture of somebody I wasn’t. I didn’t have time for a personal relationship anyway. And you just don’t realize that it’s eating away at your soul.”

Through the years, though, Maher has slowly let the people closest to him in on his secret. Two mentors of his are Craig Zadan and Neil Meron — a pair of powerful and openly gay producers behind movies like Hairspray and Chicago, as well as TV shows like Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva — with whom he has worked with on two TV movies, ABC’s Brian’s Song (2001) and A&E’s Wedding Wars (2006). “After I did this movie called Brian’s Song, where I was another football player, one of the producers Craig would watch the dailies and said he knew immediately,” Maher remembers. “He says he knew the instant he met me, although he told me this months later. Craig was a really wonderful mentor to me because he knew, but he never asked me and never forced me to say anything. He just did his best to indirectly guide me.”

In Wedding Wars, Maher actually did play a gay character — a scary position for a gay actor attempting to appear straight. “This was where it’s still kind of tricky,” Maher remembers of the Wedding Wars time period. “We decided to do no press for it because I wasn’t ready to answer the question. Neil and Craig knew, so we just decided, okay, I was a supporting character anyway. The press was going to fall on [star] John Stamos anyway.”


The role for which Maher is probably most well-known is Dr. Simon Tam, a surgeon on the run after breaking his sister River (Summer Glau, who he’s pictured with here) out of a research facility, on the cult TV series Firefly and follow-up feature Serenity, both created by Joss Whedon. Maher remembers those projects as some of his best — even though his personal life was still off-limits during that time. “Looking back, on Firefly for instance, I do wish on day one I had told them because these are some of the most amazing people who are still like family to me,” Maher says. “I am so grateful for that show because they saved me. I was so unhappy and lonely and to come to work everyday with that group was wonderful. It really was all I had at that point in my life.”

Although there have been famous cases of homophobia in Hollywood (ex. when Isaiah Washington called fellow actor T.R. Knight a gay slur on the set of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and was subsequently fired), Maher says he never encountered much hostility — mostly because he was never out and was very adept at acting straight. “Because I was never out, I was never addressed in a negative way to my face,” Maher says. “Although I witnessed a lot of it, whether it be making fun of gays or gay jokes. I just bit my tongue or looked the other way. That was part of the reason that I didn’t come out earlier — because there was an energy on set, and I felt like my being gay would have offset that, especially with the crew.”

Does Maher regret spending 14 years in the closet professionally? “I don’t think I have regrets,” he responds. “I do believe that sort of this journey took me to the place where I got and I don’t think I would feel so strongly about doing what I’m doing now had I not suffered for the years that I did.”

Having a family is what ultimately what made Maher want to be honest about his sexuality. “I have these beautiful children and this extraordinary family,” Maher says, “and to think in any way shape or form that that’s wrong or that there’s shame in that or that there’s something to hide actually turns my stomach.” Maher kept thinking about what daughter Sophia would say when she realized he was closeted professionally. “What would she think if I said, ‘Oh honey, you can’t come with me to work because they don’t know I have an adopted daughter and they don’t know that I’m gay.’ My children and our family, I’ve really never been as proud of anything in my life. I couldn’t be happier at this point in my life, and I feel like we’ve created this pretty extraordinary family.”

So, why does this revelation come now? Maher decided to use his role on NBC’s The Playboy Club — a character coincidentally also named Sean, a closeted man who’s married to lesbian Playboy Bunny Alice (Leah Renee Cudmore) – to finally engage in a dialogue about how being closeted has strained his life in Hollywood. “I was working on other stuff, and then this role came up, which was like a light bulb going off,” Maher remembers. “I was like, This is perfect. I want to do this, and I want to use it as a platform to come out.”

As viewers saw in the premiere episode on Sept. 19, his character is involved with launching the Chicago chapter of the Mattachine Society, an underground gay-rights group from the ’50s and ’60s. The organization is scarcely remembered, but was the subject of a recent play, The Temperamentals, that launched in New York City starring Ugly Betty alum Michael Urie. “That’s part of the reason I wanted to do it so badly,” Maher says, “because I do think it’s a story that needs to be told.”

Although Maher was only seen in a handful of scenes in the premiere episode, his character Sean’s storyline gets bigger in the coming weeks. For starters, he becomes the campaign manager for Playboy Club staple Nick (Eddie Cibrian), who’s running for state’s attorney. “There’s some great stuff in the next episode when we have my parents over for dinner,” Maher says.It’s a beard-y situation. When are we having grandkids comes up, but there is actually two things we’re hiding: There’s the gay thing for both of us, but then also the Playboy Club thing. [His parents] would be mortified if they knew she worked in the Club. So there’s lots of things we’re keeping hidden.”

In the end, coming out publicly is what Maher feels he needed to do to tie his life together, personally and professionally. “Creatively, I feel so much more open and free, and I am so happy on The Playboy Club,” he says. “I think it’s because I’ve never been so open on set. All of the relationships that I have off-camera, I never would have allowed five years ago. It feels so liberating.”

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  • Hmmm….

    I might care a bit more if I knew who the heck this guy even is.
    (other than working on the worst new show of the season…)

    • Eli

      He is in Charlie’s Angels? wow, didn’t know that.

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    • The Dude

      Go watch Firefly, you jerk.

      • Eric


      • Kermonk

        That explains how he could care for that nutcase River!

      • Dave

        Always thought he was gay by the way he talked and acted in Firefly.

      • yunuem

        good one

      • Musica1

        My family never missed Firefly, and always assumed this guy was gay. We didn’t know anything about his personal life and didn’t care, but he sure seemed gay.

      • @@yt

        Firefly is for geeks, you nancy.

    • Ef

      Your failing, not his :)

    • lisa g.

      He looks gay.

      • lisa g.

        He is posing reminiscent of Jim j bullock …kinda favors him….

      • Eric

        Your mom looks gay.

      • lisa g.

        Eric…take it back!!!!!!!! Lol. Dont play dumb…gay face is real! Perez Hilton …himself gay….admits it! And this guy has a strong case of it!

      • Helen

        Ugly face is also real, Lisa G. And you have a strong case of THAT.

      • derp

        u mad?

      • spiek78

        Looks? Those three words make you sound so idiotic.

      • Really?

        @lisa g.
        Yes…because Perez Hilton is the representative for all things relative to the gay community…so if he says it, it must be true!

      • lisa g.

        Sorry if I offended anyone! My comment is no different than the person who said they already knew he was gay! And I know Perez doesn’t represent all gays; what I’m saying is that even a gay person acknowledges that there is such a thing as gay face! It’s nothing bad…in fact ur reactions show ur true feelings….not mine!

      • lisa g.

        Helen, ur mean spirited comment shows what YOU think of gays! Obviously u think gay face means something negative n unattractive….well I don’t! Shame on YOU Helen!

      • derp

        Whatever, lisa “burn in Hell, burn in Hell” g.

      • lisa g.


      • sepia830

        lisa g..

        Please don’t waste your time arguing with people who are looking to find something wrong with everything you say when you use the word ‘gay’. It is a total waste of time.

      • lisa g.

        Thx im beginning to see that! I sincerely meant nothing bad by it…It’s very interesting that it was perceived that way!

      • MikeyNYC

        How does one “look gay”? Does that mean that those gay men who have been closeted and you can’t tell are gay are really straight, since they don’t have the “look”? There are some gay men who are effeminate and drag queens, of course, but anyone who claims that there is some “gay look” are morons, including Perez Hilton. I hope you know that the gay community never actually elected Perez Hilton as our mouthpiece or representative, so his opinion is his own and carries no more weight than that of any other gay man.

      • lisa g.

        @Mikey…I’m not sure. It’s like when u look at certain teens n say to urself that kid looks like trouble or when u look at person n guess that they’ve lived a hard life….I dunno. Why is it so taboo in our society to say such things! Sure It’s not 100%; nothing is! But sometimes u can look at someone n accurately guess things whether It’s pc or not!

      • Acaseofgeo

        He DOES have a gay face. I’m glad he came out but wasn’t this already known? I mean, HOW ON EARTH did he have a partner for NINE YEARS and “acquire” TWO CHILDREN and no one “knew” he was gay? If he were a more popular actor, this would’ve been out and news long ago. As it is, seems no one cared enough to find out. I just hope that now that he feels “free”, he honors his commitment to his partner and his children. I don’t want him to be another Melissa Etheridge who leaves wives and kids in her rock-star wake.

    • Kiera

      Why did you even comment on this? You see an article about someone you don’t know, you skip over it…not that hard.

    • hdnkr

      I couldnt agree more….who the heck is this guy and seriously who cares what his sexual preference he is? I am so sick and tire of these hypocrites who wont tell you they’re gay but once they hit it big they develop this attitude…I am gay here me roar! This gay thing is so yesterday.

      • OK

        First, you’re gross.

        Second, it’s not easy coming out, it”s not a “preference”, and gay people will keep roaring until bigots like you start to actually care about human beings, even if that means they are different from you… I know, it’s a scary thought for you.

      • Strepsi

        He very clearly explained that he has 2 young children, and he can not imagine shutting them out of his life or not taking them to events, or explaining to them why Paul is not coming.

        In other words, he grew up. He’s in a successful decade-long partnership (about 9 years longer than most straight marriages!!!) so I say…


      • Paul

        “hdnkr wrote – I couldnt agree more….who the heck is this guy and seriously who cares what his sexual preference he is?”

        Seriously? Obviously a lot of people. Because if they didn’t, this type of story wouldn’t even be news. I look forward to seeing a day (I honestly wonder in our lifetime), when coming out truly is not an issue and isn’t even a newsworthy article. In addition, I have to agree w/another poster – coming out is *not* easy, and, unless you actually are gay, you have no idea what a big deal it is today, even in today’s society, still.

      • MikeyNYC

        Obviously YOU care about this man’s sexual preference, since you spent the time reading the article and then commenting on it instead of just moving on to something else. You must not realize how stupid you sound when you complain and bellyache about not caring about an article’s contents after you’ve spent the time reading it and then commenting on it. You get the dunce cap for the day!

      • RatFink

        Who cares? Gay or not, can he act? IF not, quit roaring and STFU. We don’t care if you’re gay, straight, or want to screw the lamp post.

    • Ken Lewis

      Where did he get his shirt I want it

      • Strepsi

        It looks like just a Gap pocket T, no?

    • Trisha

      Don’t know who he is, but he’s hoooooott…

    • Mandi

      YOU NEED TO WATCH FIREFLY…. It’s awesome :)
      And he’s gay? So what? I am, and I still think he’s georgious ;)

    • wtf

      Seriously, who ever thought he was straight anyway?

    • Schel

      Why do you think it was the worst new show of the season, bet you can’t give five valid and tangible reasons why.

    • DCmila

      Why are people so mean? treat people the way you want to be treated! agree to disagree, but respect each other in a civil way!

    • rxthunder

      Agree… Who is this guy?

    • Jessica

      Do yourself a favor and go buy the series Firefly and the movie Serenity! And I seriously doubt The Playboy Club is the worst new show on tv what with all the horrible reality shows about!

      • Daan

        Fwi, this is anasheed, which isn’t haram, and at least he talks about Allah and what’s hanpeping in the real world. It’s good that people listen to this, they’ll learn from his words that he sings.

      • Namita

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    • tre

      @Hmmm…. YOU must care enough to read the article AND be the first to post a comment. Sheeple are so stupid

  • Jayjay

    Too bad he’s wasting his coming out party with such a terrible show.

    • Fatima

      At least the little bit of his storyline they gave us was the only slightly intriguing thing in the pilot episode.

      • Karooliina

        umm.. why is everything about this guy awlays about him being gay? when does he or the media ever discuss anything else but that fact? He’s gay, so what? millions of people are gay, more have been, and more will be for ages to come. Can we now finally talk about things that really define who they are as person? oh well, we’re getting there one step at a time

    • dan

      Funny how he comes out now, when the show is struggling. Hey, any publicity is good publicity, right?

      • Mikey

        A tabloid may have had a scoop on him and was going to use it because he is on a show that’s getting a lot of attention…so he may have taken control of the situation. That, or perhaps he felt compelled to come out because of the recent suicide of a young gay teen. We may never know the true reason for his timing,

      • Sophia

        What makes you think Playboy wants a gay demographic? xD

    • Frenchie

      He could always join the cast of White Collar if Playboy fails

      • Rebecca

        yessss pleeeeease. xD

      • Strepsi

        Such a good comment on so many levels.

      • Sarah

        Get out of my brain!

      • Juanito

        There are already gay dciroves taking place in states that have had gay marriage for awhile. But there’s a serious problem: states that don’t acknowledge gay marriage will not do these dciroves. And most if not all states have residency requirements for one to file for divorce. So now, gays who have marriages on the books have serious potential financial problems unless they want to move back to some state that has gay divorce in order to get one. Most people can’t just up and leave where they are without significant hassle and upheaval.

  • chocolateislove

    I knew Simon was gay! He was so well-groomed.

    • ks

      Me too! I say whatever… good luck Simon

    • Kiera

      His real name is right in the article, yet you can’t bother to put it in? Sheesh.

      • talkin’

        They are saying they always felt the character was gay, not the actor, so using the character’s name is correct.

    • David

      His being well groomed means he’s gay? That’s hysterical. Do you stereotype other people too or is it just gay men? If a woman doesn’t dress feminine she’s obviously. If a group of black men walk towards you on the street they’re going to mug you? How pitiful.

      • talkin’

        Perhaps it was a play on the Seinfeld thing. The comment is worth no more than a small laugh, not those types of accusations.

      • Heather P

        I never thought he was gay because he was well-groomed. I thought he was gay because Kaylee was throwing herself at him and he always rebuffed her advances (until the movie).

    • Rica

      Yup, 2nd season Joss would’ve had him out of the closet and broken up with Kaylee. No relationship lasts in the Whedonverse.

      • JN

        That still makes no sense. He’s an actor. Being gay in real life has no bearing on a character’s sexuality. Would you expect him to suddenly be a doctor just because he played one on TV?

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  • Felix

    As a gay Firefly fan, all I have to say is WOOHOO!

    • Portia

      As a straight Firefly fan who always had a huge crush on Simon, all I have to say is WAAAAAHHH! ;)
      (Then again,99.9% of my celebrity crushes end up being gay. What gives?)

  • pie thrower

    I like him as an actor but if he thinks that no one knew he was as queer as a 3 dollar bill since the days “Firefly” then he is only fooling himself. Not to mention his metro sexual role on “Desperate Housewives.”

    • Fatima

      I don’t think he was ever on Desperate Housewives.

      • pie thrower

        Umm…yes he was. He was the one who was trying to blackmail Bree out of her catering business and was the illegitimate son of her deceased husband, Rex.

      • Lee

        yeah, no, he was never on Desperate Housewives.

      • pie thrower

        Yeah, no, your wrong.

      • Eric

        pie, why didn’t you check IMDB before you went ape about this? You’re wrong, he wasn’t on it. Check IMDB (like I just did before I posted a bold statement).

      • Tee

        @pie thrower: I think you’re thinking of Sam, who was played by Samuel Page. Sean Maher really wasn’t on DH.

      • Lauren

        The guy who was on Desperate Housewives was the same actor who plays Joan’s husband on Mad Men

    • Michelle

      pie, how did you know since you apparently tell him from another actor. I’ve gotta say that I like to enjoy the story and dialog and never find myself speculating on some actors’ sexuality. Just enjoy, people.
      Oh, and he is a real cutie too! Best of luck to you Mr Maher

      • Michelle

        That first line is supposed to read… apparently can’t tell….

      • pie thrower

        It was his “glow” Michelle. Thanks for your interest.

  • amy

    How is this anybody’s business? He’s a good actor, I enjoy his work.

    • diana

      THIS. Thank you for the most intelligent comment here.

      • Fatima

        Except it isn’t an intelligent comment at all, Diana. It’s our business because he doesn’t want it to be a secret. Unless you suggest that gay people should just keep their identities (in which sexual orientation does play a part) completely shut off.

      • Grageo

        I don’t think she’s suggesting any such thing. I think the point is that we shouldn’t care whether this guy is gay. Of course the news of his coming out is our business, but that doesn’t mean we should give a flying f#$%. It’s semantics. No need for everyone to get defensive.

      • Fatima

        No, it’s true that it shouldn’t be an issue. But what was said was that it isn’t our business, which kind of implies that he should have kept his mouth shut. There’s the type of person that hates gays and then there’s the type that tolerates them as long as it isn’t in front of them. Him coming out isn’t for you, it’s for him and maybe some people that will feel like it’s okay for them to come out the more they see public figures do it too.

      • Fatima

        But yes, it is semantics to a point. Amy probably did mean it in the sense that it shouldn’t be an issue, which is very true.

      • rob

        Yes it a very intelligent comment. It’s that simple. I’m pretty sure she meant that we should be in a place where it shouldn’t even need to be brought up.

      • Gendhuk

        I know it sounds crazy but look at Craig’ss list, that’s how i meet the love of my life. You don’t need to look for love there, maybe just ask if annoye knows any local hangouts where you could meet someone new. It’s worth a try. Good luck!

    • dawno0

      Um, he made it our business by, uh, telling us it was our business. Articles have more than pretty pictures.

      • talkin’

        It’s only “our business” if it in any way, shape or form alters our world(s), which for the majority here it does not, and maybe this is the saturation point of “coming out” being an issue or something that needs be announced, which it doesn’t.

    • Steph

      Not sure what you’re commenting on about being nobody’s business; he made the announcement to come out thus making it people’s buisness, sort of. I don’t condone hateful speech and snide remarks, but the whole point of the article is to reveal his sexuality and acting roles. Thus, people comment.

      • Sal

        I think the point of amy’s comment is that his sexuality shouldn’t be an issue.

      • trent

        OR, more specifically, GAY people’s sexuality shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t see a whole lot complaints about it being “nobody’s business” when we see endless articles about about the multiple straight hollywood couples who get shoved down our throats on a daily basis. But when a gay person comes out we have to hear the repeated chants of “Let’s keep private life PRIVATE!””

    • nodnarb

      People who it’s not our business are the same people who read every article about Brad and Angelina.

    • Kevin B

      This is Entertainment Weekly, which often covers the family lives of celebrities. He has a partner of 9 years and two children. Why would that upset you? If you don’t want to read about the family lives of celebrities, you are making very poor choices in your reading material!

  • dropper

    It’s good that he finally feels comfortable coming out. That being said, “Called It!”

    • Tiffany

      I was thinking the same thing. I was also thinking, ‘And…..’ My issue is he agreed to make this news public to help a struggling show.

  • amy

    if u were gay would u want somebody calling u that? Not nice!

  • Lina

    I’m proud to be his fan. Good for him.

    • znachki


  • Lee

    As Sean’s publicist (and friend)…all I have to say is for anyone to see this as anything but incredibly brave and positive…shame on you. To shield your true self because of societal pressures is soul crushing. Hopefully the majority will see this coming out as the truly wonderful thing it is. We love you, Sean.

    • Ef

      Exactly right.

    • Flyer

      As a huge Firefly fan, I am thrilled to see Sean on TV again. I also am extremely happy that he has reached a point when he feels able to just live life, without worrying about having to hide such an integral part of himself. Way to go, Sean!

      • eyeheartnyc

        Agreed 1000%. I hadn’t planned on watching TPC, but now that I know that a firefly alum is on it, I’ll be tuning in!

      • Ally

        I agree! TPC just gained a new viewer!

      • Nellnee

        Happy for Sean to have the right venue at the right time in the right role to come out. I don’t feel that the timing is about the new shows numbers, but about the role that allows him to be honest. Although … the scene in Objects in Space where he has his shirt off is probably one of my favorite Firefly moments and now feel slightly bad for Kaylee :(

    • aleksa


    • Kelly

      As friend to both Lee, and Sean, I say “WORD”. I’m so proud of him and his strength. He and his beautiful family deserve all the happiness in the world.

    • Walter

      So what’s the difference between “shielding your true self” and not advertising? Most people I work with have no idea about my religious beliefs or nationality, not because I’m shielding (hiding) anything or ashamed but because it’s has nothing to do with my job.

      • Mike

        Has anyone ever asked you to pretend you had religious or political beliefs contrary to your actual beliefs just so you can keep or get a job?

      • Fatima

        You’re presumed straight unless you say otherwise. Society is still uptight about sexuality enough that it’s impossible to be gay publicly without a defining coming out moment. Not really the same with religious beliefs. And I’m sure you chit chat with people at your job, so unless you expect gay people not to tell you what they did with their significant others over the weekend like everybody else does, then, yes, it will come up.

      • Grageo

        Your comment actually proves the point it was intended to refute. If your coworkers asked about your religion, you wouldn’t fee compelled to hide it because you’d have no reason to think that it might negatively impact your livelihood. That isn’t always the case when the issue is one’s sexuality, particularly in Hollywood.

      • Strepsi

        You are one on a million straight people Walter.

        Because most people advertise their Straight sexuality all he time with a photo of the wife and kids on the desk, mentioning their spouse, a Woman with a McSteamy mug or a man with a bikini calendar. Straight people flaunt their sexuality like CRAZY!

    • Mike

      AMEN. Bravo to Sean.

    • Nicole

      It’s unfortunate that his coming out had to be on EW’s site, home of the most ridiculously bitter and bigotted commenters on any site that I read regularly. I’m not familiar with much of his work, but I applaud him and hope others will be able to follow in his footsteps. Just maybe keep him away from the comments section lest he think that the entire world is made up of idiots with nothing better to do than embody the worst that the internet has to offer.

      • Jesse


      • nodnarb

        Really? I think the majority of folks here seem pretty open-minded… there are just 4 or 5 really loud and obnoxious trolls like at any site. Welcome to the interwebs!

    • Meghan

      This exactly! I’ve always enjoyed his work, will continue to enjoy it, and am happy that he no longer has to live a double life in regards to his work and his family.

    • Strepsi

      Thank you — if only more publicists were truly friends to their clients, we’d have more open leading men.

      I work in entertainment and one of the hugest barriers to coming out is all the Agents, Managers, Casting Directors and Publicists who advise against it! They are scared of hypothetical repercussions! And they are often gay themselves!!!

    • Jenna

      I say Bravo to Sean! And hey, as his publicist, if Firefly ever has a shot at coming back, please, encourage him to sign on! Many browncoats would swoon with happiness!

      • Tajah

        Yep, this. Browncoat forever!

    • WHY

      Brave? Really??! C’mon.

      • Rina

        I absolutely loved your ariltce! I giggled my way through and I know exactly what you mean. It’s sounds really painful for you and the rest of your friends to hold back all the giggles and comments. :’)

    • Tajah

      Much love to Sean and his family. It is good to see him so happy and able to express who he really is now.

      • Ate

        enough. But bringing that kind of thnnikig with you to the first date will make you a magnet for unrealistic expectations. It’s way too easy to attach larger-than-life expectations to what is “supposed to” happen

  • As if…

    You didn’t need to ‘come out’, dude. It’s obvious just by looking at you.
    Btw, what is so ‘exhausting’ about being in the closet?

    • asher

      Trying to cover up a part of yourself (in this case, sexuality) by pretending to be something you are not, out of fear that you will be ostracized if people find out who you really are, is a pretty exhausting way to live. Take it from me as someone who has been there, done that.

      • Walter

        He’s an actor. They ALL pretend to be something they’re not.

      • Francis

        What’s exhausting about being in the closet is having to actively pretend to be something you’re not constantly, to everyone and to yourself. It’s a 24/7 acting job.

        Walter, no, they aren’t ALL actively living lies. Which is essentially being closeted, living a DL lifestyle, whatever the situation is, that is a FULL TIME acting job and it’s not pretend. It’s not for cameras. It’s an individuals’ every-day existence. People in the closet have no time whatsoever to relax, breathe and simply be gay. Every second is manufactured to “fit in” with the heterosexual masses.

        So, Walter, when you’re criticizing a gay person who comes out, ask yourself, are you out? Are you open with who you are? No? Then you are in no position to deduce anything in this situation, because you simply don’t have a clue.

    • Maddie

      Lies. Wondering if people will look at you differently once you tell them. Fear of being put in a box. Fear of being shoved out of the closet. An inability to be all of who you are in public.

      • Menlo

        in the ACTING COMMUNITY?? I didn’t know they had such fear. They’re all ‘out’.

    • seattlemary

      The ‘exhausting’ part is probably because he was always having to watch his pronouns and worry if someone snaps a picture while out and about with his SO, and not being able to talk about your relationship to coworkers (costars), or take them to social events, etc..

      That being said, yeah, I didn’t realize he was ever in the closet, kinda like Matt Bomer over on White Collar (USA network), its just obvious, but straight, gay, closeted or out, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the eye candy :)

      Now I hope this doesn’t hurt his career, because sadly while a straight actor playing gay screams Oscar, society still seems to have a harder time accepting that a gay man can play straight, I mean remember what happened to Rupert…Rupert…Rupert what’shisname?

    • Dee

      Yeah it was obvious to me too.

    • Kiera

      Clearly you’ve never had something so big to keep a secret from anyone.

  • Michael

    I’ve tried posting three times already and it’s not showing up?

    Anyway, good for him for feeling comfortable enough to do this. This is a great step for him and his family and I wish him the best!

  • Maria

    I’m looking forward to future generations reading articles like this and thinking ‘wow, people sure were mean and ignorant back then.’. Good for you Sean.

    • Grageo

      Well put.

    • Resa

      Hi ThereThe Hand of Aphrodite (HoA) is a new and growing soaicl guild for LGBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Trans) players and their friends. We are looking for more members to join our ranks!While we don’t ask that you are LGBT to join the guild, we do ask that you respect and acknowledge that some of our members are!We are an Alliance Guild on the EU-Hellscream server. We do accommodate all sorts of play styles (pvp, pve, soaicl, rp, etc).We are not a hardcore raiding guild but are looking to form a core raiding team to raid on a regular basis. We are currently running regular HCs together and finding our feet – which has been lots of fun!So whether you are an experienced player at 85 who wants to work with us to get us raid ready or a lower level player just looking to find a place to relax and talk in a friendly environment to likeminded mature players then I’m sure the HoA has something to offer you!We do ask that all our members are 16 years of age or older. We have a group on facebook if you wish to look at our mug shots on there If you are interested or would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me in game (Ardrienne), or send me a message on here.Looking forward to running through Azeroth with you John (Ardrienne)


    Then do I get dibs on KAYLEE?!!!

    • Slizzard


    • Angelo Barovier

      Dammit! Beat me to it!

    • Cappie

      Sorry but Jewel Staite is married unfortunately

  • vf

    As if… You’re an idiot.
    I happened across this article and don’t know this actor, but considering he is now out to the whole world since it’s on the internet, I think he’s brave. Because there are a lot of idiots in the world (especially online, like As If…) and still a lot of discrimination. And being brave and doing what’s best for your kids are the kinds of things everyone admires (very manly!) so it would be nuts if this impacted his career. Wonder if entertainment heads stop to think about that. That someone being out is somebody people would admire and not look at it as a negative thing.

    • ZELDA


      • Helen

        Why do stupid people keep typing in all caps? Oh, right, because they’re losers.

      • Kiera

        Urgh. Seriously, Zelda? I mean, seriously? “LOL, he’s gay, *stupid joke* hurr hurr!”

      • wakeforce

        Something tells me Zelda is used to having crap shoved down her throat, and liking it!

      • Tamm

        All caps = Moron

      • Link

        Gannon How dare you post such ignorant stuff under the Princesses name. I shall defeat you once again in time.

      • …tired

        it’s amazing you can type (not well mind you, you did put all caps..) with your head that far up your butt. expand your horizons and understand that all people, gay or not, deserve happiness. we’re here to stay so suck it up!

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