Official: Charlie Sheen settles suit with Warner Bros.


It’s finally and officially over: Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. TV have settled their differences.

The studio that produces Two and a Half Men just released this statement: “Warner Bros. TV, Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen have resolved their dispute to the parties’ mutual satisfaction. The pending lawsuit and arbitration will be dismissed as to all parties. The parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality over the terms of the settlement.”

The payout to Sheen wasn’t disclosed, though some publications have speculated it to be as high as $25 million.

Warner Bros. TV pink-slipped the actor last winter after he publicly derided Men creator Chuck Lorre. Sheen fought back in March by filing a $100 million suit demanding payment for unproduced episodes and compensation for the crew while claiming the studio “wrongfully attributed the suspension of the series and termination of Mr. Sheen’s contract on Mr. Sheen’s alleged statements, conduct, and condition, despite the fact that Mr. Sheen is in compliance with his contract.”

At the 63rd Annual Emmys earlier this month, Sheen seemed to indicate that a settlement was on the horizon after making an unexpected appearance to say ”I want to take a moment to get something off my chest and say a few words to everybody at Two and a Half Men. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season. We spent eight wonderful years together and I know you will continue to make great television.”

Sheen is focused on developing a new sitcom called Anger Management with Lionsgate TV and veteran TV scribe Bruce Helford (The Drew Carey Show).

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  • Shannon

    Like I said on another post that was slamming Charlie Sheen and stroking Lorre and Co., Sheen was still going to get his pay day and on that he really is “winning” and laughing all the way to the bank.

    • kissyou

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      • panzhu

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      • laura3341

        please post this garbage on some other site.

    • I think you meant

      “coke dealer” instead of “bank,” but such slip-ups are understandable.

      • KLH

        haha, true. I am at a loss as to why they would pay him anything. People get fired all the time. But hopefully it saves the taxpayers from paying his unemployment.

  • lisa g.

    glad to see he’s moving on. Good for him!

    • PJ

      Yes. Hooray for addicts!

      • Handsome Smitty

        PJ – is that for Praise Jesus!?! ‘Cause surely your themonly perfect person to ever live!!!

    • andy

      cant believe this psychotic freak show got a dime

  • FedUp

    Even if he did get 25 million (which I doubt) he still loses.He was making 2million an episode,do the math people.He is still a big time loser!

    • lana

      I wish I could lose like that.

      • Johnny

        I second that Iana. He may have been making 2 mill an ep but how many people you know that gets fired & walks away with a cushion of maybe not 25 but something in the millions to keep you on your feet? If I could lose like that, I’d be happy with #LOSING!!

    • Jon Yeager

      Okay, I did the math : $2M per episode for getting up early, going to work, learning lines, staying in shape, putting up with everyone I don’t like, delivering a good performance, etc…

      …versus $25M for doing absolutely nothing. Plus a slice of the syndication pie, which is a regular, lifetime check.

      Don’t kid yourself. Sheen won big time. But so did the show, because all this media publicity is priceless. This season wouldn’t have gotten the ratings it’s going to get without this controversy.

      • I did the math too…

        … and I also read the article: “some publications have speculated it to be as high as $25 million.” SPECULATED is the key word here. Meaning, he coulda gotten $10M, or $15M. Or even less. The important thing will be whether or not Charlie is hireable in the next couple of years, since he has a lot of bills to pay.

      • hmm

        or more :)

      • AB

        You think he was in shape?? Since when?

      • mike

        the new show sucks!

    • Scott

      seams like winning to me. 25 million plus syndication money and a new show on the horizon. That is the kind of math i would love,

    • joe r


  • Michael

    I hope he enjoy these because without his daddy or his costar he a loser who cant act

    • wendy

      and you are a loser who cannot spell. it takes all the bite out of your insult.

      • ted

        he’s also right

  • John

    Doesn’t matter, he’ll probably be dead soon anyway.

    • lisa g.

      People change John! Have a drink relax. lol

      • You’re absolutely right!

        Some people do change. And others, like Charlie Sheen, go on about how they’re “winning” until they run their career into the ground. And others, like the people who follow Charlie, blow their money on tickets for crap live shows and sit back and enable an addict’s self-destruction.

      • um Lisa

        Charlie doesn’t want to date or bang you.

  • sam

    I hope that everybody can move on and that Charlie is getting the help that he needs for whatever was going on with him. I am sure that we will see a new series from him soon (he is already working toward that) and if it is funny, it will be a success.

  • Jed

    Just happy it’s been settled and now everyone can go their separate ways.

  • Raymond

    Who here honestly thinks that this may have in part been a ploy and that Sheen will be back on the show eventually….I mean if you were a company ticked off at your employee would you give him such a good send off???…..just seems kinda weird to me is all….

    • Drew

      Raymond theres a load of ignorance from you….
      Better the going to court and potentially paying out 4times that amount…

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  • LeeHi

    There seems to be a lot of negative talk about someone that does not affect your every day life. I’d like to ask where does so much anger come from? Most of you are every day people and i’m sure whether he gets money out nof this deal or not want affect any of us one way or the other. Why not just wish him well!!!!!!! I’m going to sleep tonight.

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  • ted

    I hope this is the beginning of the end of this awful, awful series

  • OhhSami

    I find it kind of funny to see all the people hating on Charlie Sheen. Yeah, he messed up his career by saying what he said to his bosses. But if he’s getting 25 million dollars for that, I for sure would love to be him. And everyone needs to think of if he was sober or really messed up on booze and drugs. The intoxicated mind is more vocal then the sober. Some people really have no right to say he’ll be dead soon. Watch him recover and become healthy. And spend that 25 million his way. And every other penny if his millions of dollars. Bet nine of you guys have all that money..

    • hf

      Which nine people posting here are you referring to that you think have 25 mil?

  • Vince

    At last Don Charles has resolved these problems with
    The Warner Bros. This is good for all the families.

  • Mikey M

    He was fired for his conduct. Why do they have to pay him?

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