Nancy Grace on 'Dancing with the Stars': Are the 'twins' behaving?


Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Some moments during her performance seemed to indicate otherwise, but Nancy Grace insists that one of her girls did not pop out during her jive with Tristan MacManus on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars.

“When we were doing our hop scotch portion of our dance, there was a little bit of movement but it did not rise to a wardrobe malfunction,” she told reporters after the show. “We have got every precaution known to man in this dress right here. I’m talking industrial strength precautions. So there may have been a little bit of, as Tristan said, jiggling.”

And yet, the moving and shaking didn’t prevent Grace from improving on her scores. She went from earning a 16 last week to a 21 on Monday. She was so elated by her performance that Bruno Tonioli’s comment about her being a little top-heavy went in one ear and out the other. “I take it very lightly,” said Grace. “In fact, I didn’t even understand his joke last week when he said, ‘Oh you brought the twins.’ And I point them out, ‘yeah, they’re right over there in the front row.’ I didn’t get it.”

Grace, in case you didn’t know, is an actual mother of twins.

Now how about that emotional breakdown in the rehearsal package, woman? (In the video, Grace “shut down” during practice and could only say “no” when McManus attempted to direct her. Then she started to cry.)

“When I’ve had arguments in the past, they’ve all been in court, to a judge, or to an appellate court, arguing appeals,” she explained. “With that, I can be very confident and know what I was doing. But that’s not true on the dance floor. I really don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s kind of hard to argue back with the dance expert.” — With reporting from Carrie Borzillo

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  • Cheryl

    Great Job, Nancy!! It’s just as well she did miss or misunderstand the comments. Those jokes are already old.

    • PIMB

      The tape was not very flattering but I give her credit for her followup actions. And her attitude on the dance floor. Also, love that Nancy brough thte zombie audience with her! :)

    • lucyfier

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  • clifford

    Poor gal is dumb as a post.

  • DisGrace Go Home

    Nasty DisGrace…what a loser.

    • Nellie4

      Jealous, Jealous. Give her a break and root her tothe top. She has worked hard for this enjoyment.

      • FNancyGrace

        Nancy Grace is a horrible human being culpable in the suicide of a young woman. She deserves nohting but the worst and probably should be sitting in a jail cell not showing her horrible tits on national tv

      • Duckkett

        Yes, I’m sure Nancy Grace was the reason that woman killed herself. It had nothing to do with the fact that she was the prime suspect in her child’s disapperance. Her son, by the way, has never been found.

    • Grumpster

      No malfunction, eh? I saw the uncensored pic on another site….those are some of the fugliest knockers I’ve seen, ever. No wonder she’s always grouchy on CNN.

      • kate

        What a sad thing for you to say. I am not a NG fan, but I wouldn’t lower myself to that kind of stupid comment.

    • gram

      Agree, Agree. Nancy DisGrace must go home.

  • mol

    hope she wins. she is always hilarous.

  • Letscheck

    Great Job Nancy.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Love you for jumping in there and giving it your all.

  • Patti

    Nancy is doing fabulous!!! I could never imagine having enough confidence to pull it off, so she deserves a lot of credit for trying with all she’s got !!! She is not young, nor is she “model material” yet she bravely gets out there and does really well !!!

    • trewolla

      she’s a loser this is her last grasp cause nobody else wants her

  • Stickler for Detail

    Reporter, get your facts right. Nancy did not dance a “jive,” as stated in this article. She danced the quickstep. Len gave her an “8” because she and Tristan stayed in proper hold, a particular requirement of this dance. Go Nancy. I am admiring your attitude and effort in the absence of any natural affinity for ballroom dancing.

    • Zach

      Thank you.

  • Jdean

    Ok, what show were you all watching?! Nancy’s entire nipple was exposed as she walked over to Tom at the end of the dance. The director even cut to the audience after the 2 second shot. Move over Janet Jackson! There’s a new gal in town!

    • Daniela

      Until people start _seeing_ the caotasrtphic damage taking place, people are just going to shrug and take it as they always do. We need the media to work for us, and if they won’t do it, someone needs to.

  • starsweeper

    Give me a break. If her boob didn’t pop out then why did they have those creepy cutaways to still shots of the audience not clapping?

  • Michelle

    Um, it was the quickstep, not the jive.

  • ns

    I think it was obvious she didn’t pop a boob from the lack of reports of thousands of Americans spontaneously dropping dead in front of their TV sets.

    • Jaded

      LOL! Nice!

  • trewolla

    Bombshell–tot mom ur such a loser go home and try to be a real mom with ur two ugly children

  • trewolla

    Bombshell_TotMom go home loser

  • Rupert Harwath

    Jesus gxx dxxx fxxxxxx christ already. How many years and how many supposed ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ does it take before these new era celebrities and producers grow a brain and learn the very basics of physics and fashion? Are we really expected to believe that super natural forces and poltergeists were unleashed from their slumber during the Super Bowl ’04’ half-time show and have been targeting female celebrities around the world on a daily or weekly basis ever since? And that these forces and poltergeists prefer to strike unsuspecting female celebrities in the opening days of commercially produced mass media presentations or just about the time their latest movie, book, CD, DVD, scent, or fashion line hits the market? Are we still expected to believe that these female celebrities are embarrassed when they are stricken by these forces and poltergeists? If so, then why have they failed to devise any sort of strategy to avoid them? Do these female celebrities not understand the phenomenons of gravity, momentum, wind, and light? What about the designers? What about the show producers? After seven years of havoc wreaked by these evil forces, how is it that those most likely to be stricken still fail to consider the possibility ahead of time?

    Final question: After nearly seven years, how in the name of all that is logical can the masses still be so incredibly dumb, gullible, and naive? Jesus gxx dxxx fxxxxxx christ already. IT WAS STAGED.

    • Marianna

      ROTFL at supernatural forces and poltergeists being unleashed from their slumber.

      • Renzo

        was purchased over a year ago for aa0reporteda0seven firegus. Additionally, Pro Football Talk was gobbled up by NBC Sports. NBC has seemingly let Florio and his PFT crew do their thing. With NBC’s deep

    • Squishmar

      *What* was staged? This NON wardrobe malfunction?

      • Grumpster

        You didn’t see the site I saw with the uncensored picture. It was a nip-shot. FUGLY…that’s all I can say.

    • PIMB

      What wind? Sometimes the boobies have a mind of their own. It’s clear you don’t own a pair of mother natures double Ds. Staged?

    • DC

      Great comment Rupert. I’d like to add another. People have got to get over their chiildish as well as puritanical reactions to seeing breasts.

  • BH

    I thought she did a great job last night. Carrie Ann is a moron. I hope she goes all the way to the end.

    • Tete

      Rhe2a… mais non Guigui, t’as dfb rater un chapitre, e0 la fin Harry Potter tue Hermion et e9pouse Agrid apre8s avoir cognele9 Voldemort et fichu dans le frigo de Yoda pour lui ficher la trouille .. ah ah.. AH AH AH !

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