'Two and a Half Men' takes a dive but still rules; 'The Playboy Club' falls down rabbit hole


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What goes up, must go down — and we’re talking about you, Ashton Kutcher: Two and A Half Men dropped 33 percent from its colossal premiere a week ago, but its week 2 performance was still pretty awesome for such an old comedy. Men averaged a 7.2 rating/17 share in adults 18-49 and 20 million viewers — enough to give it another comfortable win in the time slot, according to early results. It was also the night’s most viewed program across all the major demos, except in adults 50 and over, who still prefer their Dancing With the Stars. More on the sequins later.

Two of CBS’ comedies also took a (not entirely unexpected) dive but heck, it’s still the lineup to beat. CBS won the night in the demo (4.6/11) even though How I Met Your Mother was down 6 percent with a 4.4/12, 2 Broke Girls down 37 percent with a 4.5/11. Only the return of Mike & Molly was up 26 percent from last year to a 4.9/11. Each 18-49 equals 1.3 million viewers, if you’re doing the math at home.

Onto those dinosaurs on Fox. In case you missed all that talk about this fall’s most expensive show, Terra Nova debuted on Monday, averaging a so-so 3.0/7 and 8.9 million viewers. Fox says the drama improved upon its Monday average versus last season by 25 percent in the demo but dang, Executive Producer Steven Spielberg had to have wanted something higher for the time-traveling extravaganza. Given the huge investment, Terra Nova is definitely one of those shows that needs time to find an audience.

“Stars” like Nancy Grace and Rob Kardashian continued to turn off viewers to Dancing: The two-hour performance show only posted a 3.3/8; that’s down 18  percent from last week and its lowest rated performance show ever. Ouchie. Castle, as a result, paid dearly: It earned a 2.9/7, down 9 percent.

And more bad news for The Playboy Club. The show earned a mere 1.3/3 — down 19 percent. Ladies and gentlemen, do we have our first casualty of the new season? The peacock has nothing to croon about over The Sing-Off, either: It earned a 1.7/4, a series low.

As for the CW, looks like it was a fairly unremarkable roll out of Gossip Girl and the premiere of Hart of Dixie. Both earned a 0.8/2 in 18-49, but GG was the bigger favorite of the two among adults 18-34 (1.1/3 versus 0.8/2). Interestingly, Dixie attracted more eyeballs (1.7 million) compared to GG (1.4 million).

The bottom line: ABC was second in the demo for the night with a 3.1/8, followed by Fox (3.0/7), NBC (1.5/4) and CW (.8/2). ABC won the night in viewers (14.6 million), followed by CBS (13 million), Fox (8.9 million),  ABC (4.2 million), and CW (1.5 million).

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  • nuxx

    It’s official: NBC has been canceled.

    • AK

      How about The CW? It doesn’t even pull cable numbers anymore.

      • Flip

        Still has some of the best shows on television: Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Ringer…

      • Gravity

        Well NBC has Chuck, Community, Parks and Rec, Up All Night….

      • Michael

        And, shows like Vampire Diaries, Community and Parks EXIST merely because they are on crap networks like the CW and NBC. The numbers for all of those terrific shows wouldn’t cut in on CBS and, despite the fact that it is floundering as of late, ABC. I’ll take Parks and VD as long as I can have them.

      • Tom

        That’s it for Lorre and his Two and a Half flops. Bye bye!!!

      • Joan

        Lorre’s show is a flop. 25 million and 100 in syndication. Charlie = Winning!

    • jack

      I just got a $829.99 iPad-2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HD-TV for only $251.92, they are both coming with UPS tomorrow. I would be an idiót to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbúy.Go here at CoólCent.cóm

      • rerun

        Jack, do tell me more.

      • Charlie

        I just got 25 million upfront. 100 million in syndication rights. And didn’t apologize even once for calling someone’s kids ugly. Guess what?


      • Jonathan

        I can see why Lorre settled with Charlie for 25 million dollars. Charlie would have probably taken him to the cleaners for much more than that. This show is a total waste of money. I feel sorry for anyone that invested any money in this debacle.

      • ron

        So what does this stupid ad have to do with the topic?

    • Pete

      Winning = me!
      I no longer watch One and Half Men…how awesome is that?

      • Chocobox


      • Black man

        I just peed in a cup! Winning!

    • Peg

      Watching the third episode – it should be cancelled now – unless you canrevive Charlie?

  • bill

    Yup, NBC would probably get higher primetime ratings just by showing Friends and Seinfeld reruns.

    • Sarah

      Haha, no kidding. Although I wish they’d give more promotion to Community and Parks and Rec. I think those are their two best-written, funniest shows right now (two of my favorites on TV in general), but I hardly ever see promos for them.

      • Unnecessary Laughter


    • bruno

      they should never have made pclub in the first place unless they were willing to go a cable route with it, which they can’t because of uptight advertisers. who wants to see a g rated version of the playboy club? come on. have a brain already. same should be said for pan am: mad men you’re not. and trying to do anything era wise without filtering our screens with cigarette smoke is just plain ridiculous. if you’re gonna go era, you have to go to tobacco too. stupid.

    • Michael

      The funny thing is that I think Parks and Community are more entertaining and clever than Friends and Seinfeld ever were.

      • Rowzdower

        Wow, that is freakin’ hilarious.

  • Edward Morton

    I hope that they finally cancel Two and a Half Men. I am bored of it. I’m glad Ashton Kutcher’s contract is only for one year. He can return to movies where he belongs. I can’t believe I said that.

    • hmm

      or they fire(payoff) lorre and get back charlie :)

      • Charles in Charge

        Isnt Lorre a Jew? Of course he’d take a big payoff.

      • Rowzdower

        Most TV/movie producers and writers are Jewish (or at least disproportionally). Were it not for the Jewish comedy writers (mainly Ashkenazis) of the 50s and 60s, we wouldn’t have all the great Yiddish words that have so permeated our culture =^)

    • KCVKC

      Um….You can keep Kutcher on TV. I don’t want him ruining anymore films.

      • stickittotheman

        Is it time to kill the “um…” already??

      • Spirit Fingers


      • Monty

        For sure! It died long ago, a few years after “stick it to the man”. Oh wait…

      • KCVKC

        EPIC FAI…ummmm.

    • kate middleton

      No way will they cancel a show that gets 20M. Even if it falls, it’s a huge moneymaker for them because of syndication. I think it’s awful, but it’s not going anywhere.

      • Diane

        Based on the very negative response to Kelso Walden whatever the heck his name is, I suspect the numbers for Men will drop significantly next week. I know I won’t be watching. It was painfully unfunny

    • Flame

      The train wreck lost 30% compared to last week. A few chuckles this week, and all of them came from Jon Cryer and Conchata Farrell. I said it last week and I’ll say it again, Ashton Kutcher made me roll me eyes at best. That guy is not funny, has one face expression tops and one tone of voice. About Judy Greer, well done, casters. You do know she’s Judith’s sister? Some network please pick up Mad Love and give her her role back!

      • heart

        In real life? Judy played Herb’s sister

    • Phil

      Two of my favorite shows could end right now – just not funny! Two and a Half Men and The Office. Forced myself to laugh at both, but not worth my time anymore.

    • Ash

      You’re bored of it? Quit watching. Very simple, unless you’re being held hostage and someone is making you watch it with a gun to your head.

      • Arsenios

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  • amy

    Chuck Lorre is driving a bus with the cast and crew of 2 1/2 Men on board! And they’re headed right for a cliff! They need Charlie Sheen to save them!

    • You’re wrong

      Really? 20,000,000 people would disagree with you. I don’t watch the show, but apparently many, many people do, so what exactly is that loser Charlie Sheen supposed to save?

      • amy

        You’re commenting about a show that you don’t watch?? Really?? Watch it next week and then come back and say the show doesn’t need Charlie!

      • Alienate

        How about this: 28 mil watched the opener to see what’s up.
        8 million saw enough to stop watching.
        20 million watched episode 2 to see if it would get better.
        (I was 1 of the 28mil and the 20mil, and NOW…. I am officially gone from that horridly unfunny show)
        I predict numbers will drop week to week as people GIVE UP on it.
        It’s OVER!

      • @amy

        I’m from the future and next week’s episode is even worse.

      • amy

        Lol, maybe Warner Bros. will fire Lorre!

      • cici

        Seriously, 20 million people watching means that 20 million people like the new set up. Think again. Many were watching to see part two of the two part episode. Many were watchign to see if it would suck worse than the first episode. And, like watching a train wreck or rubber necking a car accident, many are watching to see Chuck Lorre implode.

      • Larry in NoHo

        I’ll say it right now – the show doesn’t need Charlie. I loved his character but he had eight seasons to perfect that character and eight seasons for audiences to like him. Ashton is not a Sheen substitute; he’s a new character in Alan’s life. The real focus of the show should be on Alan and his sponging off a child-like billionaire while watching his own son score with girls that he never coul dget when he was his son’s age.

      • mick

        20 000 000 people watched this week to see if it got any better, gaurentee you the numbers will be around ten million next week…

    • DON


  • Bill

    Two and a Half Men – which WAS my favorite show gets a resounding “F”…….

    Its like they are grasping at straws to patch up everthing. I mean if you are going to make Alan Harper “gay” do it already. But sleeping on Ashton’s lap. CRAZY…. I didn’t laught once last night. A few times last week. This is a totaly bomb….

    • diane

      They’ve jumped the shark. Let it go and move on already.

    • Rhonda

      Sounds like Bill needs to go back to watching DWTS

    • The Chew!

      Bill, I’m saddened that Two and a Half Men was ever your favorite show. What are you — 12? It’s the most contrived, forced sitcom on tv. It’s a whole show built on immature sex jokes and one-liners. Henny Youngman would be proud.

      • hmm

        so you must a woman xD

        i am a guy and it was relaxing show about a guy who had everything and had all the freedom as well. well only downside was his brother and his mother ocasionaly, and yeah the cute stalker rose :)

        basicly one could relax and dont think at all. i am enjoying shows like bones or big bang theory but 2a1/2men were relax

        so go to your women studies and stop annoying us guys xD

  • Todd

    How does the MNF juggernaut fit in with these numbers?

  • Michael

    Tow and Half men was never funny bring back Darma and Greg

  • AT

    Way to go NBC… Seriously stupid move to put The Sing-Off head-to-head with the non-off-season Monday night line-up.

    • kate middleton

      Totally agree. The Sing Off was nice as a short-lived holiday treat. It is not something you can base your fall lineup on, and having it go against CBS comedy Monday and DWTS? And start the same week as the X Factor? NBC seriously lost their minds.

      • Mara

        I agree, plus I didn’t think they really promoted it as well as a lot of the other shows. I was so used to it not being during a major lineup that I didn’t even know it had restarted last week.

  • bored

    it is Kelso revisited. Not gonna work! Last night stunk!

    • Diane

      Kelso needs Hyde to balance him. This show has no Hyde.

  • Jethro

    I watched 2 weeks of the P/B club and just don’t get it. Eddie and David as the 2 leading men do nothing for this show and the Bunnies deliver their lines as flatliners with no true emotion.

    The Sing Off is a really good show, needs to find a better night to prove it worthy, Never watched the CBS comedies except for M&M, the best show in the line-up.

    CW dramas are definitely for late teen early 20 kiddies and DWTS is getting a bit boring, now that these celebriteis are more like personalities we know about but have no real star quality!!!

  • Temp

    I think its a race between Playboy and Grimm to be the first cancelled. And yes I know Grimm hasnt aired yet, I just think it really looks that bad. (Like, worse than “The Cape”)

    • kate middleton

      So true. But the bar on NBC is just SO LOW….what would they put on instead of it, ya know? They barely have any shows worth re-running.

      • or not even worth watching. *cough*30Rock*cough*

    • Ally

      Guess Im the only one who thinks Grimm looks kinda cool? :( I guess we will see when it airs but at least its something kind of different.

  • meridith

    Castle is a great show w Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion, They also have sexy Jon Huertas and sooo cute Seamus Dever. Great cast and wonderful writers I don’t understand why they were down 9%.

    • stickittotheman

      Totally agree. A very smart and engaging show, just like Arrested Development….uh oh, I think I just jinxed it!

      • tickus

        Castle is down 9% because it’s a smart and engaging show. Network TV is for idiots.

    • asher

      Love the shout out to Jon Huertas, he is a dang sexy man!

  • nodnarb

    I guess they shoulda made Eddie Cibrian come out of the closet instead.

    • lisa g.


    • wakeforce

      A boy can dream, nodnarb.

  • The Playboy Club

    I’m must be the minority becasue I’m enjoying the Playboy Club however to achieve it’s “true potential” it’s probably better suited for Showtime or HBO.

    • Eric P

      I like it too! Oh well sometimes shows just dont click with audiences. :(

    • JC

      I agree! This show would be phenomenal on HBO. Hopefully the HBO execs are taking note of how they can do this better. This looks like the first casualty of the season

    • deeannek

      I really like Playboy Club. I don’t get why it isn’t doing better. It isn’t any racier that Las Vegas was and it did pretty well for awhile. Oh and if those parent advisory commitees call your house–as they did mine and hopefully this will be the last time, I tell em if they don’t like it change the channel and if there kids aren’t in bed at 10pm on a school night they really do have bigger fish to fry!

      • chistosa

        Las Vegas had likeable characters and who wouldn’t want to watch Josh Duhamel? But the whole premise of the Playboy Club is too soapy and who is a likeable? Admittedly I did not watch it but I chose to avoid it based on the promos.

      • Sarah

        I like it too. Sigh. Guess I will just have to enjoy it while I still can.

    • Dave

      Yeah, for the most part I’m enjoying The Playboy Club too. Not sure why it’s getting so much hate and why barely anyone is watching.

    • Laura

      I agree! I am really enjoying this show. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. I think it’s the network’s fault the ratings are low it’s in to the show itself. People do not trust NBC. LOL. It sucks!

    • Ally

      I agree- I do like it but def would do better on HBO.

    • B

      That’s exactly what I told my wife last night. I kinda like the Playboy Club. But it should totally be a cable series like Boardwalk Empire.

  • Brenda

    I love Aston but, I would think after years of watching Charlie sheen its a hard transition. NBC made a big mistake.

    • amy

      You mean CBS.

    • rws

      The new two and a half men suck with ashton..they should’ve kept charlie ..

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