'Awkward.' finale: Creator Lauren Iungerich on last night's surprise twist and season 2 scoop!


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Last night’s Awkward. finale closed with a shocking twist that answered the season-long question of who wrote a nasty, anonymous letter to heroine Jenna Hamilton. In the ep, Jenna learned that the scathing note came from the last place she would have ever expected. SPOILER ALERT!

Her mother.

Series creator Lauren Iungerich and Nikki Deloach, who plays Jenna’s mother Lacey, discussed the surprise ending today and previewed next season on a conference call with reporters.

“I think next season’s going to be really juicy,” said Iungerich. “I’m really going to break open the stories for all the characters and show the audience who they are.” Betrayed by her mother and in a brand new relationship with Jake Rosati (a.k.a. the best friend of her season-long secret boyfriend Matty McKibben), Jenna will have the most on her plate. “I really want to see her really happy with Jake for a period of time,” Iungerich admitted, adding, however, “it’s never going to be easy [with Matty].” For starters, there’s still the lingering problem that Jake doesn’t know Matty and Jenna were an item. “It’s going to be a pretty big thing that’s going to come out,” says Iungerich, who promises the revelation “will shake up the relationships and dynamics among the three” main characters. For those on Team Matty, Iungerich did tease, “I wouldn’t count Matty out.”

As for Jenna’s relationship to her mother, Deloach — who’s known her character wrote the letter since her audition — admitted, “I was heartbroken that my character would do this.” Iungerich explained that Lacey wrote the letter before Jenna’s accident because she was facing the fact that she had regrets about having Jenna as a teenager. “The subtext for Lacey always is that she’s living a life that she’s not totally content with,” said Iungerich.

Having seen Jenna come into her own after the accident, Lacey “she comes to a real place of acceptance and feeling really happy.” But don’t expect that happiness to stick. Next season, says Iungerich, Jenna is “going to start to become the daughter that Lacey always wanted and at the same time push her mother away. That’s going to be really painful for Lacey, and she’s really going to have to grow.” Even more complicated will be a series of love triangles, notes Iungerich. “Lacey married her Jake, and next season to see Lacey confronted with her Matty would be really amazing as it’s juxtaposed in different areas with Jenna’s relationship between Matty and Jake.”

But the most surprising relationship of all could be between two sworn enemies who found themselves leaning on each other in last night’s episode. Iungerich laughs, “I really want to see Tamara and Sadie have a sleepover!” It may sound crazy, but don’t rule it out. After Sadie got her comeuppance and Jenna negotiated peace with Sadie “chief minion” Lissa, relationships are going to be complicated all around.

How else would things remain Awkward?


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  • gigi

    Best show that MTV has ever had on it’s network. I hope season 2 goes well and gains more viewers. I’ll be watching.

  • jennie

    I love the way this thing ended!!! JAKE AND JENNA FOREVER!

  • Amy

    I was completely surprised by how much I loved this show. MTV did a great job. The dialogue and situations were fresh and relevant and interesting. I found myself excited to see what happened every week. I am excited for next season. I hope it wont be too long until it comes out.

    I was a little bummed to see Jenna pick Jake, but I understand why she did it.

  • itsjess

    I love that Jenna decided to go with Jake. I can’t believe Matty thought he could get Jenna back without telling anybody about their relationship. Especially Jake! As soon as he admits his feelings about her to everyone else I’m pretty sure she will fall right back into his arms.

    • mc’frufru

      Matty did want to tell Jake about him and Jenna but he knew Jake liked her too and He didn’t wanna hurt his bestfriend. And He was gonna give her a ‘dorky’ invitation but she didn’t give him a time to talk./: I cried on this epiaode, and I love both Matty and Jake.

      • Ashley

        But here’s the deal…if Matty had told Jake about Jenna in the beginning, when school started or shortly thereafter, who knows if Jake would have developed feelings for Jenna. And least not acted on them. I think not…his character appears to be a good guy. So again its about Matty not being comfortable in his own skin or worrying too much on what other people thought about him and Jenna.

        He really lost Jenna months ago.

      • katie

        this was totally a love hate episode for me. i loved the beginning when matt was at jenna’s house with her parents…i love matty….but the ending was soo surprising i cried…i totally thought the formal is where matty would go public with jenna….so surprised that her and jake are together. dont get me wrong matty totally messed up when he wanted to bail on the dance, but i can ubderstand why. For weeks his best friend has been telling him how hes into jenna so he didnt want to hurt his feelings And jake’s a good guy he cute, but im just team matty lol. while watching the episode and seeing how matty messed up totally thought he was going to come through at the end like all the other episodes. Example episode 2 when he made fun of her then came to her house to be her hero. the drinking and driving episode where she called him out, but then made everything ok. her birthday episod. the date episode where it looks like hes embarassed by her but actually wanted to make it special and then hung out with her friends…cant wait for season 2 to start, i just keep watching season 1 over and over…hopefully it comes out in the beginning of the new year…if anyone knows when season 2 starts pleaseeeeeee let me know, and hopefully season 2 will have a lot more episodes m:)

      • Ali

        I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U if jenna hadnt of bitched out matty then they wouild happily dating right now and us nmatty lovers would be satisfied…….ithink personalluy that jenna should learn from her moms mistakes and BE WITH MATTY s ince her mom is now going to admit that jennas father is her jake :D

      • chelsea

        I know it was so sad team Matty forever

      • lolo1996

        Heeeelllll yeaaa

  • Ashley


    I was more excited for this to come on last night than anything on NBC, CBS, or Fox.

    I am kind of glad that she picked Jake! Jakes likes Jenna for Jenna. Matty doesn’t even like himself.

    • mc’frufru

      She changed him, He used to be a total prick, but now he really proves to care for her. He took her to that restaurant place that he has never tooken a girl to. But I wanted him to tell Jake too. But, like Jake still would of fell for her, maybe not asked her to formal but he’d still be sad.

  • CiCi

    a tv show on MTV that I actually really, really like and am not afraid to admit it! LOVED that Jake & Jenna got together…really hate the idea of defining Jenna based on her obsession with Matty…move on to something better!

  • Jess

    I have fallen in love with this show. For as shady as MTV can be with their programming, they have a real gem on their hands here :) I love Matty but I was still happy for her when she chose Jake, they are both great. Tamara is hilarious she cracks me up every episode and I absolutey love Sadie, she has to be the best villain ever. Jenna happens to be the best teenage herione there is. Season one definitely didn’t disappoint so I can’t wait for season two :):):)

    • Ashley


  • Katt

    I totally love this show ! the finale was kind of heart-breaking seeing Matty and Jenna break up, Matt looked so miserable ! lol but Jake <3 deserves her. His way more fun to hang out and so sweet.

    • mc’frufru

      ;) same thoughts as me

  • Laura

    Matty and Jenna all the way…They have amazing chemistry, hope they have many more scenes in season two!

    • Ashley

      No they are not. Ross never treated Rachel like a pariah… nor hid her like a dirty little secret…I like matty but Jake is a man…

  • kelsey

    I was so upset Jenna chose Jake. Can’t wait till season two for more Matty/Jenna ( they are like the Ross and Rachel of Awkward)

    • Izzi

      I would agree with you that they might be the Ross and Rachel of awkward… but that doesn’t make me like the pairing any more. (I didn’t really like Ross and Rachel but still wanted them to end up together… these guys… well Jake’s just so much nicer and though sure Matty did try, he’s just too self conscious.)

  • NDN Fan

    I began wondering if it was her mom. She has shown no sense of mother-daughter boundaries so it just seemed to me that it could have been her. I’m just sad that it was Jenna’s mom because they made some real strides this season.

    • Woot

      I deduced it was her mom… but only midway during the finale. When Jenna was putting on her Nana’s dress I figured it out. Still, they kept the mystery going for a while, and I was clueless for most of it.

    • Ally

      Im really disappointed it was her mom. I can’t even imagine my mom writing something like that about me, even if it was based on he unhappiness about having her too young. Anyone can write stuff like that to their kid is just horrible. That would scar me for life. #teammatty!

  • Samantha

    I’m team Matty/Jenna! I don’t think Jenna and Jake have any chemistry other than friendship!

    • Annabeth

      Yes! I agree… they don’t light up the screen the way Jenna and Matty do.. Jake seems like the dependable guy friend… and that’s about it.

      • Declan

        You are way off and obviously didnt pay attention, Jenna and Matty have nothing like her and Jake have. She is way better on screen with Jake, she can be herself. Especially when she said “this is the first time anyone has held my hand in public.” Matty is a slave to peoples opinion. Jake is way better for her and they have better chemistry, she can be herself and do all the things as a couple that she couldnt do with Matty unless it was in secret.

  • EL

    I’m way too old, out of the key demographic and I hate MTV with the fury of a thousand suns – and I really enjoy this show.

    Easily my favorite new show, especially compared to the awful network shows like 2 Broke Girls or New Girl.

    • NYTeach

      Me, too. Awkward, and especially Jenna, remind me of my own high school and college years. ;o) I gave New Girl a second chance and it got a bit better. The jury’s still out for me on that one.

  • Trace

    I thought all along it was pretty obvious the mother wrote the letter, so in the end I was hoping it wouldn’t be her.

    I enjoyed the first season a lot. I do hope it goes away from revolving so much around Jenna’s romantic life in Season 2.

    Also, I can’t wait to see what happens with some of the supporting characters like Ming, Lissa, etc.

  • s

    i stumbled upon the show one night and fell in love with it! all of the characters are great and i love the writing. my heart with torn along with jenna’s over matty and jake. i had a matty once too and by the time he decided he could “take me public” I was the one that messed it up. still gets me to this day and I’m now in my mid-30’s, lol.

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