'Lost' star lands new USA series -- EXCLUSIVE


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Geek goddess Sonya Walger is coming back to TV: The Lost and FlashForward star has landed a series regular role in USA’s upcoming Common Law.

In the buddy cop drama, Warren Kole and Michael Ealy play homicide detectives whose constant quarreling gets them sent to couples therapy. Their shrink? Walger, who will co-star as Dr. Emma Ryan, a smart, attractive psychiatrist with a keen sense of humor. She graduated at the top of her class and started a practice in Beverly Hills but started to feel like a pill dispenser to her rich clientele. To fill the void, Dr. Ryan started offering low-cost Alcoholics Anonymous and couples’ group therapy at the local community center where she applies her strong insight into the relationship between these two police partners.

Walger famously played Penny on Lost and has also been in In Treatment and Tell Me You Love Me. Common Law starts production from CBS TV Studios in New Orleans next month for a 2012 premiere on USA. Led by White Collar and Covert Affairs, the network just had its most-watched third quarter in the network’s history — averaging 3.5 million viewers and easily ranking as the most-watched cable network.

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  • desmond

    I’ll find you, Penny!

    • Desmond

      I’m the real Desmond, brotha.

      • Desmond

        Sod off, imposters!

      • Desmond

        See you in another reply, brotha.

      • Charlie

        Shut up- we’re all dead and together!

      • Jack

        We gotta go back!!!

      • Hurley


      • pdx

        This cracked me up. Thank you!

      • Sawyer

        Easy, Scottie, everything’s cool!

      • Kate

        I think you are all hot.

      • Michael


      • Cris

        This is the best thread I’ve read in years!

      • Kay

        For sure the best thread ever!

      • Turdy

        What if … everything that happened here happened for a reason?

      • Dorothy

        We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto…..

      • The Island

        Character Development my shiney ridiculous cork! The show was about me. And yet I was completely neglected. The whole story should have taken place on the friggin moon!

      • Moon

        Oh no you didn’t Island. Believe me, I watched the entire series and I’m glad I don’t have to relive the pointlessness of that silly story every day!

      • Jacob

        I was the victim of bad casting.

      • Ron Jeremy

        I want to see Jack and Kate in a porno together.

      • Ben

        I’m gay!

      • John Locke

        Sawyer has a nice behind.

      • Sayid

        How’d I wind up dead with Shannon? I’m too cool for this.

      • Rose

        Anyone want to join the island’s NAACP? I’m the only member!

      • Zhang Ziyi

        I’m hot!

      • Pauolo

        I wish I could’ve been around to see this.

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      • Walt

        Just because a brother hits puberty and grows a foot, he has to get written off the show… heck, my dog gots a meatier role than I did….. Vincent!!!

      • Vincent

        Ruh roh!….. (pants)

      • Scooby Doo, esq.

        To Mr “Vincent”:
        “Ruh Roh” is a patented line created by yours truly to which you did not request permission for use. My lawyers will be in touch with you soon regarding royalties compensation…. $1 million in milk bones will be appropriate… SD

      • Riot Act 666

        Who could resist that wonderful smile?

      • Richard

        It’s NOT eyeliner!

      • Sawyer

        you need me to make you a mixed take?

      • Kate

        I’m coming with you…

      • Jack

        No you’re not.

      • Kate

        (goes anyway)

      • Aaron

        why am I still a baby when I die? Can someone change my diaper?

      • Claire

        Wheres my baby!

      • Man In Black

        Am I still dead?

      • Michael


      • Others kids walking thru the jungle


        other than the rustle of a teddy bear patched with duct tape being dragged across leaves…….

      • Boone

        Ok, got killed off early without ever getting a chance to bag my hot but spoiled step sister, but now I get to play a hot bad boy vampire who is a lot like Sawyer and my weenie brother is a lot like (me) Boone….

    • lisa g.

      Id rather see the BEAUTIFUL n talented elizabeth Mitchell!

      • ^

        I wish she would make a sexy R rated movie and show the world her hot bod.

      • @@yt

        Both Sonya Walger and Elizabeth Mitchell have already been naked on film.

        Walger in Tell Me You Love Me, and Mitchell in the 1998 film Gia, she did some scenes with Angelina Jolie.

      • Matt

        Elizabeth Mitchell? She purses her lips, and makes her eyes go huge like a muppet. That’s what she does.

      • ^

        That’s not the only thing she makes go huge.

      • lisa g.

        Lol. Shes definitely a looker n a great actress. I cried when Juliet died!

    • Charlie

      Shut up- we’re all dead and together!

    • Sawyer

      Okay, Stay Puff.

    • Kate


      • Jack

        Yes, Kate?

      • Kate

        Please take your hand off my boob.

    • Color Me Impressed

      She needs to have her own LOST spin-off with Henry Ian Cusick about their life after the events of the show. Sure, it may be a lot less exciting, but I’d watch an hour of those two cuddling; they’re that adorable!

    • Charlie

      Not Pennys boat

    • elle

      Hated her in Fast Foward !

  • Hand

    Not Penny’s boat.

  • Lisa Simpson

    I loved her as Penny on Lost, but I hope she doesn’t have to try to do another American accent like she did on FlashForward.

    • Eric

      She’s actually pretty good at it though, relatively speaking.

      • wsugar

        You are her relative?

    • Musica1

      I thought she did an excellent American accent, but I love British accents, so the more we can get on American tv the better.

      • Lisa Simpson

        It was good (better than Joseph Fiennes’ accent), but I like her regular British accent so much better.

  • Justin

    I like her, but there’s no way I’m watching this.

  • J.

    well i won’t lie, before the article came up, i was hoping that this was going to be a new show for Dominic Monaghan (who also starred in lost and flash forward).

    • Emily

      yeah he was a REAL LOST star not a guest..Come on Ew.

  • Will

    Awesome! Didn’t they do another show together?

  • Jared

    Is everyone that was in Lost considered a star? When I read the headline she was way down the list of people I thought they were referring to.

    • RK

      Yes, major stretch…

      • UGH

        One of the Others that was shot in the woods just got a role in Glee as a janitor.

      • nodnarb

        That’s obviously not true… or they would have made it the lead story

      • RatFink

        The smoke monster landed a gig for Marlboro ads in Hustler. Really.

    • Fatima

      She’s kind of a fan favorite, so make of that what you will.

    • Ann

      I like her but, yeah, I get what you’re saying. Remember when that “Lost star” married a 16-year-old? The “star” who was in, like, 2 episodes? Yep, they sure took that ball and ran with it.

      • Emily

        Matthew Fox with all his ‘assault’ drunken problems was a REAL LOST STAR not this girl, ha !

      • Misspriss_1

        I absolutely HATED that Hutchinson dude, and cringed every time that they called him a “Lost” star!! YUCK!!

  • CG

    Penny on a different show I don’t think Desmond will like the idea

  • PennyWidmo

    Penny Widmo’!

  • jus wondering

    so like bones from dr.sweets view?

    • Ashley Raye

      ^Totally my first thought

  • Jo

    I love Penny, but I’m a rich millionnaire and … just kidding, where are the spammers?

    • aj


    • Jared

      Well played.

  • Dani

    Sonya Walger was also on Sleeper Cell with Michael Ealy playing his case agent. They were both good on that show and her American accent was fine.

    • hlfzephyr

      i just mentioned that below…glad someone else got the connection (EW is lazy) of 2 actors working together again on a different show. BTW Sleeper Cell was excellent!

  • ClineMark


  • João Paulo


  • kelli

    This seems like a lame show.

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