Friday dramas 'Fringe,' 'Gifted,' 'CSI: NY' slip from premieres

More second-week slippage in the ratings on Friday night: CBS’ A Gifted Man, CSI: NY, Blue Bloods, and Fox’s Fringe fell from their fall schedule debuts last week, while other shows held steady.

CBS won the night with freshman drama Gifted (8.1 million viewers, 1.2 adults 18-49 rating) down 14 percent. CSI: NY (10 million, 1.6) and Bloods (11.1 million, 1.8) were both down around 10 percent.

Fox had Kitchen Nightmares (4 million, 1.6) and Fringe (3.1 million, 1.2), the latter off 20 percent, while The CW’s Nikita (1.8 million, 0.6) and Supernatual (1.8 million, 0.7) remained flat.

Also airing on Friday: NBC’s Dateline (6.2 million, 1.6) and ABC’s 20/20 (4 million, 1.2).


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  • Av

    I want Nikita to go up.

    • Carrie

      1.8 million for a CW show on a Friday night actually isn’t that bad. It’s doing a lot better than some of the other ‘hit’ shows on CW.

      • Kay

        Pretty much sums it up. CW is use to those type of ratings.

      • emma

        I think Nikita is doing reasonably ok as compared to other shows on the CW. Its holding steady since the premier and has the same number of viewers as Supernatural. Its such an anomaly over at the CW. An action spy thriller, excellent cast, high production values and great hand to hand combat sequences. The cast is filled with film actors. People just need to check it out. I’ve never watched any CW before Nikita. I actually watch Supernatural now because its paired with it. Maybe some room for crossover between viewing audiences?

      • dropper

        If Nikita can hold those numbers it might have a shot at renewal. It’s not like the CW has much else going for it save TVD and Secret Circle. Plus, it is losing some of its other shows at the end if this season.

      • Megan

        Keep telling yourself that lol. While they might be passable, you can’t tell me The CW doesn’t want more. If these two shows don’t improve; I’ll be surprised at a renewal.

      • bill

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  • Amy

    Come on Fringe watchers! I just don’t think Friday night numbers are fair. Few people, at least until the winter sets in, are actually home on Friday nights and watch these shows later.

    • Gladys

      I agree. No one is home on Fridays. Are those ratings based on live viewings or do they include DVR/online viewing?

      • Jason C.

        They won’t include DVR into this. DVR watchers don’t watch ads, and if you’re not watching ads then you’re not helping ad revenue. Ad agencies use viewership to determine how much they’ll pay for a commercial spot on the show. If the ad agencies feel as though viewers aren’t watching their ads they’re not going to pay top dollar for commercial spots. If the network isn’t getting ad revenue they’re going to yank the show. People watching on DVR rather than live don’t help any of that…

    • PN

      I think the ratings are from the people watching the first time live viewing and not the DVR viewing. They like to be fair with the ratings. I think that people might have watched the new freshman premiere shows on Friday in a curious way and might not have been liked them, so they skipped on the second week.

      • forrest

        agreed. Freshman show appeal may have hacked into Fringe’s numbers. Fortunely ratings are all about trends and we’ll see the ‘bounce back’ numbers in the weeks ahead. Being a loyal ‘watch live’ Fringe viewer, I’m happy for a full season. Fox doesn’t support this type of show for the long term, so I’ll really be surprised if it’s renewed for another season, to be honest.

    • schmed

      Well, the first episode of the new season was relatively weak, and not calculated to lure in new viewers (new shape shifters what?). Second episode was much better, and since they had to explain the parallel universe to the characters in the episode, new viewers would have been clued in right away.

    • Antonio of Gilead

      I know.. I love Fringe. But friday nights is party night , after a hard week of work, i need friday night to let loose. i usually dvr it and watch the next day..

    • Matt

      Just help us keep a close eye; the second there’s a rumor that the show may be in trouble, we need to stage a save the show campaign; the younger the audience, the less likely that normal nielsen numbers will reflect the true audience. A fan campaign will help bolster the show’s standing. Not too much to worry about yet.

  • Cass

    They totally need to take into account the Tivo and DVR numbers. Who really watches TV when it’s acutally on??? No one! Most everyone dvrs now.

    • satirex

      You know that’s not true, since more than half of the people in the country don’t even own DVRs. In March of this year, the market penetration was reported at slightly under 40% of the USA.

      • Appy

        That’s ok if half don’t have DVRs. I have 3 myself and record on all of them. I get East & West Coast feed for several channels to record shows that have time conflicts. :)

      • @ Appy

        Still doesn’t change the fact that there are many that don’t have a DVR even if you have too many (although I like how prepared you are). :)

    • Just Saying

      Nielsen ratings for the Fringe season 4 premiere grew by 40% with 3 days of DVR playback factored in.

      • CJ

        That’s as may be, but 140% of not much is still not much. That takes it up to 1/3 of the time slot winners instead of 1/4.

    • Friday

      Yes and wouldn’t Fringe viewers be more likely to DVR and watch online? I mean fanboys and girls embrace tech, no?

    • Jason C.

      They don’t take DVR’s in mind though because then you’re not seeing ads. If you’re not seeing ads then why should the ad agencies pay for ad space. If ad agencies aren’t paying for ad space, the network isn’t making money. If the network isn’t making money the show is going to get cancelled. They don’t count DVR numbers because people watching on DVR aren’t helping anything…

      • Chris Short

        That may be the case Jason, but nobody watches the ads anyway. When you are watching it live, you switch the channels or check your emails. There are seven shows I watch regularly, and none of them are watched live. Living in Chicago, I honestly don’t know anybody anymore that watches shows live. Ad agencies better get smarter about their work and start using more product placement and promotion through online media because watching ads on TV is going the way of print media.

  • Jill

    A Gifted Man has some seriously gifted actors. Great show! Watch it!

    • caryn

      I’m very pleasantly surprised by A Gifted Man. I think the casting is perfect. I hope it stays on for quite a long time.

  • Laysa

    Nikita is the best SHOW ever. Well, at least on The CW if you don’t wanna agree with me. Watch it!

    • cnb

      I agree. I was super pissed when the CW moved them to Fridays. I think there should be a law that all newbie shows get the crappy time spots and earn their chops towards a good time spot. Moving all my fave shows throws off my tv watching schedule.

    • T

      Nikita and supernatural are my two fav shows!! I live for Friday night!

  • CJ

    This Nikita isn’t even the best Nikita ever. It’s an inferior knockoff of an inferior knockoff.

    • Kate

      Um, CJ…. if you are implying that the La Femme Nikita show on USA was not completely amazing (for at least the first three seasons) then we are going to have words.

    • emma

      I’ve talked with a few staunch supporters of the old LFN who refused to acknowledge the new Nikita. When they actually started watching the new one they were converted and enjoyed the show. Give it a chance because its received pretty good reviews on metacritic and NY Times. Alberta Watson is on the new Nikita if that means something.

      • Laysa

        @CJ, I bet you haven’t seen the new one yet. You should try watching it and find out for yourself THAT IT IS THE BEST NIKITA. Even LFN fans(a few I know) agree.

      • AB

        You know, guys, one doesn’t have to be better than the other for them both to have their good qualities.

  • Cam

    Fringe is awesome man ughh those numbers makes me so sad. I also miss Peter Jackson and I want him back.

    • Cam

      “Peter Bishop”

      • Friday

        Pacey-Con forevah!

    • Trey

      It’s likely that the actual numbers may be higher than reported. Nielsen’s a really flawed system that needs replacing.

      • J.P.

        Agreed! And, people don’t even realize how RARE a Nielsen box actually is! Nielsen ratings are a really unfair way of deciding if a show lives or dies. If this is the last season of FRINGE, then I hope the producers make it a terrific one!

  • sam

    A Gifted Man is a waste of some great actors, including Margo Martindale. It has uninteresting medical cases and silly dramatic situations. It might have been a good show with better writing. I watched the first two, but probably won’t keep watching.

    • B

      I agree, the writing hasn’t been great so far, but sometimes it takes a few episodes to get things going. I’ll stick around for these actors and see how it goes.

    • lisa g

      Ita w/ sam!

    • jenn

      I liked the first episode of Gifted Man and Blue Bloods was awesome last night.

    • PN

      I’ve watched many freshman shows annually and the first pilot episodes are always average to weak,even the writing and pace of the shows. Sometimes it takes 6 to 7 episodes to see the better shows get into the characters and the storylines.

    • caryn

      Hmm, I disagree. I really like it!

  • Carrie

    What a shame. Why aren’t people watching “Fringe”?!

    • Sunny

      OMFG FRINGE :(

    • Rex

      We are! We are just not the idiot American Idol fans who get all the Nielsen boxes.

    • Otto

      Because they killed Mark Valley and Torv is yucky.

      • Bosco

        Torv is yummy.

      • Shar

        What the hell are you talking about? After that guy left the show improved dramatically,but you wouldn’t know that since you left as well.

      • Friday

        Valley left in what, the 3rd episode? Watch it again and love it! Best show on tv.

  • Todd

    Fringe better survive the whole season. C’mon Fox, it’s the only show that’s still any good left on your network, don’t be a punk.

    • Apostate

      Well said. We’ll see what happens.

  • Cleve

    Has Fringe ever dipped below 3 million? I can’t believe this!!

  • Kay

    What needs to happen with Fringe is that it needs a better lead in show then Kitchen Nightmare

    • Dahne

      Except that Kitchen Nightmare has larger numbers so you can’t blame Frigne’s drop on it.

      • tvlover44

        that doesn’t mean that the two shows appeal to the same demographic(s), though!

  • Appy

    “Gifted Man” desperately needs a realistic medical advisor. Brain surgery for cancer tumor & have baby then next day patient all cheery up in wheel chair, holding 26week premie and already getting chemo within a 24hr time. BS!!! The ghost of exwife is right on though. LOL!

    • Ashley Raye

      Wouldn’t exactly call her “cheery”. She sounded pretty run down. And she wasn’t holding the babe. He was in an incubator (sp?).

  • Gerrry

    Due to PVR’s and the Tivo we really dont know what shows are being watched when. I seriously doubt Fringe viewership is that bad. I hate the Neilson Rating System, its outdated and needs to be replaced.

    • justsayin

      ^—- THIS!

  • nicole

    A Gifted Man has the elements (GREAT GREAT CAST) so hopefully the writing will improve. really like the main characters (patrick wilson, jennifer ehle, margo martindale, julie benz). love the interaction with the shaman.

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