Death watch 2011: Fall TV survival status report


Image Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC; Glenn Watson/ABC

UPDATED: So far, so predictable: All the shows that have been pink-slipped were pretty much expected. (Across the nation, scores of TV critics are crowing “we told you so!”) Now comes the really tough decisions: Some new (and old) shows are still posting ratings south of a 2.0 rating (here’s looking at you, Prime Suspect), but at what point does a network start to hit bone when it makes so many painful cuts?

Let’s look at the latest, season-to-date averages in adults 18-49, the demographic of most concern to advertisers. (Note: We’ve included the averages for the shows that have already earned full-season orders. Yeah, we’re scratching our heads at some of those CW pickups, too).

2 Broke Girls (CBS): 5.1 rating.
Full season pickup. This show will continue to own bragging rights as this season’s No. 1 new comedy.

New Girl (Fox): 4.5
Status: Fox was the first network to pick up a new show for a full season. (Traditionally, the networks only order the first 13 and wait to pick up the back nine after seeing the ratings.) Granted, the network won’t air any more new episodes until Nov. 1 because of baseball and The X Factor. But the comedy should survive the hiatus.

The X Factor (Fox): Wednesday, 4.2; Thursday, 4.0
Status: It’s been running out-of-pattern due to those pesky baseball overruns, but we don’t think this reality show is going anywhere. In fact, the numbers may rise once X Factor starts airing live shows.

Last Man Standing (ABC): 3.5. Allen’s first outing looked promising; but the sitcom lost 17% of its 18-49 viewers in week two. Since ABC has already found success with its Wednesday night comedy block, the network now wants this show to help establish a second sitcom beachhead on Tuesdays.

Suburgatory (ABC): 3.2
Full season pickup

Terra Nova (Fox): 3.0
Status: Terra Nova will not get a full season (Fox executives have confirmed that it will complete its 13-hour run in December); the question is whether the drama will get a second year for next fall. Given this week’s uptick in the ratings, we’re starting to feel a little more hope about a renewal. (But only a little).

Person of Interest (CBS): 2.8
Status: The combination of Jim Cavaziel and Michael Emerson is just too good. Though the drama still has some kinks to work out, this one will go the distance until May.

Revenge (ABC): 2.8
Full season pickup. Good news for primetime soap fans but this show still has a lot of heavy lifting to do before ABC even thinks of renewing it for a second season.

Unforgettable (CBS): 2.6
Status: A show that nobody talks about but will probably stick around because, hey — they gotta run something at 10 p.m. Tuesdays. And Poppy Montgomery is rocking that red hair.

Whitney (NBC): 2.5
Full season pick up — and yet, the ratings continue to falter. Was it such a good idea to show confidence in this show so early?

Man Up! (ABC) 2.4. It bowed after Last Man Standing on Tuesday, but didn’t hold onto Tim Allen’s ratings. If both shows about men and their manly manliness go down, this will go first.

Pan Am (ABC): 2.3
Status: The period drama has been on a free fall and looks like a candidate for early cancellation. But … this seems like one that still has huge network support.

NEXT PAGE: The dark half: Charlie’s Angels, Playboy Club, Ringer, Prime Suspect and more!

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  • c

    I actually think “The Playboy Club” is a pretty fun show, I know I am in the minority here but prefer it to the boring and bland “Pan Am”. of new shows I also like “Up All Night” and “A Gifted Man” (mostly for the yummy Patrick Wilson)….but I hate, Hate Whitney, it is a pimple on NBC’s thursday night comedies!

    • Pierce Hawthorne

      Agreed!…”Whitney” is a horrible show, worst new show of the season!

      • Lorie

        You got that right! “Whitney” is definitely the worst.

      • Whitney’s Mom

        Whitney is a painfully unfunny sitcom!

      • Earthquake

        The problem with “Whitney” is Whitney herself, she is a grating human being, if they recast the part with a more likable actress it might have worked, he is probably a talented writer, and might be ok in small doses, but building a whole show around her, is like building a show around the loud mouth skank down the street that everyone does thier best to try and avoid!

      • Earthquake


      • Tarc

        Whitney is unwatchably bad, but it’s a hundred times better than the vomit-inducing, offensive 2 Broke Girls. Girls is the worst TV show of the new millenium.

      • Earthquake

        @Tarc. Whitney created “2 Broke Girls” also, if that tells you something!

      • Longshanks

        The problem with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots.

      • Joanna

        I cringe when I see the Whitney ads.

      • Rod

        @Longshanks that kind of Joke, would be thought of as comic gold on “Whitney”, the fake studio audience would be roaring with laughter!

      • richromanceix

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      • jess

        Whitney isn’t very good, but 2 Broke Girls is soooo much worse. Bad acting, but the writing is what really sucks! There is no flow. I can’t believe this show ever saw the light of day. CBS should be EMBARASSED.

      • Ally

        Please let it be Whitney and Free Agents. I have tried to watch both and cannot sit thru a whole episode.

      • Muldoon

        @Tarc – totally agree! 2 Broke Girls is absolutely terrible. Maybe that’s why they have a laugh track. They couldn’t get a studio audience that would laugh. This show is the anti-thesis of comedy.

        Haven’t seen Whitney, don’t think I want to.

      • @Tarc

        Compared to Whitney, 2 Broke Girls is like a god of comedy. I only saw the pilot, but despite being predictable, and I’ve never been a fan of the laugh track/studio audience approach CBS always uses, it was better than I expected. Kat Dennings is likable, and I definitely chuckled at some parts. Didn’t even crack a smile during Whitney, which I was only half-watching anyway, and how it got a second season, I’ll never understand. It’s a blemish on a Thursday night comedy line-up that’s otherwise very solid (even if The Office is on the downhill). Outsourced was better.

      • @@Tarc

        “I’ve never been a fan of the laugh track/studio audience approach CBS always uses.”

        So I guess you are like, what, 12? In “the old days” all sitcoms were like that. I pity your stupidity.

      • etm

        @ Rod

      • Bob R

        Not so fast, New Girl is equally as bad – which is sad because I usually like Zoey

      • Dee

        I liked “Whitney” and think she’s funny. I like to watch a person who’s “Ba_ _s to the Wall”. She’s just out there and I love it. Why the hate people? Why?

      • Riemaldo

        @Longshanks – I honestly spit out my soda all over my keyboard – good one sir! good one

      • SJ

        When every comedy had a laugh track, we viewers didn’t know better. Now it’s less of a staple. All the comedies I currently watch do not utilize laugh tracks, and the rest of what I watch are dramas and a few reality shows. I tried 2 Broke Girls and the laugh track was a glaring annoyance. It’s not ignorant to comment on how dated it makes a show feel. It feels more natural on Big Bang, but I think it’s evident there’s a live studio audience.

        2 Broke Girls felt like deja vu of ’90s TV, like a kid sister spin off from Friends. Not in a good way. And I like Kat Dennings! I hope she finds a better project.

    • Gravy

      I heard Patrick Wilson might be gay and that is a real turn off , he played gay in some tv movie (he even had aids in it) so there is no way I will watch A Gifted Man!

      • Dena

        what does a rumor about Patrick Wilson being gay have anything to do with the show? Last time I checked, there wasn’t

      • Fatima

        You won’t watch a show because an actor played gay? So you don’t watch any Tom Hanks movies either? Exceptional trolling or just exceptional ignorance?

      • Gravy

        I just don’t like watching gays on TV, it is against god’s will, and Patrick seems pretty gay!

      • Fatima

        Lol so dumb. I’d love to hear what your favorite shows are so I can possibly have the honor of “ruining” them for you.

      • Gravy

        Very sarcastic Fatima, you are probably a gay, so I will stop talking to you!

      • Cal

        Not everyone enjoy watching filthy gay people on their T.V so shut up Fatima.

      • @cal

        how about you shut up cal. your so narrow minded. what would you do if your best friend was gay? what would you do? call them filthy? no, you defend them.

      • @cal

        also he’s married stupid

      • Pat H

        Are you kidding? that was an HBO show called “Angels in America” and he did an outstanding job playing a gay man. But he is not gay–just a good actor. He is married with 2 children. He also played the love interest/hero in the movie of the musical “Phantom of the Opera” and was great. I haven’t watched his new TV show because it looks maudlin and I like laughs.

      • heather

        One. Patrick Wilson is NOT gay. He’s married with 2 sons. Not that it matters. Two. The “tv movie” you’re talking about was the miniseries Angels in America – in which he played a gay lawyer who did not have AIDS. Three. A Gifted Man is a great televison show that you’re not watching for quite possibly the dumbest reason ever.

      • Gravy

        To answer your question Fatima I like The Middle,Sue had a gay Boyfriend on that but it was ok. because they made fun of him for it! shows how american really are, without the gay agenda of shows like Glee, The Good Wife, or A Gifted Man with gay actors like Patrick Wilson flaunting their gayness around!

      • 99

        Just because he is maried with children does not mean he is not gay!..I know this for a fact, just sayin!

      • sock monkey

        Dear Gravy, Have I got a SNL skit for you!!!

      • Gravy

        I don’t watch trash like SNL, so I would not be interested!

      • dee

        Are you talking about Angels In America? He didn’t have aids if i recall.

      • Gravy

        I don’t recall the whiole thing, turned it off after awhile, too weird and gay for me, just watched it for Meryl Streep, and she was not in it that much!

      • Jon

        News flash, Gravy, there are a lot of gay people working in television, and on the shows you love.

      • Gravy

        Jon, I am not stupid, I know gays work behind the scenes (Hair and makeup no doubt) but as long as I do not have to see them, I can tolerate it!

      • Larry Tate

        Hey Gravy, I am sure they are happy that you can “tolerate” them, while you are watching TV in your broken down trailer with your 9 cats and no teeth!

      • Sergiu

        Being gay is not ok. In fact any person defined by his sexuality is not fine. Slut, prostitute, womanizer, gay, lesbian is not ok.

        We know that there are people like that and they have the right to be in the shows, but they shouldn’t be mainstream. If smoking or appearing nude is not ok on TV, then why is ok to have sexual discussions?

      • Chloe


        NOTE TO GRAVY: Your obvious hate of people, yes gays are people, is so totally against Christ’s teachings you should be ashamed of yourself. Hateful bigot, that’s what you are.

      • NedPepper

        WTF? Is this for real? People like Gravy should be sterilized.

      • Todd

        Hey Gravy, if you were watching a movie just to see the parts Meryl Streep was in, thats a pretty good indicator you might be gay.

      • @ GRAVY

        Gravy, if you do not want to support gay people throw out your TV. EVERY show has a gay actor, director, creator, or producer. It might actually be easier to change your hateful attitude.

        By the way, ADULTERY and DIVORCE are also “against God’s will” accrding to the Bible, so you might as well forget about watching any straight actors, TV shows, or movies as well!

      • Zakry

        Gravy is a fake. Troll!

      • clare

        Gravy- it has been proven that being gay is not a choice. it is hereditary. so you might as well hate everyone that is black, hispanic, asian, and red headed. if you are going to criticize a show just because of an actor dont comment about it. it is just plain rude. if you need to make rude comments to make you feel better about yourself please do it else where and let everyone else give their opinions of shows they actually watched!

      • m

        This is insane – so if you had blue eyes and someone did not like blue eyes so they didn’t hire you for a job woudl you think that was fair? Too bad your ignorance (based on information you have not and can not substantiate) is keeping you from watching a good show. By the way, the show is about a doctor who lives in his rich bubble and a ghost is breaking him out of it to help those with a lot less in life. You might learn something from the show.

      • Gravy

        Todd just because I respect Meryl Streep as an Actress does not make me a lesbian, and to everyone else I never said I hated gays, I am just saying that I do not like to watch them on TV, that is my right!

      • Josh

        Gravy is a troll who loves the gay people!

      • Gravy

        Josh, no I do not look like a troll, and most definatly do not love the gays nor do I hate them, they are people, just wish they would stop the deviate behaivior!

      • Celimene

        First of all, so what if he were gay? Is a straight guy not allowed to play gay roles? Do gay people not play straight roles all the time? It’s called acting. Second of all, he’s one of the straightest guys on Broadway/in Hollywood. Married to a gorgeous – and talented – actress, two sons. Thirdly, do you have some issues you need to work through? Some homophobes – Larry Craig, et. al. – are just overcompensating.

      • Hey You

        Gravy is short for man gravy. He is a flaming gay.

      • chris

        Why does EW let these trolls say whatever they want? As for The Middle, they do NOT make fun of Brad for being gay. They make fun of the fact that him and Sue do not realize that he could be.

      • Gravy

        Hey You, I am a Woman, my name is Gabby, Gravy is a nickname, and Chiris Everyone laughed at Brad for being gay, that is what made it funny, The Middle is a great show, my husbad is just like Mike!

      • Gravy

        but I almost did not watch The Middle last week, because one of the gay kids from Glee was on it, but just fast forwarded it through his parts

      • Amanda

        Wow, Gravy, that stink of troll on you is pretty grating. You wanna be a little less obvious next time?

      • Lauren

        @Gravy Would it make you feel better if you knew that Patrick Wilson has also played a homophobic Fundamentalist in the movie “The Ledge”?

      • @Heather

        My last partner was married twice and had six kids. He was most definitely gay.

      • Carlos

        @Gravy; you are an idiot. I heard you might be gay. Rumors are all over the place about people, but this doesn’t mean the rumors are true. Supposed some accuse you of having AIDS, Gravy? You are one pathetic human being.

      • Carlos

        Gravy, I am gay, Catholic, black, Puerto Rican, and masculine. I don’t give a hoot about what you are others think about me or whom I’m attracted to sexually. I am going to live my life and be happy to the best of my ability. You are not God and you cannot judge me or anyone else. Get your own life in order, Gravy.

      • Redhead

        You are an idiot.

      • Amused

        It’s against the christian god’s will, huh? So, all those animals exhibiting homosexual tendencies in the natural world that were born without Free Will are doing what exactly? It must be god’s plan that some animals are homosexual and others are not.

      • AB

        Gravy is obviously a troll, you all are dumb for feeding the troll.

      • Meeeee

        What does “God’s will” have to do with acting on television? Man, you pseudo-religious nuts are really a special kind of stupid. The more truly devout faiths, like the Amish, would consider your watching television to be unnatural. Have fun in HeII, if you believe in that nonsense.

      • anne

        This basically means that you won’t be watching very many TV shows anymore. Do you know how many gay actors and actresses play straight on TV? Hundreds but they don’t come out because douchebags like you! Name a show. any show that you watch and I bet I can name a gay actor in it!

      • Muldoon


      • d

        I agree we need more straightness on tv like barney on how I met your mother.

      • Acadia

        Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only 1. Which seems unnatural now?

      • Suzanne

        Watch “Little Children” with Patrick Wilson and Kate Winslet. They burn up the screen playing straight.

      • Gravy

        I already named a show, there is no one gay on “The Middle” it is the most wholesome show on TV!

      • Ted

        as unpopular as this might be, I would have to say that Grady has a right to her opinions, as misguided as they might be, this is what is great about living in a free conyrty

      • mihal

        If being gay is against god’s will, why does She create so many of them? Could it be She wishes to test those who are not gay? You know, those who realize that someone being gay has nothing to do with them and those, such as Gravy, who are afraid of gays because it mayt hit a little too close to home.

      • JQuin

        Wow, this conversation jumped off the rails quick.

      • K

        I just want to point out the Chord Overstreet, who is the Glee gay Gravy mentioned having been on the Middle last week, is not gay and did not play gay on Glee. In fact, in the one season he was on he had three girlfriends (two who left him and one that he got with in his last episode). I just wanted non-Glee fans to know that.

      • LOL

        If the kid from Glee is not gay, he sure looks like he is!…plus anything associated with Glee is pretty much GAY!

      • SJ

        Trolls here, please don’t feed the trolls, thank you, move along.

      • T

        Gravy and @cal I’m so sorry that you are so ignorant. It’s clear that your family and educational systems failed you. It’s a shame that your mind is so narrow and opertunites so limited due to you bigotry. I hope you will someday realize the absurdity of your views.

      • Everyone’s Gay!

        I heard Patrick Wilson is doing Chord Overstreet while the cast of “The Middle” and Meryl Streep watch..

      • Amanda

        Not only is Patrick Wilson an incredible actor, handsome, and talented- he is so not gay! Look up he has a beautiful wife and kids

      • sheppard

        What a bigoted loser. I would venture to guess you watch lots of gay actors – get served in restaurants by lots of gay waiters – sit next to lots of gays folks on the bus, in Church, at sporting events – are you stupid or what? PS – Patrick Wilson has been married to Dagmara Dominczyk (a beautiful woman) for a number of years now.

      • brad

        wow I learned a long time ago, that you can not change peoples opinions, I say this as a gay man, if Gravy and Carlos feel the way they do, why are people getting so hot & bothered, let them feel that way, god bless them, and be glad you don’t feel the way they do!

      • Aya

        @Gravy This has been amusing. I love The Middle too. Interesting that your husband is just like Mike, because the actor that plays him, Neil Flynn is rumored to be gay. His bio mentions his partner. IDK

      • Lisa Marie

        Wow. Everyone is beating the crap out of Gravy saying he is the reason America is full of hate… yadda yadda yadda. So he has an unpopular opinion. That doesn’t mean he should be castrated for it. Sheesh. I am 100% YAY GAY!!! I love them. But because I do, doesn’t mean I hate everyone who isn’t. Some people were just brought up that way. To hate. Hate Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and what have you. Isn’t that enough hate?

      • mark

        @Gravy: I’m a hetero male, but your homophobic bigotry is indigestible. Please crawl back into that Neanderthal cave you came from. Idiot!

    • Lizabeth

      Agree about Whitney. I say replace it with Up All Night, which my fave new show beside New Girl.

      • Toni

        Yes! I’d love Up All Night with Thursday nights!

      • alex

        i love Up All Night!! IT MUST SURVIVE!

      • Loni

        completely agree! move up all night to thursdays!!

      • Jess79

        I like Up All Night and love the Christina/Will combo. GREAT CASTING!!!! I can’t stand 2 Broke Girls, I’ve tried to force myself to sit through one episode and can’t, it’s terrible!!!

      • Voodoo

        God, that show is awful. I cannot stand Arnett.

      • VanessaM

        I didn’t expect to like Up All Night because the concept sounded tired but it’s pretty funny (although I still haven’t figured out if the writing is that good or I just like the cast and the lack of laugh track.) I’d definitely rather see it on Tuesdays rather than Whitney just so the show can get the audience it deserves. I watch just about everything on DVR these days so Whitney just doesn’t get recorded. It’s a bad sign when there aren’t enough funny scenes in the show even for a 15 second ad.

      • VanessaM

        ER, on Thursdays that is.

    • Maddy

      Did you watch Free Agents? That is the worst of the new shows.

      • Pierce Hawthorne

        still not as bad as Whitney!

      • m

        Free Agents, Whitney and Up all night keep me up all night they are so bad! all of them will probably go.

      • Suzanne

        Free Agents is amazingly horrible. Why would Hank Azaria, who is so awesome usually, be in this show?? A half-hour comedy with one story line? And such a lame premise. Will they are won’t they? Get real.

      • @ m

        I agree! I really like Christina and Will, so was really disappointed–but all three shows are horrible. As for 2 Broke Girls… my 13 yr old likes it :) Can’t say I share her taste.

    • Joy

      I was really disappointed there were no Playboy Club coming attractioms. Before they can it I wish they would try another time slot. The show was starting to get better

      • Mike

        Agreed. it was getting awesome. and I think Amber Heard (bunny Maureen) is hot. :)

    • wootie

      Ain’t nobotay washing no tay-vee we bisay making it go pop pop pop like Joe gorga

      • Larry Tate

        take your Meds man!

      • Muldoon


    • LoisLane

      I also think The Playboy Club is a lot mor fun than Pan Am, which was so boring the first episode, I haven’t even attempted to watch the second. I hope it makes it through, but there’s no accounting for taste…or moral high ground!

      • Earthquake

        I think I agree with your post, if I could understand it!

    • Jon

      Whitney is good, must kill you guys it get better ratings than Community

      • Wilder

        well that just shows what horrible taste you have Jon, you probably love “Full House” and “Two And A Half Men” too!

      • LOL

        America loves Crap!

      • Capt. Obvious

        I’ve never understood why some don’t understand that ANYTHING that comes on after “The Office” (NBC’s highest rated comedy) will get better ratings than (Thursday nights anchor) “Community”. It’s a pretty simple concept: Coming on at 8:00P (opposite “Big Bang Theory”, no less) means that ONLY that show’s fans will watch. Coming on immediately after the stations highest rated comedy means you retain a good number of their viewers. Television execs don’t seem to understand much about television, but even they understand that concept. Jon, if you want to know why “Whitney” getting better ratings than the funniest show on television doesn’t bother me at all, look up a show called “Outsourced” . . . and enjoy being what appears to be the only person in America that (somehow) enjoys “Whitney” while it lumbers to it’s early grave.

      • Voodoo

        Community the funniest show on tv? You’ve got to be kidding me.

      • SJ

        Voodoo: Opinions – LOL!

    • scorpo

      I couldn’t agree more. The Playboy Club is a much better show than Pan Am. I just don’t understand why there aren’t ratings

      • Wilder

        R.I.P. The Playboy Club…we hardly knew ye!

      • sam

        bad lead in, terrible slot.

    • johnc

      I enjoy Playboy Club too. It has holes but it is intriguing enough to keep me watching.

      I don’t have any beef with EC as Nick Dalton. And I like Amber Heard and the actress who plays Carol Lyn, I like both of them back and forth at each other.

      Also, the 60’s music is the icing on the cake.

      Did not watch free agents or Whitney.

      • Victoria

        The reason that the Playboy club is not doing so good in it’s time slot is b/c it is up against Hawaii Five-0.

    • Strepsi

      PAN AM is great! I love how it is shot like a movie, it captures the romance of flying and travel. The actors are great. With its mix of camp and mystery, I hope they stick it out, and put it into Desperate Housewives’ slot next season.

    • Carly

      I agree with you in regards to “The Playboy Club” I’m rather enjoying it. I think it’s a lot more rich in story than “Pan Am” Also I really don’t like the glossy feel of “Pan Am” it’s a little off putting. “Playboy Club” seems a little more steeped in realty

    • dianaprince

      Playboy club and Pan Am are lame run of the mill shows.
      Gifted Man, Unforgettable – way better then I expected – good shows.
      I”m still up in the air with “2 Broke Girls” – I want to like it so much. It has potential, but needs to be tightend up and Kat Dennings need to pull back – very obviously acting. and all one note.
      “New Girl” – I was annoyed with the pilot — she so annoyed me, but I was happily surprised with the 2nd episode. She was toned down and the cast seemed to be humming along 2gether, even with the cast change. I have hope for this show.

      Terra Nova — With all the range of comments on this show, didn’t know what to expect. I TIVO’d it and watched later in the week. I liked it. Lot better than I thought it would be. I do hope that they wrap up some storylines or rather give some answers in the 12 eps. Or at least do 1 more season to wrapit all up.

    • dianaprince

      “Ringer” — I too am disappointed by this show. But I am hanging on for another week or two. I am a Buffy and SMG fanatic! And this was *my most* anticipated show for the fall. I see lots of potential, just not gelling yet. SMG needs to get more energy or to actually react to stuff going on around her, instead of just looking like a deer in the headlights. Bridget is the dumbest person on earth, and Siobhan (twin) is overly made up. All that jewelry makes me worried she’s going to tip over any second.

    • dianaprince

      “Charlies Angels” is completely unwatchable. I tried. Twice. No more. The acting, the writing, the storylines. Ugg. Minka Kelly – really? Totally miscast.

      “Suburgatory” – funny show. I’m in.
      “Person of Interest” – better than expected. Good.

      • Paola

        ITA Minka Kelly is awful. The whole show is terrible.

    • sam

      i LOVE REVENGE — it’s doing double what ABC has done in that time slot in years.

      • Jelana

        I really like Revenge, too. It’s over the top and soapy, but fun. Hope they keep it.

      • Jen

        I agree, Revenge is one of my favorites after only 2 episodes!

    • Mike B

      I actually like The Playboy Club too. It was getting good. I like Revenge also. All said and done though, not a good season for new shows. Pretty bad.

      • Mike

        just a hard season for fans, they aren’t going to ditch the shows multiple seasons in that they know and love to take a chance on a new one. not like they couldn’t dvr the new show and watch later, but with the rate cable companies are ripping you off some people are just resorting to Netflix/Hulu/etc.. and/or maybe buying on iTunes as a cheaper way of cable. we can somewhat blame our economy for some people needing to cut the cord… as well as some of us that would want to but the rest of the household isn’t for it. therefore it became time to get a DVR to at least take advantage of it, if you’re already paying that much anyway. even then though you still have to pick and choose between 2 shows or record two and use a seperate tv. and all of the shows are decent they’re just failing miserably with viewers.

    • Rick

      Even though it is not a new Fall show, Two and Half Men should get the axe too. It is horrible!

      • Kathie

        God yes, Two and a half should definitely be dropped, it’s painful to watch. Same with Whitney. I watched it for the very first time tonight and threw up in my mouth a little. Canned laughter? Puhleeeeezzzzzeeeeee!

    • SingerSara

      Preach it!

      How do shows with as low numbers as A Gifted Man, Free Agents, another show about vampires, Ringer and Hart of Dixie get to stay and Playboy gets cut???

      This kind of unfairness and verge prejudiced (really seems like they’re cutting because of the PTC) really bothers me.

    • DaisyB

      I agree. I enjoyed Playboy Club and thought the stories were good. Pan Am is quite tame in comparison. There are plenty of other shows that need the axe besides this one.

    • Suzi

      I love the Playboy Club!!! I truly enjoyed the drama and the individual stories that were starting to play out. Perhaps this will be picked up by USA or A&E. PLEASE someone save this show. Pan Am SUCKS, this was a great show!

      • Mike

        I hope someone saves PC as well. Pan-Am I saw the 1st episode, the second is still sitting on the DVR.. seemed sort of confusing at first or all together.. idk… everyone is entitled to their own opinions.. lol. only problem with things not on ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX is that they lose potential Over-the-Air viewers who may not have/want/or be able to afford cable.

    • Suzi

      I love the Playboy Club!!! I truly enjoyed the drama and the individual stories that were starting to play out. Perhaps this will be picked up by USA or A&E. PLEASE someone save this show.

    • PSB1962


    • Barb

      The only thing I disliked about the Playboy Club was the “bunny mother” that sanged entire songs during the episodes, but otherwised loved the show, pretty close to how things were,,,,,Just love Prime Suspect!!!! The networks could free up some air time by eliminating some of the reality shows and awful comedies,,,how in the world could their ratings be worthy of any air time?????

    • jusjuli

      I am sad that the Playboy Club was canceled. I thought it was a great period piece and was well written. I am hoping Bravo or USA will pick it up. It would be great if HBO will pick it up

  • Emma

    Ringer is only averaging 0.9? What is wrong with you people?

    • Cris

      Seriously, Emma? I’m as big a Buffy and Sarah Michelle Gellar fan as you’re going to find, and I barely made it through three weeks of Ringer. It’s just awful so far. I’m giving it one more week, and if it doesn’t get better, as much as a I hate to say it, I’m done with it.

      • Loni

        I agree, Ringer is really not good. It had definite promise, but just got murky and lame really quickly!

        However, Revenge, which is similar in that it’s a melodrama about a lady pretending to be someone else in ‘high society’ is completely wonderful. What Ringer tries to do with flashbacks, Revenge totally owns. It’s so much better!

      • Bonnie

        Unfortunately I agree. I like the premise but the entire show is in hushed tones. Save tv noir for cable. I was kind of hoping for the entertainment and pace of Alias.

      • Blonde South

        Totally agree. I loved Buffy and SMG, but I quit Ringer after week 2. I want Sarah Michelle Gellar back on TV, but not in some crap like this. It was between Ringer and Revenge for which new soapy drama I was going to be watching this season and Revenge won by a landslide.

      • Mike

        lol. yeah… it’s just so hard to ditch a show cause then a part of you still wants to know what happens…

    • ty

      I got sucked into The Lying Game and since I have limited time and the shows have a similar premise I’m sticking with the Lying Game

      • Julie

        I LOVE The Lying Game. It is so much better than The Ringer!

      • Julia

        Love The Lying Game too! I had high hopes for Ringer and will probably keep watching to see it if gets better but TLG hooked me right from the beginning.

    • Strepsi

      The 200th time she screamed the name “SIOBHAN!!!” I turned it off. Honestly, Ringer nearly ruined that name for me.

    • KLH

      I forgot to DVR it after the first episode. No loss.

    • Anon

      What’s wrong with us people? We have some taste.

    • Amanda

      I think Ringer has some potential. It seems like it’s more well thought out than we are letting on. The cheesiness is actually pretty funny, and at least they acknowledge that it’s cheesy.

    • Cara

      I barely made it through the first episode and haven’t been back. I love SMG but Ringer is just so blah.

    • Kayla

      Ringer is amazing if you like film noir type stuff, which most people aren’t used to in this age – and it’s a pity.

      • Dave

        I love film noir, but Ringer just isn’t that great. I’m still watching it because I like Sarah Michelle Gellar and I think there is still some potential, but I’ve been fairly disappointed with it so far.

    • AT

      Direct TV doesn’t carry the CW in my area :(

    • KEVIN

      I really love Ringer! I want to know what happened to Sean, and why someone was trying to kill Siobhan, and why Siobhan wanted Bridget to assume her identity…there are so many pressing questions. I love the dramatics and the thrills are more thrilling than anything I have seen on network TV in a while.

    • PSB1962


    • Deborah

      Ringer would be better as a miniseries, not a full season series. Plot lines like this cannot maintain this kind of momentum and keep the interest up without getting painfully slow and boring. I lasted three episodes and gave up (and I am a huge closet BVS fan!)

      • collins

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  • Lilly

    I thought The Middle did well. Anyway, my opinion: I miss Lost.

    • etm

      I miss Lost too.

      • Nadz

        I miss Lost as well :(

      • Ruby

        Ditto! Nothing will ever replace that awesome show (although Fringe may be giving it a run for its money, quality-wise).

      • Angela

        Double-ditto? @Ruby, even as a die-hard Lostie, I’d be willing to admit that Fringe has become, overall, the better-made show (it seems as though they learned from some of the flaws Lost had), but I don’t think Lost will ever be displaced as my all-time favorite TV show. It is missed a lot.

    • Carol

      I happened to flip over and see Terry O’Quinn on Hawaii 5-0 traipsing through the jungle with Daniel Dae Kim and it made me nostalgic.

      • Kim

        Oh man, I saw a promo yesterday evening for Hawaii 5-0, Terry, Daniel in the jungle. It made me depressed.

      • Shifty

        It was great to see Jin and Locke together again, but really, Hawaii Five Oh is such a bad show. I keep trying to like it because the cast is so likeable and the scenery is gorgeous, but the writing is terrible and the plots are stupid.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Totally agree. Person of Interest is, at least to me, the first good network drama I’ve come across since LOST went off the air, but its still nowhere near as engaging and majestic.

      • Darren Stevens

        Of all the new shows, Person of Interest is the best so far. Caviezel is great.

      • Mink

        Love, love, love Person of Interest. Thursday can’t come fast enough!

    • Color Me Impressed

      I think that when all is said and done, LOST will go down in history as the most artfully done & ambitious network drama of all time.

      • Futurama

        With the worst series finale

      • Color Me Impressed

        @Futurama: Will all you finale haters just shut up already? You’re a vocal minority, get over yourselves. If you really think the finale was unintelligent & shallow, then you didn’t think about it enough; it was actually deceptively deep and it tied up the show better than I would have ever imagined. If you want specific scientific answers, go read a f*cking textbook.

      • Dave

        @Color Me Impressed – Wow, really? I guess you can express your opinion, but don’t like others expressing theirs.

      • Color Me Impressed

        I’m fine with others expressing their opinions, as long as they do so in a manner that utilizes specific, unique thought and supporting evidence. Simply braying that “the LOST finale sucked” does not fit this criteria.

      • @Color Me Impressed

        I’m so with you. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but all the people who disliked the finale seem intent on trying to ruin it for the rest of us. They’ll never change my opinion, but it’s still really annoying.

      • kgb

        If you were stupid enough to watch LOST for 6 years and not get something out of the final season, you would have been better off (and probably were) watching American Id(i)o(l)t. on Wednesdays. The series finale was the best show ever and if you did not like it or try to get something out of it, it is your loss.

      • Jen

        “the island was invisible,
        and in the end they died,
        I didn’t understand it, but I tried”
        C/o Jimmy Fallon =)

    • Justin Poppiti

      Lost is my favorite show of all time.

      • jj

        Mine too

  • Emma

    I thought something felt off. Amy was her character on Everwood.

  • ej

    Suburgatory is a dreadful title? I think it’s perfect!

    • Lilly

      I agree. It’s a dreadful show.

      • Cris

        Dreadful … good word … and accurate description.

      • Tarc

        I thought it was great… very bitingly accurate.

      • Dave

        @Tarc…I thought it was funny, but “bitingly accurate?” Not really. The show is way over-exaggerated.

      • Patricio

        Saying “over-exaggerated” is exaggerating “exaggerated”. Oh, and it’s repetitive, just like the previous sentence.

      • Tarc

        Yeah, I’ll stand by ‘bitingly accurate’ and raise it a ‘wickedly pointed’.

    • j

      I actually love that show – my husband has a real problem with the name of the show for some reason.

      • Silvio

        Nice wallet. But I think your owl is lknoiog a little resentful – 1st because I’m sure he can smell that gravy (if it even IS gravy. I’m pretty sure it’s sauce from all those McRibs you were enjoying a while back); and 2nd because you’ve stuffed the wallet full of quarters. I’m thinking he’d prefer that wallet be stuffed with mice…and a side of gravy.

    • NAM

      Thank you! I’m so sick of shows, especially comedies, doing that STUPID background narrative all the time. It drives me crazy. It’s like the audience is so stupid they have explain what is going on. Arghhhh

    • Aura Lee

      Frankly, I’m hoping Suburgatory crashes and burns. I miss Cougar Town!

  • Iggy

    I liked Suburgatory, but hated that it was wedged between The Middle and Modern Family. I watch those shows with my 13 year old, but I felt Suburgatory was not an appropriate show to watch with him (at least based on the content of the first episode). Do us a favor ABC, and move Suburgatory to a later time slot.

    • StarryEyed

      lol, if you have 13 year old boy and he doesn’t know about condoms yet, either he lies to you or your head is in the sand.

      what is wrong with paren’t today. So PC and wanting to shield their children from everything.

      • Lala

        WTF, you obviously have no children. Why do we have to be confronted with that kind of thing ALL THE TIME? People just want to watch fun family friendly shows, not just slutty people with filthy mouths. We can see that when we walk down the street or in the stores. You’re a sad human being.

      • iggy

        Errr…I never said he didn’t know about condoms (he wasn’t raised in a cave). Just because he knows about them, doesn’t mean he needs to hear about them repeatedly on tv. Besides, have you ever seen a teenage boy while sex is openly being discussed on tv? They look like they wish the earth would open up and swallow them whole. At this age I have enough issues finding things that will still allow us to spend some time together…if watching tv for an hour where he isn’t squirming in his seat or looking uncomfortably at his shoes is one of them, let me have it already. Lala is right, you don’t know very much about having children.

  • Cheery

    After tonight’s premiere, waiting to see if House gets added to this list…

    • Jiji Moran

      I don’t think “House” will be in the list… it’s only for NEW shows.

      • Cheery

        Whoops, well they should make a survival guide for shows past their prime; House, L&O: SVU, Grey’s…

      • Flame

        @Cheery: Well, GA has more or less imploded and will be a goner after this season, since pretty much every starring actor wants out.

    • Kate

      Wow, I actually liked House last night — for the first time in years! No more “Huddy” — that relationship completely ruined both House’s character and the show.

      • Amy

        I agree with you. I was all prepared to hate House last night and…didn’t.
        I kinda wish House didn’t have to go back to PPTH. The setting change to a prison could be the refresher that the series needs!

  • Lorie

    “New Girl” is the only new show that I love.

    • LOL

      And she loves you too!

  • Jiji Moran

    Agreed, “New Girl” is the best of the new shows.

    One thing I can’t wrap my brain around is why… if the networks are aiming at the 18-49 crowd… do they make programs like “Charlie’s Angels”, “Pan Am”, and “Playboy Club.” Those shows are main attractions for people over 50!

    • Steph

      I’m 24 and really enjoying “Playboy Club”, much to my surprise.

    • Cris

      Because Mad Men hits that demographic as well, and since Mad Men continues to win Emmys, its easier for networks to try to find the “next” Mad Men by putting out shows that take place in the 1950s and 60s.

    • Tarc

      Well, Pan Am is about glamorous twenty-somethings as one OBVIOUS reason…

    • Ruby

      I like Pan Am, and I’m 23!

      • Sean

        I like The Playboy Club and I am 18!

  • Aly b

    The playboy club is a great show, no more “trashy” than any other show out today, unless 1 piece bathing suits offend u. My fav. new show.

  • Justin

    I’m confused about Terra Nova. They definitely aren’t giving it a full season according to FOX, but the question is, will it get a second season? I don’t get this. If it’s not getting a full first season? Why would it get a season 2?

    • Karen

      From what I’ve read, it’s not getting a full season because of the long lead time to make episodes. Logistically, they couldn’t get them on the air in time. If they get a second season, they’ll have the summer to catch up.

    • James Hibberd

      Yeah I wasn’t exactly a beacon of clarity with that line, was I? Basically the difficulty of the show, length of time it took to produce (remember it was pushed back twice), and how much the production ended up costing, has ruled out producing more episodes for this season. If it’s renewed (and, again, high bar) it will likely be for another 13. I just posted tonight’s Terra Nova recap, btw, here:

      • Justin

        Ah, understood. 99% of the time when somebody says “not getting a full season,” it usually means it’s cancelled. Got it now though. Thanks for clarifying.

      • Miriam

        I love Terra Nova and hope they pick up the second season. I have nothing wrong with 12/13 episode seasons. This is how it works in England and allows for networks to provide more variety. In the US we usually see it as a weakness of a show, but it’s not really…just think of the popularity of Doctor Who and the production that goes into that or Sanctuary on the SyFy channel.

    • Mike

      In addition to James’s comments, Alcatraz is already on the mid-season slate to replace Terra Nova. So it was definitely planned for just a 12 episode season.

    • Cara

      I was debating watching Terra Nova. I haven’t watched any dramas regularly since Lost. The end of Lost was so disappointing it’s made me weary of getting invested in dramas. Now I see TErra Nova is probably not going to make it very far, no need to watch.

      • Angela

        You should watch Fringe. It cured me of Lost withdrawal. I still miss Lost a lot, but Fringe made it a lot easier to move on than it would’ve been otherwise. Also, so far at least, it’s improved upon some of the mistakes and stumbles Lost went through.

        BTW, I loved the end, but I guess this is a debate that will never end.

      • SJ

        I agree on Fringe, it’s really great drama and a smart mix of sci fi and other stuff. Lost is pretty much an enigma, but Fringe is great for network TV.

      • Shifty

        Terra Nova is the most watchable show of the new season. Dinosaurs, pretty people, mysterious petroglyphs, time travel, romance and a brewing back story – all good stuff! Hopefully the network doesn’t decide it’s too expensive.

    • annie

      I didn’t understand the comment about Terra Nova either, but I really enjoyed the show. Hope it stays a while.

      • Jennifer

        I loved Life on Mars so when I saw O’Mara was going to be on Terra Nova I knew I’d at least give it a try and I’m liking it so far. Really hoping that FOX gives it a shot because the only other new show I’ve seen so far that has my interest is Persons of Interest. Unforgettable has been interesting too. All the other new shows I’ve seen so far just make me glad that Criminal Minds and House are back.

    • Tarc

      A full first season of Terra Nova is 13 episodes, which I beleive have already been shot and are in post already.

  • Knowing

    Ringer is a GREAT show…

    • ugly nikki

      Agreed…cheesy fun. One of the only new shows that I can’t miss

    • m

      My husband and I surprisingly like the show too – cheesy is right but kind of like a soap opera!

    • patricia

      I have to agree I like watching the ringer..

  • Shana

    New Girl doesn’t deserve those numbers, that show suck not funny.

    • Lionel Twain

      Use your Pronouns Mr. Wang, The show sucks “It is” not funny!

      • David

        I love this reference!!!! ‘Murder by Death’ is hilarious!!!

  • Dustin Ingle

    Two and a Half Men.

    That needs to go.

    Ya know what.
    I can access UK television and will continue to do so.
    US Networks your days are numbered.
    HBO and Showtime have balls and some good shows.
    Southland needs to move over there.
    USA,TNT etc – sorry not enough interests from the general population to watch your shows and keep them afloat.

    • Tarc

      Cable channels are obviously doing well enough – they keep adding more (usually great) shows…

    • Andi

      Yeah, but people in America right now are in tight budget, they are cutting their cable subscription. US networks will still rules because it’s free.

    • Darlene

      Southland was originally on NBC and they canceled it because of low ratings. TNT picked it up and it’s been doing great. I don’t see it going back to network tv at all.

      • Marty

        Well it is mostly because NBC decided to cancell all 10pm shows to put on Jay Leno… well that was a major fail! Southland, is in my opinionl the best show all around!

      • StarryEyed

        Have to agree, Southland is best show on TV!

      • Mike

        I thought that show seemed familiar when I saw it advertised on TNT a while back. haha, well at least I know it isn’t just me.

    • Julia

      Have you seen what USA put out this year? And last year? And the year before that? They are consistantly making quality shows (ie, Psych, Burn Notice, White Collar, Covert Affiars, Suits… etc.). Basically everything new this summer got really good ratings for cable shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love UK shows (IT Crowd, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Being Human) but you don’t have to go to across the pond to find quality, succesful shows.

      • Jeanene

        Plus, the cable networks give viewers a chance to find the shows. I think The Playboy Club would have done better on cable.

      • Angela

        Agreed. You don’t even have to go to cable to find good shows. The quality of a show isn’t necessarily determined by who’s airing it.

  • ADJ

    I hope that Hart of Dixie gets a chance. It has a nice vibe to it.

    • Toni

      I agree. I enjoyed the tone of the pilot. DVR’d tonight’s episode.

      • Elle

        I agree. It’s a plucky little show that I totally love. I hope they don’t axe it!

      • Clariza

        Hey, no problem at all Fantastic phoots and I think all writers have a voyeuristic interest in what other people’s studies look like . Mine is woeful compared to all of those one all those books *drool*

    • kate middleton

      I think it will get at least a season. Last week, it built on it’s Gossip Girl lead in. Even though it got a 0.8, there’s not much else going on at CW.

    • rebecka

      i agree i really enjoy hart of Dixie i think it is a sweet down to earth show i’ll keep watching

    • TV_Pete

      I agree. Hart of Dixie seemed like a nice show and who doesn’t want to see more of Rachel Bilson?

    • econruth

      I like Hart of Dixie too. It is a fun show and I think if it was on CBS instead of CW it would have gotten a broader audience.

      • Mike


    • Mike

      yeah.. it’s basically just because CW has a hard time with anything, unless it’s been a long running show.. they need to put it onto another channel and it will hopefully do fine.

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