Hank Williams Jr. pulled from ESPN after comparing Obama to Hitler


Image Credit: John Raoux/AP Photo

You may be ready for football, but ESPN is not ready to let Hank Williams Jr. open tonight’s game after his incendiary comment about President Obama on Fox News.

The country singer criticized the president’s recent “golf summit” with Republican House Speaker John Boehner. The singer told Fox & Friends that the meeting “would be like Hitler playing golf with [Israeli leader] Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Williams’ voice is famously used to open Monday Night Football, asking viewers “are you ready for some football?” ESPN released this statement:

“While Hank Williams, Jr. is not an ESPN employee, we recognize that he is closely linked to our company through the open to Monday Night Football. We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight’s telecast.”

Williams explained during the Fox News telecast that he made the comparison because the president was “the enemy.”

See video of the Fox News segment here.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Hank Williams released a statement claiming he was misunderstood: “Some of us have strong opinions and are often misunderstood. My analogy was extreme – but it was to make a point. I was simply trying to explain how stupid it seemed to me – how ludicrous that pairing was. They’re polar opposites and it made no sense. They don’t see eye-to-eye and never will. I have always respected the office of the President. Every time the media brings up the tea party it’s painted as racist and extremists – but there’s never a backlash – no outrage to those comparisons… Working class people are hurting – and it doesn’t seem like anybody cares. When both sides are high-fiving it on the ninth hole when everybody else is without a job – it makes a whole lot of us angry. Something has to change. The policies have to change.”

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  • RAZ1969

    Didn’t POTUS also appear with George Stephenapolus earlier today in an exclusive interview? Not that I see shadows in the dark everyday, but I wonder if ABC/ESPN was pressured by the White House to drop Williams in order to keep the exclusive interview.

    • wooty

      Woot woot ole hillbilly azz bush needed to be fired!

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      • wooty


      • hillo34

        dumb ass uncivilized hick

      • Peg

        I thought everyone in the US was entitled to an opinion – unless it is only when YOU agree????

      • Rebecca

        No one said Hank couldn’t voice his opinion. He’s not in jail, is he? BUT, a private company has the right to not use his services anymore.

      • @Peg

        Hank is entitled to his opinion. But the TV network can decide they don’t want to be associated with Hank because of his opinion. Freedom of Speech means Hank is entitled to say what he wants, but it doesn’t mean he’s exempt from the consequences of those opinions.

      • andy

        friggin racist hillbilly moron

      • wootie

        HAnk has a hankering for da wootie

      • Hank

        That 2012 election just can’t come fast enough.

      • gene

        it is about time that corporations act responsiblly, oops I mean in their interests

      • Hank

        i loves me some Bownerrsr and Hesus….I hates me some nee-grosses and commiee libarals. can i get a yeehaw, yall? dont hates me cause im inbred.

      • He can have an opinion..

        ..but isn’t it funny how he never spoke up when Bush was president and ruining all sorts of things? Don’t get me wrong—Obama and the Dems suck too, but Bush did just as much wrong, if not more—and the conservatives were strangely silent then. I don’t get it—oh, wait, it’s called “hypocrisy.”

      • gene

        You keep voting for the same deal each time. It is everyone’s fault for the way things are today. Face up to the facts guys.

      • @Peg

        Everyone IS entitled to an opinion—until they turn into a little puss-puss and worry about spilling a big glass of regret and low record sales on their pretty little dress. If Hank wants to open his big, drunken redneck mouth—fine. But don’t retract your hate speech 37 seconds after you said it because you’re worried someone might have gotten offended. Loser.

      • robin

        at no point did hank directly call obama hitler.. he was talking about a hypothetical situation and then using that to compare.. You guys really love twisting other people’s words

      • Lois

        @robin, listen to the whole thing. Gretchen asked him if he was comparing Hitler & the president and Hank said yes he was. Hank also called the president “the enemy.”

      • lori

        …but when you watch the entire interview you can tell he was only using Hitler as a comparative, and not just directly associating those two things to mean the same thing. Gretchen’s question was just wrong because that isn’t what he actually said.

      • The Truth

        Obama is a stinking piece of dog sh!t. That ape that he’s married to eats dog sh!t.

      • ESPN

        Especially Sh!tty Pen!s Noshers.

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      • Kevin

        I can shunt like a steamy!!

      • woot-tay jankins

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      • wootie

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      • Hank

        Gooosh Baby!

      • max

        I don’t know, the golf game seemed to work out pretty well for Boehner. He got 90% of what his corporate masters wanted.

      • TJ

        Are you people all dumb as rocks? One person makes a point (private company, no freedom of speech issue) and then 100 people respond with the EXACT SAME POINT. Seriously, were you all just satisfying a desperate need to post something, anything or did the short bus come into play?

      • gene

        Obama was only able to keep 50 percent of the promises he original made almost 4 years ago. Guess what happens when you only keep “some” of your promises that got you elected? You get unelected. Don’t blame Bush. Don’t blame Hank Williams for having an extreme opinion. Make your promises happen, or get out of the way for someone else that can. Damn, Hillary would have been better than this. Admit that!

    • ARMYofONE

      So now he is not allowed a freedom I severely protect every day of my life?? I may not agree, but I defend his right. And those who earn millions while me and fellow Americans put our life’s on the line and die should not be allowed to remove this freedom from him. SHAME on ESPN!!

      • Jennifer

        No one removed his freedom. He has a right to say whatever he wants….just as ESPN has a right to decide what they want to broadcast/be associated with. Just because we have the freedom to say anything doesn’t mean that it will never have ramifications.

      • fair dinhum

        He’s certainly entitled to his free speech; however, ESPN is also entitled to employ whomever they want. Hank can keep on blovating; ESPN doesn’t have to alienate their views, howerver.

      • KNOWyourRIGHTS

        Freedom of speech isn’t the issue here. ESPN has a fiduciary responsibility (look it up) to their investors, and as such they’re not going to let Williams’ thoughtless remarks jeopardize their brand. He is still free to make stupid remarks without the risk of jail time (which *is* the freedom you so nobly protect.)

        Your post smacks of idealogical hyperbole, stop it.

      • fair dinhum

        He’s certainly entitled to his free speech; however, ESPN is also entitled to employ whomever they want. Hank can keep on blovating; ESPN doesn’t have to alienate their views, however.

      • Vince

        @Army of one

        You should know better than most, if you really are in the army, that you can’t use the freedom of speech excuse when you embarrass or say something stupid. Try saying something stupid to your superior and see what happens. Any employer has the right to fire you if they think you’e an idiot or if you make the company look bad. Duh

      • CW

        I thank you for your service and dedication, but this isn’t really a free speech issue as ESPN is a private company.

      • Rush

        Do you even understand your rights? You DON’T get to say anything you want without consequences. Your right is to keep the Government from limiting your speach. That’s it. Go read the US Constitution and get off these message boards…

      • Michael

        Sure, the idiot is allowed to say whatever he wants to say with the right to speech. ESPN, as an organization too has every right to decide who they wanna work with or dump.
        What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander!

      • Kenneth

        You didn’t see an army of brown shirted goons take him off did you? ESPN is a private company, and they don’t owe anyone any freedoms. I can’t walk into my office and say whatever I want without being fired either.

      • richard

        He has every to say what he pleases, and ESPN is free to drop him if they wish. This has nothing to do with Hank’s freedom of speech.

      • Footie

        I don’t understand why people consistently call an entities condemnation and separation from unapproved commentary as an attack on freedom of speech. ESPN in no way restricted his freedoms and in no way prevents him from saying what he wants. They just don’t want to be associated with it. Simple as that.

        People need to stop making this ignorant comparison.

      • Paul

        I thank you for defending Hank’s, mine and everyone else’s freedom of speech. However, none of us has freedom from consequences.

      • C. LaBee`

        SHAME on YOU ArmyofNone. Anyone is free to say what ever they want (as that hillbilly did) but everyone else (ESPN included) is free to associate with or in this case disassociated themselves from idiot extremists. Ol’ Hankie is still free to say any garbage he wants but no one is forced to provide him a platform to spew his hate (except of course the wing-nuts over on Faux News.)

      • screamingcandle

        You show a lack of understanding of your rights. You have the right to say whatever you like, and then face the consequences of your words in a world that may or may not agree with you. The first amendment allows you to SAY the words without censorship but it does not protect you if you say something reprehensible. Now if Hank were part of a union…

      • CommonSense

        ARMY, No one is taking a way his freedoms. You have a right to say what you want in this country, and I and many others are truly grateful for the sacrifices of our brave armed forces. ESPN also has the right to fire him if they don’t like what he says or does. We all have Freedom of Speech… though only a lucky few are spared Freedom from Consequences.

      • jake steed

        hillbilly is free to say whatever he wants… he’s also free to ask Fake/Foxnews for the paycheck he will no longer get from ESPN for being an offensive dumbass to half of this country who voted for Obama

      • Cory

        He has the freedom to sat whatever he wants, yes. However, ESPN also has the freedom to fire him for being an ignorant neck. Quit sniveling about how you’re protecting freedom of speech… it’s not like he’s being thrown in prison. Any employer can terminate you for saying the wrong thing.

      • JJM

        Hank continues to have the freedom to say anything he wants. Thank you for protecting that freedom. ESPN is excercising their freedoms. I don’t know that Hank has the “freedom” to keep the ESPN gig no matter what he does or says. That’s a different thing altogether.

        Although I’m wondering if you’re at all confused. You think you’re putting your life on the line every day to protect the freedom of the man who says your commander-in-chief is the enemy. What side are you on? Hank’s or “the enemy’s”?

      • john

        they didn’t “remove this freedom from him.”, they disagreed with his comments and elected to sever business relationships… he can say whatever he would like to say. However, there may be repercussions within our society. btw… i sincerely thank your for your service to our country.

      • Charlie

        Yes, somewhere in the Constitution it is written that every ignorant redneck has the right to get paid lots of money to spout his mouth off on national teevee. When do I get my turn?

      • LIly

        He has the right to say what he wants, the government did not say anything, in the same respect MNF has the right to do what they want as well.

      • Zilla

        He is allowed that freedom, just as ESPN is allowed the freedom to chose who represents them.

      • Joebob

        Yep, he’s got his right to his opinion and he can deal with the consequences. Just like the Dixie Chicks had to do when they expressed their opinion of President Bush and had the ENTIRE country music industry blacklist them.

      • george

        The First Amendment Right to Free Speech means you can say almost anything, but doesn’t protect you from the consequences of what you say.

      • Bill


        I agree with everyone else. You’re stupid.

      • jr

        Did you know the First Amendment only protects you (allegedly) from the government? Your employer can fire you at any time for saying anything they don’t like. Sad but true.

      • mfx3

        Hey Private Dumbass, should’ve gone to college instead. Learn what it means to exercise your freedom of speech.

      • I din’t understand

        I don’t understand why it was ok for countless stars, politicians, etc. to compare Bush to Hitler but with Obama it’s considered so offensive. Why is one sitting president above another in regards to what’s acceptable?(*not saying it’s proper to, but fair a precedence was set)

      • JohnBushq

        What else do you expect from Jewish controlled Media ???

      • fransco

        Army, I would have thought you would have more respect for your Commander in Chief to defend a redneck comparing him to a villain that was responsible for the deaths of thousands of American military personnel.

      • Gus

        His rights were never infrindged. ESPN never told him not to speak his mind. ESPN only excercised their right not be involved with him. It’s the American way. The constitution says you cant be put in jail for speaking your mind. It doesn’t say companies have to do business with you for doing so.

      • JT

        If freedom to everyone is a ESPN affiliation contract, we have far worse problems than this.

        Thats just embarrassing.

      • Macmaven

        Yes, and freedom of speech allows ESPN to allow or disallow any speech on their channel as well. Just look at FOX. Talk about biased.

      • martin

        First of all, the idiot probably doesn’t know who Hitler was, or he wouldn’t be insulting the duly elected president of his country in such a way. I think the drugs and the booze finally took his brain…

      • GP

        He can comment but speech has consequences in business.

      • Aaron

        Comparing our Presidet to Hiler and declaring him “the enemy” is not free speech. It’s treason and Williams is a traitor giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

      • Sam

        So here you are whining about “freedoms” and you do not even have a clue to what is and is not free. Like those people that wrap themselves in the flag and call this the greatest nation on earth, yet can not name a single reason why this is so much better than some other country. FYI, you want true “freedom” the U.S. is not the answer, move to Europe where driving fast, smoking pot, visiting an escort, and numerous other things are considering none of anyone else’s business except your own.

      • Bill

        No one denied his right to free speech. We all face consequences for the things we say.

      • EKM

        Hello? Television censors speech all the time! No one is going to put him in jail or torture him for what he said. But ESPN is also free to remove him from their line-up if they feel he doesn’t represent their ‘brand’ in a way that suits them.

      • K-Dawgg

        I bet you was one of those folks who tied the President to Rev Jermiah Wright or when someone call the Tea party for what it is, you throw the freedom of speech out the window and as usual, just like a lot of hypocrits only when the constitution conform to how you want it to apply, its freedom of speech, remember the Dixie Chicks freedom of speech? I know why let facts cloud ones mind!

      • Ron

        My boss told me I had to work on Saturday, and I told him he was just like Hitler and I would be playing golf, enjoying my freedom on Saturday! He gave me everyday off, I’m fired. Where’s my freedom of speech maaaaan.

      • Barb

        Corporations picks spokespeople who they feel project their image. They fire them when they do not. No one has a right to decide what ESPN must use as its image, whether they be military vets or aging singers. Spokespersons who say or do things corporations object to get fired. Sometimes, spokespersons who are just accused of saying thing they didn’t say get fired.

      • AB

        You’re dead? Really? Wow. I think AMC is calling, they need extras.

      • Democrats

        Nope, we are just going to pander to illegal immigrants, and fringe in our society on social issue that honestly don’t make a dimes difference to the rest of the citizens already here.

      • Rose

        I agree 100% I am Canadian and all I hear lately is everyone bashing someone else for something they said, you have no freedom of speech in your country any more. Sorry to break the bad news to you, it is crystal clear.. you are all too sensitive. What ever happened to sticks and stones, I also don’t see anything wrong with a friendly game of golf between “enemies” maybe they will find some common ground and fix the mess GEORGE made.

    • Scott

      Its called freedom of speach. If you read the context of the remark its not a big deal. Espn is owned by disney and they are all letrified of bad press and losing advertising dollars. We are all entitled to our opinions

      • Vince Lee

        I think speech is the correct spelling, and I assume that lertified either is a really poor spelling of terrified or you are a complete idiot.

      • Really

        We *are* all entitled to our opinions! Here’s mine: go back to elementary school, you’re not ready for middle school yet!

      • wrong

        freedom of speech is not protected under corporate employment. you need protection from spelling errors.

      • rafael

        To be fair, he did say letrified not lertified.

      • EKM

        Of course you’re entitled to your opinions. However, unless voicing them is part of your job description, most employers can and will fire you if you do so in a public manner which is embarrassing to the company.

      • Han Solo

        Freedom of speech is only protection from GOVERNMENT censorship!! It has absolutely nothing to do with protecting your job when you say something stupid!!

      • Illegal Alien

        I like Democrats. You got my vote.

      • Lois

        @Scott, the context of the remark is that he called the President of the United States “the enemy” and compared him to Hitler. How is that “not a big deal”???? It’s offensive no matter who the president is.

      • robin

        that’s not what hank did though. He made a hypothetical statement for comparison.. at no point did Hank flat out call Obama hitler.. You guys are nuts.

      • Lois

        @robin, you are incorrect. Hank did call Obama “the enemy” and told Gretchen that he was indeed comparing the president to Hitler. You need to listen to the whole thing before posting again.

    • JD

      How is Williams calling Obama Hitler? Get your headline right EW. So should Boehner be PO’d for being called Netanyahu? It was kind of ambigious which one is which. I think Hank Williams Jr, meant that it was two enemies meeting and it was a waste of time golfing together.
      There have been a lot of celebrities on ABC spewing leftist propoganda(and I’m talking about normal celebrities, not the ABC JournOlists (sic) )

      • AMG

        Read the full transcript. He did in fact compare Obama to Hitler specifically. I don’t have a problem with him voicing his opinion, although it was in very poor taste, he had to know the media was going to blow this up.

      • g

        It was confirmed that he was referring to the president at the end of the video. Gretchen Carlson said “you just used one of the most hated names in the world to refer to, I think, the president.” Hank responded, “that’s true.”

    • Bill Joe

      This is a sad thing to admit but Hitler was a genius. He got an entire nation to follow him and nobody ever question his motives. Back to America, I notice everyone is trying to pick which political party best Represents of Hitler. It makes me scratch my head because I am sure even Hitler wouldn’t want any part of train wreck and joke that American politics has become.

      • martin

        Wrong, MANY people questioned Hitler’s motives (Read Anthony Brown’s book, Bodyguard of Lies.) You don’t have to be a genius to have a lot of suckers blindly follow you, all you need is some celebrity.

      • MustBE

        Well for anyone to compare Obama to Hitler is a shame. For one, Hitler had the backing of his country and made his country strong (even though his methods were not that of a sane man). Obama is tearing down our country just to make himself powerful, not the country and only the ignorant ones follow him. So really, there is no comparison and if Hank in fact did say those things, Obama lovers should thank him for improving Obama’s reputation!

      • @MustBE

        OMG!!!! You are saying that comparing Obama to Hitler improves Obama’s reputation!!! Wow! Get help. And read some history.

      • max

        The weird thing about you and the wackadoodles in the tea party is that Obama has given the republicans at least 90% of what they wanted on virtually everything. Even the health care bill is just an old republican plan he dusted off to try and make them happy. The bailout? The bulk of it was tax breaks for corporations that the republicans jammed into the bill, and still didn’t vote for. Obama hasn’t done the country many favors in his term, mostly because there’s no appreciable difference from the Bush administration. I guess it’s slightly better than a full right winger, but really, you guys have nothing to complain about. Well, you do because you’d be better off without these right wing policies, but you’re begging for them, and Obama is giving them to you.

      • tracy

        Wow…just wow. That’s super scary stupid. Hitler and Obama? HWJr. may have done this as a little rabble rousing, but I’m kind of floored to know there are “regular” people out there who could actually think Hitler was BETTER than Obama…the President of the United States of America. Wow…just wow.

      • Illegal Alien

        Hitler was able to keep zero promises because he lost the war. Guess what? Obama is at 50 percent currently. That is a slightly better success rate.

    • woot-tay jankins

      Chicken bone neck coc sucking Jew

    • woot-tay jankins

      Who gone come claim thus here wooty? Woot woot

    • Scott

      How absurd. That interview had to have been in the works for at least a few days. There is a little to much on the plate of the POTUS to scramble to do an interview so that some washed-up crank country music singer gets a recorded opening segment dropped.

    • gerry

      friggin racist hillbilly moron, like the other guy said.
      Just shows how big of a moron he is, denigrating a whole generation of those who fought the evil of Hitler, and this boob compares it to OUR President, with whom he disagrees. Moron doesn’t go far enough.

    • econruth

      For all of you who say liberals never paid for their Bush bashing – I think the Dixie Chicks would beg to differ. And all they said was that Bush was stupid – not Hitler.

      • Right

        This is true….but they can only think of the now.

      • Deb N

        I think they said something like “We’re ashamed the President is from Texas”. Although I would say Bush was stupid!!

      • robin

        The Dixie chicks are strange. You had it all and somebody said hey why not make this song about Bush. You didn’t have to do that, but you did. Strange.

      • Lois

        You are strange robin. You keep trying to re-write history.

    • johnc

      Go Hank!

      I took courage to stand up to the main stream media!

      Another evidence of double standard from the left.

      • johnc


      • Zakry

        That’s not even what he did. So Obama and Boehner played golf. Hank has no ideas how many deals are born and settled on a golf course? Never heard of that? And the fact that they are/were enemies makes it even more remarkable that they were willing to TRY and come to some common ground.

        Hank is an idiot, and even idiots have freedom of speech… and the consequences that come with it!

      • tracy

        Really? Mainstream media? That was on Fox News (you know…Fair and Balanced…) and it was even too nutty for them! Also, he didn’t stand up to anyone. When he got dropped by ESPN he immediately backtracked and “clarified.” I’m sorry, but comparing the President of the United States of America to Hitler, in any context, is unacceptable and unbecoming of any citizen of the United States. No excuse.

      • Lois

        @johnc, your comment makes no sense. How did he stand up against the MSM? He said his comment on Fox News, which is the MSM. He called the president “the enemy” and compared him to Hitler. How does that take “courage”? It is not only factually incorrect, but seems to soft pedal the evil that Hitler did.

    • Annia

      There are things we don’t agree with, but to have said it like that was…a bit much, hence he’s in hot water. Come on, even Toby Keith was man enough to admit that he was wrong, about supporting George W. Bush & trashing Natalie Maine. Hank Williams, Jr. doesn’t have balls to do the same. He’s pathatic.

    • Dixie

      Anyone one remember the days of Bush/Cheney when saying anything bad about the President was “Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy”? Talk about hypocritical

    • pootie

      Dis ole ugly white man shole is dumb far lettin his mouf get n da way of his papa cha dig?

    • l marcotte

      remember free speech, or are you all too young

    • ron

      Thank God!!! Fire the racist dude. The only way to stop this blatant disrepect is to hit them in the pockets. The NFL is predominantly African Americans, the brothers shouldn’t play ball if they bring Hasbeen Williams back on.

  • bill

    Makes me wonder why anyone would allow this idiotic redneck to comment on anything, let alone politics. Go back to your trailer and drink some moonshine, Hank. Maybe that will shut you up.

    • Jill

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • cobra

      Can’t handle the truth HUH>

      • Mike

        Truth???? To compare our president, the president of a free nation, to the biggest mass murderer in history? You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face, which it probably has multiple times and you have decided to ignore it, you moron.

      • Ned

        Libtards do it all the time, but it is ok. When someone comments about the messiah – the liberal media can’t say / cover it enough.

      • jack

        Mike — I bet you kept your mouth shut when libs/dems were bashing President Bush and comparing him to Hitler and all manner of evil people.

      • Paul

        What about Hollywood morons calling President Bush all kinds of horrible names, even comparisons to Hitler and NAZI references and genitalia. Where was your outrage then?

      • Really

        Jack — even if your assumption holds true, how does that change Mike’s response to a stupid comment? It holds water even if he is the hypocrite you ASSume him to be.

      • dizzy

        It was less mass murder and more genocide. Which only makes the comparison worse.

      • MustBE

        Just remember people, it is apparently OK to bash Bush or any other president but the moment you bash the current moron in office, you are a racist redneck pig! *rolls eyes* We all know Obama is awful and needs to be voted out. NOT because he is black, muslim, not born in America etc.. ONLY because he has brought this country down and not been a good faithful leader like he promised. You can’t blame Bush, Clinton or even Carter for this one! It was all Obama and his “all about me” attitude! Remember to vote him out next month America or else kiss your jobs, healthcare, savings and anything else you and your family have worked hard for goodbye (if you have not already suffered!!)

      • @MustBE

        America kissed jobs, homes, savings, etc, goodbye when George W was president.

        Oh, wait, your comment was a joke, right? Why else would you write ridiculous things about Obama like “he is black, muslim, not born in America.”

      • Darren Stevens

        mustbe, you are a clueless idiot. GWB was the WORST president in the history of America, and we have millions of unemployed to show for it. If you and your little soldier boo-ers would shut up and get out of the way, the grownups could begin to fix the mess he left behind.

      • tracy

        I’m not an avid Obama supporter, but I’m an American. It’s just wrong… What about our morals, people? What about right and wrong? Saying “they did it to Bush” doesn’t somehow magically make it right. It’s not only historically and factually incorrect, it’s morally wrong to compare any President of the United States to Hitler. Where are our morals??

      • Lois

        @Ned, @Jack & @Paul, please name the celebrities that told the media that Bush was like Hitler.

    • shotz

      Bet his trailer is a lot bigger then yours.

      • Gpenn

        Don’t bet on it cheif. I pay more in taxes then you will make this year.

      • RG

        You pay more taxes, but can’t spell chief?

      • jack

        Gpenn — And I flew the space shuttle to Pluto last weekend.

      • DTO

        Perhaps you should learn better accounting while you’re learning grammar and spelling, Gpenn.

    • Montani

      Hank Jr. has millions of dollars and is a mega-star. He could buy and sell your cheap butt any day. ESPN is just another politically correct liberal network. I agree with Hank Jr., Obama is an anti-American, pro-socialist, inept failure who is an enemy of freedom.

      • Forwarddad


      • devan

        why do dumb people always say “enemy of freedom?” Obamas an enemy of freedom? Like the constitution or bill of rights or what?

      • John

        Do you see the difference between calling him an “anti-American, pro-socialist, inept failure who is an enemy of freedom” and Hitler? If so, you are more articulate than Mr. Williams.

      • mabeletta

        I agree!

      • devan

        yea Barack Obama is freedoms arch-nemisis they do battle every night when we’re all asleep

      • Di-Ann

        that stuff about Obama, well, bubba …..prove it……

      • andy

        and you’re a friggin moron…so whats your point?

      • Donnie

        There is a big difference between socialism and fascism.

      • Rags

        You could do sooooo much better except you’re most likely drunk 24/7

      • Bob

        Hitler also exterminated the mentally retarded, but obviously Montani’s ancestors escaped the camps.

      • munkittrick

        I’m insulted to know that you’re breathing the same air that I do. Even if your assertions held ANY merit at all…which they don’t, you’d still be so stupid for thinking that our President is an “enemy of freedom”. Please, I’m begging you….DO NOT reproduce. You’ll only spawn more hate and make it harder for us to recover from Bush Jr and Friends.

      • Larry

        What ever happen to free speech?

      • Really

        Politically correct, or liberal? If you think they are one and the same, you are a moron (who is unintentionally bashing politically incorrect conservatives.)

      • Solomon7332

        most people particulary white conservatives are just bitter that the president is half black and they dont like anyone who isnt what they are.

      • martin

        then why didn’t Hank Williams jr kill osama bin laden for us instead of letting obama do it?

      • NedPepper

        Are Conservatives aware how stupid they sound when they post on boards like these? Are you guys even aware? I think that’s the problem. Conservatives are so stupid now that they aren’t even aware of the arguments they’re making. It’s astounding. I call them Bush Children. Or Palin Pals.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Just a bad choice of words….I understand what he was saying, but he should have compared it to the Palestinians and Israel, not Hitley and the Jews.

      • John

        @Sally in Chicago – you’re in idiot! There is no excuse for comparing Obama to Hitler. It shouldn’t be surprising the man showed he cannot even count in the same interview. He can’t even insult anyone without looking like an idiot!

      • Paul

        Were you outraged when the left was calling President Bush horrible names and references?

      • Eddie in Nebraska

        He didn’t say who was who in the comparison. Maybe in the comparison Obama was Netanyahu. He didn’t compare Obama to Hitler.

      • Romero

        Where were we when people were calling Bush horrible names? Oh yeah; stuck in a war that he and his ilk misled the American public to get into. Why oh why would we say anything bad about him?

      • @Eddie in Nebraska

        Listen to the whole interview. He did call Obama Hitler. He made that clear.

      • Darren Stevens

        @paul, are you kidding? Did you really expect ANYONE to defend Bush? Just take a look around at what he did to us!

      • tracy

        @Paul: I am a very moderate liberal who voted for Gore in the 2000 election, but YES when it happened that Bush was being UNFAIRLY condemned (for things outside his control or purview) I did stand up for him. Also, any time I was overseas during his presidency I defended him and our country in many discussions, whenever ethically possible.

        Truly, this kind of black and white, evil vs. good thinking (comparing a president to Hitler or saying he hates freedom…ridiculous) about our own countrymen is what is tearing us apart.

      • DKUVA

        But why isn’t that the real issue? I find it much more distressing that people aren’t criticizing him for the treasonous statements that the president and vice president “the enemy”. What happened to us all being Americans and coming together for the good of the country?

    • Heather

      Everybody knows washed-up has-beens are THE authorities on all things poltical.

      No huge loss.

    • christopher page

      Your arrogance only leads to your ignorance

      • DTO

        Your incontinence is accompanied by your flatulance.

    • Don

      It is amazing that because you don’t like someone they are then not entitled to comment about anything.

      • Darren Stevens

        Hey genius, in America people can “comment” all they want, 24/7. The first amendment only protects you from government censorship though. Anything else is fair game. That includes when your boss doesn’t like your ignorant comments.

      • Bennett

        Funny you should mention that, Don. Remember when anyone who dared to disagree with Bush was called a traitor? If we didn’t want to go to war in Iraq, we were called terrorists? Yeah, I guess you forgot that. Go ahead and cry for your hillbilly hero.

    • T

      I always find it interesting that the Left says everyone is entitled to their views and we have to be respectful of others, etc, as long as it’s what they agree with. I’m from the South and take exception to the use of the term redneck. Why is that any different than other racial/ethnic slurs? Yet anyone can throw out hillbilly or redneck and it’s okay, but if someone dropped an N bomb or F-G bomb, people would be outraged.

      As for Hank Williams’ comments, I am a big proponent of respecting the office, even if you don’t respect the person holding the office. Being a fiscal conservative I didn’t like Bush much, and I don’t like Obama much, but I’m not going to call either of them Hitler.


      • Romero

        Williams calls himself a redneck repeatedly in lyrics, genius. Check out “Gotta Buy Paw A Truck”, for example.

      • MustBE

        Gangsta’s, Rapper’s and others call themselves N****** all the time but you are still a racist if you are white and call them that, even if it is not meant in a racist context.

      • Rebecca

        MustBe, just call black people the N-word, ok? Get it out of your system. Because that’s what it all boils down to: you want to call all black people N—- without any ramifications. Just do it, and stop posting about it.

      • MustBE

        Rebecca.. IF I wanted to, I would but I am a better person than that. In case you missed it, I was just pointing out that it seems ok for some to bash and call people names but as soon as the others respond in the same nature, they are racist. Hypocrites!

      • DTO

        How do you know the people on this site throwing around the word “redneck” aren’t white themselves? I’m from the South too and I’m white myself. While I don’t necessarily like for people from other parts of the country to look down on our region, I do look around at my brethren and see a lot of ignorant good ol’ boys every day. If you don’t like a stereotype, don’t live a stereotype. I do know racism goes both ways, but a Southern white boy’s problems historically haven’t been the same as those of blacks, Jews. etc. in this country. I guess this makes me some sort of Socialist in your eyes, huh? No, just smart.

      • Zakry

        DTO is dead on. A black person calling another black person “n—-r” can’t be racist because no one is devalued. A white person calling a black person is entirely different. And, if you listened to some of those “gangsta’s” and “rappers” you would understand the context (look it up). White people called blacks “n—–r” for years and years and years. Sorry you missed your chance?

      • tracy

        Completely agree. Also from the South and also have a problem with hillbilly and redneck to degrade a person whose opinion we may not agree with.

        I also agree with your basic premise that we don’t call the president of the U.S. Hitler. Thanks for your respectful tone and thoughtful post.

    • johnc

      I guess you prefer the mad women from California.

  • Michelle

    I’m sure 90% of the NFL fan base was not offended by that comment. They probably agree with Hank.

    • Fatima

      Yes, because football is for Republicans. And only the crazy ones, I guess.

      • petemg

        So why do you watch football? Do you make bets on the games to make money.

    • Tranzchick

      Really? Are you sure you didn’t mean NASCAR?

    • Vince

      You’re sure where are you facts?
      Anyway its members of the Nazi party along with rednecks, skinheads, and Hillbillies who vote for the Republicans

      • Demond

        Your comment is so true I love it.

      • cobra

        That is smarter than voting for the niqqer fool.

      • mkloppel

        Last I checked NAZI stood for “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”, and as far as I am concerned the only thing democrats don’t have in common with that acronym is the German part.

      • Pontius

        Actually, NAZI stands for Nationalsozialist, and it’s a right wing ideology. The only thing Democrats don’t have in common with it is pretty much everything.

      • Tom

        mkloppel…so i guess the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) is a democracy because it’s in the name?

      • Really

        Hey mkloppel, do you regurgitate everything that Rush Limbaugh spews? How did all that oxycontin taste?

      • wooty

        Bet my coot shoot further than yours! Joe gorga bish l make it go pop pop pop!

      • dice

        Wow..hank…that what your dumb ass get…lol

      • @mkloppel

        The Nazi party was a Right Wing party. Try reading some history books.

      • FALSE news

        You can always tell the true idiots – those are the ones who point out the “Socialist” word in the Nazi party. Since you didn’t go to history class, you wouldn’t know that it was an extreme right fascist government and there was nothing socialist about it. Loser.

      • Zakry

        So glad everyone ignored Cobra. Let’s keep doing that.

      • Zakry

        Wow, there was a LOT to ignore in that thread!

    • debi

      not a redneck, not a football fan but i agree obama is the enemy…2012 is a chance for all of those who voted for the current president to prove they aren’t idiots!

      • Cash Money

        And vote for some other idiot? Gotta love America.

      • Cash Money

        And vote for some other idiot? Gotta love America…

      • Ron Paul

        If you cared about our country (which I know you don’t), you wouldnt want any of those GOP idiots to succeed Obama and undo all of the progress he made. You are a traitor.

      • honestly

        are your eyes open???? obama hasn’t made ANY progress….he has dug a hole so deep im not sure if we are going to ever get out…the fact that you think he has done a great job make you so un-American its sad, you are an embarrassment to this country, please go away

      • Forwarddad

        But you are. Racist

      • Jannie

        It amazes me that since we’ve gotten an Africian American President, he’s been compared to Hilter. Where was all this outraged with President Bush. (note I said President in front of Bush’s name). When he put us in two wars. Didn’t hear any outcry about him being compared Ugandan dictator Idi Amin

      • knock u up

        If obama is the enemy then Bush is the drug addicted heroin addicted devil who kills babies n buries living cats.

      • MustBE

        @debi… You could not be more correct. People are blind to him and think he is the best thing since sliced bread. He is bringing this country down faster than a hard rain in Bangkok! If people actually read what Stalin did to Russia and really looked at what Obama is doing to the US, they would realize he IS doing the exact same thing and is a Marxist and is the enemy. America needs to vote him out!!!!

      • Rebecca

        Stalin purged the military and murder his generals. He also imprisoned and/or killed millions of his own people. When has Pres. Obama done anything of the sort??? Are you honestly comparing duly elected President Obama to Joseph Stalin? Seriously??? Dude, open a history book…. Better yet, got to Russia and talk to some of the survivors of the gulag. Get a clue!!!

      • @MustBE

        You need to stop getting your history lessons from people like Glenn Back. Try reading a real history book before you post anymore ignorant comments.

      • @MustBE


    • KMB

      Hey you elementary airheads who are quick to criticize, The analogy is Hitler hated the Jews so do you think he’d even talk to them???? Same goes with DumbAss Obama. He hates the Repubs so the golf is a sharaide!

      • Cash Money

        Dude, politics is a sharaide…

      • Chris

        Charade … ?

      • God’s Finger 87

        Everyone SHOULD hate Repugnicons!!!! It has been obvious to all with minimal intelligence, since 2001!!
        Try to keep up!

      • Really

        Hate is a strong word. Don’t forget that. Just because people are adversaries does NOT mean that they have to hate one another. That is only a necessity for those who are unable to think critically and entertain the notion of “grey areas.”

        Also, seriously, did you just call people “elementary airheads” and then spell charade as “sharaide”? Pot, meet kettle.

      • Zakry

        Yeah, maybe you should stick with one-syllable words. Elementary? Shhh-yeah. You should talk.

    • Valerie

      Some day, somewhere, a black man is saving a white person’s life. Somewhere, every day, blood from a Latino is being transfered to save a white person’s life. On our nation’s highways, in service to our country, in public service and private volunteerism, we are all so inter-connected and interdependent that loving each other is the only way to make it through life’s tough times.

      • victoria

        Oh please …get over yourself. I can match your stupid analogy 2 to 1 for how many WHITE people saved a BLACK man’s life and how many LATINO’s got blood from a WHITE person. The value of that? ZERO.

        You are what continues to breed racism worldwide!!!!!! GROW A BRAIN!

      • Rory

        Valerie, that is the first decent comment on I read on this thread. Thank you for being an American- not white, black, green, democrat or republican.
        Now if the rest of the country would get on board, we could get some serious healing done here…

      • Really

        Victoria, keep on making no sense. It’s actually pretty funny to read some of the drivel that is written by people who can almost form a cogent message.

      • Zakry

        The point Valerie was making was far too intelligent for Victoria to follow. Victoria: read what Valerie wrote three times. Now, sit down and think about what bothered you about it.

    • Victor

      These people are just plan and simple idiots!! The dixie chics got blown away from these same idiots!!
      Hank Williams suck!!!

      • s-k-s

        Thank you! I bet these were the same people who mass-called radio stations to black-list the Dixie Chicks, and they can’t even seem to get the hypocrisy of their statements now.

        Hank isn’t in jail and won’t face a government investigaiton or fine – i.e., his free speech has been protected.

    • trance moon

      90% please don’t count yourself in with most Amreicans

    • Joe

      Finally a good comment! Kills me how the new loud minority can’t figure out that the new silent majority is sick of Obama and crew.

      • FALSE news

        Actually the majority is sick and tired of haters like you . . . . making up crazy lies that you can’t prove.

    • Chris

      Anyone believe in free speech anymore? Or has Obama taken that away too?

      • CW

        What freedoms have you lost under Obama? We’ll wait.

      • KC

        Freedom to get a job. There isn’t any…..

      • Steve

        I lost a job in June, and found one last month. They do exist. But Obama didn’t cost me my job, and no politician found the new one for me.

      • MustBE

        @cw… Freedom of a job, freedom of knowing my taxes are going to good use and NOT vacations for a horrible president I did NOT vote for (for this very reason!!), he tried to take away our freedom to own a gun and protect our selves, Freedom to know that my savings will not be sucked away to pay for some crazy plan of his that will put money in HIS pocket or at his disposal, and most of all, freedom to tell anyone in the world that we have the best government in the world!! Face it, Obama sucks, he failed and it is over! He had his chance and could not do it so it is time for him to go! Do you need more examples or is the Obama haze clearing out so you can see the truth now?

      • @MustBE

        Bush is the president who spent the most time of any president in history on vacation. Obama’s vacation time is minor compared to Bush, and Obama pays for his vacations himself. How exactly has Obama tried to take away your guns? He hasn’t proposed any legislation to take gun ownership in the US. And how is he planning to take away your money? Taxes are the lowest they’ve been in decades. He only wants to raise them slightly for the super-wealthy. Even then the super-wealthy will still be way, way below the all time high rate. And how has Obama taken away your “freedom to tell anyone in the world that we have the best government in the world”? Honestly, you seem to know nothing about what’s going on in our country.

      • Bennett

        @MustBe – – What??

        When exactly did Obama try to take anyone’s guns?

        When did he take any of your savings?

        When did he stop anyone from saying America is the best in the world?

        My gosh, you are so stupid that I can’t believe you find your way home each day.

    • Di-Ann

      Just more made up statistics. You are allowed your own opinion but not your own facts, bubba

    • Di-Ann

      you are allowed your own opinion but not your own facts, bubba

    • munkittrick

      You’re probably incapable of understanding how stupid you sound. If you don’t like the President, get your things and go home…racist immigrant. Oh yeah, that’s right. You’re an immigrant too dumbass. Back to Scandinavia with you.

    • screamingcandle

      I’m not offended as much as I think it was utterly stupid.

  • Desmond’s constant

    How long until there’s a poster who confuses ‘free speech’ with ‘speech without consequences’? The countdown begins.

    • LMFAO

      I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

    • screamingcandle

      You didn’t read the preceding comments carefully enough. It’s happened about a half a dozen times already.


    Let’s go easy on Hank Williams Jr. Learning involves effort. Easier to pop another beer and turn on Fox News with the remote. Then burp.

  • justsayin

    Yeah cause if not for the president appearing that would’ve been an acceptable comment..

    Good to see hank isnt letting a silly thing like thinking independently get in the way of his closeted racism.

    • LD

      Another left winger jumping to a comment without getting the facts. IF you would get the clip, Hank said Herman Cain (A BLACK MAN) would be his pick out of the GOP nominees. It just amazes me how the left jumps to the racist card when anyone disapproves of the job Obama is doing (NOT THE MAN). But they can call the right any name and get away with it. Free speech is not just for the left.

      • Mark

        Wow, are you really that stupid? It’s the comparison to Hitler that’s offensive. It doesn’t matter who you are: comparing anyone (and I mean A-N-Y-O-N-E) to the greatest mass murdering monster of the 20th Century is a slap in the face to those who fought and died to keep him from getting the entire world under his boot heel.

      • Shaking My Head

        I’m sorry I must have missed the time when a public figure on the left likened a prominent Republican to Hitler… oops. Bipartisan politics is destroying this country and proving daily exactly how much ignorance is running rampant out there

      • PTINDY

        Good post!

      • @Mark

        LD’s comment was due to the “racism” comment of justsaying. Obviously you are the stupid one by not doing your homework before spewing. The left compared Bush to Hitler numerous times. There are even websites devoted to that.

      • honestly

        hmmm somewhere in the past I remember the “soup nazi” being something of comedy, why now is this taken so seriously, obama has socialist views, plain and simple, he doesnt think we have the power to control our own country, he called average Americans stupid on live tv, how much control of your life are you willing to give away, tighten up wimp

      • Joe

        @ Mark – how about Mr. Moore calling Bush ‘Hitler’ or is MIchael Moore and his movies not prominent enough of a public figure for you? Can anyone say double-standard? Granted, the statement was ill-advised and dumb, but he’s not the first to draw that card.

      • Bennett

        Did you mean when Moore dared to point out the connection between the Bush family and the bin Laden family? Or when Moore pointed out the decades-long auction of our government to Wall Street banksters? Or when Moore showed how the American health care system is corrupt?

  • James

    Seems like ESPN overreacted to Hank Williams Jr’s Over reaction.

    • Janet

      Over reacting!!? Those who stay intentionally silent in the midst of offense are Only SLIGHTLY less guilty as the offender themselves….or did we learn nothing from slavery and the Holocaust. Intolerance of others racism is not Over reacting, it’s Appropriate Action for ignorant behavior!!

      • Montani

        How is comparing anyone to Hitler being “racist”? That is the only crutch the liberals have against a real man and a patriot.

      • Steve

        Comparing Obama to Hitler is stupid. Comparing most of the GOP to Hitler is stupid.

        One of the reasons that Bush got the Hitler tag thrown at him was his “If you’re not with us, you’re against it” rhetoric. That was straight from the ’30s German playbook.

    • amy

      Uh James! ESPN reacted the way they should have! If you don’t say you disagree with ignorance then it’s assumed that you agree with it!!!

      • Joe

        Does this mean I need to stop reading CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal media outlets? Because if I read their spin on the news I’ll somehow believe it and become a liberal? That’s as dumb as saying I have to be Republican because I prefer Fox News. That’s like saying I’m going to be fat because I prefer McDonald’s over salads… Reading something or eating something – doesn’t necessarily make you that thing. Geesh people, does anyone have the ability to be civil and discuss their ideas anymore – or have we lost that part here in America?

      • Hermon

        security and ESPN is just showing their political bias. There was no public outcry of outrage over his statement. This was a decision made left wing corporate officials and their Wall Street buddies to protect the presidents back. The bottom line is the reaction by ESPN will cause more bad press the pres. than the original statement. It makes the administration look like, well like Hitler.

    • James

      They are pulling a theme song to a football game, because the singer made a poor analogy, yeah, over reacting.

      • FALSE news

        All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. –

        Edmund Burke

    • arduck

      Hey! Hank Wms said it. ESPN responded according to their “rules of the road”. Don’t like it, toughy toe-nails. It was a business decision. Something Corporate types, loved by the right, do everyday. It was a corporatee decision. If you are on the right (and I mean wing not of right thinking) what is your real problem here?

  • Jpx

    Wow, it’s depressing how dumb some people are.

    • Kik

      I know! Look who we voted for.

      • Joe

        Kudos Kik – I love it! Except, I didn’t vote for him.

      • Fred

        You live in Minnesota?

      • Kim

        Wait! What? What does Minnesota have to do with it? If it’s because of Michelle Bachmann, I can guarantee you most of us do not like her one bit. She represents a small segment of our state, and half the people in her district are horrified by her. Also, Obama took Minnesota.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Sorry Kik, the dumb one is you.

  • Sarah P

    Hank is rite!!! Remembur that time when Obama put all the Hungerians in camps and killed them? Or howe about how he’s letting gays in the military so they die?

    • Edward A

      Please learn to spell, rite = right. Remembur = Remember. Howe = how. Just admit you hate Obama because he is black you ignorant, illiterate redneck.

      • works4me

        Loved that one. I’m surprised he didn’t use your in place of you’re.

      • Corbit

        Edward…it’s called sarcasm…..

      • DTO

        Jeez, the spelling was so over-the-top wrong, not to mention the exaggerated conspiracy nonsense, that I thought it was obviously a goof on Tea Party caricatures. Humor much?

      • Han Solo

        Where is Mr. Effin Tea Party when we need him???

      • Kim

        I know! I don’t like it!

  • Al

    It didn’t sound like he was saying Obama was like Hitler, he was just saying that Boehner and Obama are natural enemies.

    • Esox

      You can’t mention Hitler anymore. It’s always taken for the worst. For better or worse.

      • Janet

        When you compare that man to ANYONE!!! it is a horrendous accusation and an evil statement. You can have the freedom to say it, BUT DEAL with the consequences without cryin’, people have the freedom to take action showing intolerance to innapropriate racist comments. Stop using the Freedom of speech card!!

      • @Janet

        Freedom of speech card? ha ha wow… I hope you were there to tell the democrats how bad it was of them to compare the tea party to nazi’s

      • Tod

        To compare ANYONE to Hitler gives credit to Adolf Hitler. You know, the megalomaniac. That Hitler. It marginalizes his actions. This is not the Surreal House or Celebrity Boxing or some other cheesy culture clashing reality show. Hitler deserves to be in a class all by himself as the the most ruthlessly-insane person in modern history. Do not compare him to anyone.

    • Shaking My Head

      That would actually be a plausible explanation (or at least a passing one for the eventual apologetic statement) if not for him later likening Obama to the enemy… I’m guessing he was drunk and they always say a drunk tells no lies

    • PTINDY

      Agree! Spot on.

    • Janet

      Oh so you are just going to ignore the part where he called the President the enemy, there you go, that justifies his blatent racist attitude…oh it’s only blatent to those THAT AREN’T RACIST!!!

      • @Janet

        This president IS the enemy of America. However, Hitler would have been offended to be compared to Obama.

      • Han Solo

        Grow up! The President of the United States is NOT the enemy of America!! How stupid can you be? That is straight out of fatboy Rush’s daily rants – therefore you are stratospherically stupid.

    • Shecky

      You know, this is true! Why doesn’t anyone ever mention Hitler in a positive way? No one ever shows Hitler the love. It’s just wrong, I tell ya! Why don’t they talk about the good things Hitler did? Things like….like….um…..well…..

      • Rashard Mendenhall

        Thank you.

      • Tito

        You forgot he was a strict vegetarian. He called the beef broth his officers ate “corpse broth.” So there you go, he was possibly one of the founding members of PETA. Take that you carrot crunchers.

      • Kim

        Maybe the thought of eating dead animals just grossed him out. I highly doubt he didn’t eat meat out of compassion. Although, if that was the reason, that makes it even worse because it would’ve meant he had some compassion in him, but still committed such atrocities against human beings *shudder*.

  • LOL

    America loves crap

  • Christine

    Ya’ll been drinkin’ too much kool-aid. The POTUS complained to George today that “the economy” and such was ruining his chance to be re-elected. Only one person doing that – he, himself.

    • Ken

      You obviously have no understanding of economics or the multitude of dynamic forces that shape “the economy.” If only it was so simple that one person could be credited or blamed..

      • KC

        It takes time and bad decisions. I don’t really want to give OBAMA anymore of either

      • arduck

        you go Ken.

    • Han Solo

      Hey Christine, crack a history book. It was flavoraid, not Kool-aid, in Jonestown.

      If you really think that this economy just magically appeared in the last 2.5 years, I have some bridges to sell you . . . . . .

    • Elizabeth

      Yes, because he was able to sink the auto industry, allow banks to carry on with no regulations, and start a war on terror all before he took office. Good on you Christine, thanks for setting us straight on that ;)

  • Demond

    Bye bye Hank.Good riddance.Redneck no talent hack.

    • Joe

      I wish I had as much ‘no talent’ as Hank. He has taken that ‘no talent’ Demond states and made millions off of it. I wish I were as “no-talented” as Hank. If we all were as unfortunate as Hank has become… wouldn’t this be a terrible life to lead?

      • biever

        justin bieber is.

  • Jimmy

    I generally don’t trust what someone says who won’t show me their eyes……..perhaps he should change his name to Shady never going to be as good as his father Williams

    • Montani

      Apparently you don’t know Hank fell from a cliff year’s ago and his face was crushed. He lost sight in one eye and the other was damaged. He was also badly scarred. He, unlike many people, didn’t quit working and expect other’s to pay his way in life. He wears sunglasses to cover his damaged eyes.

      • shades

        damn, i thought it was from when he wrestling with alligators in the bayou. gotta respect him now, unlike all those other no goods that had their eyes poked out while falling from a cliff and now refuse to work! lololol what a joke.

      • @Montani

        Didn’t Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash pay Hank Jr.’s bills after the accident?

  • Dianna

    People really need to think before they speak. FOX News only encourages people to speak like this and it is usually at detriment to their careers. They’re not mad he made that statement -it gives good press. The whole point is to bring attention to those sentiments and still make it out like they are unbias since THEY did not say it,

    • AmericanMe

      Pinpoint accuracy. Very well said.

      It appears he got one thing right: this post proves we are indeed severely polarized.

    • Joe

      Yes, you’re right – this is ONLY limited to Fox News. You’ll never hear these types of inflammatory statements made by the left on CNN or MSNBC will you? Come on, a touch of reality might help you out. Neither side is innocent and BOTH sides could learn some civility.

      • LMFAO

        GOP fears Truth.

      • waya

        I don’t see people on MSNBC or CNN boards screaming to shoot everyone in the other party, cause you get that at Fox 24/7. Kill the Dems, Imprison Dems, or kick Dems out of THEIR country. What some idjits don’t get is that the Nazi’s were hard right conservatives I think we know who the Naziwannabe’s are. They drink tea.

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