Official from Bravo: No one fired from 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'...yet


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Despite new rumors nearly daily that certain stars from Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey are being fired from the series — including one from earlier today that had Jacqueline Laurita and sister-in-law Caroline Manzo getting the boot for season five — the network has officially decided to speak out on the issue.

“Bravo is not firing anyone from The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” a Bravo spokesperson said in a statement issued to EW. “This is completely inaccurate information from sources who are unreliable and making up rumors. All five cast members will be featured on season 4. No decisions have been made about season 5 at this time. We are looking forward to the season 3 finale this Sunday at 10 p.m.”

Granted, this statement — which insists no one has been “fired” — doesn’t really hold up if one of the cast members quits, as Jacqueline threatened to do on Twitter over the weekend.

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  • ?????

    for christ sake ew get your facts right. season 4 is filming… they havent fired anyone from season 4 not 5!

    • T

      They quoted bravo. I think their facts are straight

      • wootie

        Word. This idiot keeps ranting about what season it is. Everyone knows….k?!?!

    • SFBXB

      Season 3 just finished airing and its reunion shows are being aired this week. Season 4 is being taped right now and some of the events of that season are being alluded to in the Season 3 reunion shows. Bravo cannot comment on a Season 5 as it’s still focused on the end of Season 3 and the currently taping Season 4. Clear?

  • Burton

    It’s only a matter of time. I love this show, but it won’t be the same if two of the originals quite and leave one original that seems to cause more bad drama.

  • SaraS

    Fire Jacqueline (fakey fake fake), even though I like her more than Teresa. Teresa pulls together the different sides to the family.
    Caroline also is detestable – from the way she treated Danielle to the snorefest of this season, she doesn’t deserve to be on there. And no one could care less about Lauren. But her sons are interesting, so they probably won’t get rid of her.

    • woot-tay jankins

      U make a lot of sense sista! Jacqueline is boring n leeches on to Tree’s story so she can get camera time. Carolina act like her old crusty ish don’t stank when her old husband acts gay! And Danielle handled her azz last seasons reunion! U go Danielle!

      • JB

        Yes, and her final sit-down with Danielle made Caroline look like a joke – she got so flustered and had nothing to say for herself. All she could do was call Danielle a clown (for.. what?) and Danielle said she was the one with bright orange hair, haha.
        I kind of wish Danielle would come back and Teresa would stop tanning so much, she looks scary. At least Caroline always looks classy.

      • wootie

        Haha loved when Danielle said that! Caroline thought she was just gone dictate that reunion but Danielle handed her azz to her. Yes I will admit Caroline dresses nice and appropriate for her age but she still a bish for how she tried to clown Danielle , who is crazy as hell! But I like her!

      • linda

        yea u go danielle…off the show ur ugly and need a shrink and drama queen or r you a guy with boobs

    • FrenemyWatcher

      Yall are cray-cray. Caroline is the most reasonable housewife of them all. Teresa is a loon. RHNJ has been my favorite because of Jaq and Caroline, and I could only stand to watch it after that psycho Danielle was escorted from the Bravo building.

      • wootie

        Frenemy…I can’t remember specifics but i vaguely recall Danielle asking Caroline what had she done to HER to warrant such treatment and Caroline couldnt come up with anything. She is such a know it all…ugh

      • FrenemyWatcher

        Frankly, I wouldn’t want to let a former prostitute, kidnapper in my life either. Honestly, after all the paranoid things she said on the show it was plain she is a disturbed and possibly dangerous individual. Caroline was completely reasonable.

  • steve

    I stopped watching this show after the first season. It is very hard to watch. One long headache after another. I don’t really find this to be very entertaining.

  • Atlanta bravo viewer

    Fire the homophobic Joe giudice and his bipolar, jealous wannabe wife Teresa. They’re trouble and I fast forward through their “stories”

  • capitan

    caroline is the most disingenuous of the bunch pretending to be a straight shooter but hiding behind lies. Also, her kids are like 30 – time to let go! Sink or swim on their own. Caroline -your kids are not learning anything if they know their parents will bankroll them.
    Teresa – clearly cognitively impaired. Not bright enough to be deceptive
    Jacqueline – snore! snore! fugs! snore! boring family, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ashley.
    Melissa – weirdo.
    Joe Gorga – I wonder how big his wang isn’t
    Other Joe – same question but haven’t they compared before? Hint hint.
    Cancel this show

    • wootie

      Ooh eyes likes yo post. U got lot of truths n deya. U spot on my lil dude woodnt change Nathan about dat deya comment u be typing

    • me

      Melissa is kind of a weirdo, although at least she can string a sentence together (unlike Teresa).
      What is WRONG with Kathy’s eyes? My mom thinks she has some kind of disease that makes them large and pop out.
      Agree about Caroline and her loser kids. She has money = they don’t do anything. Black water? Please Albie. Doing makeup for a living? Sure, if you want to make minimum wage.
      Anyway, I agree, cancel the show, it’s trash.

      • Eden

        I am big fun of Teresa and her brother Joe. Caroline and Jackline are jelous of Teresa, she is good Mom I like her style period. Mellissa you need to fit with the family, and Cathy stick withyour sister Teresa. Go!! Teresa, I am a Big Fun!!
        See last night reunion I just couldn’t believe it, Caroline please step down from the show, look your self a big lair you are trying to hurt Teresa? Where is Jackline, why did she hide? She done somenthing bad, this is true!!

      • jke236

        Teresa is a good mom? Are you kidding? Clearly you don’t speak English and can’t understand the awful drivel coming out of this woman’s mouth. If she decides to write a book on parenting it should be called “How to Raise Spoiled Undisciplined Maladjusted Children.”

  • wootie

    Aye whad about dat pop eye cuzdin.. she aighr she be boring doe ha hubband be kraking me up

  • Joe

    How can you idiots watch this crap?

  • Theresa

    The toxic energy on this show is palpable. I think it’s a tragedy that this whole group would totally ruin their respective families for a stupid show. Teresa’s level of jealousy of Melissa and Kathy is scary. Joe Giudice needs to do detox treatment – a drunk for sure.

  • linda

    danielle go to a shrink and omg you are so not cute…..ugly

  • the fuzz

    Its sad to see so many of you hung up on what a person does for a living, and how they look. What is wrong with doing makeup for a living? What is wrong with looking like a normal person? Y’all are just as shallow and hateful as the women on this show.

  • Jule

    Watching the marathon this weekend reminds me how truly disgusting and egotistical Caroline is. Says her children are privileged and superior but none of them can even get a professional job or get into college. Made fun of Southerners while obviously knowing nothing about which she and her ignorant children say. A sickening know it all. Theresa seems to delight in arguments and fights and screaming and generally acting a little insane. her poor children have to listen to that all the time. Caroline is so two faced and disloyal to her so called friends. What a b…..!

  • Debra

    Fire Teresa!!! How can anyone stand that high pitched conceded witch?

  • janet ribolini

    I want to say I think Caroline has a great family and she appreciates her husband. My husband died 2half years ago , we would of been married 50 yrs. Please Caroline take the time with your husband and enjoy every moment. I have 6 grandchildren 5 are teenagers and I never see them , my darling grandaughter is 9 yrs old. my house was always full of joy , big Italian meals and now everybody is gone in a blink of an eye. I get in the morning and my house is dead. God Bless you Caroline and your family. WE Italians rule. LOVE, Janet Ribolini.

  • Margie Holmes

    Theresa is so dense it’s sickening… she don’t have a clue.. I hope she goes down.. with her husband.. and if Caroline or Jacquiline don’t come back on the show.. I am done.. and won’t watch anymore… I like Kathy and Melissa.. but Theresa has to goooooo… she is oblivious to the real life…

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