'Supernatural' scoop: One of the Winchesters is headed to the altar!


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There’s gotta be a twist. Oh, you know there’s a twist. But until we know exactly what it is, let’s enjoy the awesomeness of this news: One of the Winchester brothers is getting married…sort of!

Executive producer Sera Gamble told EW the exciting news today, when teasing the next could-be fan-favorite episode. “It’s episode 8, which is filming now and called ‘Season 7, Time for a Wedding,'” Gamble said. “Both of the boys are involved, and one of them is the groom. So, enjoy your comments section!” 

The episode, which Gamble said “has elements of meta,” will be one of the season’s “lighter, funnier episodes,” but will “not attempt to tread in ‘French Mistake’ territory.”

Meanwhile, Gamble teased Friday’s episode, which picks up right where the show left last Friday, with the brothers bound for the hospital filled Leviathans. “Starting with the episode that airs on Friday, we introduce the monster-of-the-week element back into the season,” she said. “We will continue to have that kind of mix of mythology and monsters in the show. But it just so happens the way we are introducing this new monster element this season, it was sort of literally coming out of the last crisis with Castiel. So it made sense to bring the finale into the first few episodes of the season — this way so we ended up with a bunch of Alias style cliffhangers. It was a little bit of a departure for us.”

Gamble also confirmed what many fans had hoped, which is that we haven’t seen the last of Castiel, who the boys presume to be dead. “We all love Misha [Collins], and we plan to write material for him. But in terms of where we are in the story right now, it’s a lot about Sam and Dean and Bobby losing this person that was incredibly important to them.”

Supernatural airs on Fridays on the CW.

(Lanford Beard and Erin Strecker contributed to this report.)

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  • lexi

    Awesome I love this season so far. Glad Misha is coming back and even more glad they are focusing on Sam and Dean. I just wish ratings were higher though

    • Sarah W.

      Great comment. I love Castiel, glad to know he’s not gone forever. Seeing his trenchcoat empty was horrible. I know, how can this show not have better ratings? If only we could force people to watch and witness the greatness…:)

      • Kaysa

        They’ll have one less person watching if they don’t do something to give Castiel the same Character Armor they gave Dean and Sam, over and over. God knows he’s earned it, no pun intended.

        I sat through Season 6 when all my friends gave up and jumped ship, but I’m about ready to bite the bullet myself.

        Best character EVER and this is coming from an atheist!

        Save Castiel!

  • lexi

    I think its going to be Dean that is one who gets married this time cause Sam was married to Jared’s wife Gen in French Mistake. Haha maybe they’ll have one of those Vegas style weddings with an Elvis preacher and cheesy blue 80s tuxes lol.

    • skepticalinquirer

      Wow, that sounds really awful & boring. Please wake me up when Dean has something important to do instead of being made fun of AGAIN.

      If Sera thinks Dean fans are coming back for that, she’s got to cut back on the whacky tobaccy.

      • Crowley_Gal

        There is a rumor going on around LJ. Keep in mind its just rumor at this point but word has it that its Sam at the alter because Becky dopped him up.

        I’m hoping its rumor because it sounds horrible if its not.

  • Heather

    Why don’t you recap the show anymore. I miss it. EW can recap Star Wars the clone wars, they can still recap Supernatural.

    • Shea

      they do recap it, they just don’t give it the same priority they used to, which is sad.

      • tigger851

        cuz all the other “new” shows are taking the lead, though some of them are sucking in ratings!!

      • T

        I miss the full recaps as well! I am happy that there is still something. Of course, I’d rather a real recap images of the diet come of recaps. Sandra does such a great job recapping I don’t see why they’d cut her short!

  • percy

    Like the new season very much. Sera Gamble and Robert Singer and the entire cast and crew really
    do a great job entertaining us. My only complaint
    is you’ve raised the bar too high for the competition
    so now other shows bore me.

    • Sherry

      I have to agree with this! Damn awesome show!!

    • T

      So true Percy :)

  • Nic

    Danneel will play a witch who tries to force Dean to marry her.

    • Elena

      Stop. This is not only immature; it’s rude, and it’s a sign of childishness. If you have a comment unrelated to the show, best you kept it to yourself. Thanks!

      • ZMan

        Did that really upset you..Dear Lord I’ve been a super fan from the begining loved every seasona dn every character in and out..what I don;t like is just about everyone other supernatural fan.

    • Jen

      I think the idea of Jensen’s wife Danneel playing a role would be awesome! They’ve used at least 2 of Jared’s girlfriends, Sandra Mccoy as the crossroads demon Sam plugged between the eyes, & his now-wife Gen…Danneel & Jensen have worked together on a couple project before. It would make sense.

  • Anon

    Please, no more meta!

    • skepticalinquirer

      Amen. Lighter overall mood, sure. Something to hope for, yes. Self-indulgent meta, no.

  • Cass

    So if the main focus of Supernatural is shifting back the Winchesters…when did Bobby change his last name?

    • adri

      Really? You really have to make that question?

  • Jenny

    I love how she alluded to Alias. Awesome.

  • Jen E.

    The French Mistake was one of the funniest episodes I’ve ever seen — of any show, period! I look forward to more meta. (And more Cas!)

    • T

      In also enjoy the meta. They make fun of themselves so even if it’s slightly indulgent it’s not over the top.

  • Carrie

    Sounds good. I was surprised that last week’s episode ended on such big cliffhangers, but it’ll be a fun change of pace to have this season’s eps end that way. I’m also glad that Misha is coming back. He’s a talented actor and a lot of people seem to love him.

    • tigger851

      they gotta mix it up or it will be too predictible!

  • Linda

    I SERIOUSLY CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS!!! I love the way this show mixes things up, and I love that they can play with the fact that while we all love the Winchester brothers and their deep, dark story–the truth is that they are also played by outstanding actors who are supermodel hot and can laugh at themselves and their characters. I LOVE IT! I am hooked on this season–no matter how painful it is to watch Sam in so much pain. I loved watching Dean help him distinguish the two worlds. But I would really really like to avoid more reference to satanic rape. I mean, that is territory that is ugly and can not be washed away–ever. So I think the writers have to tread lightly there. Since torture in the pit by Lucifer is kind of a sci-fi notion [or nutbag notion–your pick], it is slightly easier to swallow. Since rape is unfortunately a very real terror, it is less of something I like to encounter in my escapist-for-fun-t.v.-watching. Anyway, that’s my single complaint. Otherwise, I think the show has been ROCKING it this season and I am glued to my seat for the duration. And big kudos to the cast–they don’t seem tired, or going through the motions, even in their 7th season.

  • Linda

    Also, can we get any official answer on why there are no more recaps?!?!? Did viewership fall so low that it’s not approved by the guys upstairs? Who made that decision and any chance it will be reversed? Some answers please!

    • pmaat85

      It’s probably more of a time saver than viewership fall. And money saver. Picking song out, paying for the song, and editing all together. Time and money. They don’t exactly have the biggest budget so they’re probably spending it on more important things.

    • Mellissa

      They do recap it. I see it here every week. Try looking for it. It’s usally in one of the top seven pictures on the front page.

      • T

        It’s no longer a full recap in the recap section.

    • Michelle


      You took the words right out of my mouth. However, if you want recaps go to Supernatural Insider on Facebook.

  • david

    Sounds like Sera has got 10 friends to rush & post how awesome everything is to diguise how badly she’s stuffed up the show.
    MOTW are back! Wow, how innovative!

    • pmaat85

      I find it interesting how there’s always someone ticked off. Some want more meta, some want it gone. I like MOTW and there are those, like you I’m guessing that don’t. Whether or not it’s innovative, not sure that matters, they’ve played to one side now their going back to the way season 1 was. I honestly think the two episodes of this season so far are some of the best they’ve done. If you don’t like it, makes sense. I can understand. :)

  • kt

    looking good love Supernatural !!!! I love Dean 2!!!

  • cona

    I’m so sick of meta and I can’t say I’m all that interested in them once again trying to make a fool out of the boys(or one of them, probably Dean) by having them getting married, accidently or whatever.

    Linda did you have a similar problem when Dean was mentioning the actual word(as he did more than once mentioning “demon rape”) than Lucifer’s innuendo’s, which can just as easily be metaphoric? Unfortunately like it or not it very likely happened down there and despite Lucifer’s little digs, I’d imagine it more likely happened to Dean than to Sam – because honestly Alastair seemed way more the type and the torturous confrontation between Dean and Alastair in On the Head of a Pin was sexually charged(even Jensen Ackles described them as having sensual hatred between them). I mean it’s Hell, somehow I doubt Grand Inquisitor of Hell as Alastair was nicknamed would say “Oh but we can’t do that!” on top of ripping Dean apart and god knows what else day after day after day. In either case, it’s prison and prison rape isn’t exactly unheard of either. It’s ugly but it’s quite likely what happened to them.

    • @cona

      It’s not real, and you need meds. Really.

    • Renee

      You’re a weird person to think of those thoughts. God save your soul.

      • t


        Although I do think the poster needs to develop some perspective between reality and fiction, your comment is narrowminded and provincial. Hell is about torture. Torture is about pain and violence and dominance and humiliation. Rape is about pain and violence and domination and humiliation. They go together hand in glove, why shouldn’t this show include references to rape. I would consider any such references heartbreaking and not titillating–but that’s just me.

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