'House' returns solid, 'Terra Nova' ratings surprise


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Fox’s House returned to slightly lower ratings, while the second week of Terra Nova surprised and we have a third-week update on how the revamped Two and a Half Men is doing.

Monday night ratings are here, so let’s get right to it: The headline is Fox’s House, which is back for its eighth season. House had 9.8 million viewers and a 3.9 rating in the adults 18-49 demo. That’s down a mild 7 percent from last year — much less than many veteran shows on the dial.

House was helped by a strong lead-in, Terra Nova (8.3 million, 3.0). Everybody expected Terra Nova to drop notably in Week 2, but surprise-surprise — the sci-fi dino drama held up, off only a tenth of a point from its heavily hyped two-hour opener. The second episode was perhaps aided by the premiere receiving a rather heavy amount of DVR playback last week (my recap of Episode 2, “Angry Birds,” is here).

Another key show, of course, is CBS’ Two and a Half Men. The Week 3 Ashton-Watch Verdict: Down, again, but still huge, and winning the night. Men (17.2 million, 6.1) fell 18 percent, while inspiring a mere 11 percent drop for 9:30 p.m.’s Mike & Molly (13.2 million, 4.3). Meanwhile at 8:30 p.m., freshman comedy 2 Broke Girls (11.3 million, 4.4) dipped a slight 4 percent and HIMYM (10.5 million, 4.5) was steady. Hawaii Five-0 (10.9 million, 3.2) was also stable.

So CBS won the night and Fox was second. ABC ranked third with Dancing With the Stars (16.4 million, 3.1) and Castle (11.6 million, 2.6) dropping 6-7 percent.

NBC’s Sing Off (4.9 million, 1.8) was … up! Yay, an NBC show increased, with the singing competition climbing 6 percent. Despite the improved lead in, Playboy Club (3.4 million, 1.2) inched down another 8 percent towards its doom.

On The CW, some nice not-bad news: Gossip Girl (1.4 million, 0.7) held steady, and so did the second week of Hart of Dixie (1.8 million, 0.8).

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  • Brea

    I fell asleep during Terra Nova :(

  • sandra

    EW is so biased. I think House is doing great with a 3,9 ratings and 10mio. viewers. It is still one of the highest rated dramas. And come on strong lead in Terra Nova 3,0 and House jumps to 3,9. I would say it is a weak lead in.
    You have to look on the competition 2 1/2 Men, Mike % Molly and DWTS. No other show could compete with them.

    • Matt

      I’m not sure which is worse – calling “bias” on an ENTERTAINMENT website, about TV SHOWS, or incorrectly reading an article – there is nothing in this article critical of House.

      • Tarc

        Though any article mentioning House should be critical, if simply because the show sucks hardcore. I used to like it, but it’s…. just an amazing mess.

      • QWERTY

        Hey EW, why the article title change?? Originally it said “House returns lower” now it reads “soild.”
        Somebody got an agenda?

    • Cheery

      Bias my ass, House blows and is suffering in the ratings. If you want a more kiss-ass spin, there are other sites that’ll oblige…

    • Wapa

      Considering House used to rake in 20 million viewers a week and it’s now under half that I would say that it’s not exactly doing very well. And last season was garbage

      • @Wapa

        The days with 20mio viewers per episode were over several years ago. Thanks to this neverending Huddy-arc. The argument is not valid anymore.
        The premier is still better than most of the ratings of last seasons` episodes and house has to deal with a tougher competition now.
        House is doing fine, not excellent but okay.

    • Jackson

      Terra Nova is a solid lead-in for House. Remember that House moved from 8:00 ET last season to 9:00 ET so that has to be taken into account for the ratings.

      • Lily

        I love Terra Nova. I didn’t expect to. Watched the 2 hour opener and was hooked. It’s fun. I’ll keep tuning in. Kind of like Lost + Jurassic Park + a little Avatar thrown in ;-)

    • Kim

      Nielsen ratings are biased toward anyone that’s not college age. 16.4 million viewers for DWTS and they barely get a mention.

      • I Am

        Actually, they’re biased towards the 18 to forty-something male demographic, which for advertisers is the most important. Supposedly they represent the strongest disposable-income spenders. Make of that what you will.

  • Sawyer

    sorry Kutcher is not funny…his acting is awkard not the part he plays. the only time I laughed was the interaction between Jake and his father.

    • Lee

      You’re still watching that show? Watching Kutcher in one episode was enough for me. I get more laughs from watching paint dry. What’s wrong with our society? We’ve gone from Seinfeld to Men. At least there’s Parks & Rec. And Hawaii Five-0. I think that’s the best show on Monday nite.

      • Wapa

        Hawaii Five-O is just another generic CBS crime procedural. You can’t differentiate it between any of the other shows except for the tropical location. Watch something good please, like Breaking Bad

      • wakeforce

        I’ll watch Breaking Bad when you pay my cable bill! There’s nothing wrong with watching Hawaii Five-O. I watch to see Alex (Yum!) and Scott, others watch for Grace. A little eye-candy is OK with me.

      • Gavin

        I think Hawaii is the wost of the cbs procedurals. Nothing to do with Criminal Minds or NCSIs. I think the cast is very weak and that is why Castle always get more viewers. And I bet that is why CBS is adding more guest stars this season. The original cast is not strong enough. The show suvived because of Scott C. that stole each scene he was in last season,

    • Mike B

      Agree. The show barely gives me a smile. I am pretty sure it has run it’s course.

  • L. K

    Before we start the hundreds of -I hate Ashton Kutcher- comments on this board I just want to say that 2 and a half men was always terrible so there is no difference.Charlie is gone GET OVER IT and put some of that passion into helping cure cancer or something guys. It is just a show either watch it or don’t but the hate comments are out of control.

    • Kyle

      You speak the truth.

    • Meeeee

      I hate Ashton Kutcher.

    • JaySin420

      Nicely said….but I still hate Ashton Kutcher.

    • Andy D.

      I hate Kutcher. But yes, Two and a Half Men already sucked beyond belief.

  • Esox

    Monday night is Wrestling Night. What ARE these shows you’re talking about?

    • Jedi T

      You know it’s not real don’t you?

    • Esox

      Oh it’s real. How could they sell tickets to it if it wasn’t?

      • Jedi T

        Keep telling yourself that. Are you 12?

    • Gemma

      Monday night is football night #2

  • Dominic

    I hate Ashton Kutcher

  • john

    aston is terrible . It aint the same with out charlie

  • Tarc

    Frankly, I can’t believe that anyone is watching 2 Broke Girls; it’s the worst show I’ve seen is ages. It was awful… actively sexist and offensive. Pure garbage. It should be the first to go by miles.

    • Sarah

      Agreed wholeheartedly. Plus, it’s not even funny. If you’re going to be, as Tarc aptly put it “actively sexist and offensive,” at least do it in a funny, ironic way. The setups for the jokes are super clunky, there is no chemistry between the cast members, and the writing is the most formulaic garbage I’ve seen out of a comedy in awhile. I echo somebody’s earlier sentiments about Parks and Rec (and I would throw Community in there as well): Why don’t those shows get more love?

    • MattS

      Agreed. HORRIBLE acting and writing. Just pathetic and yet it maintains the viewers??? Personally, I like 2.5 Men with Ashton. Last night’s ep was hilarious and unexpected.

      I am LOVING Terra Nova. Glad that show is maintaining its viewers and will hopefully gain some traction over time. Great television. Like watching a one hour movie every week.

  • Mike

    Too many people are way too invested in some piece of crap sitcom. Let’s not forget that Charlie Sheen just stopped coming to work and QUIT his 2 million dollar a week job so he could smoke crack with prostitutes.He was NOT fired!Why are you all acting like he was the victim here? If he cared about his fans he would’ve stayed clean and went to work on the show.How can you guys support a man that threw away a dream job and his family for prostitutes? I don’t understand you people he was a jerk!

    • Diane

      The fact that WB settled for 25 million indicates that they knew they had wrongly terminated crazy Charlie. But mostly we are moaning because Monday night used to have watchable CBS comedy-HIMYM, some failing show, Men and Mike and Molly. Men is now so bad last night I watched stars

      • MattS

        That $25M was not for any work Charlie was “supposed” to do. It was for back-end syndication payments on the shows that had already aired. He was rightfully fired and lost millions of dollars for his actions.

  • kelly

    I really hope they dont cancel The Playboy Club.. but it doesnt look too good.

    • Leslie

      Too late – already cancelled.

  • Leo

    I am not a fan but f@ck Charlie Sheen you rich spoiled pompous ahole. I’d rather watch Family Guy reeruns.

  • Dustin Ingle

    Two and Half Men.
    27 million then 20 million and now 17 million.
    LOSING !

    • Todd

      To be fair, the show averaged 14 million viewers when Sheen was there, so this is still higher rated.

      That said, as stated above, this show’s always been lousy. Successful, but lousy.

  • sunshine

    Everyone is so relieved at having something to watch instead of Dwts! Terra isn’t my cup of tea normally but I am going to watch every week. I wish people would stop going outside the compound where they know there’s a good chance of being eaten, that plot line seems stupid but then as I say, this isn’t my normal genre.

    DWTS has truly lousy “stars” this time and the judging is beyond understanding. They lost a true fan, at least for this season.

  • Mike Warmoth

    2 1/2 men, Not Good. And they keep getting the charlie was a bad man jabs in each episode!. whats up with that.

  • Lisa

    I am a huge fan of Two and A Half men and I love the show with Ashton more than i ever did. He is a terrific actor and a good comedic foe for Alan.I also think that he seems like he really wants to be there unlike Charlie who spent the last 3 seasons on auto pilot since he tried to strangle his wife in Colorado. I don’t need to see him again and I like Walden alot more.

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